Behind The Scenes Of The Tim Ferriss Experiment: 15 Pounds Of Muscle, Turmeric Tea, Urban Evasion & More!

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Today I present to you a guy who is no stranger to the BenGreenfieldFitness podcast: Tim Ferriss.

Three years ago, Tim appeared on this show with Ray Cronise in the episode “Tim Ferriss and Ray Cronise Explain How To Manipulate Your Body’s Temperature To Burn More Fat”. Two years ago, he returned with the “Tim Ferriss Cold Thermogenesis Episode”.

And now Tim is back, because believe it or not, he knows how to do more than just freeze his balls off. As a matter of fact, the relentless self-experimenter, author and now TV star has just launched the highly entertaining Tim Ferriss Experiment, which you can get now on iTunes. So far, I've watched the tactical shooting episode and the rock n' roll drumming episode, and I've queued up the urban escape and evasion episode next.

But Tim is also up to other things. Like eating copious amounts of cheese. And that's where we start in this discussion with Tim, in which you'll discover:

-Why Tim is experimenting with ketosis…

-How Tim recently put on 15 pounds of muscle…

-Why Tim isn't tracking variables like sleep or heart rate variability…

-Which smart drugs Tim used to accelerate learning during the Tim Ferriss experiment…

-Why Tim ensures there is some kind of potentially embarrassing outcome when he is learning something new…

-Tim's biggest tip to learn to run up a wall Parkour style…

-How to evade someone in an urban situation…

-Why tactical shooting was one of Tim's favorite episodes…

-How Tim is using cold thermogenesis…

Resources from this episode:

The Tim Ferriss Experiment (TV Show on iTunes)

Tim Ferriss and Ray Cronise Explain How To Manipulate Your Body’s Temperature To Burn More Fat (podcast)

Tim Ferriss Cold Thermogenesis Episode (podcast)

Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Monitor (device)

CILTEP (smart drug)

Yerba Mate tea (drink)

Pue-r tea (drink)

Double Kong Parkour move (video)

OnPointTactical (urban escape and evasion course)

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14 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Of The Tim Ferriss Experiment: 15 Pounds Of Muscle, Turmeric Tea, Urban Evasion & More!

  1. Hemming404 says:

    Hi Ben,

    Quite interesting what Tim said about carb back loading. In your opinion, is it better (for muscle growth) to have >50% of your carbs post workouts compared to having them spread throughout the day? Looking at your brother's diet it seems like he had it more spread out.

    1. BETTER to completely backload and have them all at end of day, especially for a cyclic ketogenic approach.

      1. Hemming404 says:

        Thanks Ben!

        Is it also better to backload the bulk of the carbs even if I'm not on a ketogenic diet but only low carb?

        1. Yep, because you're still going to be more insulin sensitive then…

          1. Hemming404 says:

            Thanks again Ben.

            I aim to eat around 20% carbs which comes out to 150g/day. How many of those should I eat post workout? Something like 100g?

  2. awf1130 says:


    Curious… when you're carb back-loading, how many carbs will you typically consume after an intense workout? And do you do this after every intense workout, or just occasionally? Thanks!

  3. davidbremers says:

    Ah, yourself and Tim Ferriss in my living room courtesy of a computer and some speakers. What a great afternoon! I found this and the Cold Exposure with Ray Cronise podcast very helpful with my self-experimentation. Thanks for the podcast!

    1. Glad to help David!!!

  4. James says:

    Ben great episode. How can I prepare this ketogenic, ginger, tumeric tea? Also, what compound did he mention mixes well with artichoke extract and caffeine? Furthermore, I was looking for Beyond Training on audible but could not find it. Is it available as an audio book?

    1. I am releasing Beyond Training audio chapter by chapter at There are currently 17 chapters available. CILTEP is what he referred to re: artichoke <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( and as far as his tea, here you go:…

  5. zyzzyva57 says:

    Suggestion for a show: do a drop-dead, "for dummies" show on what "Ketogenesis " For example, what is this magical body hack for most anyone?! Go inward-outward
    As a podcast listener on various health and body hack pods, when this subject is brought up, the assumption is the listener is up to speed
    I am sure I am not alone on this topic
    Would someone, say you, do a show on this topic and not in medias res form, puh-lease

    1. I've done that. If you do a search for "ketosis" here at you will find a freaking gold mine of info from beginner to advanced. I also go into great detail at

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