The Man I Call “Scraper”: Snowboard Shredding, Fascia Fluffing, Protective Chakra Energy Balls & Much More With Scott Dolly.

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I've met a lot of interesting characters and crazy cats in my life.

Scott Dolly, AKA “The Scraper” (at least, that's what I call him) is no exception.

I first met Scott in Costa Rica at a digital detox, hot yoga retreat and adventure getaway called “Runga”. Yep, that's the same event at which I hung out with Eric, the guy I interviewed in the episode “How To Cure Yourself Of Cancer: An Epic Interview With A Man Who Defied Conventional Medicine & Cured Himself Of Prostate Cancer.” and the same event founded by my buddy and Spartan racing bigwig Joe DiStefano, who I interviewed in the episode “Digital Detoxing, Travel-Proofing Your Immune System, Underground Body Weight Workouts & More With Joe DiStefano.

A few months after Runga, Scott pulled up to my house in Spokane, WA in a big black SUV jam-packed with snowboarding equipment and a bag full of strange body adjusting and “scraping” tools. Our ensuing weekend together was a geekfest of biomechanics, physiology, fascia fixing, woo-woo chakra energy work and much more, and in today's episode, we take a deep dive into all that and much more.

So who is Scott, exactly?

Scott Dolly MS, ATC, CSCS  is the owner/CEO and founder of Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation. He is a manual therapy and IASTM specialist who utilizes biomechanical movement analysis to locate imbalances and dysfunctions in the human body. Scott is a national and international speaker and educator in the field of sports medicine; and he has authored courses on I.A.S.T.M. and Advanced Training Science. Scott also serves as the Peak Performance columnist for Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine in the UK, through which his work reaches over a half million people worldwide. Scott has over 15 years’ experience studying and working with the human body and he works with thousands of clients every year. He resides in Winchester, Virginia.

His credentials and certifications include:

-Master’s Degree in Athletic Training: Shenandoah University
-Undergraduate work in Biology and Physics: Shepherd University
-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: National Strength and Conditioning Association
-Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Specialist
-Reiki Master: 11 years

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The truth about whether foam rolling really works, and why Scott is a big fan of “butter knives” for your fascia…[14:45]

-Why Scott said I needed to do more “closed kinetic chain exercises” when he analyzed my gait…[26:40]

-How Scott helped a nervous guy on the chair lift using “distance healing” and Qi Gong…[41:30]

-Scott's work in sound bowls and healing frequencies, and how he aligns that with being able to run a 4:40 mile, train NFL athletes and deadlift nearly 700 pounds…[46:30 & 56:30]

-The protective “bubble” Scott drew around us inside the mountain lodge when we were snowboarding…[46:20]

-Scott's experience with the one-inch-punch by a Shaolin monk…[59:50]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

“Gil Hedley: Fascia & Stretching: The Fuzz Speech”

Graston & Scraping tools on Amazon

Robert Peng: The Master Key Video Series

The artist Alex Grey

Singing bowls on Amazon

The one-inch punch

-Also, a correction: Jacob, who we talked about and who was the guy I interviewed in the ELDOA podcast, actually stated in the show that it doesn’t make sense to him to use a foam roller not because the connective tissue is “too dense and hard” but the exact opposite.  He stated the the fibrillar network is “gentle and beautiful in nature” and that is “the most delicate and, beautiful, and just amazing, amazing tissue.”  He did not say that a foam roller wouldn’t affect it but rather that it would compress the layers together and destroy the tissue.  He believes that to create a sliding between layers you must not compress or destroy but rather induce a movement of the fluid in the tubes that are congested.

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Scott or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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17 thoughts on “The Man I Call “Scraper”: Snowboard Shredding, Fascia Fluffing, Protective Chakra Energy Balls & Much More With Scott Dolly.

  1. Gary Daniels says:

    Hey Ben another great interview! Yep, I’ve been scraped; just make sure your pain threshold is in order, especially for healing injuries. Always love when Qigong gets brought up. One comment asked “Qi or Chi” when my opinion here is it’s all just words trying to define the mystical energy which is life. Life is in essence motion – in our case circulation – and as we know energy cannot be created or destroyed (1st Law of Thermodynamics/LTD); AKA the “conservation of energy” for it explains why energy must remain in motion. Considering energy in all its infinite forms remains in trans-form-ation – the 2nd LTD states that all things (matter being energy) have a tendency to move toward entropy, otherwise chaos. Seemingly there’s always a leak in the system… haha. However we can assist in all repairs by consciously putting our minds and bodies to work. (I beleive the essence of Qigong).

    In the realm of Eastern healing arts it is said the “blood follows the Chi”; this being the cause and effect of circulation. Possibly this form of energy may the best way to describe at least the human condition. To keep our Chi/energy, and therefore oxygenated blood circulating throughout our system, WE must remain working (physically and mentally); for the more efficiently our internal and external Chi work together, the greater our health coefficient.

    So here’s my take on it, meaning how I bring TLD-1 in cooperation with TLD-2, or what I refer to as Health Defense’s (my trademark) 3rd LTD: “Nature assures when we stop working chaos is in order”. Therefore my message to all is keep up the good work! The best kind of work being purposeful, or that of conscious consideration for all the other creatures as well as the environment.

    Make it a fit day!


  2. Alex says:

    Any chance that you have a link to a video for the stretch band exercise to do that replaces the leg extension?

    1. Let me see what I can find!

  3. Javier says:

    This was a great podcast, very interesting and I learned a lot.

    I’m ambivalent about the fascia debate; on one hand, there are the “smashers” that promote different modalities of applying significant pressure, with or without movement, lo loosen adhesions and restore movement. I’m thinking of the techniques proposed by Kelly Starrett, Scott Dolly with his scraping tools, trigger point therapy with the lacrosse balls, foam rolling, etc. (I know all these are very different modalities with different objectives, but in the end they share in the application of concentrated force to loosen adhesions, fix muscles, reduce pain and restore movement).

    I am a big fan of these techniques and am living proof that they work as I have healed myself of several injuries and muscle pain by applying them.

    However, on the other hand there is the argument presented by guys like Jacob Schoen who talked about the ELDOA method, and Sue Hitzmann of “The Melt Method”, who make very compelling arguments that the fascia is really a very delicate matrix of fluid tissue that needs to be treated gently, as depicted in the Youtube video “strolling under the skin”, and that “smashing” will damage it, so that smashing may yield some short term relief, but the damaged tissue may have longer term negative consequences. So they promote gentler techniques of stretching, rolling and massage to restore movement and reduce pain.

    So which is it, are these mutually exclusive theories, or do they complement each other in a way that both can be applied depending on the circumstances?

    1. Just like people, there are so many different methods. I think the key is try them for yourself and seeing which works best. And… what works now, might not work next year, or for another injury. It is about having "tools in the tool box".

  4. Michael says:

    I wonder if the one-inch punch is the result of Nei Gung training. There are these “internal strength” exercises that Scottish Tai Chi practioner, former Hong Kong policeman and author Dan Docherty writes of:

    “This is a secret side of Tai Chi, only taught after the student has gone through a ritual ceremony. We do not use the term Chi Gung, because Chi Gung tends to suggest that the Chi is deliberately directed to different parts of the body; we never try to direct the Chi. Instead we use the term Nei Gung. Nei means internal and refers to the fact that the 12 Yin and 12 Yang internal strength exercises are designed to strengthen the body internally by enhancing the function of the internal organs and the chi and blood circulation. Furthermore they stimulate the central nervous system, forge the will and make the mind more tranquil. The internal strengthening process trains the ability of the body to both withstand the blows of the opponent and to strike the opponent with what the Cantonese call ‘Ging’ – focused power The Yin exercises are also particularly effective in improving health and easing cases of insomnia, muscle and bone injuries, nervous tension etc. The Yang exercises are mainly for power. Some of the exercises have a self defence application. After about 3 months’ internal strength training, when all the Yin exercises have been learned, the average student should be able to withstand someone jumping on his abdomen from head height. I must stress that this kind of training and demonstration should only be learned from a competent and suitably experienced teacher. Even if you practice other so called Tai Chi Chi-Kung such as ‘Holding a Jug’ for 40 years you will still be unable to do this. I might add that my teacher has been much sought after by teachers of other styles of both Tai Chi and other martial arts for this very reason.”…

    And here is video of someone jumping on Docherty’s abdomen:

    He writes more about this stuff here – also hair-raising anecdotes about people going awry with this because the teachers didn’t know enough, and a tale of someone who came badly unstuck with “sexual Qi Gong” !

  5. Colin Kalescky says:

    What was the Keagon(sp?) Healing or something healing that was discussed in the podcast? I can’t find any information on it.

    1. Matt Colby says:

      Qi gong or chi gong

    2. Charles Mitchell says:

      I believe you are referring to Tianchi…

      It has been a few days since I listened to this episode – but I think they did discuss Tianchi

  6. MARY BROWN says:

    I have Haglunds Deformity in my left foot. Had surgery on right foot already. Doc detached Achilles sawed off heel bone and reattached tendon. Year later had partial tear. Do not want to do this again. Will scraping Achilles help? Any other suggestions? Thanks for all you do Ben and love ❤️ the new bars

    1. Yes, scraping Achilles will help, but the whole posterior chain needs to be worked on including plantar fascia.

  7. Brent Jaciow says:

    Where can I learn more about Scott’s training methods and how he is able to not only deadlift massive amounts but also run a 4:40 mi?!?! Would love to be able to buy or sub to his programming.

    Additionally, Ben are the Qi videos available on youtube? Which video in particular to do you watch every morning?

    1. Scott does a lot of programing via the internet. You can email [email protected] to get started.

  8. Piotr Czarnecki says:

    After my experiences I am starting to be pretty sure that Qi and Kundalini are gases. And they actually can travel via bones and bony structures. They are produced in intestines with use of gut flora and in some lymph nodes. They can pump meninges.

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