Is 5G Really That Dangerous, Plant-Based Diet Difficulties, Reversing Biological Age & Much More!

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On my recent whirlwind media and Boundless book tour of India, I hosted, along with my friends Jag Chima and Kris Gethin, a massive biohacking Q&A and panel in Mumbai, directly after the one we recorded in New Delhi, which you can listen to here (you may also be interested in our private hotel room chat here). We covered an enormously wide range of topics, including:

  • The harmony between ancestral living and modern science…
  • How to optimize gut health…
  • Does moving around help digestion…
  • 5G and EMF hazards from mobile phones and “smart” technology…
  • Why it's so difficult to thrive on a plant-based diet…
  • How to slow down, or stop altogether, the aging process…
  • How Ben can have a biological age of 9 years old…
  • The right approach to aesthetics when it comes to biohacking…
  • And much more!

Jag Chima, born in England, is an entrepreneur, investor, visionary, health and fitness enthusiast, and philanthropist with business interests that include real estate, construction, finance, lifestyle, and health and fitness. Jag is the founder of The London Group, a diversified conglomerate with extensive operations in the UK, India, and other parts of the world. The London Group is comprised of companies in property consultancy, property development, estate agents, lifestyle brands, fitness education, talent management, and health clubs.

Jag has carved a niche for himself as a passionate and astute professional, with experience that started in 1998. He has also been featured on many media platforms including BBC News Asia, BBC Asian Network, and MATV. He is a sought after speaker and strategic advisor on business affairs and believes in facing fears and taking on challenges for growth and personal development. Jag recently completed a triathlon and also a 1450 km bicycle ride from Delhi to Mumbai. He is a proud supporter of The Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar India, a home for unwanted, abandoned girls in Punjab, India.

Originally from Wales, Kris Gethin has established himself as one of the most versatile fitness entrepreneurs in the industry. Before founding Kaged Muscle, Kris competed as a lifetime natural pro bodybuilder, placing as high as second place in the Natural World Championships. As a personal trainer, his clients have included Bollywood celebrities, billionaire businessmen, and champion athletes. In between training clients, he has certified more than 800 personal trainers. Somehow, this tireless innovator found time to co-found a health club franchise called Kris Gethin Gyms. He has shared his extensive knowledge through books, newsletters, videos, and podcasts.

Now, he’s moved into the nutrition sector with Kaged Muscle, a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge, ultra-premium sports nutrition supplements for athletes of all types. All of Kris’ pursuits are consistent with his mission of helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

In this episode you'll discover:

-What it means to be “boundless”…8:41

  • We just want more energy to accomplish our goals, purpose, etc.
  • We go about our lives with less energy than we're capable of; it's more than just exercise and diet
  • Oft-neglected variables: cognitive performance, digestion, blood-brain barrier, spiritual disciplines, etc.
  • “Read the book, but don't become a student of learning. Put it into action.”
  • Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Mitigating hazards of the Information Age:
    • Don't feel pressure to read the entire book
    • Have one shelf of books you'll read again and again
    • Readwise
  • How to get your hands on Boundless:

-How to optimize gut health…16:30

  • The gut is where most of the bacteria reside and thrive
  • Postbiotics contribute to our energy levels
  • Two branches of the nervous system: Enteric and Central
    • Enteric resides within the gut; fed and fueled by the vagus nerve
  • Neglect of the gut will affect our mental function, sleep, neurotransmitter, mood, etc.
  • Functional medicine has it right: go to the gut first in determining the issue
  • Other deleterious variables affecting the gut:
    • Processed food
    • Pollution
    • Sources of the food we eat
    • Inactivity
    • Sugar intake
  • Kris had mold toxicity in the brain; the functional medicine doc went straight to the gut

-The harmony between ancestral living and modern science…21:04

  • The two don't need to be mutually exclusive
  • You can overdo anything
  • Many biohackers rely too much on tech that they become disconnected with nature
  • Eating “ancestral” foods (ghee, blueberries, etc.) to excess
  • Modern science has spawned a rediscovery of ancestral living
  • “Retirement” is a foreign concept in Blue Zones around the world
  • Always look for opportunities to move, ground with the earth, etc.
  • Don't let the weather be an excuse for getting outside
  • Discomfort, suffering encourages other disciplines in our lives
  • Keep your smart phone on airplane mode whenever possible
  • Book: Blue Zones by Dan Buettner
  • BioBalance mat
  • Earth Runners sandals

-How moving around helps digestion…31:20

  • Low-level physical activity throughout the day
  • Rest without being in a seated position all day
  • Why recline or rest while eating:
    • Allows you to be present while eating
    • Consuming food in a stressed state may negate any nutritional benefits of it
    • Choose to fast if you don't have time to eat in a relaxed state
  • Bone density decrease that correlates with a shift from squatting to sitting position

-5G and EMF hazards from mobile phones and “smart” technology…36:00

-Why it's so difficult to thrive on a plant-based diet…56:37

  • You need to know how to do it; know which holes need to be filled in
  • Plants have built-in defense mechanisms; these can be problematic for the gut
  • Smart plant-based diets:
  • Many plant-based advocates are ignorant or unwilling to go through the trouble
  • Ethically-raised meat can supply the amino acids and nutrients you need
  • The ideal diet will vary based on your genetics, but is omnivorous
  • Be aware of the source:
  • Some endurance athletes thrive on a plant-based diet, but is their health optimized?
  • Beware of documentaries on Netflix that preach a plant-based diet
  • Diets can be used as a tool to be used for a specific purpose, but it may not be the ideal diet forever

-Biohacking your workout…1:08:45

  • Nasal breathing
    • Encourages diaphragmatic breathing
    • Improves facial symmetry
    • Use the mouth only during the hardest part of the workout
  • Blood flow restriction training
    • Tricks muscles into thinking they're carrying a heavier load
    • BFR bands (use code BEN20 for a 20% discount)
    • KAATSU training device (use code BEN for a 5% discount)
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) measurement
    • HRV is the time between beats of the heart
    • Indicative of the health of the vagus nerve
    • Neglecting HRV can be very detrimental
    • High HRV is good; indicative of good overall health
    • Oura Ring

-How to slow down, or stop altogether, the aging process…1:18:25

-How Ben can have a biological age of 9 years old…1:26:43

-The right approach to aesthetics when it comes to biohacking…1:33:38

-Biohacks to help with a polluted environment…1:47:26

-Hacks to optimize health while traveling…1:53:50

-Herbs for biohacking…2:02:41

-What wearable technologies to use, and which to avoid…2:08:40

-Ben and Kris' top 5 biohacks…2:18:40

-Audience Q&A…2:31:24

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7 thoughts on “Is 5G Really That Dangerous, Plant-Based Diet Difficulties, Reversing Biological Age & Much More!

  1. Alka Gupta says:

    Not really a valid comparison. As you mentioned temp and herbs/spices reduce risk of HCAs and PAHs. You can get the same formation on a stove at high temp. Yep, if you walk around a city you’re breathing in toxic exhaust. How much exposure do you have to BBQ smoke?

    If you are like most people, you have exposure to Wifi nearly 24/7. Vastly different exposure levels.

    You can either comb through the hundreds of studies on, or you can read EMF*D for a roundup of the literature in one place. Or just look up the effects of EMF on VGCCs. That alone is a good starting place.

  2. Rob Zenker says:

    Hi, is there a link to how to be a vegan and healthy as discussed in the section starting at 56 mins? Just that I am looking for a comprehensive resource on how to do the right things overall as a vegan. Thanks in advance!

  3. Brad says:

    I am also going to respectfully disagree with the general sprouting suggestion / requirement for nuts and seeds.

    The general public does not soak or sprout nuts and seeds, and the epidemiological evidence / studies suggest that unsoaked, unsprouted nuts and seeds greatly reduce disease and decrease death rates.

    While there may be people with specific sensitivities that could benefit from soaking nuts and seeds, the advice here appears to be more of the typical fear mongering against plant based diets. Ben is suggesting that to eat nuts and seeds healthily, one needs to do some prep work. That’s categorically false.

    Let’s look at the evidence.

    The people in the scientific studies below are not generally soaking or sprouting their nuts and seeds. Or at least, there is no indication that’s the case in the studies. One could likely safely assume there is no soaking or sprouting because that’s not a general practice.

    Studies and Sources:

    People with stage III colon cancer who regularly eat nuts are at significantly lower risk of cancer recurrence and mortality than those who don’t, according to a new, large study led by researchers at Yale Cancer Center. The findings were published today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.Feb 28, 2018…

    “Several studies show a great benefit from eating nuts, seeds, and legumes. In 2015, a Dutch study of 120,000 men and women between the ages of 55-69 found that those who ate about half a handful of nuts or peanuts each day were less likely to die from respiratory disease, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or cancer than those who consumed no nuts or seeds.”

    “Eating large amounts of peanuts, walnuts, or almonds can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, according to a 2015 study of 97 breast cancer patients. 4 The researchers compared the lifetime consumption of nuts and seeds among the breast cancer patients with the consumption of those without breast cancer, finding that women who ate large quantities were half to one-third as likely to develop breast cancer”

    “Eating nuts also seems to lower the risk of developing diabetes,8 which may then lower the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. In addition, a large study of women found that frequently eating nuts was associated with less chance of developing pancreatic cancer,9 one of the most deadly cancers.”…

    “Research has found that people who are at risk of a heart attack can cut their risk by eating a healthy diet that includes nuts. Research suggests that eating nuts may: … Lower levels of inflammation linked to heart disease. Reduce the risk of developing blood clots, which can lead to a heart attack and death.”…

    Daily handful of nuts slashes the risk of disease and death

    “So far, research has shown nut consumption to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer, but new research suggests their health benefits may extend well beyond these major diseases.”

    “Researchers from Imperial College London in the United Kingdom and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway analyzed a range of existing studies and tracked down associations between nuts intake and risk of various illnesses.”

    Researchers used the medical research databases PubMed and Embase to search for prospective studies of nut consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), total cancer cases, all-cause mortality rates, and cause-specific mortality rates published up to 19 July, 2016.

    The analysis included 819,448 participants and included over 12,300 cases of coronary heart disease, more than 9,200 cases of stroke, more than 18,600 cases of CVD, and around 18,400 cases of cancer.

    1. RichO says:

      Interesting, I’ve wondered this myself with its because, did our ancestors really soak nuts? Would they not have mostly eaten them raw (or perhaps cook with them too, which may have broken down some of the anti nutrients possibly ?)

      However Brad, although these studies suggest that nuts are good for you, in raw unsoaked form.
      There aren’t any comparison studies here with soaked nuts, that would be great to see.

      raw nuts = good but soaked nuts = better?

      Food for though, I’m sure time will reveal

      1. Nick says:

        Epidemiology “evidence” is by no means conclusive. It is well known that self-reported data is wildly inaccurate. Can you remember what you had for lunch 3 days ago? There’s also the problem of healthy user bias (I forget if that’s the actual term) where spurious conclusions are inferred.

        The classic example being if you notice ambulances arriving at the scene of the accident every time, without knowing better you could assume the ambulance caused the problem. In this case, the studied patients that ate nuts may already live a healthier lifestyle.

        Our food supply is vastly different today than for our ancestors’ thanks to the hybridization of foods, nutrient-depleted soil, and countless other factors.

        They probably did soak nuts though. They soaked acorns so I would imagine they soaked nuts as well

  4. Brad says:

    I like this show and it provides a lot of helpful information, but I also like to point out the ironies.

    In today’s observation, Ben is Worried about things like 5G and wifi, (which I am not sure has any proven harm) but yet is a fan / proponent of eating barbecued meat.

    “Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are chemicals formed when muscle meat, including beef, pork, fish, or poultry, is cooked using high-temperature methods, such as pan frying or grilling directly over an open flame (1). In laboratory experiments, HCAs and PAHs have been found to be mutagenic—that is, they cause changes in DNA that may increase the risk of cancer.”…

    Of course, you can reduce the cancer risk of barbecued meat by adding plant marinades to the meat (e.g., rosemary, oregano and other spices), However, A better way to avoid exposure would be to use an entirely different mehod of cooking.

    Also, when you’re cooking barbecued meat, you’re likely breathing in toxic fumes

    Does Barbecue Smoke Pose a Cancer Risk?…

    I guess we’re all entitled to pick and choose activities that may be harmful. I have Wifi, Ben likes BBQ ( :

    1. Nick says:

      Not really a valid comparison. As you mentioned temp and herbs/spices reduce risk of HCAs and PAHs. You can get the same formation on a stove at high temp. Yep, if you walk around a city you’re breathing in toxic exhaust. How much exposure do you have to BBQ smoke?

      If you are like most people, you have exposure to Wifi nearly 24/7. Vastly different exposure levels.

      You can either comb through the hundreds of studies on, or you can read EMF*D for a roundup of the literature in one place. Or just look up the effects of EMF on VGCCs. That alone is a good starting place.

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