A Bearded, Bad-Ass, Biohacking Beast & His Best Secrets For Enhancing Muscle, Sleep, Recovery & More!

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My guest on today's podcast, Anthony DiClementi, is a bearded, bad-ass, beast of a man who also happens to be one of the deepest wells of biohacking knowledge who I've ever met.

He is the founder of BiohackingSecrets.com, a health and wellness company that reaches millions of people each month through their newsletter, videos, books, consulting, and podcast (The Biohacking Secrets Show).

He's become famous for both reversing “incurable” diseases (Cancer, MS, neurodegenerative disease) and helping world class athletes achieve new levels of peak performance. After his own two year battle with Lyme Disease in 2011 he began working with people who no other expert or doctor wanted to. Why? Because he refuses to accept conventional wisdom. And he believes in the body's ability to heal itself when it's given the right ingredients.

Through his innovative methods, DiClementi has had dramatic success and his clients now report natural, sustained energy all day long without a “crash.”He teaches men and women suffering from low energy how to turn back their biological clocks, improve energy production at the cellular level, and feel better than they've felt in years, often decades. In 2016, he released, “The Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy & Focus” which is packed with dozens of easy-to-use, innovative methods anyone can apply to rapidly optimize their physical and mental performance.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Anthony and his girlfriend got extremely sick after moving to a new apartment in California…[8:35]

-Why Anthony uses a PEM device called OndaMed…[14:20]

-Why hidden infections like Epstein Barr, Lyme, SIBO, parasites, yeast, candida and mold are aggravated by hidden variables such as WiFi…[20:00]

-A special form of laser Anthony used when he had Lyme…[25:40]

-How Anthony keeps himself jacked and strong…[32:15]

-Why Anthony is not a fan of normal earthing mats and grounding mats…[42:20]

-The molecular hydrogen Anthony uses and why…[44:33]

-Dangerous fillers in your supplements…[48:18]

-Why Anthony is such a big fan of oysters (and why he does a regularly scheduled coffee enema)…[50:00]

-An alternative to coffee enemas for people who don't want to use them…[54:25]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

-Anthony's Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy & Focus – order for free here (all you pay is shipping and handling!)

The OndaMed

The TheraLumen and SpectraMini

The Vielight

List of EMF Consultants

Earthing Half Sheet

Molecular Hydrogen tablets

Thorne MethylGuard Plus


Clearlight Sauna

The SOTA lightworks

Fitwood (Use Code Ben20 for 20% off)

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54 thoughts on “A Bearded, Bad-Ass, Biohacking Beast & His Best Secrets For Enhancing Muscle, Sleep, Recovery & More!

  1. Mike says:

    I have a back-catalog on Ben Greenfield’s podcast and just listened to this one three weeks ago. After listening, I decided “why not pick up this ‘free’ book?” Well it’s been three weeks now, and no “free” book, which actually costs $20.

    So after waiting these weeks, and maybe I’m just spoiled by Amazon, I decided to open a support ticket on Anthony’s site, but while searching for the site I found this one instead: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/anthony-dicl…
    Too bad I didn’t find this one first and saved myself $20. On the ripoffreport.com site, the poster comments that their support ticket kept being closed by Anthony while no resolution or restitution was offered, hopefully I will have better luck.

    1. Mike says:

      Was contacted this evening regarding the support ticket I opened. I will be refunded $10 as $20 is the international rate. Additionally, I was told that my order never processed because it didn’t sync with their system, but it was processed manually and the book should now be on its way. This is good forward progress.


      Hey Mike this is Anthony DiClementi. First off, please allow me to sincerely apologize for you not receiving your book. We had a coding issue that resulted in a small handful of book orders not being forwarded to the fulfillment house. While it’s no consolation for your experience so far I can promise any error in getting you your book was not intentional and certainly is not an intentional or inadvertent scam. I’m just seeing now seeing your comment (May 2nd, 2020) but want to try to make it right however I can. If you still have not received your book please either email [email protected] and they’ll help get it taken care of or feel free to send me a text message 847-989-3743 and I’ll personally ensure you get your book. Again, I’m very sorry about the inconvenience.

  2. gayle wright says:

    Hi Anthony, dont know if this is the proper place to ask this, but here goes, i have an X partner who has early Parkinson, could you recommend any good brain nootropic or anything to help him cure himself of this disease, i believe all can be cured, Zillions of thanks Gayle

  3. Stephan Bonam says:

    Hey Guys

    Excellent podcast. thanks for this.

    i have been into this stuff for many years and it is always great to get into new things and get to know new folks and learn about their experiences.

    I have a question re the coffee enema.

    can you tell me what sort of periodicity works well for you?

    How big is the volume that you use?

    how long do you allow it to backflow, i.e. how far up the digestive tract do you let the coffee flow?



    1. Check out BenGreenfieldFitness.com/CoffeeEnema

  4. Luke says:

    great episode, this guy was really interesting. Just went to get the book but only available in US ;(

    1. Hi Luke,

      We just added international shipping a few days ago at www.biohackersguide.com

  5. Corban A Fleming says:

    Hi Ben and Anthony

    I am was just wondering about drinking the coloidal silver, I have heard of it before but according to what I have seen it is best used topically as it is a metal? Do so any metal detoxes and how long did you take to build up to two cups? Thanks

    1. Hi Corban,

      Full disclosure this is not medical advice and all that legality. Check out the Bob Beck protocol for more info on the use of internal colloidal silver and how you can make it using devices like the Sota Silver Pulser and distilled water. Hope this helps :)

  6. Matt says:

    Say we don’t have any practioners living in our area via the electricsense web list of practioners for emf testing/checking of houses- can you give a recommendation for best device for us to buy if we need to do our own testing of our houses for emf?

      1. Matt says:

        Thanks Ben

  7. Sarah says:

    So Disappointed! I went to pick up a copy of the book and it doesn’t ship to Canada : (

    Any chance this can be fixed?

    1. A digital version will be released soon!

    2. Hi Sarah,

      We just added international shipping a few days ago at www.biohackersguide.com

  8. Nick says:

    Hi I have kids and feel like I’m constantly cleaning every surface of our house with household cleaners like windex etc what cleaners do Anthony and Ben use on household surfaces kitchen bath etc


  9. Ramon says:

    Hi Anthony!

    You mentioned how doing coffee enemas helped with getting rid of stubborn belly fat, which is something that I been struggling with. I wanted to know if there was an specific protocol that should be followed and also how does a coffee enema actually triger belly fat loss.

    Thanks for all the great info!

    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Hi Ramon,

      The specific protocol I use and have recommended is detailed inside our Biohacker Community at www.biohackingsecrets.com/tribe. I know Ben does his version and there’s information on the interwebs outlining how many others do their version. Any of those could be a good place to start. The specific breakdown of our process is a bit too long to post here but if you wanted it our Biohacker Lifestyle Community would be the best place to grab it. Hope this helps! I do them anywhere from 1-3x a week depending on my schedule and whether or not I’m traveling.

  10. Derek says:

    I live in Germany, how can i get the book? is it available on Amazon or other retailer? Thanks

    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Hey Derek…we have a digital version that we will be releasing as soon as the web developer finishes the site and we get approval :)

    2. Hi Derek,

      We just added international shipping a few days ago at www.biohackersguide.com

  11. Ray Raf says:

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks so much for a great podcast. I was wondering what protocols you would follow for metal toxicity (mercury, lead) detox.

    Thank you!

    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Hey Raf Raf,

      Thanks buddy. Glad you liked it. So detailed heavy metal protocols are inside www.biohackingsecrets.com/tribe but you can start out with daily sweating via sauna, IR sauna, and hot yoga 30-90 minutes. Results RNA has some decent products as is CytoDetox which Ben has talked about. If you’re looking for everything including mobilizers, binders, and advanced stuff then check out our Biohacker Lifestyle Community.

      P.S. If you have any “silver” fillings get yourself to a biological dentist and have those removed too :)

  12. GJ says:

    Nice podcast! At +- 52:00-52.20 Anthony talks about getting protein from seafood and mentiones “making sure we do the regular detoxification stuff”. I would love to hear what this “regular detoxification stuff” would look like for him. Thanks!

    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      HI GJ,

      We’ve got a section on Toxic Overload in the book that goes into more detail. The type of detox you use depend on what you’re dealing with (i.e. heavy metals vs infections vs EMFs). Generically speaking infrared saunas, hot yoga, rebounding, molecular hydrogen, and protocols for parasites/Candida/EB/SIBO may be worth exploring for many people depending on where they’re at in their journey. Hope this helps!

  13. chris says:

    What is the suppository you mentioned Ben? Thanks!

    1. Anthony DiClementi says:


  14. Walter says:

    No shipping to Canada :-( Hey Ben can you make this happen.

    1. I'm checking on international shipping options. I'll keep you posted.

    2. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Hi Walter. We’ve got a digital version we will be releasing as soon as the developer gets the website completed :)

      1. Dylan says:

        Also in Canada. Look forward to it

        1. Hi Dylan,

          We just added international shipping a few days ago at www.biohackersguide.com

    3. HI Walter,

      We just added international shipping a few days ago at www.biohackersguide.com

  15. Tyson Brown says:

    I first heard of Anthony on Mark Dhamma’s podcast and loved the tips he sared.

    I wish his book came to Aus!

    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Thank you Tyson. Appreciate the kind words! We’ve got a digital version we will be releasing as soon as the developer gets the website completed :)

      1. Jordan says:

        Yeh I’m feeling on the UK.

        Would love this Book.

        1. Jordan says:

          Sorry I mean I’m from the UK

          I would love this book.



          1. Anthony DiClementi says:

            We’ll have a digital version for you international Biohackers soon. Thanks for the support! You guys rock!!

          2. HI Jordan,

            We just added international shipping a few days ago at www.biohackersguide.com

      2. Tyson Brown says:

        excellent how can I keep up with this?

    2. Hi Tyson,

      We just added international shipping a few days ago at www.biohackersguide.com

  16. Beaux says:

    The OndaMed sounds cool – I definitely need to hack flexibility. My research indicates this device is $15,000+… Whoa. Kinda makes me wonder how much you professional biohackers make! For those of us that have to put our kids through college, is there a more financially feasible way to achieve these results?

    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Hi Beaux,

      You don’t have to purchase the Ondamed. You may be able to find a practitioner in your area who uses it. Best place to start would be to contact the company via their website and ask based on where you live. I’ve also heard good things about the Bemer and mention a few other PEMF devices I use in the Biohacker’s Guide. Hope this helps!

      1. Katherine says:

        Just filled out “free book” offer on your site.

        It asked for 7.95 for shipping which was fine.

        But then took me through a few steps asking me if I wanted different products and subscriptions which I declined

        Then step 3 led to nothing mandatory subscription for 47.00.

        I never got a message saying order complete for the free book with 7.95 shipping.


        1. Anthony DiClementi says:

          Hi Katherine. You should be able to decline any additional offers without any issue. Many people just get the book and cover the $7.95 shipping and handling. If you need help with anything you can contact our support and they’ll help you straight away. Thank you for the support! Here’s that support email – [email protected].

  17. Joan says:


    Great episode! I would like to know if Anthony used cholestyramine as a part of his Lyme treatment protocol or if he has any thoughts on the effectiveness of safety of its use.

    Thank you,


    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Hi Joan,

      I did use it. But didn’t find it particularly helpful. Richie Shoemaker has some solid experience using it but for me and a number of other clients it didn’t move the needle much. Hope this helps :)

  18. Brian says:

    Good info on the podcast. Ordering the free book with shipping makes one feel like you’ve entered a multi-level marketing website. I understand it’s a free book and they’d love for people to buy additional products but the way it’s set up that one has to go through a number of pages where you are bombarded with other offers before you reach the end to complete the offer and pay the shipping kind of reminds one of those “get rich now” internet offers.

    The process is intended to convince you to make more purchases before you’ve read the first book to see if this will work for you.

    Thank you for the offer, I’m getting the free book, will read it, and then decide if I want more.

    1. Jon says:

      Anthony’s book is filled with lots of tips, but very little is new and even less has supporting documentation. It’s pretty much a collection of Men’s Health clippings and internet articles boiled down to their most objective essence and put together into a non-stop stream of To Dos that read like they were assembled by the posterchild for ADHD.

      Unfortunately, it gets worse. Once you enter your email address, Anthony’s system will repeatedly bomb you with offers for his Biohacking Week or emails about OTHER products from OTHER people “in the field.” BUY! BUY! BUY!

      If that sort of thing tickles your fancy, you’ll be a big fan of Anthony’s services.

  19. Great one, Ben!

    Anthony – I actually live in a Chicago highrise right now and have a whole assortment of EMF testing devices and filters that I used before buying our current place. We are on the same page! I agree EMFs are a huge health issue, especially in cities where you are constantly bombarded without even knowing it. Your girlfriends extra sensitivity to EMFs probably saved you from a lot of issues down the road. My question is with the Ondamed device. Did you meet with a practitioner in Chicago or elsewhere? Looking forward to reading your book!


    1. Anthony DiClementi says:

      Hi Chuck,

      Good to connect with a fellow Chicagoan! I ended up purchasing an Ondamed after trialing a unit. There may be practitioners who use it in Chicago but I’d suggest asking the company via their contact form on that. They’d know better. Hope this helps!

      1. Chuck Gullett says:

        Perfect… thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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