The Biggest Brain Hacks, Hyper-Productivity Tools, Sleeping Without Sleeping & Much More With Science of Success Host Matt Bodnar.

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My guest on today's show, Matt Bodnar, was named to Forbes “30 Under 30”, called a “Rising Restaurateur Star” by the National Restaurant Association and a “Strategy Pro” by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, is a partner at early stage investment firm Fresh Hospitality where he focuses on deal making and strategy.

Matt is also the creator and host of “The Science of Success” a #1 New & Noteworthy podcast, which is focused on improving decision-making, understanding psychology, and sharing insights from experts in everything from sleep science to the mental tactics used by Olympians to how sound can be used to enhance the brain and much more. Matt previously worked as an import/export consultant in Nanjing, China and spent several years at Goldman Sachs before returning to his family roots in the hospitality space.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Matt got named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list…[3:10]

The three supplements Matt takes every day…[14:15]

-What Matt's morning routine looks like, and why he is a big fan of “steady state cardio” to improve cognitive function…[17:45]

-The ingredients of Matt's “vegan” morning protein shake…[21:20]

-The actual neuroscience of success, and how a “fixed mindset” can sabotage your efforts to succeed…[24:45]

-How people we consider “superhuman” like Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, Charlie Munger, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, etc. get so much done…[33:05]

-How sound can help you to be happier and achieve more, and how Matt uses sound, music and frequencies to enhance mental performance and productivity…[44:25]

-How to use neuroscience to build habits that stick…[50:55]

-The science behind”sleeping without sleeping” and how you can do it…[53:30]

-Does Matt use any technology or biohacks to enhance his brain or cognitive performance? [57:05]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

The Science of Success podcast

The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Poor Charlie's Almanack

Michael Tyrrell Podcast – Unleashing The Phenomenon Of Using Sound & Music For Performance, Recovery, Healing & More

How Dali, Einstein, And Aristotle Perfected The Power Nap

CBD capsules

The “God Pill”


The Circadia for sleep enhancement (use code GREENFIELD)

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