Are Hunters The Fittest People In The World?

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Is the ultimate functional blend of fitness the “hunter-athlete”?

Could a guy who trudges through mountains for days and shoots 700 pound animals with a bow be more fit than a Crossfitter, Spartan athlete, or Ironman?

Could training to hunt and hunting fitness competitions finally be the way that you can scratch that primal itch to provide food for yourself and your family, while also building amazing cardiovascular and muscular fitness?

In this podcast, recorded live from the Greenfield barnhouse in Spokane, Washington, you'll find out – as I interview bowhunter Kenton Clairmont from TrainToHunt. You're going to learn about the gnarliest hunting workouts, how hunting can get you to the extreme edge of fitness, Kenton's go-to hunting workouts, and much more.

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3 thoughts on “Are Hunters The Fittest People In The World?

  1. I dont agree that hunters is the fittest people. There is a lot of fat hunters, like someone write here. Many hunters drive to wood, near their treestand. But video and your thoughts are very interesting.

  2. jlinn78 says:

    I'm a triathlete, mountain bike and Nordic ski racer in Western Colorado and have to say that pulling a mature mule deer out of the bottom of a mountain valley is without doubt one of the most difficult physical feats I've ever performed due to the combination of cardio (at altitude) and strength with an awkward asymmetrical object. The payoff is the lean, locally harvested, minimally processed organic protein my family gets to eat for the rest of the year! Cool to hear fitness play a role in the hunting conversation. Love the podcast Ben. Thanks.

  3. thevirginian021 says:

    I've seen a lot of hunters who aren't remotely athletic. A lot of hunters drive out to the woods, walk a short distance and sit in a deer blind. Many are overweight and their diets are often filled with junk (beer, soda, pizza, fried foods, very few vegetables, low fiber, not much plain water).

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