The Official Ironman Insanity Race Report Podcast.

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Ben just raced the Ironman Hawaii World Championships with only 14 days of preparation.

In this post-race podcast straight from the Big Island just hours after the race, you'll find out:

-How Ben prepared (including why he wasn't able to stick to his original plan, and had to biohack instead)…

-Why Ben did yoga during the actual race…

-Ben's top mental tactics for achieving things that seem like they should be impossible…

-The crazy illegal drugs Ben was offered during the race…

-What you can learn from Ben's foray into extremely minimalist Ironman training, and whether you should try this too…

This episode was brought to you by Training Mask. Visit and use code “GREEN1” to save 20% on this essential training tool that Ben uses to grow himself a third lung.

During this episode, Ben and Brock also fill you in on the brand new “Defying Sports Nutrition Paradigms” episode that was just released inside the BenGreenfieldFitness Premium channel.

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14 thoughts on “The Official Ironman Insanity Race Report Podcast.

  1. gramck24 says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve re-listened to this podcast and I’ve done a bit of searching but haven’t managed to find an answer to this yet (unless I’ve overlooked something)…….

    What did you have for your pre-race breakfast and what time approx. was this?

    Many thanks.

      1. gramck24 says:

        Thanks Ben.

  2. Patricia says:

    Huge congratulations, Ben! Hope recovery is going well, too.

  3. jasonflores78 says:

    Hey Ben, Congrats on the Kona finsih! Quick question I was having some trouble with the KONA coupon code for Did I miss the window to use it? Thanks for everything you guys do!


    1. Nope. It should still be good. What kind of trouble are you having?

  4. MathMom578 says:

    That is amazing what you were able to with only 14 days of training. Goes to show what being in shape allows us to do. Honestly, though, it is hard to listen to your podcast of how you were able to race Kona on a whim when many of us know we will probably never have the chance. So many of us are not fast enough to qualify, not rich enough to be part of the legacy program and rarely lucky enough to win the lottery. So, really what Timex should do is take an average age-grouper like myself…who wears a timex all day long to juggle mommy, work, wife, workout, and all other life details. See what she can do at Kona given a little bit longer than a 14 day training program. Could I then beat your time?

    1. I don't anticipate this type of thing happening again. It was one of those 'once in a lifetime' opportunities that I just couldn't resist. If you are interested in reading more about my motivation, reasoning and back story, check out this facebook post –…

  5. H20g8 says:

    What brand/model bike helmet did you use? Is it well-ventilated to keep you cool? I find that some of the tear-dropped shaped helmets are really hot with very little ventilation.

    Also, I'm surprised you used such dark clothing for Kona. Wouldn't you be cooler in lighter-colored clothing? I realize that with the Timex sponsorship, you pretty much have to wear the kit they provide and then try to buffer the negative heat effect with the cooling sleeves. But, if you had your choice of any kit, would you choose to go with lighter colors to offset the heat-producing genetic disadvantages of your size, musculature, etc.

    1. I used a Giro Air Attack helmet. Very well ventilated and aerodynamic! Much better than some of the "pointy" helmets. The Castelli kit from Timex is actually designed to breathe very well. I never got EXTREMELY hot although when I ran past buckets of ice at aid stations I dipped my arms into them (because I was wearing DeSoto sleeves, which cool your body when they get wet).

  6. Zac says:

    Congratulations on the ironman! I was volunteering at the hilton station along the bike route. I think I handed you a water.

  7. bmicic says:

    Hey Ben,

    Congrats on finishing the race!
    Your fueling strategy was a bit different than the one you wrote about here (
    I noticed in your video that you didn't use the Catalyte, Superstarch and the MCT oil for your bike fuel. So, I am just curious howcome, and how this new fueling strategy worked out for you in comparison to the other one. Were you able to get enough carbs as well not using the superstarch formula? Also, would this be a good strategy to apply during training sessions?

    1. Stay tuned…blog post coming soon on that (will be published on EXOS website). Catalytes they were out of stock or I would have used them. I opted to experiment with chia seed mix from Natural Force just to try something new. It works well. More than one way to skin this fueling cat, and I'm big on self experimentation. ;) And yes, it would work during training sessions.

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