Ben Greenfield’s World’s Toughest Mudder Race Report (And Big News For 2016)

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World's Toughest Mudder is finally over, and although I was only able to complete 50 miles due to a nearly torn Achilles tendon, I just published all the nitty-gritty details, and big news about my 2016 racing plans, in the full audio race report which you can access at the BenGreenfieldFitness Premium channel (along with 300+ other videos, audios, .pdfs and other protected insider content).

Want to see all my clothing, gear, nutrition and more? Simply watch the video below, and feel free to use the handy-dandy checklist under the video if you plan on doing the World's Toughest Mudder yourself.



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Do you have questions, comments or feedback about the checklist above or the race report over on my Premium podcast channel? Leave your thoughts below and I promise to reply!

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One thought on “Ben Greenfield’s World’s Toughest Mudder Race Report (And Big News For 2016)

  1. halcyon82 says:

    I listened to this episode on my way in to work this morning Ben – first, congratulations for achieving what you did, despite having to endure multiple setbacks. It may sound strange, but it is so refreshing to hear an athlete like yourself talk about having problems in an event, and discovering things that they weren't entirely prepared for. Oftentimes I find myself looking at the winners of a race I've competed in and wondering how they make it look so easy, but the reality is that *everyone* deals with problems with gear, physical ailments & preparation oversights. Resolving in that moment to continue on and do your best despite these issues is where growth as a competitor really happens, and your race report can only help listeners achieve that.

    As to your decision to redirect your efforts into less endurance-based events and more short course competitions, I think it's a smart move. You don't have anything to prove regarding your philosophy on training for endurance, you've walked the walk so to speak for a long time now and it's clear that the ideas you promote are effective in achieving that. Recognising that you don't want to compromise on other parts of your life just so that you can train sufficiently for those sorts of events is a mature decision (albeit a tough one, I'm sure), and one that will ultimately bring you more contentment & reward. Thanks for sharing.

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