Underground Strength Training Secrets: How To Get Strong And Stay Strong Using Training Secrets Of The Athletic Elite.

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Zach Even-Esh – author of the new book the “Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning” – is one of my friends, and one of the few guys who I truly consider to be an absolute beast when it comes to physical strength.

But he wasn't always so strong. As a kid, Zach was crippled by self-doubt, low self-esteem, depression and career-ending injuries.

Later in life, he got sidetracked by false prophets trumpeting bodybuilding lies that weakened him and had him beaten down over and over again by stronger, more agile, tougher opponents.

Faced by all these failures he could easily have thrown in the towel and contented himself with a comfortable, average role as a so-so athlete and so-so personal trainer. But Zach had a dream and a vision that was more powerful than the army of setbacks and the bouts of despair.

So he never quit in his relentless quest for athletic supremacy, and continued to persevere and struggle, through multiple odds and continued setback.

Things finally changed when he was told that he was put on earth to make people strong.

And that's what Zach and I talk about on today's podcast – not just his backstory, but also how he's discovered a ton of secret, underground training methods that build strength fast in both men and women.

zach even-esh book

During our discussion, you'll learn:

-Zach's amazing story of how he got into underground style strength training…

-Zach's favorite body weight training exercises that you rarely see people doing…

-How to get fit with nothing more than a picnic table…

-How you can make our own sandbag, and the #1 sandbag move that Zach recommends…

-The hardest workout Zach has ever done with a rock…

-The shocking ways you can get fit by just using a tire (and it goes way beyond tire flippin'!)…

-How you can get a keg and how you can use a keg for a workout…

And much more!

Some of the world’s toughest—and most successful—men have endorsed Zach Even-Esh’s Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning as a must-have, go-to resource for developing the supreme athletic durability, multi-functional strength and spiritual fortitude they most prize.

Men like Joe De Sena, founder of The Spartan Race, who says:

“At Spartan, we have always said the world needs a thorough encyclopedia on strength and conditioning. Whether it is our own athletes attending our races, moms, or even the elite special forces we speak to, everyone is looking for an edge. Zach's Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning is exactly what today's society needs to build a stronger mind, body and life, just as we encourage here at Spartan. The inspirational life lessons shared in this book along with these training methods are what make this book powerful and timeless. You owe it to yourself to read this book if you want to change your life.”

And men like the warrior-athlete Mark Divine, founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind, NYT bestselling author of 8 Weeks to SEALFIT and The Way of the SEAL, says:

“When it comes to functional strength and conditioning—old school style—Zach Even-Esh has been there, done that. Zach is a master at developing young athletes who not only become world class at their sport, but also develop the strength of character to be successful at whatever they choose in life. I highly recommend this book, as it will open your eyes to reality-based training.”

So in the comments section below, feel free to let Zach and I know which of his methods you've tried, be sure to grab his new “Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning“, and leave any other feedback and thoughts!

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10 thoughts on “Underground Strength Training Secrets: How To Get Strong And Stay Strong Using Training Secrets Of The Athletic Elite.

  1. NEAL D CANTRELL says:

    That stone worker mentioned sounds a lot like Sal Di Stefano of Mind Pump father and him. Small world eh

  2. draheffron says:

    awesome podcast and I ordered the book… I used the hyperlink, but I can't remember if I left the page and then went back to it on a separate tab to order it. anyway of knowing if I am getting all the bonuses you and Zach made mention of?

    1. You should get an email from Zach. If you didn't, you should contact him directly. I have no control over that stuff ;)

  3. ffirestine says:

    Thus was a great discussion. I have added Zach's book to my wish list! I am still working my way through "8 Weeks to SEALFIT," but I think this will be a similar/expanded view of training. As an aside, I spent my high school years in South Jersey, and it's always nice to hear a familiar accent! I went to a small school, but our wrestling team was always on top of our division. Not that I did any of that! I got into cross country my last two years, and could have used what I've been learning in my 40s.

  4. djdelaney says:

    Funny. My reaction was identical, I felt the need to go and work out before podcast was over. Also, I'm older athlete, crossfitter and endurance athlete in an urban environment. At 63 still trying to learn how to get stronger, more powerful and more mobile but dealing with some chronic pain issues and injuries. Would love to hear more about training at 60 plus years. Magnesium oil has been a huge help. Great podcast. Thanks

  5. Tyler Humphrey says:

    Halfway through the podcast I had to get up, run to Central Park, find some heavy rocks to pick up to squat, press, shoulder and carry around (after a little mobility work of course).

    It made me rethink my workout plan (former rower and boxer, but now 60m, 100m, 200m sprinter and 5k runner- so track workouts, animal flow for mobility, heavy weights to keep mass, and swimming for cardio). My problem is that although power lifting has helped me put on a good amount of muscle mass after being a D-1 lightweight rower, I don’t feel any stronger when doing body weight moves. If I split half of my lifting workouts into this body weight, sandbag and stone workouts and 1 or 2 powerlifting sessions a week, should I be able to keep my mass while regaining my Louisiana farm-boy strength?

    Also I plan to visit his site in NJ!

    Love your podcast,



  6. zyzzyva57 says:

    I would not last a nano second with you even if I was your age (I am 71)
    I enjoy your podcasts and find them helpful, really
    This particular podcast stood out for K.I.S.S. for someone such as myself to someone at your level
    I just plain enjoyed learning how to use things in your present surroundings, or at very little expense, e.g., visiting my military surplus store or tire shop–I like this, because I love re-purposing stuff and for health wow-!
    Using many of your suggestions through many podcasts have been healthful (literally) to me
    I feel super and thank you
    Increasing longevity has never been an issue with me, but rather, being healthy during my allotted time on this space ship
    Respectfully, on some of podcasts you do to me come across as overdoing it to yourself future-wise
    In sum, Ben, don't outrun your "headlights"
    Your pods are well-done, and your partner presents me the listener with his wow-w, really attitude with what you do or plan

    1. Thank you. I do keep a very close eye on myself with the plan of being around for a long long time. Happy and healthy!

  7. zyzzyva57 says:

    Underground Training Secrets podcasts is excellent
    No esoteric drugs or medical tests
    No expensive crap
    No stuff hard to find or dodgy
    Straight on stuff and equipment easily found–free or inexpensively
    Too, you can take these "secrets" from easy to "Ben Greenfield" gung-ho'ism where the "Law of Diminishing Returns" apparently does NOT exist
    (I am waiting to hear Ben going to Cern to lay in its gizmo to test his quarks now that the Higgs boson particle has been verified :) )

    This podcast 5 Stars all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Umm…you need to come train with me sometime. I wear no heart rate monitor, no quantification device, I use no fancy post-workout shake and my gym is minimalist. I am the triathlete who doesn't shave his legs and the runner who would never dream of carrying an iPhone during a run. Your perceptions of my gung-ho-ism are not quite accurate.

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