Episode #132: A Big Fitness and Nutrition Q&A, Including…Is Deer Antler Spray Healthy?

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Deer Antler Spray

One of the questions answered in this episode is whether “Deer Antler Spray” is actually healthy or effective.

In this February 9, 2011 free audio episode: Aphrodisiac foods, is textured vegetable protein healthy?, how long does it take to recover from energy drink addiction?, are tiny red bumps on the skin dangerous?, can you have food allergies and not know it?, how much magnesium should you take?, what's the minimum you can eat and drink while running?, is ASEA water good?, a supplement called e21, getting fitter for basketball, toe pain while running, is all fish oil equal?, is P90X a good workout?, raw protein powder, deer antler spray, cutting back on alcohol, infrared treatment for weight loss, NO Explode and Jak3D supplements, kids running long distances, homemade sports recovery drinks and fitness for fibromyalgia.

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Listener Q&A:

====================================== [contact-form 3 “AskBen”] ======================================

Listener Jim asks a call in question about P90X (Ben recommends Shape21, pictured right, as a healthy alternative to P90X)

Dan asks: What are your thoughts on TVP (textured vegetable protein) also called textured soy protein (TSP)? My wife is a vegetarian and incorporates it into meals very easily. I understand it is highly processed which is usually bad. The nutrition facts look really good for fiber and protein. If I am trying to keep or gain muscle mass is this helpful or hurtful for me to consume?

Paul asks: I know you have answered questions regarding energy drinks before. My question is how long does it take to reverse the negative effects caused by them. I have had a two a day Monster/Redbull habit for about five years. My biggest worry is the effects on the adrenal system. Does stopping consumption have an instant effect, or something that will occur over time.

Heather asks: I've had tiny red bumps on the back of my arms for most of my life. They don't itch. I've heard it may be an omega 3 deficiency, but that hasn't helped….What can you do about tiny red bumps on the back of your arms?

Mike asks: Ben, if one had food allergies or sensitivities to certain foods would it necessarily be obvious, or could one suffer minor effects unknowingly? For instance, I've drunk milk all of my life without ever noticing any direct negative effects. Is this enough to eliminate concerns or might there be more subtle or indirect issues?

In my answer to Mike, I recommend the GI Panel.

Paul asks: You have spoken a lot about taking magnesium prior to bed. How many mg of do you recommend?

In my response to Paul, I recommend Natural Calm.

Amy asks: I have been training for my first half marathon while trying to lose some weight to get faster. I am 5′ 3″ and 155, with only a 12 minute pace. I know my weight is my biggest speed disadvantage. What I don't understand is why I still seem to bonk on my long runs that go over 1 3/4 – 2 hours since I have all this “onboard” fuel to burn. How many calories do I have to eat during my run to keep the fat burning, or should I just keep trying to push through those low points?

Jeff asks: I was wonder if you have you heard the the ASEA Water?

Elizabeth asks: What can you tell us about the e21 Recovery supplement?

Jim asks: I'm 35 and looking to join a professionals basketball league in ny- can you recommend any workouts that can help me become faster and allow me to not tire out while playing full court?

Darrell asks: I run 2-3 miles at a time for a total of 12-18 miles a week and use Asics Enduro shoes. Recently, the very tip of my 2nd toe (I think it is the 2nd distal phalanges) has been sore. I really notice as I push off it during a run and while relaxing in the evening. Is this a common issue for runners?

Craig asks: I’m currently following a half marathon prep/training plan but am having trouble with fuel and fluids. On the bike I take a large swig of plain water every ten minutes, a full serving of Hammer Perpetuem and 1-3 Hammer Endurolytes at the top and bottom of every hour. I’ve tried taking in the same amount of fluid running but end up with stomach distress. My current projection for my run time is 2:25. My goal is to get it to 2:00. What do you suggest to keep my fluid intake up for that amount of time? Would using solids help? In Rock Star Triathlete Episode 5 you mentioned you only carry your aero bottle of water in an Ironman distance event and fill it at the aid stations. In a WTC event do they do hand ups of water or do you have to stop for a fill?

Josh asks: I know you're not a doctor, but I just want to get an idea of what you think may be going on with an issue I'm having, as I'd rather not waste time in a doctors office if possible. About a month ago I started the Triathlon Dominator Package training and went out to do my time trial run. I used some beat up, worn out racing flats I had as I was wanting to make every second count. Unfortunately, I think they were a bit too worn out and I hit a lot of jagged rocks when running. Since doing that run I've been having some minor sesamoid bone pain under my left foot. It usually starts hurting (as if pushing on a bruise or a dull but nagging pain) after about 5miles in and then continues to hurt until I'm done running. Walking on it doesnt tend to hurt it unless I walk on uneven terrain. There is no noticeable swelling or redness. Not sure if I've bruised the bone or what, but I've been running on the treadmill every week until my weekend run and it's fine until I hit the pavement. Any words of wisdom to help me to possibly get over this?

Listener has a call in question about fish oil.

In my response to Pat, I recommend the Pharmax brand fish oil.

Brian asks: Ben, I have heard you compare various protein powders (whey versus soy); and whey cows milk to whey goats milk. Please compare those with the benefits of Garden Of Life's product, Raw Protein, made from various sprouts. Is this protein powder doing me any favors with health and/or performance on the bike?

David Starr asks via a call-in question: Hey Ben. I listened to podcast #129 and you talked about IGF-1 in foods, particular meat and dairy. What about the IGF-1 spray that harvests velvet deer antlers? You pump the spray into your mouth and hold for 30 seconds. Have you heard of it? It became a hot topic when a Steelers player admitted to using it. You can visit http://www.antisteroidprogram.com/theultimatespray.html to see the product. I hear nothing but good stuff about it, but can you digress on the cons? Thanks a bunch Ben, you help keep the ‘little guys’ out there well informed!!

Jenny asks: Do you have any prior posts or suggestions for cutting back on drinking wine?  I read an older postcast you had out about stopping drinking dr pepper, and in that, you helped a lot of people out with their problem areas.  Well, mine is the vino.  I would love to become a one glass person on the weekends rather than a 3 glass person, which is too many calories.  Do you have any tricks to cutting back?

In my response to Jenny, I mention Nutrarev as a wine alternative (pictured left) and Thermofactor.

Armi asks: I was researching infrared recovery treatment and stumbled upon this website and others claiming that FAR Infrared treatments can burn up to 600kc/hour just by sitting in them. What do you think? Are these things even safe? Also-does sitting in a regular sauna and/or steam room burn many calories?

Kevin asks: I wanted to get your thoughts on the pre workout products NO Explode and Jak3D. I almost exclusively eat ‘real' food with all of my food getting made at home without a package. However, prior to my nutrition change I used NO Explode and loved it. I stopped bc I wanted to cut out caffeine and honestly had no idea what the ingredients were. NO Explode now has a caffine free version so I wanted to get your thoughts on these products, are they safe pre Ironman training or should I just avoid them.

In my response to Kevin, I recommend he listens to: http://quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/exercise/do-muscle-building-supplements-work

Dale asks: My son wants to run bloomsday. I am concerned 8yrs old is a bit too young to run a 12K. He ran 3 5k races last summer and he runs about a 9.5 minute mile. Should he stick to 5k's until he gets a little more mature?

Lisa asks: I generally run two marathons a year, so I'm specifically looking for something to drink during/after long and medium long runs. I really like gatorade, but I'm looking for something that's both cheaper and uses natural ingredients, so I want to try making my own. Should I just look at the ingredients in sports drinks and try to match the various sodium/potassium/ carb amounts? What other ingredients in sports drinks are important to include when making your own? Is something like tart cherry juice a good ingredient? Or coconut water? For the sodium, do I just throw some salt in? Any guidance on this would be appreciated!

Lisa also asks: My boyfriend, whom I live with, currently isn't active and never has been. He would like to start working out, but he has no idea where to start. He has fibromyalgia, and experiences a lot of pain. He's tried to start a couple different things, like P90X and he was trying to play on a recreational basketball league for a couple weeks, but everything so far has really caused his fibro to act up. Do you have any suggestions?


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8 thoughts on “Episode #132: A Big Fitness and Nutrition Q&A, Including…Is Deer Antler Spray Healthy?

  1. Jarrod says:

    I've been using antler spray for a while now, and while I do feel like it helps me recovery after strenuous workouts, I think a lot of the hype is just that – hype.

  2. YoungScientist says:

    @ Sarah, I totally agree – the only thing P90X and crossfit have in common is that they are both exercise systems that became popular around the same time. That's seriously the only similarity I see.

  3. david says:

    your deer pic is a Bull Elk

  4. Heith says:

    Apple cider pressed at an apple orchard near you.
    pinch of salt-Lite
    pinch of Epsom salt.
    For long rides I add some BCAA(no flavor).

    Short Intense interval rides( 1hour)
    Flavored BCAA+water

    Non Seasonal Long rides.
    Organic Honey+ water
    pinch of salt-lite and epsom salt.
    BCAA usually 1 of 2 bottles

    Long rides which require powder mixture to refill bottles.
    2 parts maltodextrin http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/maltodextrin50lb…
    1 part bakers sugar(it's fine and dissolves fast) I know it's bad but on 6hour rides it works!
    Salt-Lite and Epsom salt
    Flavored BCAA if you want but I usually have solid foods on these rides that are high in protein along with electrolyte pills in summer.

  5. Sarah says:

    My comment/question is about P90X, while I’ve never completed the full P90X challenge, I have begun crossfit since Dec. 1st. I’ve been into fitness for several years now, and nothing I’ve done compares to the crossfit workouts. My brother is an avid P90X-er, although he’s never done crossfit, he swears up and down that P90X is like crossfit. Um, I beg to differ, the little that I did do with P90X did not even compare to the intensity that I get with my crossfit workouts. So my question is, how would you say they compare? And, would you say that you can achieve better results from one better than the other?

    1. Michael says:

      Crossfit is entirely different from P90X in several ways. First off, Crossfit uses weights in its exercises to truly build muscle, where P90X only uses static exercises such as pushups, situps, pull-ups with little to mostly no weights. Second, Crossfit is different everyday, whereas P90X is the same routine week after week after week, which quickly makes it easy to lose interest. Third, Crossfit rarely has workouts that lasts longer than 20 minutes, but are extremely high intensity on some days, and other days its no so much intense. By changing it up, some days are excellent fat burning days and others are excellent muscle building days. However, if you know the philosophy of Crossfit, you can't just do the daily Work Out of The Day (WOD) and see results. You must eat right and add additional aerobic/sports activities to you regime. Both systems use muscle confusion to help grow muscle and burn fat, however, with P90X after about 5-6 weeks of doing the same workouts, you'll eventually lose the muscle confusion effect as your body gets efficient with the same exercise routines. I've been a Crossfit-er for 3 years now, and nothing can touch it. Check out my info on www.crossfit.com

  6. YoungScientist says:

    Homemade sports drink recipe for Lisa:

    2 cups green tea with 2 teaspoons honey and a pinch of lo-salt* dissolved in
    1 1/2 cups coconut water
    1 cup juice (I like pomegranate but you could use whatever flavor you like.)

    Keep in fridge like this.

    When using, dilute 1:1 with water or ice in your drink bottle.

    *Lo-salt is a salt substitute that contains sodium chloride (ie table salt) and potassium chloride. I include it for the potassium. You could skip it and use more coconut water, but I use it so I can get away with using less of the expensive coconut water. (I don't use all lo-salt because it tastes AWFUL and the amount in this recipe is about all I can tolerate.)

    Incidentally, this recipe may not be any less expensive than gatorade – you'll have to crunch the numbers yourself based on the ingredients you use. I personally found that when I make this recipe it costs about the same but this way I can skip the artificial colors and flavors, and get some antioxidants from the tea and juice.

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