How To Get Amazing Arms And Legs (And Why Exercise May Be Less Important Than You Think)

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That's JJ Virgin pictured above.

I first met JJ at a health conference in New York. I looked at the person seated in the chair to my left, and then I did a double-take as I realized that this woman sitting next to me had some of the most impressively toned arms and legs that I've ever seen in my life.

I was even more shocked when I found out how she exercises.

She's going to spill the beans on how she got such amazing arms and legs in today's podcast, in which you'll also find out why exercise may be less important than you think.

Resources we discuss:

JJ's books, including “The Virgin Diet”

CNN story of JJ's son

6 Weeks to Sleeveless And Sexy book

Retinol Cream

Purigenex Skin Care line

Thorne Clay SkinCare bar

Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System

Nuskin Ageloc

Nerium Age Defying Cream Kit

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

Beef Protein Powder

Finally, if you want The Purigenex Intensive Collagen System that JJ talks about in the podcast, it has only been sold to plastic surgeons, doctors and medspas for the past 5 years. But this transdermal collagen mask and serum is being made available exclusively to Ben Greenfield Fitness Subscribers for $300 below the doctor price with FREE overnight shipping! Check it out here. You can also get the Age Reversal Serum she talks about here. 

Do you have question about how to get amazing arms and legs, and anything else JJ and I discuss in this podcast? Leave your comments below!

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35 thoughts on “How To Get Amazing Arms And Legs (And Why Exercise May Be Less Important Than You Think)

  1. Shannon says:

    Hey, what is the difference between Inner Circle and Premium Subscription?

    1. The best information you’ll find on Inner Circle is here:

      Premium is a protected vault of audio, insider interviews, secret videos and over 300 hidden episodes of the BenGreenfieldFitness podcast..

      You can find out more about it here:

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Ben,

    I'm curious to hear what you think about her approach to fitness – only short intense workouts and no endurance training. Do you think this is a good approach for overall fitness? For those of us who don't have a gym membership, can we implement that strategy at home with only bodyweight exercises?

    Thanks! Great information as always!


    1. I’m a big fan of that approach. Take a look at this <a href="http://… and this… and definitely check out <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  3. MontanaSteve says:

    Hi Ben — I'm continually amazed at the great information you provide and how you have so much knowledge at your fingertips. One thing that would help me a lot would be a summary of the "go to" supplements you use day in and day out. Based on your mentions in the show, I assume that would include the Thorne AM/PM Complex and Oceans Alive. I also take a good fish oil. Are there any others I should add? Thanks! Steve

    1. This page should help you –… everything I recommend all in one handy spot!

  4. ChloeGiles says:

    Great Podcast! Lots of great info…specially the skin info! Love it!

  5. megs1768 says:

    JJ said Whey Protein makes you fat and basically you shouldn't have whey protein….what say you?

      1. cookecc says:

        I am super curious about this as well. I looked at both of these links you posted, but didn't really see a reference to Whey making you fat. Did I miss something?

        1. It doesn't make you fat UNLESS you use it as an evening snack or some other time of day when you're in a non insulin sensitive state…

          1. darcieg76 says:

            Not trying to be negativity queen here (:-)), but when people make blanket statements like "whey protein makes you fat," it really erodes my confidence in what they have to say. :-/

          2. hamstein says:

            JJ wasn't specific but my thoughts are that she is referring to all the cheap whey protein found in protein bars, cheap shakes and so called high protein snack foods. I think the grass-fed low heat processed whey powder is literally a different product and carries a premium pricetag as well, NOT what the average joe is buying.

  6. Marion says:

    I am so grateful for your attention. Thank you.

  7. Dali says:

    What is the name of the beef protein powder JJ uses. Thanks

  8. Marion says:

    Ive read and listened to many different people trying to get a handle on good digestion for my family. Is the digestive enzyme JJ spoke of a Thorne product? Tried her sight but was unsure. As well, my celiac boys seem to need something more (we eat well, use no chemicals and do specific supplements), but they just arent ‘well’ yet. Are digestive enzymes safe for children? Have tried bitters. Their gastro doc is waaaay behind the times and has no help to offer. Thank you for all you give. Its meant the world.

    1. I use this: It's really good. For kids, just squeeze a bit of lemon juice and take care of their guts first. Then if that doesn't work, I'd recommend calling or emaling Thorne to see what, if any, studies or info they have on this and use with kids.

      1. darcieg76 says:

        I find it odd that she recommends that everyone over 30 take a digestive enzyme. Shouldn't we naturally be able to digest our food without one unless something's out of whack?

        1. That’s the problem… most of the population is out of whack.…

  9. Kristin says:


    I would like to hear the endurance side of this regarding fructose(fruits). Specifically Nell Stephenson who is a paleo endurance athlete who is super fit uses pure fructose in her recovery smoothies.


    1. Coming soon for Monday's blog post…a heckuva post on fructose…

      1. bpthemachine says:

        What # is Monday's podcast? I'm curious about Fructose too. I'm an IM triathlete looking to lose belly fat. But my morning after swim smoothies are whey protein, coconut water and a banana. Then I get to work and my breakfast is greek yogurt with pineapple, hemp and chia seeds. Am I just sabotaging my goals eating fruit? I thought it was important to have some carbs with protein within an hour after exercise.

        1. That’s kinda old school thinking. Take a look at this…
          Monday’s podcast doesn’t have a number but you can find it here:…

  10. Vaucluse says:

    Hi Ben, what is the name of the "crazy spray by the crazy anti ageing scientist" that JJ mentions on timeline 00:38:30?

      1. j_crosby says:

        Ben, I think she's referring to another product at this point. She had already mentioned the two MLMs, linked above. Thoughts? Thanks.

        1. check out some of the info I just put under "beef protein powder" above…

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