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If you've been paying attention to the BenGreenfieldFitness Instagram page lately, you may know that I've just returned from a big axis deer hunt in Texas. Before that, I was hunting whitetail deer in Washington and elk in Colorado.

I spent the summer competing in TrainToHunt bowhunting, meatpacking and obstacle course competition, I won the Idaho TrainToHunt, and now I've got my eyes on safari hunting in Africa and moose and bear hunting in British Columbia.

In the podcast episode “Are Hunters The Fittest People In The World?” I interview Train To Hunt founder Kenton Clairmont, and in the episode “How To Build Primal Fitness And Endurance By Hunting: An Interview With A Bowhunting Triathlete“, you learn how an Ironman triathlon competitor combines hunting with endurance sports.

With the growing popularity of sports like TrainToHunt, bowhunting, and even a growing interest in the ancestral practice of persistence hunting, I figured it was high time to introduce you to the guy who has organized a couple of the hunts I've been on, and who is one of the world's leading authorities on finding good hunts, building hunting fitness and much more.

So if you want to tap into the primal practice of challenging your body in the wilderness and hunting and gathering your own tasty meat, then this episode is for you.

My guest Marc Warnke is owner of GotHunts a hunting consultant, family man, avid bow hunter, mule deer fanatic, fly fisherman and best selling author.

Marc has had global hunting experience with outfitters in Canada, Africa and New Zealand. He understands what makes a quality hunt, how to find challenging hunts and (as a fellow TrainToHunt competitor) how to build the ultimate hunting fitness.

-How Marc became a hunting guide…

-The most thrilling place in the world to hunt…

-How to “get into” hunting, even if you didn't grow up with it…

-The biggest fitness “holes” you're going to face when you begin hunting…

-Why persistence hunting may be the next big thing in hunting fitness…

-The best kind of hunting and hunts to go on if you really want to challenge your fitness…

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

How To Hunt ‘Till You're 80 podcast

The Splendid Savage book

-Video below…

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Marc or me about how to get into hunting, how to build hunting fitness, the most challenging hunts or anything else we discuss in this episode? Leave your thoughts below!

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20 thoughts on “How To Get Into Hunting, Build Hunting Fitness, The Most Challenging Hunts & More!

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  3. And now Marc becomes an expert on hunting, great job!

  4. scootman says:

    Most hunters think that doe estrous is the be-all and end-all of big buck attraction. Though estrous is a wonderful tool, it’s simply that. Wise hunters know that during the early-season it’s important to take advantage of a buck’s territorial instincts. The scent of an estrous doe during early October simply doesn’t make sense to a buck, but buck scent is always worth checking out. –

  5. Diana says:

    Not that you should or would care but the fact that you are thinking of going safari hunting just means you lost my business totally. And I am deleting your podcast immediately even though I find it interesting.

  6. Frankie says:

    This was one of the better episodes you have done. Marc was a great speaker and a truly interesting guy. I have to say that this episode has sparked a fire in me and I want to learn to hunt.

    I am a city boy who recently relocated to Montana. Any advice or tips on how I can get started. Literally starting from 0 here.

    1. Honestly, I'd contact Marc. he has guides in Montana who can help you.

      1. Frank says:

        Thank you. I think that is the route I will go. Appreciate the response.

  7. Henry says:

    I don’t have any a-priori or ideological issue with any of the specific practices that fall under the “organic” rubric. I do have a problem with the fact that there is an organic rubric. In fact I think the USDA made a mistake in giving into pressure and creating their organic certification. At the time they tried to make it clear that “certified organic” said absolutely nothing about the product itself, only that certain rules and restrictions were followed in production. It was not an endorsement of organic farming, just a way to regulate the use of the term in labeling food. Unfortunately, it further solidified the organic false dichotomy.

  8. Trent says:

    Great podcast Ben and good story for how you learned about and got into hunting. Mine is identical, thank you youtube and smartphones!

  9. Joseph says:

    Some of the animals you’re targeting don’t need to be hunted. You’ve just lost my interest and business.

    1. I'd be curious to hear what you mean when you say "don't NEED to be hunted".

  10. Matt says:

    Hey Ben, great episode! I am a whole-food plant based athlete and want to incorporate some meat/fish in my diet. However, it isn’t practical for me to start hunting at this time. Where is a good place I can find quality meat/fish? How about wild game meat?

    Also, you talked about how some people do better on higher meat intake. How often do you personally eat meat/fish?



    1. LISTEN to this:… – US wellness needs is one of the main sources that I use. I personally eat meat about once every two days.

      1. Matt says:

        Thanks for the responds! I’ll check it out. Just curious, what is your favorite product they sell? Also, on the days you don’t eat meat are you just getting protein from plants, nuts, and supplements (like aminos)? Or are you a fan of legumes?

        P.S. I know we don’t need as much protein as we think.



        1. I love their pemmican and I love their ribeye steaks. And yes I eat legumes. And I get plenty of protein from plants of course.

  11. Building fitness means fighting soreness and recovering faster as you train. Read this:…

  12. Tom says:

    First Christianity, now hunting? This warms my heart. YOU DA MAN BEN! ! !

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