Special Podcast Episode: How To Know If You’re Really Getting Stronger.

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Have you ever wanted to be able to truly know if you're getting stronger when you train?

How about how much force and power you're producing when you lift weights?

You're about to discover how.

In today's podcast, Brock (filling in for Ben Greenfield, who is off gallivanting about Thailand) interviews Matt Kuzdub, MSc CSCS and Lead Sport Scientist at “PUSH” about a product he and his team are developing, why it is an important advance in strength training methodology and the journey that got PUSH to where it is today.

Here's a video of Matt actually using the PUSH device while performing some sweet power cleans:

In the interview, Brock and Matt talk  about PUSH, how to get stronger, and important considerations including:

-If your nervous system becomes overtrained or overworked, force production at high velocity is going to decrease and you will begin to lose power. Until now, there was no way to effectively measure that.

-When Ben is training himself or working with a client, there’s currently no done-for-you, simple way to get a quick glance at true force production and strength metrics in a quantified way. But now there is.

-When you’re doing a tough strength workout, it can be very easy to hold back on strength – often because you don’t have a goal in mind or can’t measure your force production in real time. This allows you to overcome that obstacle.

-Strength, speed and power are three essential elements that Ben describes in “Beyond Training” as some of the most neglected components of many training programs. This device allows you to set goals and measure all three.

-This device has huge applications for coaches, trainers and even parents. During the workouts Ben does with his clients or kids, he could use this to track their development as they train for powerful, explosive sports like tennis, soccer, basketball, etc.

Check out the PUSH page at Indiegogo, their youtube channel and of course their own website www.pushstrength.com.

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