How To Use Unconventional Fitness Gear Like Kettlebells, Battleropes, Maces, Clubs And More!

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Let's face it: while all you need to get hella strong is a heavy barbell, it can sometimes be nice to beat the boredom, to challenge your brain and body in new ways and to be able to branch out and diversify your training with unconventional and slightly weird fitness gear.

So in today's show, I interview John Wolf, the Director of Fitness Education for the Onnit Academy, and a guy who trains people with kettlebells, clubs, maces, sandbags, suspension training tools or with no equipment at all. In this podcast, we fill you in on everything you need to know about how to use unconventional fitness gear:

-Why the Onnit kettlebells have monkey and zombie faces on them…

-How to use a battlerope for both cardio and strength building exercises…

-The origin of the mace as a conditioning tool, and how you can use a mace…

-Why something called a steelbell may work better for you than a sandbag…

-How you can use clubs to increase shoulder mobility, strength and cognitive performance…

-The craziest full body workout you can do with unconventional equipment, including the Viking Warrior Mace Flow

If you want to get any of this weird fitness gear for yourself, then click here to visit Onnit and use code ‘bengreenfield10' for a 10% discount on any order of gear, food or supplements – and leave any comments, thoughts and questions below!

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5 thoughts on “How To Use Unconventional Fitness Gear Like Kettlebells, Battleropes, Maces, Clubs And More!

  1. Stephen Johnston says:

    I tried the Onnit code but it said it does not apply for the gear. Has the discount changed? I was looking at getting some of the kettle bells.

    1. Rachel Browne says:

      The code bengreenfield5 gives 5% off fitness equipment and bengreenfield10 applies 10% off everything else.

  2. Feili29 says:

    Hey Ben!

    Talking about cool gears, I'd like to buy suspension straps for home; I've been using the TRX at the gym but… There are so many cheaper alternatives on Amazon and stuff (WOSS, Jungle Gym…) that I'm a bit puzzled. Is the price of TRX really justified and do they provide much added value? Any good, cheaper alternative you would recommend?
    Thanks Ben and keep up the brilliant work you do!

    1. You could look at something like this:… and also this… You're paying a lot for the TRX name.

      1. Feili29 says:

        Thanks a lot Ben! :D Happy to have your professional advice on that, the second one looks terrific :)

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