How To Crush The Beef Jerky In Your Quads & Become A Supple Leopard.

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In today's interview with “Becoming A Supple Leopard” author Kelly Starrett, we discuss everything from  fixing shin splints to addressing tight hips, and we cover every aspect of restoring mobility and getting rid of pain in your body.

If you have trouble moving the way you feel like you should move, get sore lots, or just feel like you have “old joints”, this episode is for you. Kelly dishes out tons of useful tips, including…

-What causes 2% of movement dysfunction vs. what causes 98% of movement dysfunction…

-Why bracing and spine stabilization is so important…

-The extreme importance of something called the “one joint rule”…

-How to figure out your personal “motor control fix” and “mobilization” protocol…

-How to crush the beef jerky in your quads…

-And much more…

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out my article on “The 5 Essential Elements of An Endurance Training Program That Most Athletes Neglect – Part 3: Mobility“.

Be sure to leave your questions, comments and feedback below, and grab Kelly's book too. 



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19 thoughts on “How To Crush The Beef Jerky In Your Quads & Become A Supple Leopard.

  1. Taylor says:

    Hey Ben. Reading this book he talks about maintaining a neutral spine while standing and walking, which involves lightly activating the glutes, abs, etc. After reading the oxygen advantage I’m concerned about constantly keeping light tension in my stomach, as McKeown talks repeatedly about relaxing inside, to breath easy. What is your opinion about constantly keeping your core activated?

  2. anoopbal says:

    here is my review. a bit different than yours:…

  3. Kamil_1 says:

    I'm going through this book and sometimes I don't quite get the information. Language is a bit heavy. I would like to see some graphics with simple diagram showing in which direction should all those forces be applied. Like the one for shoulder stabilisation.
    Note that for me english isn't mother language.

  4. tylertafelsky says:

    Ben, I have some serious beef jerky tightness in my low back where the psoas meets the spine. How much lacrosse ball smashing is too much? Is daily okay?

    Thanks in advance. Great chat with Kelly!

    1. You can do it every day Tyler. I do on my hips. Every single day!

  5. Chris Hughes says:

    Just curious what your thoughts where on his comment about foam rolling being pointless. I disagree, and I'll have to read his book (I ordered it) but I know you're a big foam roller fan…

    1. He actually has a foam roller in his book, but shows how to use it the wrong way. Here's NOT how to use it:

      1. Chris Hughes says:

        Awesome. Thanks! Look forward to reading the book

  6. Brock Skywalker Armstrong says:

    Thanks for asking about my hip, dude – I really appreciate. Hope my fellow 'SI Sufferers' benefit from it as well!

  7. Jason Hogeboom says:

    Great interview! I am fortunate enough to attend Kelly’s weekly mobility class in SF and I always learn allot from him.

  8. Ron says:

    Great podcast. I really got a lot out of the shin splint advice and walking barefoot.

  9. jeff Hoening says:

    Great interview guys – appreciate the terrific content. Kelly – Any tips for a nasty case of annoying tarsal tunnel syndrome? I'm a runner (20 miles per week on average), spin bike enthusiast. Does your book cover TTS? Thanks for your time and expertise. Best, jeff/Tampa, fL

  10. Moski Flies says:

    I can't agree more with Michael Davis…and the Creative Live Podcast…
    Kelly Starrett is one of the great teachers that will transcend history.

    Read the dedication to his daughters….hear the message he tells his children in the creative live video…and then pick up some Emerson, Einstein, or Beatles….

    And if you want to feel better…just stretch out some….:-)….slow down when you are n th presence of kstarr…you couldn't find a better teacher. When the student is ready, the teacher shows up…if you interested in Kelly, he will help you fix yourself…there is no doubt about that….epoch on dudes…and chill…

  11. Michael Davis says:

    Hey Ben…quick follow up…Since you are such an avid reader, any good compliments to Kelly's book that you'd recommend? Thanks!

  12. Michael Davis says:

    Kelly is fantastic and I love his book! Great podcast as always Ben, thanks! And, I hate to sound like a pimp for Kelly, but everyone should check out the package he did for CreativeLive. It's going to be one of the best ways to spend $99 that you'll find. Especially if you have his book. Alot of the early part of the book is covered in the videos. Again, thanks Ben, great info!

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