Podcast Episode #85: More Swimming Tips, Plus A MASSIVE Fitness and Nutrition Q&A

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In this March 10th free audio episode: The top 3 errors made by swimmers, too much fiber, how to decrease your sex drive, probiotics, binge eating in athletes, motivating yourself to workout in the morning, running for cyclists, energy drinks during workouts, late night exercise and sleep, triathlon training during busy weeks, and should you wear flip flops in the locker room?

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Featured Topic: In today's interview, I speak with Pacific Elite Fitness triathlon coach Eric Petersen, who you can learn more about by clicking here. During our interview, Eric reveals the top three mistakes that he observes beginning swimmers and triathletes commit when they first get in the pool, and also talks about a useful and every inexpensive device you can make at home to help yourself become a better swimmer.


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Listener Q&A

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Listener Lindsay asks: I have a question regarding fiber and eating too much fiber causing gas.  I love eating fruits, veggies at all of my meals.  I seem to always snack on veggies and fruit, but I feel like it is causing me a lot of excess gas.  I also make my own granola which has oats, flax seed dried figs.  When I am running it's often uncomfortable.  I don't want to reduce my fruit or veggie's because it's all I want to snack on but it's annoying to have what seems like excess gas. Any recommendations on how to curb this or changes to my diet I could make?

Listener Frank asks: I am sure this is not the standard question but….My wife and I have very different sex drives and it is a great source of frustration to me.  Is there a way to decrease sex drive?  I understand that male (and female) sex drive is tied to testosterone and that this is also critical to sports performance and strength so am hesitant to take things like licorice which is known to increase estrogen and decrease the testosterone/estrogen ratio. Any help would be appreciated.

In my response to Frank, I recommend his wife listen to this podcast with TS Wiley.

Listener Robert asks: Now, first and foremost let me give you a huge shout out to you for making that neat job. I m a regular listener of your educational/constructive podcasts, giving me all along a great motivational boost. Be it nutrition-, or training wise. So please keep us current and post even more valuable scientific updates you gave us thus far galore. And here goes my question: I m drinking sore milk, plus probiotic yoghurts in order to restore the damaged intestine flora of mine. Those products are plain, that is without chemical junk. The point is though, based on my linking to sweet tastes I make them sweet by adding  artificial sweetener in order to limit additional calories. Does affect/kill/damage/harm  artificial sweetener living bacteria’s in the yoghurt/acid-milk?  Before eating/drinking them I put some pills[art.sweet.] into and drink it about 1 hour thereafter. Your expertise based answer would assist me greatly.

Listener Robert asks: Trivia: I'm doing endurance sport [off- and on road biking, approx 27 races a year] though suffering from borderline hypoglycemia and exercise induced binge eating disorder. Am I free to as k you some helping questions in regard to this Ben? Thanks in advance.

Listener Jason asks: I am a cyclist and I'm interested in incorporating some running into my training schedule without compromising my cycling training/recovery. I know that running can provide benefits such as building bone density and strengthening some tissues (which can be disproportionally developed in cyclists), which is why I'd like to make it part of my training. So, I guess my question has three parts…Do you think that benefits can be gained from low intensity running on a weekly basis? If a run workout is performed at low intensity (ie recovery-pace) does this recovery-effort running compromise my bike recovery? If adding this workout is appropriate, where is the best place to position the workout within the training schedule?

Listener Mark asks: I'm a relatively new triathlete and I've really been enjoying your podcast and I've employed your no food before bed and pre-breakfast morning movement strategy to burn fat.   I've had decent results over the past couple of months but I have 2 questions I was hoping you could tackle for me:

1)  For my morning movement, I typically use the bike.  This will either be in the form of hopping on my trainer or my 20 minute commute to work when the weather is decent.  I have zero problems with riding a bike early, but if I try to run first thing in the morning, I feel incredibly stiff and even the lightest of runs is quite difficult for the first 10 minutes or so before I'm warmed up.  Do you have any recommendations to help get me going more easily if I want to run first thing in the morning?

2)  During the winter months I like to play ice hockey as a way to stay in shape and cross-train.  The one problem I'm having is that often I play late at night (i.e. beyond my normal bed time).  When I'm done playing, I want to go to bed as soon as possible, but I'm also hungry from the exercise.  I'm not sure what or how much to eat as to not derail myself nutritionally.  Can you recommend a strategy for times like these?

Listener Craig asks: Hi Ben. I love delta-e and have just started experimenting with enerprime. i do have a bunch of questions, both about enerprime & delta-e and a few other supplements that i'd love to know your opinion of: 1-do you use delta-e during exercise, or only pre/post? 2-do you use enerprime as your “vitamin supplement”…do you think it  takes care of that role? 3- i have 4 “supplements” that i have used that i would love to get  you take on if possible: GSH Ignite & Protein Extreme Energy, both from lifehealthsecrets.com, Green Vibrance from Vibrant Health, NanoGreens (which have been recommended by Dr Minkoff). Hope you don't mind my asking all these questions.

Listener Scott asks: I recently incorporated ground flax seed  into my diet.  A co-worker told me it has helped him by increasing the  absorption of the vitamins/supplements he takes daily.  While looking  into this online, I found mixed reviews on this subject.  Personally, I  had been taking 800mg of magnesium daily without experiencing any side  effects (diarrhea).  After incorporating the flax, I BEGAN to  experience the side effects from too much magnesium supplementation.   I'm taking a break and will resume Mg+ at 400mg per day.  Ground  flax does contain magnesium, but not nearly the amount of a supplement pill.   Another reason I included the flax in my diet was the excellent source  of Omega 3 fatty acids it provides.  What has been you experience with  flax and this “increased absorption” phenomenum?   Thanks!

Listener Christine asks: I have an ironman scheduled for Nov. 8.  I just have a few training questions.  I (am an attorney and) have a trial set for week 7 of training.  The four days I will be in trial are about 16-18 hour days.  At best, I'll be able to get in 15-30 on a treadmill around 4 am. Then, I am going to Italy about 5 weeks later (end of May). I won't have a bike and I think running will be the main focus. Any tips you can give me about these weeks that make training almost  impossible?

Listener Jeff has a call in question about flip flops in the shower! In my response to Jeff, I mention this Anti-Fungal interview on Oil of Oregano.


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4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #85: More Swimming Tips, Plus A MASSIVE Fitness and Nutrition Q&A

  1. Donna Jenkins says:

    I had just completed a marathon and did not do as well as I would like to, but the tips you provide here are tremendously helpful and now I’m sure I’ll do better next year. Thank you.

  2. Chuck says:

    Hi Ben,
    I have a question for this weeks podcast. Lately, I have found myself just completely unmotivated to workout. Granted, I’m still getting my workouts in, but come 4 or 5 in the afternoon when I’m heading the pool or gym after work, I just feel completely exhausted. Now and then I just end up going home and taking a nap.
    I’m only getting about 4-6 hours to sleep at night and I know this has to be part of the issue- you would agree? But are there other reasons that could be adding to this lack of motivation and exhaustion such as a nutritional deficiency- like eating a diet too low in healthy fat or carbohydrates? I am taking most of the vitamins you reccomend.
    Could it perhaps be from not having the proper revcovery nutrition after my workouts as well? You answered the question I asked about this tonight on the Rockstar Triathlete call (thanks for that) so now I think that could be a reason as well. Thanks so much for you time Ben, only a month and a half till my first Half Ironman!

  3. Regarding the question above… I have not been able to find anything that can replace the phytonutrition found in the nanogreens.

  4. Dan says:

    Great info Ben. Being aware of how we move when preforming any type of exercise can save us a lot of pain down the road. Peace

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