Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance With Steven Kotler

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Most of us have at least some familiarity with a state called “flow”.

If you’ve ever lost an afternoon to a great conversation or gotten so involved in a work project that all else is forgotten or found yourself completely firing on all cylinders during a swim, bike, run or other workout, then you’ve tasted the experience. In flow, you are so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away.

Action and awareness merge.

Time flies.

Self vanishes.

Performance goes through the roof.

In his book The Rise Of Superman – Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance, and on today's podcast interview, my guest Steven Kotler tells you exactly how to biohack yourself into this state of flow, and how you can tap into this power to achieve amazing feats of physical and mental performance, even if you're not a “super athlete”.

I really enjoyed this discussion with Steven, and you're going to get a lot out of it if you want to increase your ability to tap into the equivalent of “the runner's high” anytime, anyplace.

Resources we discuss during this podcast:

-Steven's Book: The Rise Of Superman – Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance

-Steven's Book: Abundance – The Future is Better Than You Think

Flow Research Collective

The free 17 Flow Triggers slideshare

Advanced Brain Monitoring EEG

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