How To Get 2 Hours Of Exercise In Just 20 Minutes.

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Yes, I know the picture above looks extremely geeky and slightly intimidating, but what if you could replicate the effects of a 2 hour hard bike ride with about 20 minutes of training?

Using technology designed to help NASA astronauts get fitter faster upon their return from space missions, a company called Vasper Technologies has done just that.

I have absolutely no financial affiliation with this company, but just thought it was pretty dang cool how they've cracked the code on maximizing human growth hormone release via a concentrated 20 minute exercise session that combines cold thermogenesis, compression and a concept called “grounding” (which has been used by Tour de France cyclists for years).

Call me a nerd, but I got so excited about the potential of this thing that I got the developer of Vasper Technology on a podcast to explain exactly how it works (and the only reason I did this was that I think this thing will eventually become refined to the point where you can buy one for your home, rather then get hooked up at a lab like the photo above shows)…

So in today's audio interview with Vasper engineer Peter Z. Wasowski, you learn why you can actually benefit from increasing the concentration of lactic acid in your muscles by using a combination of cold and compression during exercise, and how this is different than something like compression socks.

My next step is to see if I can rig up a “poor man's version” of this thing by wearing my full length compression tights and shirts filled with ice sleeves for a single 20 minute intense bike ride.

I'll let you know how that goes…

In the second part of this audio, I include a brief interview with Erai Beckman, the mastermind behind Future Of Health Now, which you learned about in my article “The Secret Brain Bellyfat Connection“. I was given a sneak peek at all the videos in the Future Of Health Now series, and I'm releasing the cliff notes over at the BenGreenfieldFitness Google+ page.

Questions, comments or feedback about Vasper or The Future Of Health Now? Leave them below.

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16 thoughts on “How To Get 2 Hours Of Exercise In Just 20 Minutes.

  1. justin says:

    makes a difference

  2. Hi Ashley…which video clips did you see? If they're beneficial, I can weblink to them from this post! Anyways, you wouldn't get quite the same cold/compression as Vasper but operating (or swimming) in cool the water is going to increase development hormones and fat losing considerably. I encounter a HUGE wellness and fitness increase when my wellness golf club's furnace split and I swam for nearly an time a day in 55 level the water, for 2 several weeks.

    1. justin says:

      How did the poor mans version go?? really would like to know considering they’re apparently using a different type of compression gear then the 110 % stuff which is ice packs right? and vaspers is liquid cooled and completely wraps around. I was wondering if you thought the fact that the coolant is in the compression compared to being around the entire body with ice packs in certain areas?

      1. I've done the poor man's version a few times now with the 110 compression + exercise and my only complaint is that I'm a bit limited in exercise choices (e.g. just TRY backsquatting with compression pants filled with ice)…but you definitely notice a difference in how hard you can push…

  3. Andrew says:

    Any word on how the poor mans version worked out?

    1. Princess says:

      Download speed better 17 min this week have not lneetisd to though Have not completed any DDOSource Podcasts for last 5 updates.Wonder why? Anyway 17 min

  4. cmorriss says:

    I have done Vasper about 7 times now and I am hooked! The feeling that you experience after a Vasper session is similar to the feeling that you get after doing an intense workout. My sleep has also improved significantly. I am able to get into a deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Vasper is truly an amazing piece of technology that is going to take off. I am excited to see others benefit from this revolutionary equipment!

    1. Where did you do it?

  5. Kevin says:

    So I thought maybe this article was about something different based on when I use the tag line to friends that say they don't have time to work out.

    I tell them to bike commute. If their normal 'car' commute (door to desk) is 30 minutes, and they can ride that distance in 50 minutes (which in normal rush hour here in Denver is not out of the question) – then I tell them they just got a 50 minute workout in 20 minutes (the extra time spent over their normal *wasted* time in the car).

    Interesting device though. Thanks.

  6. Ashley Maile says:

    Thanks Ben,
    It was the growth hormone element I was referring too, I suppose the lactic acid "control" is the real clever bit.

  7. Ashley Maile says:

    Hi Ben,
    Yes you are a nerd, but so are we!! I have looked at some of the videos and explanations on line by Peter Wasowski and of particular interest was his explanation on the effect of cold on the body's neurons system and the pituitary pathway. Would I be correct in assuming that if I was to undertake running in my local swimming pool (assuming it is at least 2 degrees lower than my body temp) this would have a similar effect as the Vasper approach?

    1. Hi Ashley…which videos did you see? If they're helpful, I can link to them from this post! Anyways, you wouldn't get quite the same cold/compression as Vasper but running (or swimming) in cold water is going to boost growth hormone and fat burning significantly. I experience a HUGE fitness boost when my health club's boiler broke and I swam for nearly an hour a day in 55 degree water, for 2 weeks.

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