Everything You Need To Know About Whole Body Vibration For Fat Loss, Strength Gains, Cardiovascular Fitness, Stem Cell Production, Growth Hormone, Testosterone & Much More!

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Can those fancy vibration plates at your health club or gym really help you burn fat or lose weight, and is there any research behind that?

Is there any significant hormonal response to whole body vibration (WBV)?

What is the effect of vibration training on cardiovascular fitness, and how would it be used for that?

Any effect on lymph fluid or immune health, similar to a trampoline/rebounder?

How about for muscle recovery or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)? 

How does one actually use a vibration plate the right way?

Can you stack WBV with other so-called “biohacking” modalities, such as photobiomodulation, exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT), isometric training, etc?

Jason M. Conviser, Ph.D., MBA, FACSM, is my guest on today's podcast to answer all these questions and more.

He is the chief science officer for Performance Health Systems and has a long history in vibration research, the health and wellness industry, sports medicine, metabolic syndrome, and bringing healthcare to the general public outside of a clinical environment. Dr. Conviser has a Ph.D. in exercise physiology/cardiac rehabilitation and an MA in exercise physiology. He is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Medical Fitness Association, and Medical Wellness Association and serves on the Power Plate Sport Medicine Advisory Board, Life Fitness Sports Medicine Advisory Board, National Commission on Reform of Secondary Education, and National Task Force on Citizenship Education. Dr. Conviser has authored the following books:

He has also authored over 45 articles in scientific journals, trade publications, and large distribution newspapers and is the past consultant and exercise physiologist for the Duchess of York.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Ben and Jason use vibration plates at home…7:00

  • Two in the house: a large one in the basement, and a smaller one in the bedroom (for a perfect massage)
  • Power Plate Ben uses in his gym
  • Use for bodyweight exercises
  • Prime the body prior to a weight lifting session

-How to use a vibration plate to burn fat…9:35

  • Caloric expenditure increases while on a vibration plate (weight management device)
  • More muscle fibers firing
  • Very few will stand on a plate for an entire workout
  • Use the power plate to warm-up, then complement the workout
  • Preps the body to exercise in the most efficient manner possible
  • Very few activities are optimal for weight loss while done in isolation (no vibration)
  • Weight loss is: behavioral, physiological/cardiovascular, neuromuscular issue
  • Using vibration only for weight loss is not recommended
  • Glucose is the energy the cells use
  • Cells become more permeable to glucose while on a vibration plate
  • Leptin sensitivity increased with WBV

-Endocrine responses to WBV…19:55

  • Growth hormone increases with certain doses of vibration
  • Unclear how much is the optimal amount for each individual
  • Cortisol release; excessive amounts of cortisol are problematic
  • Michael Phelps performed well at the Olympics because of his ability to control cortisol levels
  • BGF podcast on cortisol with Dr. Craig Koniver
  • Increase receptor sensitivity to growth hormone
  • Quercetin supplements

-How the body is better prepared for a workout after using a vibration plate…24:25

  • Muscles are prepared for activation
  • Halo device
  • Three prong approach to vibration:
    • Neural adaptation on an acute and chronic level
    • Sensory-motor adaptation (acute and chronic level)
    • Muscular adaptation (acute and immediate level)
  • For example, spaghetti strands similar to muscles; WBV increases the size of the spaghetti noodles

-Ideal length and frequency of WBV sessions…34:00

  • Dose-response: How much exposure to vibration and response expected
  • The art of training and working out
  • Differs for pro athletes vs. non-athletes
  • Power Plate company website has many recommendations
  • No such thing as a perfect dose
  • Low end: 5-10 minutes
  • High end: 45-60 minutes (very rare, extreme cases)
  • Typically done with other activities at intermittent frequencies
  • Strategic use for specific situations (waiting to perform figure skating)

-The efficacy of WBV on cardiovascular fitness…40:25

  • An elite athlete wouldn't use a vibration plate as a singular modality
  • The bigger the vessel, the more circulation and oxygen delivery
  • Stack WBV with other modalities; use on a recovery day
  • Cardiac output is calculated by heart rate times stroke volume
    • How fast is the heart beating, how much blood is being sent out with each stroke
    • As you become better conditioned, heart rate will decrease and the stroke volume will increase because the heart muscle is getting stronger and more efficient
  • VO₂ – Cardiac output times A-Vo₂ difference, or the extraction of oxygen in the periphery (Not only is blood being delivered to the periphery, but how well oxygen taken off the red blood cell is utilized for the muscle to contract is the purest definition of VO₂)
  • Different scenarios call for different uses of WBV

-The effect of WBV on lymph fluid circulation, improved immunity, etc…47:10

-Research and best practices on increased recovery potential with WBV…50:45

  • Over 2,000 research articles since 2000 alone
  • Don't need to know the science to know that it works
  • Vibration as a massage form for recovery
  • Cool down, just like recovery
  • Recovery ASAP after training
  • Sit on vibration plate, massage Achilles, vibrate hands and arms

-Best practices while using a vibration plate…1:02:00

  • Tri-Planar vibration plate moves up and down, side to side, and forward to back.
  • Front to back is better than side to side
  • Safe and right amount of hertz
  • Slower vibrations abuse certain organs in the body
  • How you use depends on the needs

-Other modalities that combine well with vibration plates…1:07:30

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Books by Jason Conviser:

– BGF articles about vibration:

BGF podcast on cortisol with Dr. Craig Koniver

– Studies:

– Other resources:

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30 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Whole Body Vibration For Fat Loss, Strength Gains, Cardiovascular Fitness, Stem Cell Production, Growth Hormone, Testosterone & Much More!

  1. Nathan says:

    I know it might be hyperbolic but can anyone please address the potential issues of brain damage, etc. from all the micro traumas potentially created by vibration devices?

    I don’t know how serious (or if at all) that this issue is but heard a general warning on another podcast while a simple search engine pings a few results as well.

    Any issue here with long term use or is this simply not true?


  2. Scott Bertrand says:

    Discount for vibration plate?

    1. Discount is automatically applied when you use the link in the shownotes (http://bengreenfieldfitness.com/Powerplate)” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(http://bengreenfieldfitness.com/Powerplate)” target=”_blank”>(http://bengreenfieldfitness.com/Powerplate)

  3. Eli Goodman says:

    This guy is a brainwashed sales man, not a researcher. I did a power point training while working at a globing gym years ago and he sounds like the company line.

    Next time if you want to talk vibration please get someone who knows what he is talking about not just talking points.

    Super boring. Don’t bring him back.

    Normally a great podcast btw. Thanks for the great content normally, Ben :).

  4. keith says:

    Ben/ Dr. Conviser,
    You said vibration is good for bone density and helps with osteoporosis. My question is, would this be a good option for my mom who has a hip replacement? Or will the vibration be bad for her hip?


  5. Anthony says:

    Thank you Ben.
    I was hoping you would ask the question of the difference between plates that vibrate mechanically as opposed to sound. Is there a difference and pros and cons of each.

    Thanks again

  6. Janet H says:

    I have a power plate and was introduced to it while training at a gym near me. So I aggravated my traps doing an upper body workout a couple of days ago. I could feel the spasm in the muscle and the numbness going down the back of my arm. After listening to this podcast, I laid on the powerplate (while it was vibrating of course) and did some of my upper body workout without the weights and just went through the range of motion. Although not 100%, I have to say I am about 80-90% better. I am going to repeat this. Thanks for the podcast!

  7. Roy the redneck says:

    Roy the redneck again, okay maybe the concrete vibrator might not be recommended, my bad…

  8. Roy the redneck says:

    Roy the redneck here, I think I might look at buying a portable concrete vibrator to bolt to the underside of a folding table to lay on for recovery. Northerntool.com

  9. Roy the perenial Ben supporter says:

    Hilarious! I worked in the oil patch as a truck driver in my early twenties around 1981-82 we had hours long periods of standby on oil rigs, along with loading and unloading sequences lasting about 15-20 minutes. No wonder I found my naps on the fenders of the parked and idling and vibrating semi tractor over the tandem wheels rejuvenating!

  10. John Mills says:

    How about a link or two to less expensive vibration machines? Sure they may not be as effective BUT effective enough. Not everyone here can a swing $3000 to $5000 dollars (even with a monthly pmt plan). How about some choices in the sub $1000 range, sub $500 range, etc? There are dozens to choose from in these price ranges…but would like your expertise in whats good.

    You’ve done this before with other devices and supplements – showing what your guest presents (usually the expensive option) and for those folks who don’t have or can’t spend the money (especially in this day and age) other alternatives. Thanks Ben

    1. Mark Austin says:

      @John Mills
      Seems like there is not much going on in the way of replying to any of these questions so I will try to help. I have owned a mass produced, $300 made in China model, a $1’500 German made one, and currently have a $10’000 top of the line clinical setting device. My strong advice is either get a $5’000 plus device or find a gym or clinic that has one, or forget about this technology. The cheaper ones are a complete waste of time.

      There are many things you can do for free or almost free that will give you far greater health benefits than this. If you are doing all of the following, then you may be missing out on some extra health benefits. But if you are not, focus on these first:

      Drink half a quart of purified water with ¼ teaspoon high quality salt immediately upon rising.
      Go for a 10 minute walk outside directly after every meal.
      Avoid sugar, white flour, alcohol and tobacco.
      Touch the bare earth or a tree with bare feet / hands for at least 10 minutes a day.
      Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.
      Take 400mg of magnesium and 1’000 IU of vitamin D3 every day
      Do a 24 hour water fast once a week.
      Optimise your sleep (Google Ben’s podcast on this)

      1. Katharine says:

        Interesting you say this about the expensive machines. I have completely transformed my body using a $200 machine in the last two years. I’d say, start where you can afford and up level when you can.

  11. Simon says:

    Great podcast, We have been using vibration in a studio setting for the past 13yrs, we use Triplaner, Oscillating & Vertical and in our experience Oscillating produces more consistent results with the majority of our of clients… having said that, each type has it`s unique benefits! We feel it would be an injustice to ignore over 130 positive clinical studies that have been performed on a premium Oscillating machine, here is a link to these studies: https://stimdesigns.com/concept/

    1. Tim says:

      Visited your website. Reviewed products listed. No pricing on any of your products = overpriced. Correct?

      1. simon says:

        Hi Tim,
        Sorry if you misunderstood my comment and the link with the studies, we use Galileo in our studio with great results but do not sell them… The link is to the North American distributor not us!

    2. Mark Austin says:

      the Galileo Oscillating is the one I have and it would make sense that a device that replicates human gait would be more beneficial.

      1. Simon says:

        Hi Mark,
        Galileo is the panicle of Oscillating machines and is backed up by more positive clinical studies than any of it’s peers… but that does not mean the other forms do not yield great results and are backed by many clinical studies!

  12. Jon Krueger says:


    Thank you for another fantastic podcast. If any of your listeners want to tap into Power Plate a bit deeper they can check out our app.




  13. Mark Austin says:

    In accelerating recovery will whole body vibration not blunt the hormetic effect of exercise ?

  14. Colette Branum Harris says:

    Thank you so much for this broadcast!! I was so excited when I saw this email today. I have a condition called Lipedema, NOT Lymphedema, but LIPedema. A vibration plate is my life saver. I use mine every day to move my lymph fluid. Many of our ladies who have Lipedema aren’t able to stand on the machine, so they sit with their feet on it.

    I wear my Adidas slides when I am on my plate, I do feel it more strongly than when I have my trainers on.

    This is fabulous to hear how much research there is on vibration. I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is for my Lipedema. I also wear my full length compression stockings while I vibrate. If you’d like any more feedback on vibration plates, take a look at the Talk Lipoedema page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/talklipoedema.org).

    Again, thank you for this podcast.

  15. Jeremy B says:

    Thanks for the great podcast. Since I already have a vibration plate, I should add this to my existing workouts — wondering about a couple of things:
    1. Good starting timeframe on amount of time to use whole body vibe pre-workout which will help me get maximum engagement during my lifting workout right after?
    2. Post workout cool-down to help with DOMS — Ben quickly glossed over 1 min on with 30 sec rest and doing a few cycles like that. Any other thoughts around this?

    Yes, I understand the “usage times” will vary depending on the persons’s fitness and age — in the podcast they always used the pro athlete vs grandparent which would understandably extremes.

  16. Mark Austin says:

    Very interesting episode, thanks for the great info. I have a vibration machine which uses the other technology, namely the pivotal system. My understanding is that because the pivotal system simulates human gait it is a far more natural movement for the body than the jack-hammer like forces of the linear type of machine. I have a Galileo device, which is the company that invented the pivotal technology, and has a frequency range of 5 to 40 Hz.
    Could you please comment on this.

  17. Millie says:

    Hey i was just wondering if i could get some help on if i should buy this dietary product as I’ve heard some pretty good things about it and i was wondering if i could get some professional advice. thanks

  18. Cheryl says:

    Really interested in purchasing a Power Plate. I am concerned about possible high EMF exposure.
    Have you tested the EMF on the vibration plate? Or tested your body with a body voltage meter while using it? Does it have a shielded cord?

    Thank you,

  19. Alexis says:

    I stand on my vibe plate and do Ben boundless breathing morning routine. I feel more energetic and i think it help with my hot flash too.

  20. Karen Winn says:

    I have been interested in vibration plates for a while for circulation, weight maintenance and muscle strength. Also, is there information as to bone density? I am a 70+ female with less than 20# to lose. Will this stimulate bone density or cause problems in a woman with some bone density issues?

    1. Dr. Gianni Maddalozzo from Oregon State University is one of the premiere experts on bone density in the US has shown that appropriate vibration training protocols will stimulate bone density at nearly the same levels as current injectable options. My 20+ years of training thousands of patients and athletes confirms those results. I’ve had younger athletes put on nearly a pound of bone in a month post intermedullary rod removal. (When they put a rod inside the bone to stabilize it and then remove it after the bone heals).

  21. Ray says:

    Hi Ben & Jason,

    My mom is 81 with Osteopenia. She has successful Lumbar fusion surgery about 9 years ago. Her neurosurgeon retired and I don’t know who to ask if vibration would be safe for her?

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you For always great content!



    1. Ray, reading your comments and wanted to reply…it all depends on her current health status. Intensity and frequency is the key to successful outcomes. I am a Physical Therapist who, I believe, may have introduced Ben to vibration about 16 years ago. The combination of unweighting and vibration is a great application for patients with this type of history. Vibration is safe for everyone with few real clinical contraindications but if the surgery was successful and your mother has been active…vibration can help. In the wrong hands it it possible to do damage with anything…just like swallowing water down the wrong pipe…it can be eye opening to say the least.

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