The Cost Of Being A Bad-Ass – How To Cure Your Hormones With Dr. Sara Gottfried

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Sometimes it's tough to be a bad-ass. You go, go and go. You destroy your body. You climb mountains. You accomplish really cool things, like Ironman triathlons and Crossfit games. 

And then you burn out.

In this app insider interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried, you're going to discover exactly what happens when you churn out too much cortisol, what you can do about it, and how to cure your hormones.

During our discussion, you'll learn:

-What to do about high cortisol…

-What to do about low progesterone…

-How to balance your hormones…

-Why the average doctor isn't recognizing or fixing these issues…

-How to take charge of your own hormone status and fix your body…

-And much more…

hormone cure bookResources discussed in this interview include:

-Dr. Sara's hormone balancing quiz at:

-Dr. Sara's book: The Hormone Cure

-Supplements for high cortisol:

Omega 3


Supplements for low progesterone:

Vitamin C supplement



I also recommend you check out the Pacific Elite Fitness Hormone Pack, which I personally designed as a means of promoting hormone stabilization and hormone balance in a gentle and natural manner, without the use of pharmaceutical or synthetic hormone replacement therapy. It is comprised of a bottle of adrenal gland supporting trace liquid minerals, a bottle of hormone-forming cholesterols and fats from natural cold-processed fish oil, and Chinese Adaptogenic Herbs to regulate and restore normal hormonal function.

This is a special BenGreenfieldFitness “app only” interview. Click here to grab the iPhone or Android app for free now.

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6 thoughts on “The Cost Of Being A Bad-Ass – How To Cure Your Hormones With Dr. Sara Gottfried

  1. melina says:

    hi! tried downloading the app and can’t find this episode- is it till available ?

  2. agally says:

    i have enough belly fat that has refused to go…..and heartburn frequently…..i suspect i am unwell help

    1. Do a search on the website for belly fat, there is a ton of info here. This is a good place to start –…

    2. Steve says:

      It’s from 2013. You have to search for it.

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