Podcast Episode #42: An Expert Interview on Bio-identical Hormone Replacement and Nutrient Therapy

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In this May 6, 2009 free audio episode, I interview Dr. Roby Mitchell, aka “Dr. Fitt” (pictured above). Dr. Mitchell graduated with honors from Texas Tech University School of Medicine in Lubbock, Texas and was selected to be the first medical student in an exchange program with Jinan University Medical School in mainland China. Over years of studying in both China and the United States, Dr. Mitchell has become an authority on nutritional medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapies in his own right. He served as a physician for the US Medical Triathlon Society, and even practiced as Chuck Norris's sparring partner! During our interview, Dr. Fitt discusses:

-the exact age that both men and women begin to lose hormones and suffer the results (hint: much younger than you think)

-the enormously important link between iodide, thyroid, fungi, and chronic inflammation

-the most common nutritional deficiencies Dr. Mitchell observes in his patients, and how he treats them

-visual and body cues that could easily warn you of  potential signs of hypothyroidism, including why you need to pay attention to your toe and tongue temperature, and even the bags under your eyes

-the best test for identifying hormone deficiences that could be leading to chronic fatigue and low energy levels

-the top hormone deficiencies that many people aren't even aware could exist in their own bodies

-Dr. Mitchell's top two recommended books for the average person to learn more about bio-identical hormone replacement

-and much, much more!

Special Announcements in this episode:

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Also On This Week's Podcast Episode:

Listener Q&A: Detailed answers featured in the May 6, 2009 free audio episode:

1. From listener Charles: “Ben, I am in fact lifting as you suggested- I'm actually very serious about including it my training routine.  I was wondering if you could suggest a way to set up my workout schedule- for example, I'm usually doing some sort triathlon training 6 days a week and am additionally lifting about 4.  But I'm not sure, to make real strength gains, what exercises I should really focus on and where I would want to keep my rep ranges?   I don't know if you care, but recently I have been getting into Crossfit workouts.  I think that creating a hybrid program that includes exercises of high weight and intensity/ low reps, followed by a Crossfit style workout might be the best for me.”

Resources mentioned in my answer: Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Endurance Athletes

2. From listener Karen: “Do you have any opinions on ice baths or cold water soaks?”

3. From listener Sal: “I am a serious marathon runner, and I currently use creatine in my training. I use it for several reasons. 1) It seems to be relatively safe with no side effects 2) Ill take anything that helps recovery 3) I currently do lower body work and core work in the gym, and i believe creatine helps me build those muscles However, creatine also causes me to carry extra water weight. I have heard that creatine does this, and I have noticed it myself. I carry a substantial amount of water weight around my midsection. After a long run where I sweat alot, I can see my abs, but if I take creatine and go a day or so without sweating, there is alot of bloating in my abs. I am worried that during taper this will have a negative effect. When I rest for my marathon, should I stop taking creatine? Or do I need to stop a few weeks in advance to get it out of my system. I want to get the benefits of it without carrying extra weight during the race. Also, will there be any problems with stopping taking it, like withdrawal symptoms? I currently take about 5g after workotus and 3g on non workout days in the morning.”

From Listener Kelsey: “I raced Ironman Canada last year and I've had some complications as a result.  After some terrible coaching and poor nutrition advice I had a very difficult race.  I gained more weight in the year I was training for IMC then I had in previous years sitting on the couch.  A month before IMC I was diagnosed with a stress fracture on both of my tibias, I cut back running for the last month and pushed myself through the run on race day.  As you can imagine the run was long and cold.  8 months later and the fracture is still far from healed.  I've moved to a new city and have been struggling to find medical support. I've been off running since the race, on my bike as often as possible but would love to heal these suckers soon.  Living in Victoria BC means I have access to some unbelievable running trails and it's killing me not to get on them Any recommendations for stretches, supplements (note: I have a diary allergy so I take a calcium, multi and Vit K daily) exercises anything that may help move this injury forward.”

Websites mentioned in my answer: Capraflex from Mt. Capra and Osteodenx from Nikken

Do you have a question? Remember, you can now ask your questions via *audio* to me via the free Skype software by simply “Skyping” me at username “pacificfit“. You can also call toll free to 1-877-209-9439 and leave a voicemail for Ben Greenfield. The first audioquestion I receive this week (meaning you actually have to call in via Skype or the toll-free number), will receive a FREE 3-Month Premium Subscription to TrainingPeaks, the world's top online fitness software. That's a $49 value!

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