How Rich Guys Stay Fit, Heart Rate Recovery, Resting Heart Rate Tracking, Heart Rate Variability, Cold Soak Temperatures, Little-Known Pre-Sleep Supplements & Much More With Keith Rabois.

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Keith Rabois is the General Partner at Founders Fund. He has a unique background as an entrepreneurial executive and investor. Since 2000, Keith has been instrumental in driving five startups from their early stages to successful IPOs. He has provided seed capital to another ten companies that are currently valued at over $1B, including Airbnb, Lyft, YouTube, Wish, and Yammer.

Since March 2013, Keith has served as a senior partner at Khosla Ventures (KV), a technology venture capital fund founded by Vinod Khosla. He specializes in funding early-stage companies with a primary focus on consumer, financial services, and health care innovation. At the same time, Keith co-founded Opendoor, a startup that transforms the painful process of selling a home into a delightful and immediate experience. At KV, Rabois has led investments in a broad array of startups including, DoorDash, Stripe, Thoughtspot, Affirm, Even Financial, and Piazza.

Over the prior decade, Keith Rabois forged several of the most important new social and commerce platforms. Keith began his career in the industry as Executive Vice President of Business Development & Public Policy at PayPal and subsequently served in influential roles at LinkedIn and as a chief operating officer of Square.

But Keith is also a bit of a fitness and optimization nerd, often heard championing the value of fitness, sleep, and heart rate tracking, and recently leading ‘big tech' scions in Miami fitness bubble, as a recent news article cited “The former PayPal exec, who has invested in LinkedIn, Square and Yelp, is teaching a Barry’s Bootcamp class in Miami with tech industry insiders,” where Keith was quoted as saying that he believes the future of fitness in a post-pandemic world will be a combination of at-home meets in-person workouts.

“I think the future will be a hybrid. Resistance training is a critical ingredient for everybody’s workout and it’s very difficult for people to do strength training at home. People need both guidance and form correction. I think some people will allocate some time to training at home just for convenience, then people like to get inspired with in-person classes — running next to someone on a treadmill urges you to run faster; seeing other people lifting dumbbells encourages you to lift heavier weights, plus you’re in a community meeting new people and engaging with new people. Some people will take one or two classes a week and then exercise on their own,” Keith Rabois said.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Keith measures his health through his heart rate…08:30

-A typical workout for Keith Rabois…12:20

-How Ben and Keith track and manage their sleep…22:55

-Keith and Ben's big wins in caring for the body and brain…28:55

  • 8 hours of sleep is the foundation
  • Alarm clocks cause artificial stress in the brain
  • 30 minutes or so after wake up, do a workout (HIIT)
  • Eat a protein bar to get some protein before working out
  • Celsius drink and green tea for a caffeine spike
  • Carbs the night prior aid in workouts in a fasted state
  • Earthing sandals
  • Natural sunlight and walking on the ground barefoot
  • Cold shifts the body into a fat-burning state
  • Morozko Forge (use BENFORGE to save $150 on the COLD and FILTERED Forge)
  • 55°F or lower for best effects; Ben goes at 32°F for a bit of a time hack

-Supplements and biohacks Keith uses to enhance sleep…45:48

-What Keith Rabois has for breakfast…50:45

  • Protein shake 4 days per week; traditional breakfast the other 3 days
  • A lot of nutrition advice is trickled down from the pro athlete and bodybuilding industry

-Hacks in the workplace…54:45

-What a typical day looks like for both Keith Rabois and Ben…57:40

  • HIIT session late afternoon
  • Sometimes need to batch the two closer together; not ideal for the long term
  • Nutrient replenishment space of 6-8 hours between workouts
  • No lunch break per se, utilitarian meal
  • MindFold sleep mask
  • NuCalm
  • Apollo wearable
  • Hapbee

-What things in the fitness and biohacking industry excite Keith…1:04:20

-Flaws with the exciting, yet underachieving personalized health services and products industry…1:08:55

  • Personalization of fitness and nutrition advice
    • Flaw of averages by which nutrition advice is disseminated
    • Biochemical individuality
    • Privacy and convenience issues with personalized products and services (blood draws)
  • Thorne at-home test kits
  • Base
  • Vessel (use code GREENFIELD50 to get you 50% off the first month, either a 6-month or a 12-month plan)
  • Recommendations from current tests are very “niche”

-And much more…

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4 thoughts on “How Rich Guys Stay Fit, Heart Rate Recovery, Resting Heart Rate Tracking, Heart Rate Variability, Cold Soak Temperatures, Little-Known Pre-Sleep Supplements & Much More With Keith Rabois.

  1. Day0 says:

    When I be rich, I’ll cycle through EMS-Suit training, Vasper & the ARX machine on different days.

  2. Ann Wilson says:

    Sorry, but I dissagree with the negative comment made about interviewing this guest.
    Though I work in a hospital and serving people will never make me monitarily rich, I appreciate the comparison to what people do to stay and become healthy who have ‘NO TIM’E….. The one thing I do share with this guest…..
    Keep repeating your daily routine and best hacks Ben. I am always looking for ‘health hacks’ to use and share with others.
    And most of us require repetition and reminders to follow and understand your concepts. One step at a time.

  3. Bruno da Gama says:

    I am sorry but this guest was one of the worst ever.

    A guy who does not even know the effects of EMF does not deserve to be on this show…

    Thanks Ben!

    1. Nobody's perfect. ;) I thought he was super interesting, personally.

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