#293: 5 Ways To Have More Energy At Work, Can Cigarettes Enhance Performance?, The Best Ways To Increase Grip Strength & More!

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Sep 10, 2014 Podcast: 5 Ways To Have More Energy At Work, Can Cigarettes Enhance Performance, Can Dehydration Cause Arthritis, Eyes Watering During Exercise, and The Best Ways To Increase Grip Strength.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

Testimonial from Jack:
Started off the year using Tri-Ripped (second year on this plan) to prepare for early season races. Switched to the Beyond Training Ancestral plan 12 weeks out from my yearly half. Used the tools and protocols in the book alongside the plan and adapted the race nutrition protocol to fit my sensitive stomach (GI meltdown the last time). In a downpour most of the race, last Sunday I had a PR in each leg and an overall PR by 28 min for my first sub 5:30 half. Felt great all day (probably could have pushed even harder) and now enjoying a smooth recovery. Love the Beyond Training concepts – can race fast while not cheating family and work or destroy the body.

5 Ways To Have More Energy At Work

Darren asks: He has been working 8 hour work days for years now and is about to start a job where 12 hour work days are common. Do you have any tips on how to improve stamina and endurance at work or energy management during the work day?

In my response I recommend:
1) Block WiFi (watch my electrical pollution video), which includes:
Biohacking Healthy Home book
GreenWave EMF Filter
Negative Ion Generator
Laptop Grounding Cable
Airtube Headset
Superhuman Encoder
Harmonizer (use code BG15 for discount)
Blue Light Blocking Glasses2) Standing Workstation (read this article on Biohacking the Hazards of Sitting)3) Compression socks or tights and inversion poses4) Smart drugs such as TianChi, Bulletproof Coffee, or Peak Nootropics

5) Lots and lots of good water, including the brands we talk about in this podcast.

Can Cigarettes Enhance Performance?

Matt asks: He is an ex-smoker (quit years and years ago) but recently he has been having the occasional cigarette (1 or 2 here every couple weeks/month). Is it possible that low dosing with cigarettes could have an hormetic effect on training? He is not planning to use cigarettes as a training protocol for his upcoming Ironman but he has noticed a decrease in his resting heart rate and an increase in his sprinting ability (especially in the pool).

Can Dehydration Cause Arthritis?

Richard asks: He is in his early 40s, follows a low carb/paleo diet and has osteoarthritis in both hips (is heading in for total hip replacement surgery in 2015). He is wondering what you think of Dr Jack Kruse's idea that arthritis is caused by dehydration? In Robb Wolfe's last podcast he and Paul Jaminet suggested that restricting carbs could lead to dehydration; impacting mucus production, cartilage, synovial fluid, etc… what do you think?

Eyes Watering During Exercise

Ellie asks: Sometimes while she runs, one of her eyes will water and tear continuously. One steady tear, just in one eye. What could be causing that?

In my response I recommend:
Artificial tears

The Best Ways To Increase Grip Strength

Wilmer asks: He has been lifting progressively heavier and heavier weights over the last few months but he can't seem to hold a grip on the weights. What devices and exercises do you recommend to improve grip and wrist strength?


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10 thoughts on “#293: 5 Ways To Have More Energy At Work, Can Cigarettes Enhance Performance?, The Best Ways To Increase Grip Strength & More!

  1. Plonkar Chivist says:

    nice post

  2. ffirestine says:

    If "Sweat is fat crying" then maybe "Tears are your eyes crying"? Just a guess. I liked Ben's answer too.

  3. I_am_Steve says:

    Another great podcast, always interesting to listen in.

    Regarding the caller who asked about strengthening their grip, I'd like to hear your opinion on rock climbing. In my younger years I'd spend hours at a local climbing gym or on the rocks every week and I had forearms like Popeye and an iron grip. As an added plus, it helps core strength, balance and coordination, and the confidence needed to bound up the taller obstacles in OCR events like Spartan Race or Warrior Dash. I'm certain it helped me in the handful of OCR's I've done in the last few years.

    Given your "exercise while living life and having fun" attitude towards working out it seems like it'd be a natural fit. Seriously good time, even in a gym. Who wouldn't think it'd be fun to bound up a wall hanging by your finger tips over a super cushy floor that you could drop onto from 30 feet without getting hurt? Falling is only scary the first time it happens. Then you realize it isn't so bad :)

    That's my $0.02 on the subject. It'd be great to hear your opinion if you have any experience with it.

    1. I climb about once a month, and am taking up bouldering now since I've got a great bouldering spot near my house!

  4. Iantroy300 says:

    I hope you stay humble Ben. Your comment about your tires and the landscapers was priceless.

  5. stinkyboomboom says:

    Hi Ben, awesome podcast. 3 questions.

    1) What vaporizer are you using? The vaporizers I've seen vaporize the THC and that's what you breathe in. You're left with a brown plant residue that will still give you the psychoactive effects of marijuana if you cook it. Don't think I've heard of a vaporizer that leaves just the CBD.

    2) Do you recommend an isolated nicotine source? Not really a fan of the 20 other ingredients in most nicotine gums. I have pure caffeine powder that would work well with nicotine, but can I also buy nicotine in a pure, bulk form?

    3) You mentinoed glycerol for increasing water retention, and *edit* had questions about that, but I think I found the answers in a previous podcast transcript – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2009/03/episo…

    So really only 2 questions. Thanks!

    1. Here's the tutorial dude: http://beyondchronic.com/2010/12/old-hippie-defin…

      For nicotine, one drop of this stuff will give you 2mg: http://www.amazon.com/DR-Nicotine-Solution-Lozeng…

      Glycerol hyperhydration resources abound, but Hammer Nutrition has some good stuff on their site.

      1. stinkyboomboom says:

        Sweet! Thanks Ben. Do you have an Amazon account thing where I can hit your page before making my purchase, and a portion of my purchase goes to you?

  6. Chuckfeerick says:

    Great show Ben. Interesting discussion on nicotine. What are some of the other benefits and negative impacts of it and why don't we hear more often about it being used as a supplement?


    1. That's a whole other topic – call it in and we'll discuss! http://www.speakpipe.com/bengreenfield

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