Ben & Jessa Greenfield’s “What’s Working Now” Show: A Sneak Peek Inside The BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle.

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I am currently hunting elk deep in the Colorado mountains, completely off-the-grid.

Hence, there is no official Q&A podcast this week.

Instead, I am bringing  you a sneak peek inside the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle – specifically, the show that my wife Jessa and I release each month to our members. In each of these live, interactive shows, we talk about the latest workouts, fitness gear, nutrition, supplements, recipes, anti-aging strategies, biohacks, healthy kid tips, and more.

You can click here to listen to the audio, or you can watch the video below. Some of the things you'll get in this episode include:

-The true size of the Greenfield wine glasses…

-Ben's fancy new foam roller routine, and all the mobility toys he uses for it…

-How to use an incline treadmill…

-How in-ear light phototherapy works…

-How Ben uses cannabidiol for plane flights, and which smart drugs he combines CBD with…

-A peppermint oil and soda water hack…

-The #1 cause of migraines…

-The research and fitness journals Ben personally subscribes to…

-Why Jessa chose to step back from stressful workouts

-How the Greenfield's deal with arguments and breakdowns…

-And much more…

If you want all the handy-dandy shownotes and links that accompany this particular episode, just click here to get a full trial of the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle for $1, and leave your questions, comments or feedback below!

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6 thoughts on “Ben & Jessa Greenfield’s “What’s Working Now” Show: A Sneak Peek Inside The BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle.

  1. Sandra R OBrien says:

    looking for your cinnamon roll recipe

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      You mean my wife’s slow fermented sourdough fresh made cinnamon rolls?

  2. Ginny says:

    Jessa Greenfield! Fellow spartan-mom! You are a rockstar! Thanks for sharing as you figure out this journey- perhaps our families shall meet on an adventure one day!

  3. Douglas Moncrief Jr. says:

    Saw one of your videos on fermented food and I am going to try Kumbucha. Don’t want to spend a lot for tea. What is a good tea to use? Thanks for your video and help.


  4. Michael A. Semper says:

    I hope you tackle very serious conditions like ‘congestive heart failure’ and how we could care for our parents suffering. Enjoy your quirky look at total body care.

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