The Best Sexual Biohacks, Can Vasectomies Decrease Testosterone, Foods & Supplements For Boosting Nitric Oxide & Much More.

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best sexual biohacks
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Since my big “sexual enhancement” article in the January 2018 edition of Men's Health Magazine, I've been getting plenty of questions from both men and women about how many of these so-called sexual biohacks actually work.

So I decided to get an expert on the show to talk about this stuff.

Dr. Judson Brandeis is a private practice Urologist in Walnut Creek, California. He has been voted by his peers as a top Urologist in the San Francisco Bay area for the past 4 years. He is a pioneer of using technology in urology and was a very early adopter of robotic surgery, lasers and MRI targeting for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. Dr. Brandeis is now a thought leader in using GAINSWave therapy for treating erectile dysfunction and developing supplements for improving male sexual function. Dr. Brandeis has always been enthusiastic about athletic performance. He ran track and cross country for Brown University and has competed in triathlons since 1981. He brings his passion for helping men achieve their goals every day to the Pacific Urology Male Performance Center in Walnut Creek, CA.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How GAINSWave works for men, and why it's different than just “sound therapy”…11:15

-How FEMIWave works for women, and what to expect during and afterwards…16:30

-Judson's discovery of “triple therapy” to increase nitric oxide levels…21:45

-Why fermented beets do such a good job boosting nitric oxide…25:30

-The importance of L-citrulline and red beet extract, Muira Puama and Asian ginseng…33:00

-Ben's unfortunate incident with a digital penis pump…39:30

-After having done 3,000 vasectomies, Judson's opinion on the safety of vasectomies, particularly on testosterone production…43:45

-Whether a vasectomy is reversible…46:30

-How to stop a testosterone treatment once you've been on it…50:00

-What to do about erectile dysfunction from long periods of time on a bike seat…54:30

-How stem cell injections into the penis work…1:01:00

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

-Use BENG for 20% discount on the nitric oxide supplements Judson designs called “Affirm”

GAINSWave for men

FEMIWave for women

The benefits of fermented beets

The ISM saddle

The bike saddle that Judson uses

-Anthony Atala

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33 thoughts on “The Best Sexual Biohacks, Can Vasectomies Decrease Testosterone, Foods & Supplements For Boosting Nitric Oxide & Much More.

  1. Drew says:

    Thanks for the amazing podcast guys! Really liked this one. Great stuff.

    Regarding the discussion of sound waves vs. shock waves. I’m an audio engineer and I have to chime in here. The medium these waves go through is air in either case is it not? Regardless of the shape of the waveform, when wave travels through air it is a sound wave – IE analog audio. That is, when it is in the frequency range that is audible by humans. When a wave extends below 30 hZ or above 20 kHz it is outside of the audible spectrum.

    I’m curious what frequency these waves are being broadcast at, and if that frequency is static, if it changes, and if it’s being modulated in a carrier / modulator relationship such as with AM and FM radio? The reference to “putting earplugs in” would seem to indicate these waves are indeed within the human audible spectrum, and are very loud.

    More importantly, a shock wave, in this discussion, seems to be a misnomer / marketing term simply referring to the shape of the waveform used. Regardless of waveform type (sinusoidal or otherwise) it is still a sound wave.

    Sine waves, which Judson references, are just one of an infinite number of shapes of waveforms. You can easily generate a custom and advanced waveform type using a digital wavetable synthesizer, such as xFer Serum, and transmit that via a set of speakers or any other sound reproduction system across air.

    A digital synth contains several waveform generators (oscillators) which can create any shape, including the steep incline and decline in amplitude which Judson refers to. All sound waves are not sinusoidal. Look up an image of sawtooth or square waves and you’ll see. So, my take on this is that it should be technically possible, quite easily, to play a “shock wave” through a set of consumer speakers simply using a software synth and a computer, or even a mobile device.

    The big question, which Ben gets at, is, “Would this have the same therapeutic effect?”

    As to whether a set of speakers can generate the desired effect, that’s a different story all together. I expect part of the GAINSwave efficacy is due to the applicator / sound generating tool. Regular speakers designed for broadband, complex sound reproduction of music may not be (probably aren’t) capable of generating the focused directional frequency and necessary SPL (sound pressure level) for therapeutic effect. Additionally, the frequency of the applied sound wave (“shock wave”) may be outside of the range that consumer speakers are able to generate. There was no reference, from my recollection, in the discussion to frequency of the applied waves. Any insights here?

    Also the reference to a higher peak simply means louder in the SPL realm. It doesn’t mean the waveform itself has a higher peak amplitude as all digital waves have the same peak amplitude if they are normalized in the digital realm. IE a sine wave and a more aggressive sawtooth or square wave can have the exact same peak amplitude, but the sound reproduction system and amplifier can produce different sound pressure levels with either waveform type.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Ben,
    what do you think about “the Phoenix”. A shock wave device for home use. Its seem to be new. have you some experience?


  3. Alden says:

    Hey Ben, one teeny tiny piece of info you don’t provide in the above article of yours on GAINSWave – while you state that it “worked” and you went back to normal about a month later is that the expectation? Is it the medical expectation that a month later everything goes back to the way it is? OR is that because you only got one treatment? If one gets more than one treatment (they note 6-12 is the usual) would the expectation be it would last longer? While I’m thankful you provided the info with real-world facts you left out this aspect which is huge. At $500 a pop it’s kind of important to know what the expectation is for lasting affect.

  4. George M Kingsley III says:

    I heard you on Sex with Emily podcast. You recommended Nitric Oxide boosting supplements. Do you have specific recommendations?

    1. Foods like hot peppers, garlic, beets, etc. I really like this stuff called Hydro Nitro too:

      1. Derek says:

        Link doesn’t work

  5. Richard J says:

    Dr Brandeis said that a Vas Reversal can be about $20,000 and is increasingly difficult to have success the longer it has been since it was first done. These things are generally true EXCEPT my reversal, and a few of my personal friends as well, was done for less than $2,000 by Dr David Wilson at This man has amazingly high success rates and hes a driven man of faith that I think does these to help people “be fruitful and multiply”.

    My vas was almost 8 years old when I had him do my reversal. A year later my daughter was born, she is now 5. Dr David has people fly to him in Oklahoma from all over the world for good reason. Hes a vas reversal badass.


  6. Tom says:

    So after trying Affirm for multiple weeks now, I’m just curious if anyone has seen any benefit from taking it. I saw a little improvement at first but then not much after, I then doubled the dose taking 4 a day sometimes 5 and still nothing that I would write home about. Instructions on the bottle are very plain jane, wondering if I need to pay attention to the time that I’m taking it…..maybe I’m just not absorbing it…..unsure. Would love to hear from Judson about any tricks if any? If anyone has other products that you’ve had success with I’d love to hear about them. Thks!

  7. Thies says:

    just breath through your nose only and your nasal cavity creates nitric oxid to open up your respiratory tract and blood vessel! Inhaling through your mouth will not give you the nitric oxid taken in by the breath. #theoxygenadvantage

  8. michael says:

    My friend Jomer Cola
    Perhaps the good doctor can be inspired to create a new line of tonic in said name

  9. Khris says:

    Dr. Brandeis,

    My I converse with you via email in reference to Stem Cell therapy / dosing / schedule ?


  10. Luis Lemus says:

    The “bent nose” saddles that are mentioned I believe are the SMP I have actually tried many saddles myself, I’m a professional cyclist and I’m normally stuck on whatever brand we are sponsor by, but SMP is one saddle I always have at home and switch asap whenever possible. I also have and ISM but wasn’t aware of the issue caused by them.

    1. look at irwin goldstein’s research on cycling and ED.

  11. Tonk says:

    The Affirm nutrition label when you click through on the link does not show gingseng or muira puama as a listed ingredient. Is there another variant of Affirm that is not available yet?

    1. David says:

      Doubling up on this question . . . I’ll try it either way, but would love to understand the answer.

      1. David says:

        Hmm . . . I just realized there’s a banner across the Affirm Science product page that says: “New formula coming soon! Free shipping on remaining product while supplies last!” . . . and my own order was free shipping.

        I suspect that the new formulation (with the additional ingredients) is not shipping yet.

      2. The Muira Puama and Panax Ginseng are other routes to get NO boosting. However, we did not reduce the dosage of L-citrulline and beet root extract. We went from a capsule to a tablet to increase the dosage.

    2. Hello Tonk,

      You are very astute. The enhanced formulation will be available in 2 weeks.

  12. SlyNate says:

    I have a question regarding Nitric Oxide levels in the body. On the surface it seems that high NO is a good thing for fitness, sexual performance, blood flow, etc. However, Dr. Martin Pall’s work regarding EMF exposure and the Nitric Oxide/Peroxynitrite (NO/ONOO) pathway states that we should keep NO levels low as this can create a cascade of free radicals that the body has a hard time digging out of following EMF exposure, pesticides, mold, etc. and several other triggers that contribute to EMF hypersensitivity, MCS, etc.

    Is there a certain pathway where high NO is not good similar to what Dr. Pall recommends and that in other pathways higher NO is fine or is it possible that high NO has potential downsides that many are not currently considering? I don’t know and am not an expert, just curious as I made this connection between multiple lines of thought.

    1. I had never heard of the these seats before but they look like they would prevent urologic issue. I like the step off and the width of the saddle. I might even purchase one myself. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Hi Sly Nate,

      I am not familiar with this research. I will certainly look into it. However, I knew Lou Ignarro when I was at UCLA. He won the Nobel Prize for discovering NO as a second messenger. According to a friend of mine who is the head of the UCLA Mens Clinic, Lou Ignarro takes 6 grams of L-citrulline a day. If it is good enough for the scientist who won the Nobel Prize for discovering NO, it is good enough for me.

  13. Jared says:

    Also, come to New Orleans and do the Crawfishman Triathlon on the Northshore. Sprint tri in which Mike Pigg once competed.

  14. Jared says:

    On the Affirm science website, why does one bottle cost $45 while the other cost $1,198??

    1. Thank you for your questions. 1,198 is for a box of 24. I would not recommend one person take that many.

  15. Paul says:

    Hi Ben,

    Does Dr. Brandeis feel that GAINSWave needs to be combined with the PRP shot? Some urologists are recommending it. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ben,

      That is a great question. We do not have the data yet to determine the correct answer but I am creating a national registry study to answer this and other questions. In addition, I am working with Charles Runels, the inventor of the P shot, to investigate this.
      I wish I could give you a definitive answer.


      Judson Brandeis MD

  16. Chris says:

    Hi, Where in Florida do you go for GAINSWave and why there?

    Thank you.

    1. I went to Miami because I happened to be there for an interview. There are clinics all over the country though. Click the link in my shownotes to find a provider near you.

    2. Gainswave headquarters is in Aventura Florida

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