How A Philosopher CEO Has Achieved The Ultimate Combination of Fitness, Health And Happiness.

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Meet Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson is the Philosopher & CEO of en*theos – a company that Brian describes as “creating cool stuff to help people optimize their lives”.

I first met Brian two years ago through my .mp3 player – where I listened to him walk me through 100 of the greatest personal growth books – in about 20 minutes per book, via “The Philosopher's Notes“.

Later, Brian and I connected through random chance when I helped him and his wife interpret their WellnessFX blood testing results, and then I began online coaching Brian for muscle gain and fat loss.

As I grew to know Brian, I realized that he has an incredible story, in which he has combined fitness, health, happiness and business success into a very cool package. He also had some interesting characteristics, such as:

-He never sent e-mail. Ever.

-He never said anything negative. Ever.

-And he is a very unique combination of self-quantified biohacker, philosopher, CEO and family man.

On this podcast, Brian shares with you his story, and his biggest keys to achieving the ultimate combination of fitness, health, happiness and business success.

Resources In This Episode:

-“The Philosopher's Notes

My Entheos class: “REV The Human Machine”

How to Meditate Without Moving To The Himalayas (free class)

Longevity Tea

Phenocane / curcumin anti-inflammatory


Coaching with Ben and his team

Finding Joe DVD documentary

If you have questions, comments or feedback for Brian or me about how to achieve the ultimate combination of fitness and happiness, then leave your thoughts below!

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11 thoughts on “How A Philosopher CEO Has Achieved The Ultimate Combination of Fitness, Health And Happiness.

  1. arnopaula says:

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks again for yet another great podcast! Just a quick questions. In the discussion with Brian, you mentioned sometimes having a coconut milk-collagen-dark chocolate night time snack before bed. Myself I have found that enjoying raw cocoa / dark chocolate before bed makes it harder for me to fall asleep. Probably because of the multiple xanthines in chocolate (theobromine, theophylline, caffeine, etc.) that have stimulating effect in the human nervous system. I have found that I get stronger effect with just having a few pieces of raw chocolate or cacao beans than having a small cup of coffee. Funnily though, my mom for instance seems not to get any adverse sleep effect but crashes instantly after having chocolate before bed (perhaps because of the serotonin release..)

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Love your podcast!
    Thanks, Arno

    1. I've personally never had issues, but I use very small amounts of organic dark cacao nibs (e.g. 1 tablespoon). I would certainly expect that much more chocolate definitely may disrupt sleep. Also, according to my genetic testing results, I am a FAST caffeine metabolizer, so it's out of my system pretty quick!

      1. dalejacksontn says:


        Sorry–I could not figure out how to start a new comment, so I had to reply to an existing one!

        I did not see any links for the "domino" video Brian mentioned. I would like to use it to motivate my employees to innovate and challenge the status quo and I would love to get the link. Would you please check into it and post it if you can? Thanks!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Took a quick look at Brian’s web site per your link above. What an incredibly generous, genuine man. Thank you Ben for all that you offer us.

  3. Brian_Beaven says:

    I really enjoyed this one Ben. It was an hour of jam packed info. Joesph Campbell is one of my favorite authors/philosophers. I wasn't aware of the Joe DVD. I've got to get my hands on a copy.

  4. zvolo says:

    Hey, you mentioned that he never ever ever sends emails. How does he communicate within his businesses and so on? Great episode thx

  5. Healthy Cakes says:

    This is a great podcast! I wasn't familiar with Brian but really appreciate you asking and him sharing about his day and nutrition. These are the types of nitty-grittyy detials that are interesting for me to learn about high-functioning individuals.

  6. EpicShelli says:

    Thanks Ben! I recognized Brian's voice from the Finding Joe DVD! Wow, I had no idea about his Philosopher Notes, and I love philosophy but have no time to read the big books about it. :). I just bought the 100! Thanks for bringing these great teachers into our world. – Shelli

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