Is Charcoal Toothpaste OK, 8 Crucial Mouth Beauty & Oral Health Tips, Peptides For Oral Care, The Invisible Dental Flow In Your Mouth & Much More With Nadine Artemis.

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I recently read two excellent beauty, wellness, and self-care books—one focused on oral health and holistic dental care, and the other on overall beauty.

The author of both books is Nadine Artemis, who is also my guest on today's podcast.

Her first book that I read, Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums, is a comprehensive guide to natural, do-it-yourself oral care that introduces simple, at-home dental procedures anyone can do. Highlighted with 53 full-color photos and illustrations, this book offers dental self-care strategies and practices that get to the core of the problems in our mouths—preventing issues from taking root and gently restoring dental health. Based on a “whole-body approach” to oral care, Holistic Dental Care addresses the limits of the traditional approach that treats only the symptoms and not the source of body imbalances.

Taking readers on a tour of the ecology of the mouth, dental health expert and author Nadine describes the physiology of the teeth and the sources of bacteria and decay. Revealing the truth about the artificial chemicals in many toothpastes and mouthwashes, Nadine also discusses the harmful effects of mercury fillings and the much safer ceramic filling options that are available. Covering topics that include healthy nutrition, oral care for children, and the benefits of botanical substances and plant extracts for maintaining oral health, Nadine introduces a comprehensive eight-step self-dentistry protocol that offers an effective way to prevent decay, illness, acidic saliva, plaque build-up, gum bleeding, inflammation, and more.

Nadine's second book, Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance–Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations, teaches you how to rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness, abandon established regimes and commercial products, and embrace your “renegade” beauty. In this essential full-color guide, Nadine introduces you to the concept of “renegade” beauty—a practice of doing less and allowing the elements and the life force of nature to revive the body, skin, and soul so your natural radiance can shine through. Anyone stuck in perpetual loops of new products, facials, and dermatologist appointments will find answers as she illuminates the energizing elements of sun, fresh air, water, the earth, and plants. This book is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to simplify their self-care routine, take their health into their own hands, and discover their own radiant beauty.

So who is Nadine, exactly?

She is the creator of Living Libations (use code BEN to save 15%), a luxury line of organic wild-crafted non-GMO serums, elixirs, and essential oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical natural health and beauty products on the planet. She is an innovative aromacologist, developing immune-enhancing formulas and medicinal blends for health and wellness.

Her healing creations—along with her concept of renegade beauty—encourage effortlessness, eschew regimes and inspire people to rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness. Her potent dental serums are used worldwide and provide the purest oral care available. She is a key speaker at health and wellness conferences and a frequent commentator on health and beauty for media outlets.  She has received glowing reviews for her work in the Hollywood Reporter, GOOP, Vogue, People, Elle, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, W Magazine, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and National Post.

Her celebrity fans and customers include Shailene Woodley, Renee Zellweger, Julianne Moore, Carrie Anne Moss, Mandy Moore, First Lady of Canada Sophie Trudeau, and many others. Alanis Morissette describes  Nadine as “a true sense-visionary”; and Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher, calls Nadine “a pure flower of creativity.” And on top of all that, Nadine opened the first full-concept aromatherapy store in North America at just 22 years old.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Nadine's personal history in the realm of beauty and symmetry…6:52

  • Natural curiosity about nature and independent spirit from a very young age
  • Curiosity and experimentation intensified in college
  • Discovered Lisa Bonet (Denise on the Cosby Show) on the Donahue show
  • Led into a deep dive into health, nutrition, etc.; understanding of the grocery store conglomerate
  • Some crafty labeling practices in common food and beauty items:
    • Natural substances are grown, then isolated, from which synthetic substances are created (ex. menthol from peppermint)
    • Pure rose otto oil is $20k per kilo; synthetic rose oil is $20 per kilo
    • How it's made, the cost of labor, where the raw materials come from, is a factor in the price

-How your teeth derive nutrients from your gut via a “dentinal flow”…14:25

  • Book: Why Raise Ugly Kids by Dr. Hal Huggins
  • Dr. Ralph Steinman
    • Previous belief (until the 1950s) was that a tooth was a dead appendage in the mouth; cavities occurred due to acids and sugars on the teeth
    • Steinman eliminated severe allergies by removing “white food” from his diet (bread, sugar, milk, etc.)
    • Technique using fluorescent dye to trace the dentinal flow of lymphatic fluid
  • How the fluid system works:
    • The teeth draw from the nutrients in the gut via the lymphatic type fluid that flows up to and through the roots of the teeth into the pulp chamber; fluid gets pushed into the pulp chamber, pushed up and out unto the teeth through the odontoblast, where it's like a microbead on the enamel
    • This results in a microscopic perspiration in the teeth
    • Coalesces with the saliva to form a natural protection for the teeth
    • Flushes toxins, brings in nutrients
    • Journey starts in the mouth; connects in the gut via the hypothalamus
    • We chew and those substrates activate the parotid glands, the largest salivary gland in the mouth, and that releases communications to the hypothalamus
  • Stress in the body, mineral imbalance, cell phone use near the mouth, causes this dentinal flow to stagnate
  • The flow reverses when the stressors are not addressed; acids build up on the teeth, causing cavities
  • Fluoride can be detrimental to the dentinal flow

-Nadine's 8 steps for dental care…24:05

  1. Saltwater or baking soda solution to brush teeth
    • Sets the tone for the mouth
    • Saliva
    • Introduces alkalinity for the rest of the steps
  2. Tongue scraping
  3. Brushing the gums
  4. Brushing the teeth
  5. Check the gum lines
  6. Flossing
  7. An additional rinse with the saltwater solution
  8. Extra care steps
  • Botanical biotics – essential oils are not only aromatics but true genuine distillates, pure plant medicine, and act as quorum sensing inhibitors (QSI)
    • Quorum sensing is a way for pathogens to communicate and coordinate their group behavior to regulate gene expression
    • Clove has been shown to reduce quorum sensing by up to 70%
    • Essential oils can create anti-infective activity that can coexist with flora, while cleaning up the periodontal pathogens; molecules can bust up the biofilm in a way that antibiotics can't; (biofilm prevents the respiration cycle of teeth – teeth also breath; reason why it's not good to use glycerine in toothpaste because it will coat the teeth even after rinsing)

-The effects your teeth have on other organs in your body…48:00

  • Key lines and energy meridians in the body (Eastern medicine)
  • Hasn't been fully researched
  • Anecdotal evidence in Nadine's life
  • Thermography images show connection between a root canal and the breast
  • BGF podcast with Dominik Nischwitz on holistic dental care
  • Flossing resulted in minimized inflammation

-Nadine's thoughts on the efficacy of charcoal toothpaste…52:10

  • BGF Podcasts on Vice article: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Two ways to gauge the abrasivity of a toothpaste:
    • MOH hardness value (1-10 scale)
    • Relative dentin abrasivity (RDA)
  • Activated charcoal is a 2 on the MOH scale; baking soda is 2.5
  • RDA gauges the erosiveness of abrasives in oral care products
  • Most leading brands are much higher on the RDA scale than activated charcoal

-Peptides that can be used for oral care…57:00

  • Dental cleanings release tons of bacteria into the body
    • Cannot donate blood within 48 hrs after a dental cleaning
  • Practices 1-3 months before a dentist appointment:
    • Thymosin α1
    • BPC 157 for receding gums
  • Mouth protocol for injection
  • International Peptide Society

-Three questions you need to ask the next time you visit your dentist…1:01:30

  • Do you do implants with titanium?
    • Titanium is one of the most toxic metals
    • Zirconium
  • Do you do root canals?
  • Do you leave in the periodontal ligament when doing an extraction?
    • Akin to leaving the placenta in when giving birth

-Rapid-fire questions…1:05:30

  • Why ozone and lasers are optimal for cleaning the mouth
  • Why Vitamin C is used for prep and recovery from an oral procedure
  • What X-rays can expose you to less radiation

-The Stop, Seal, Seed concept…1:08:35

-And much more!

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Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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Do you have questions or thoughts on holistic dental care or feedback for Nadine or me? Leave your comments below, and one of us will reply!

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42 thoughts on “Is Charcoal Toothpaste OK, 8 Crucial Mouth Beauty & Oral Health Tips, Peptides For Oral Care, The Invisible Dental Flow In Your Mouth & Much More With Nadine Artemis.

  1. Mathieu Stemmelen says:

    Hi Nadine, do your book exist in other languages?

    1. Hi Mathieu! Holistic Dental Care is available in French, Italian, Spanish, and Latvian. Renegade Beauty is not available in other languages yet since it is such a big book. It is available on Audible.

  2. Star says:

    Hi Nadine,

    Could you please help me with your input about water flossing for a teenager who doesn’t like regular kind of flossing do you recommend water flossing if yes please explain which brand is doing a good job money isn’t an issue. And once a year dental cleaning is enough or twice a year?!

    With warmest Regards !!! Happy Holidays !!!

    Star from Canada

    1. Hi Star! Thank you for your message. I prefer a manual Vita-Pik over an electronic water pik. The Vita-Pik is lightweight, portable, and much more precise. Plus you can upgrade the formula by utilizing a saltwater rinse in the pik, or adding a drop of Happy Gum Drops or Ozonated Happy Gum Gel. You can use code BEN for 15% off the Vita-Pik:

      Dental cleanings will be individual based on the state of one’s oral health. Before any dental visit, we recommend practicing the 8 Steps of Successful Self Dentistry consistently for 2-3 months. This tends to make for an easier, swifter, less expensive dental visit. From there, you and your dentist or hygienist can make plans for future needs. The 8 Steps are outlined in detail in my book, or you can email us for a PDF version of the 8 Steps at [email protected].

  3. Eileen says:

    Great episode!!! Such a wealth of knowledge and so grateful for the info. Question: I’ve heard that the dentinal flow can reverse due to having an acidic pH – are some people just more prone to this situation (like my husband who seems to always have cavities despite doing so much good holistic care for his mouth and eating clean) ?



    1. Hi Eileen! Thank you for your message. Acidic saliva can affect the flow of dentinal lymph fluid and can wear away enamel, making teeth more sensitive over time. Some people may be more prone to acidity due to the deeper mineral composition of their body. A good balancer for this is a Calcium-Magnesium Butyrate. We are seeing excellent results in studies of oral including Nano-hydroxyapitate, which is included in our new Triple Mint Paste. Please enjoy 15% off with code BEN:

  4. Molly says:

    Hi. Thank you very much for your podcast. I have a biological dentist that I have been to but they don’t do anything with gum recession and they refer out to a periodonist. I am in need of two gum graphs; however, after listening to you interview and your discussion on PBC157 I would like to explore that route first. I am having great difficulty at finding someone who will entertain the idea of this. I live in the Chicagoland area. Do either of you have any suggestions for how I could go about finding someone to use this method? Thanks

    1. Hi Molly! Thank you for your message. Certainly, the article linked below includes recipes for homemade oral care products that include BPC-157 and instructions on how to administer it yourself. If you need further instruction, please reach out to our Consultants at [email protected].

  5. David says:

    Thanks so much Nadine and Ben. What an awesome discussion. I’ve just purchased Nadines book. I’ve just found a Holistic Dentist in Brisbane (Australia) where I live so will make an appointment tomorrow. Just started recently over the last 12 months having some gum issues and have had 3 teeth pulled since. Wish I had heard this podcast first! I’m intrigued at your comment around being able to close up dental pockets, which is what I have and is causing the periodontal issues apparently. I’d like to know what products you sell that you recommend to help treat that. I’m hoping to avoid somehow having to spend thousands on a periodontist clean so I’ll be keen to see what the new holistic dentist offers up.

    The other thing I got from the podcast is I now need to get up 20 mins earlier each day just to brush my teeth !!! LOL

    thanks again.

    1. Hi David! Thank you for your message. Certainly, if you are looking to close up dental pockets where a tooth has been pulled, be sure to work with a biological dentist who can provide ozone injections and PRP therapy. While the area is healing, you can use our Ozonated Happy Gum Gel or Happy Gum Drops on the area and leave this on as long as possible. Gently swishing with the dental serum and warm saltwater is helpful as well.

      Deep gum pockets around a tooth can be caused for different reasons, so it can be helpful to investigate into the mouth for more answers. Acidic saliva, bruxism, or brushing with too much pressure can all cause gums to recede. Ideally one would brush very gently, simply massage the gums and always moving away from the gum line, towards the tooth. In the upper row this would mean brushing down and in the bottom row – upwards.

      To address acidity, we recommend swishing with a saltwater or baking soda solution. You can swish many times a day after a snack, meal or sugary drink as well. Even after having some lemon water or a kombucha. We also bring attention to the importance of diet and including fat soluble vitamins A, D3, and K2 into your daily routine.

      Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any further questions.

  6. John Groberg says:

    Nadine. Thanks for sharing this great info on Ben’s show. I’m wondering what your thoughts are about orthodontics using clear aligners. I’m about 2 months into a 12 month regimen of aligners. After learning from you about how teeth “breath”, I’m wondering if wearing aligners about 20 hrs a day is having any negative impacts on oral health. I’m committed to finishing the 12 month regimen and widening my smile, but wondering if you have any recommendations for people like me that are doing orthodontic work as adults.

    1. Hi John! Thank you for your message and apologies for our delayed reply. By now you may be closing in on finishing your aligner treatment and I hope it has gone well! In case you need further information, I suggest looking into orthotropics, which is a more holistic branch of orthodontics. You are right on to focus on widening the smile and hopefully the upper and lower palates. While wearing clear aligners, it is important to keep oral hygiene in top shape to ensure the dentinal lymph is flowing optimally. You can do this by practicing the 8 Steps for Successful Self-Dentistry twice a day, and rinsing throughout the day with a saltwater or baking soda rinse.

  7. Nick says:

    @Nadine, I bought and read your Dental Care book years ago after choosing to forego a recommended tooth extraction due isolated gum recession likely due to physical trauma some years back. The tips in your book literally saved my tooth. It’s strong, healthy and the gum has stopped receding. Thank you!

    You mention using a diluted BPC-157 injection to help the gums. I do have some BPC-157 tablets and was wondering if I could crush a portion of a tablet and include in my daily coconut oil pulling routine to help my gun health. Can you see any downside to this? In a perfect scenario I would like to reverse the gum recession.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story, that is wonderful news. Theoretically, you can use the BPC tablet, although it may have other additives. Ideally, you would get a BPC in capsule form and open to include the pure powder in an oil pulling routine.

  8. What do you recommend to tighten gums around a loose tooth?

    thanks for your insight.

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you for your message. We want to be sure to brush the gums gently, always towards the teeth. We like to consider possible root causes of gum recession, which may be a sign that the environment in the mouth is too acidic. Swishing with a saltwater or baking soda solution mentioned can offer alkalinity. Also we bring attention to the importance of diet and including fat soluble vitamins A, D3, and K2 into your daily routine.

      Other possible contributors to receding gums can be bruxism, mercury fillings, some chemicals like triclosan, or brushing too firmly and in the incorrect direction. Please email us at [email protected] for further assistance.

  9. Sandbox says:

    Would spilanthes tincture (tincture In question is made with Cane sugar alcohol) be of benefit for the oil pull? (Asking because of the cane alcohol in the tincture).

    1. Yes, this will work! A spilanthes extracted in oil is ideal though.

  10. Sandbox says:

    Are ionic toothbrushes safe to use if you have fillings?

  11. @ScottysHobbys @GreaseMonkeyFitness says:

    Any thoughts on Dr. Bronner’s toothpastes? I’ve been using the cinnamon. I’ve also been using a pulling solution from Banyan Botanicals called Daily Swish (… ) but now I’m questioning the “refined” Sesame Oil and “refined” coconut oil. Appreciate your thoughts. Great information, thanks!

    1. Thank you for your message! We recommend avoiding glycerin as it coats the teeth and blocks the saliva from doing its primary job of re-mineralizing the enamel. We have an article on dental ingredients to avoid: Organic, cold-pressed sesame or coconut are great for oil pulling!

      1. Scott says:

        Thank you Nadine, just placed an order! I have another question.. I’ve always wondered why, after flossing, brushing and pulling before sleep, would we need to brush again in the morning? If anything harmful from the day is eliminated with an evening oral ritual, shouldn’t the bacteria in the morning be all “good”, and primed for breaking your fast? Would it be wise to wait until after the first meal to freshen up for the day? Thanks again!

  12. Nathan Wright says:

    So you don’t recommend ever doing derma rolling? Even if you follow it up with an oil and/or serum?

    And as for oils, would olive, argan, jojoba, seabuckthorn, and squalane all be suitable options?

    1. Hi Nathan! Thank you for your message. Dermarolling, or microneedling, is not something that we recommend for the skin because it can be harsh. We prefer the use of gentle botanicals. Dermarolling causes the skin to break down, which over time will lead to the creation of scar tissue. Our favorite lipids are cold-pressed plant oils of jojoba, coconut, camellia, tamanu, rosehips, raspberry seed, and sandalwood nut oils. Seabuckthorn is fantastic, like a superfood for skin!

  13. Rhonda says:

    How much salt per how much water? Does it need to be distilled water or just tap water? Same if we choose baking soda? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Rhonda! We recommend 16oz of spring water to 1oz of salt or baking soda in a mason jar.

  14. Kay says:

    When Ben asked about this, Nadine didn’t give a clear answer to how essential oils don’t indiscriminately kill all bacteria in the mouth. Just because essential oils are natural doesn’t mean it will only kill what we want it to kill. I don’t see how it can select for good vs bad. Can anybody explain this to me? I’m having a hard time understanding this.

    1. Hi Kay! Great question. The beauty of genuine essential oils is that they are effective Quorum Sensing Inhibitors (QSI) while being friendly to the beneficial bacteria. To restore balance to the mouth’s microbiome, we need strategies to inhibit the quorum sensing that forms biofilms. There is extensive research on strategies that inhibit quorum sensing. In various studies, essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree, frankincense, clove and more showed promising results in reducing quorum-sensing activity. These essential oils indicate anti-infective activity that can coexist with our flora while cleaning up periodontal pathogens. Now we have scientific studies confirming the ancient wisdom of using botanical-biotics to maintain oral ecology. Email us at [email protected] or check Holistic Dental Care or Renegade Beauty for more information.

      1. Kay says:

        Thank you for the reply, Nadine! This gives me a good starting point on learning more about this.

  15. Jason says:

    What to do if we already have titanium in our body? I had reconstructive jaw surgery 16 years ago, at the time I was curious why they left the titanium in, that being said it’s still there. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jason! Thank you for your message. The titanium can be replaced with zirconium. Be sure to find a truly biological dentist and they can check the jaw area from the previous surgery and flush with ozone and platelet therapy.

  16. Andrea Johnson says:

    Please let us know how to find electric berry seeds! I cannot find them…

    I’ve been doing Nadines first 6 steps and it takes 5 minutes to do the whole thing in the bathroom. Step 7 oil pull when making the bed, or while putting dishes away in kitchen.

    So worth it since my breath and gut health have improved.

    1. That is wonderful news!

  17. d27 says:

    People actually listen to all this? Did no one stay awake during basic high school science class?

    1. Andrea Johnson says:

      I guess it depends on what you value- many of BG’s podcasts are sciency with in depth explanations about human physiology. As I’ve aged I’ve valued my oral health more and more. So, yes, I listened to the whole thing with interest.

  18. D'angelo says:

    This was a great episode and I hope to hear more on the topic of personal care. Most episodes are geared towards cool and fun stuff like EMF, athletics, and dieting, but I think there should be more like this. I look forward to the next episode of the podcast that’ll revolutionize the way I live in the bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere. Much appreciated sir.

  19. Nik Van Scoyk says:

    What are your thoughts on hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver for dental care?

    1. Hi Nik! Thank you for your message. We enjoy hydrogen peroxide in a 3% dilution a few times a month. It is also handy for cleansing dental tools :) Colloidal silver is helpful as well.

  20. Dude says:

    I’m probably doomed.

    1. The 8 Steps can improve any dental situation! Email us at [email protected] if we can offer assistance.

  21. Roberta Allen says:

    Thanks. I have dentist appointment-cleaning on Wed. Sep. 9. This is an appointment first scheduled for May 4!

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