Podcast Episode #66: How Goosebump Goals Can Bring You to the Next Level.

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This October 28, 2009 free audio episode is jam-packed with new content, and includes the following topics: powerful motivation techniques for exercise and sports, nutrition news from the Ironman Medical Conference, and massive diet and exercise Q&A!

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Featured Topic:

We've had many of you listeners ask for an episode on motivation and sports psychology. So we got a sports psychologist on the show! With a background in collegiate sports, strength and conditioning (CSCS), and a doctorate in sports psychology, Dr. Bernie Holliday now teaches mental toughness to warriors at the Army Center for Enhanced Performance, and in our interview, he discusses:

-How to create for yourself what he describes as a “goosebump goal”…

-Why lack of motivation can take place during competition or exercise…

-What comes first – mind over muscle or muscle over mind…

-How the world's best motivate themselves to exercise, workout, or rise to a new level…

-Dr. Holliday's top tips and tricks for self-motivation and pushing yourself through the toughest events…

-How different personality types respond to different types of motivation…

-And much, much more!

In addition to his advice during this interview, Dr. Bernie Holliday has two book recommendations to add to your motivational sports psychology reading list:Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect andNot About the Bike.


Listener Q&A:

Listener Sarah Asks: “Hi Ben, I was wondering what you think about the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray.  I have a hard time believing that there is no big amount calories in it but can't find much online that tells me anymore details about it.  Do you have anymore insight about the good or bad of it?”

Listener Chuck asks: “Here is a question for you.  I love steamed vegetables like broccoli and spinach, etc.  I usually have a large serving along with my dinner each night.  Is it ok to have a really large portion of vegetables, or should I stick to an appropriate portion size like everything else?  I figured since they are low calorie and healthy its alright, but I don't want to over-eat.  Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.”

Listener Charles asks: “Hey Ben. I have a couple questions for you this week I was hoping you could answer.  The first parallels the one I asked last week about how much steamed vegetables one can eat.  I steamed a butternut squash yesterday and had that as a side along with some brocolli and chicken for dinner.  Should I treat foods like butternut squash or acorn squash as carbohydrate side dishes (same as a sweet potato or brown rice) or would they count as a vegetable?  Would it have made more sense to balance that meal by having the chicken, butternut squash, and some brown rice?

Second, I have read a couple articles lately on “cheat meals/ days” and the importance of them.  The principle makes sense-not completely depriving yourself so that you will stay mentally healthy as well as be more likely not to binge and to stay on your program.  Some of the articles also talked about the effects these cheat meals or days actually had on the body.  The theory was that by eating a cheat meal, like a large burger and fries with a shake, the calories would shock the body and spark the metabolism, making it work differently than the consistent foods it is used to receiving.  Some went as far to say that the muscles would store the fat as energy and would burn it in the next workout.  I don't know about that last part, but the rest of the theory seems plausible.  What's the truth?

Lastly, in the last e-mail you sent out on “How to get fat” you criticized Ensure drinks pretty hard.  I clearly understand why, but on the other hand, would you advise everyone not to drink them or similar products?  When I was in-patient for my eating disorder a couple years ago, we were given Ensure Plus as supplement to help put on weight in a more nutritious manner.  I was advised to keep drinking them once I got out until I reached and maintained my goal weight.

Training as hard as I do, I still drink 1-2 Ensure Plus a day, usually mixed with protein powder and a banana as an evening snack (my all-time favorite, by the way).  I figured this was a better way to get healthy calories (the overall calorie level being something I still worry about often) than other options.  Is it ok for someone like me to drink Ensure or are there other options?  Like whole milk?”

Listener Bob asks: “Hi Ben I am a new listener to your podcast and love the show. Please can you direct me to a good multi vitamin and give some information vitamin absorption. I have always been told that vitamins just make expensive urine. I have also ran across this new company called activz9. I am in the process of going over all the material on your website now. Having been out of the exercise and nutrition frame of mind for some 8 yrs now, it is a little overwhelming. In 2001 @ 40 yrs old I did my first and last full I-man in Oceanside Ca. (12hrs: 15mins) while really not knowing much about nutrition and training. Now a few pounds later and not much exercise I want to return to exercising and more important I want to start eating healthier. In the next few years I want to go to Kona Ironman. Thanks.”

In my response, I mention that I have now added two different “women's specific multi-vitamins” to the approved supplements list: EnerEssenceI and EneressenceII. EnerEssence I assists a woman's body in maintaining normal menstrual cycles and promotes a healthy reproductive system. It sets the stage for the future health of your immune, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. EnerEssence II meets the increased nutritional needs caused by physical stress and changes during menopause and supports hormonal balance, helping to make your transition a smooth one. Click here to learn more about either form, or about Enerprime, the multi-vitamin that I personally take. You can also e-mail [email protected] if you have questions about women's specific multi-vitamins.

Listener Heidi Asks: “Hi Ben, I am a new listener and I think I am addicted to your pod-casts. THEY ARE GREAT! One question for you.  I was just diagnosed with Mono–YUCK. I used to be in the gym doing cardio and weights nearly every day but now, I have zero energy and have packed on about 10lbs. Its really frustrating because I know that I need to get back in the gym, but just going to work drains me. WHAT CAN/SHOULD I DO? Thanks so much.”

Listener Eric asks: “I have seen Pro triathletes ride in their Ironman races carrying only one bottle that is typically tucked behind their seat.  I have never seen any other evidence of other ‘places’ or potential sources (like bulging jerseys w/ gel packs, etc.) for fueling needs.  Are these people just so well trained that they simply do not “need” to fuel much during their 112 mile ride, relying on their fat stores as fuel? If that is the case, how the heck do they do that?  Genetics? Training?”

Listener Jason Asks: “My question is about weight training in the off season. In the past coming from a mindset of weight training for mussel size I have always lifted in a Olympic style of lifts, but now going into my 5 season of triathlon I am considering a more core style of training. The workouts that I have looked at as far as mass produced are P90X, Cyclo-Core, and the book Tri-power.So my question is if I only have 2-3 days for strength what should I focus on, or if I have 3 days what do you think of doing 2 core workouts and one Olympic workout?  I  have seen a improvement in my run from a little more core work out last year but I am not sure how to judge my core fitness to give myself the appropriate workout. PS I really appreciate your podcast and all the great information on diet and exercise that you put out there, I think that you are making a difference in the fitness level of America!”

Listener Ace asks: “Hey ben! I'd like to suggest a topic for one of your upcoming podcasts. i am very curious about the impact of triathlon or heavy training on the female's reproductive system. there seems to be two paradoxical cases:

– female triathletes (pro or non pro) who manage to have kids, despite being on the pill for many years of training (to avoid menstruating during races/training)
– female triathletes who have apparently ‘permanent' amenorrhea, and are not sure if they ever can have kids.

– between progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, which one an amenorrheic (?) athlete lacks and what impact does that have on the long term?
– if the athlete has a healthy diet and had enough calcium, potassium, vit D and magnesium in her diet, can she still risk having osteoporosis?

It'd be great and very informative to have a specialist on the topic and have them milk the subject dry. btw, there was a thread on slowtwitch about ‘do women/elite have sex drive?' that go over some aspects of these questions. Thanks!”

Finally, listener Brittany has a call in question about Swine Flu, and listener Nick has a call in question about road bikes vs. triathlon bikes.

Do you have a question? Remember, you can now ask your questions via *audio* to me via the free Skype software by simply “Skyping” me at username “pacificfit“. You can also call toll free to 1-877-209-9439 and leave a voicemail for Ben Greenfield.


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  1. Ben, please leave a link for the podcast you mentioned concerning female athletes with amenorrhea from birth control pills and osteoporosis. My period stopped around the age of 30 and after a lot of testing and blood work, all the doctors could tell me was “premature ovarian failure”. I’ve always been very active and on the thinner side, but lately have taken up more weight training and less cardio. As a result I am now 10ish pounds heavier. I thought maybe this would help with my period? No luck. I’m worried about my bones. I have osteopenia and take Osteodenx, Vitamin D&K (Thorne). Thanks, Ben.

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