8 Energy Boosting Desserts, Yoga For Energy, Food Labels Made Easy, A Kitchen Makeover, And More!

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A few weeks ago, my friend Yuri Elkaim (pictured right) yuri elkaim bookpublished a book. Yuri is a bit of an outlier and renegade in the nutrition and health community. His mission is to empower everyday men and women with proper nutrition and health wisdom so they can take better control of their own health.

He also holds High Honours degree in Physical Education and Health/Kinesiology from the University of Toronto, is a former professional soccer player, and for 7 seasons acted as the strength & conditioning/nutrition coach for the nationally ranked men's soccer program at the University of Toronto.

Some refer to him as the “health whisperer” for being to get to the heart of what matters and produce amazing health, weight loss, and fitness results where there seemed little hope.

I interview Yuri in today's podcast, and in this episode, we talk about protein digestibility, enzyme exhaustion, why most juicing recipes are no good, and much more.

I must admit, Yuri's new book “The All Day Energy Diet” is not the kind of book I would not normally read.

After all, Yuri – despite being an ex-professional soccer player – is bigtime into juicing, cleanses, detoxing – and I guarantee the guy eats far, far less steak than me…

…so I would *almost* classify him as a Whole Foods hippie.

But his book is, frankly, brilliant.

All day energy dietIt covers dietary concepts that I haven't ever seen discussed in a book – concepts like:

-adjusting your blood pH with the foods you eat…

-how to test your adrenals without expensive lab tests…

-which foods literally exhaust your digestive enzymes…

-a new thing called the “PRAL” load of specific meals…

-six myths about plant protein

-how to choose the best kinds of coconut oil and butter…

-and much more.

I learned a ton from this book, and Yuri is a fellow athlete, a father, and a very smart dude, so I'm happy to tell you about his new book.

Better yet, if you click here to get the book now, you get the following ten bonuses (easily worth way more than what you pay for the book of course – $577 to be exact)…

1. The All-Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook ($29 value)

Features 67 energizing, gluten/sugar/soy/dairy-free recipes that take less than 15 minutes to make from some of the industry's leading experts and a few of our very own customers (including two recipes by yours truly).

2. 8 Energy-Boosting Desserts ($19 value)

These yummy and healthy desserts will finally allow you to have your cake and eat it too, without the dangers of sugar, dairy, or gluten.

3. Food Labels Made Easy ($39 value)

Chances are you will still have some packaged foods from time to time. This walkthrough video and workbook shows you how to understand those tricky food labels so you don’t get taken for a ride.

4. The All-Day Energy Diet Grocery Guide ($19 value)

Get the complete list and quantities of foods you’ll need for The All-Day Energy Diet.

5. The All-Day Energy Diet Kitchen Makeover ($49 value)

Watch Yuri show you around the kitchen and see what you should and should not include your “energized” fridge and pantry.

6. The Bodyweight Energy Workout ($29 value)

Burn fat and get energized with this simple 20-minute follow-along bodyweight workout with Yuri.

7. Yoga for Energy ($29 value)

15-minute yoga routine to relax and rejuvenate your body.

8. The “Energy Sessions” audio series ($199 value)

Features 5 audio interviews with Dr. Alan Christianson (endocrine), Mitchell Stevko (sleep), me (fitness), Dr. Isaac Jones (cellular health), and Brendan Brazier (alkalinity).

9. 1-Hour “Getting Started” Group Coaching Call With Yuri ($99 value)

10. Lifetime Access To Yuri's Private Facebook “Social Support” Group (priceless)

All these bonuses disappear Friday, by the way.

Just click here to get the All Day Energy Diet with all the bonuses listed above, and leave your thoughts or questions below! 

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6 thoughts on “8 Energy Boosting Desserts, Yoga For Energy, Food Labels Made Easy, A Kitchen Makeover, And More!

  1. drjayusa says:

    Yoga breathing techniques offer a practical solution. Yoga has become a common form of stress management and exercise for overworked executives.

  2. vicfz1 says:

    I am on day 5, and frankly am still waiting for the energy. The first 2 days, I thought I was going to pass out so I started supplementing with full servings of almonds, hard boiled eggs, beef jerky, apples, bananas,etc. or sometimes double up on the "servings". The diet appears to be for a small person who does not exercise rigorously on a daily basis. I am 140 pund female triathlete/runner. Even though it's "off-season" I still train regularly, I was craving protien heavily, especially after a workout. I wish there were some supplemental information on how to modify/increase, rather than one portion fits all, becasuse it doesn't in my case. Have not lost any weight, and I certainly don't look younger. Why should I have to choose between passing out and being productive/losing weight?

    1. I have a very simple suggestion: eat the same quality of food, but simply eat more of them. If you need a metabolic rate calculator to determine calorie needs, go here: http://getfitguy.com/calculators/index.html

  3. cookin74 says:

    Hmm, exhausted enzyme pathways. Our paleo ancestors had very little variation in their diets. Not sure I can buy that one.

  4. Jeff Thibault says:

    Ben, I understand that you have a vested interest in this All Day ED, and you maybe don’t feel comfortable correcting your podcast guests, but when somebody who is supposed to be a nutrition expert asks why eggs are considered a high-protein food despite having only 6 or 7 grams of protein, while white bread has 5 grams yet isn’t considered as such, I lose some respect for your show when you fail to answer the question. The egg’s protein is complete, and the white bread’s isn’t. The egg also has 2/3 of the calories. Likewise, when Yuri says he can add some almonds to his smoothie and get 15 grams or 20 grams of protein. He absolutely can, but only by adding two to three servings to the tune of 400ish calories. Calories aren’t everything, of course, but they matter.

    I’m not sure I’ll listen to these sorts of podcasts going forward, and I encourage your other listeners to tune out as well, absent some assurance from you that your show will be more than a dais for your guests to preach from.

    I’m all about utilizing more plant based proteins and fats, e.g., avocado, coconut, nuts, nut butters, olives – heck I ordered hemp seeds from Amazon this morning, and I have been utilizing chia seeds in my daily smoothie for a while now, but when a podcast guest overstates something, as Yuri did today, it’s on you to call him on it.

    You’re still my go-to fitness and nutrition guru, and I’m an avid consumer of your content. Keep up the fantastic work, but always strive to do better. Thanks for reading.

    1. joepawlik says:

      This segment also got to me. Yuri mentioned almond milk, which has 1g of protein per cup.

      This podcast stands in stark contracts to the previous one, which I considered among Ben's best ever.

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