Episode #128: He Healed His Mom’s Cancer Using Diet, Nutrition & Detox…And He’s On This Audio Episode.

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This is one of Ben's favorite cookbooks, and was written by today's guest.

In this January 12, 2011 free audio episode: a doctor that healed his mom's cancer with nutrition and detox, supplements to take before a fasted workout, body fat scale accuracy, how to fuel a cycling commute, do electrical stimulation devices work, what to do if you get too skinny when you exercise, advice for a vegan who is doing 3 Ironman triathlons in 1 week, to eat or not to eat before a workout, how to be a triathlon coach

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Featured Topic: He Healed His Mom's Lung Cancer Using Diet, Nutrition & Detox…

Dr. Josh Axe is a wellness physician and radio show host. He is on a mission to change the face of health in Nashville and around the world. He watched as his mother battled breast cancer in the early 90s, undergoing chemotherapy and a mastectomy. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004, Dr. Josh knew those procedures would never give his mom her health back.

They needed a new approach – €”the approach he had been using to get thousands of people well from all kinds of chronic diseases at his Exodus Health Center. This all-natural approach using diet, nutrition, detoxification, peace building and spinal correction allowed her body to heal from within. Following the advice and guidance of her son, Mrs. Axe is now in complete remission and currently in the best shape of her life. During our interview, I ask Josh:

You won't want to miss this interview with Dr. Josh Axe! Click here to get Dr. Josh Axe's book, “The Real Food Diet”.


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Listener Q&A:

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chunkybearcub asks via twitter: @bengreenfield do u take anything before ur fasted am workout and how do they affect the fast? bcaas, l-carnitine, coffee, beta-alanine.

Jason asks: I have been tracking my weight, body fat % and muscle mass on a Taylor Scale and after hitting a low point 29.1% my body fat has started to go up, even though I'm eating at or below my Basal Metabolic Rate. Can body fat % on a scale fluctuate a couple of %? Or do I need to start modifying my diet?

Nick asks: To get my cycle miles up for the tri season I want to cycle to work. It is about 35 miles each way and will mean that I need to leave home at about 6 am. I was wondering what nutrition I should be looking to take on board immediately before and during the cycle .

Kelcey asks: I have been reading about EMS systems and thought I'd see if you would enlighten me on them. There are several different models and features (of course the more expensive models have more features and it seems like more powerful programs). They can get pretty pricey. Are they beneficial for injuries, recovery and/or warm-ups? Is it hard to place the electrodes? Does it take a lot of time? (I am already too busy). Are the more expensive models worth the extra money? I have been plagued by injuries this past season, although my physical therapist or my chiropractor have not specifically suggested that I get one, perhaps for this reason.

In my response to Kelcey, I mention podcast episode #71 about electrical stimulation devices.

Joel asks: My problem, if you can call it that, is that when I train I shed weight. I am thin and lean by genetics and even if I up my caloric intake, the high volume endurance and interval work drops my body fat real low. How can I compensate?

In my response to Joel, I mention the book Holistic Fueling for Ironman Triathletes and I also mention gut testing for nutritional malabsorption, available by clicking here.

Kyle asks: Ben, this summer I am planning on doing the equivalent of three Ironmans in a one week period, with the run portion on the last two days being an ultra marathon that I have yet to choose. I am a vegan. Any tips for recovery between the times when I am swimming/biking/running? Nutrition, stretching, compression, ice, etc.

The amino acids Ben recommends.

In my response to Kyle, I mention Recoverease and amino acid intake.

Josh asks: You mention a variety of supplements on your podcasts — amino acids to fish oils to magnesium to coenzyme q10 to living greens to many many others. Would you be willing to list ALL the supplements you take and what each one is for?

In my response to Josh, I mention this supplements page, Pill Popping Podcast #10, and this supplements video post at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy: http://www.rockstartriathlete.com/rock-star-supplements/

I also tell Josh about Bionx and this video with Mark Allen.

John asks: You mentioned on one of your podcasts that you don't eat 2 hours before bed and don't eat before you work out in the morning. As I tried this (during my morning workout)I was listening to Getfitguy where you mentioned that you should eat before you workout. I'm just wondering which I should do?

Dave asks: I am a 44 year old triathlete. Up until recently I have done the majority of my running in the morning. I have now joined a group that does training on the track in the evening. For my morning runs pre run nutrition has not been a issue. Usually an energy bar or smoothie 1-2 hours previous seems to fuel my runs and cause no GI distress. Now I am faced with running after a day of eating. I am unsure of what foods to avoid during the day of the track workout and how to time my pre run fuel. I find myself caught between not enough and too much food. I have a sensitive stomach and am prone to G.I. distress. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In my response to both John and Dave, I refer to this article about what to eat before and after a workout: the Post Workout Nutrition Debate.

Mark asks: I am just finishing my level 1 triathlon coaches course in Australia, i would like run a full time coaching business online – any tips.

In my response to Mark, I mention my website http://www.triathloncoachguide.com


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10 thoughts on “Episode #128: He Healed His Mom’s Cancer Using Diet, Nutrition & Detox…And He’s On This Audio Episode.

  1. Post writing is also a fun, if you be acquainted
    with then you can write otherwise it is complex to write.

  2. Ashlee says:

    Sarcasm never wins an argument.

  3. maggiebb says:

    Thanks Dr Axe, Yes in God we trust , the science can hence be ignored. Thanks you for making that clear.

  4. Dr. Axe says:

    This will be the last comment I make because I do not have time to argue about this. NO, I don't believe half of what the WHO says. Yes, I understand why vaccines have been created and what there for. Here's the bottom line: I have seen evidence that not getting vaccinated leads to healthier children so I educate people on how to build their natural immune systems the way God intended.


    Dr. Axe

  5. maggiebb says:

    Dr Axe,

    Dr Axe, YOU ARE WRONG, Virus are diseases spread by contact with infected people . While good nutrition is vital for health it does not kill a virus.The World Health Organisation and many amazing Charitable organisations produce these statistics not simply pharmaceutical companies . In fact your simplifying all these medical studies and works to suit your argument insults the intelligence of the readers here.I hope your area doesn't get an outbreak of measles , It is one of the most contagious diseases known.

    A cheap and safe vaccine has been available since the 1960s.

    But around 410,000 children aged under five died from it in 2004, most from complications related to severe diarrhoea and pneumonia.

    Many who survive are left with lifelong disabilities including blindness and brain damage.

    The WHO and Unicef say poor immunisation systems in developing countries are the primary reason for high numbers of deaths from measles.

    Tremendous progress has been made to eradicate polio in the last two decades.It is not 100 % eradicated still . Or does the work of World Health Organisation mean nothing to you ?
    Since 1988, about 2.5 billion children around the globe have been vaccinated against polio, and the number of polio cases per year has decreased by 99 percent.
    The global fight against polio is one of the largest, most ambitious internationally coordinated health initiatives in history.
    Many of the key pieces for polio eradication are in place: effective vaccines, the leadership of a global partnership, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), political will, dedicated volunteers, and a global mandate to eradicate the disease.

    A last push is needed to eliminate polio in just a few areas in the world.So its not gone yet Dr Axe!
    Northern Nigeria, northern India, and parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan account for more than 75 percent of global polio cases today. Halting poliovirus transmission in these endemic areas is vital not only for the populations in these areas but so that neighboring polio-free areas do not become reinfected. Be careful what you promote … Children and adults still die every day because of virus transmission …..

  6. Dr. Axe says:

    I just thought I would take a minute to jump in and answer any questions.

    Maggie – When it comes to not vaccinating, it is a very sensitive subject and I understand why. We are talking about the health of kids which is obviously extremely important. But I will tell you there are a lot of vaccines myths out there today like "vaccines cured polio". Truthfully, it was already 75% eradicated before the vaccine was introduced and in other countries where there were no vaccines it was still eradicated 100%.

    Also, if you just took a step back and forgot everything we knew about vaccines and just used common sense you may think it's crazy to inject foreign substances into your body including many carcinogenic chemicals. What makes more sense, living a good lifestyle by eating nutrient dense foods, reducing stress, and exercising regularly or injecting chemicals into your bloodstream?

    Who produces all the studies on vaccines? Yes, pharmaceutical companies who are only in it for profit and they make billions off vaccines every year, talk about biased and false research. The real reason why many of these illnesses began to clear up is because our sanitation improved greatly! All vaccines have side effects just like all medications have side effects.

    Finally, I have a large pediatric clinic and see hundreds of kids. And I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the healthiest kids I see are unvaccinated.

    Mer – As for the Greens supplement it contains many nutrient dense vegetables, herbs, and berries, but it's not meant to take the place of fruits and veggies. It's meant to help supplement a healthy diet.

    Spoon – I think as a single mom you really want to just give it your best. Don't feel like if your off a bit your doing a bad job. I would just find some simple staples like the coconut berry smoothie, and gluten free chicken tenders that are simple to make that can help. And I hesitate to answer the first comment, but yes I'm single:)

  7. maggiebb says:

    I started to listen to Dr Axe podcast based on Ben's recommendation, nice food ideas , but this guy really thinks that kids don't need vacinations against major infectious disease as he says in his 31st October podcast.

    He actually advises against them in favour of fruit vegetables and exercise . He completely wiped out any respect I could have for his ideas or methods. Only a dangerous man would give this advice.

    Children die everyday now because they don't have vaccines .

    By all means eat well, by no means become the lunatic fringe. I am 45 years old I remember older people around me growing up in a poor country riddled with the painful disability of polio.I almost died from measles. These are still major problems in countries with no vaccine, not something to be dismissed lightly . Sure vaccines have components we instinctively dislike in them – but watching a child become severely ill or worse die, because one choose to not have a vaccine will be a much heavier burden for any parent to carry.

  8. Mer says:

    i think he's fantastic, but I'm a little skeptical of his green's supplement ad that says "get plenty of fruits and vegetables" through the supplement…

  9. Laurel says:

    forgive me if this isn't the right episode where you mentioned snowshoeing, I listen in batches. In any case, yes, if you have deep snow and are breaking trail, snowshoeing is definitely a hard workout. In the same weekend I did that and learned how to cross country ski. Ouch! My thighs, knees, calves and ankles are all telling me how silly that was.
    I don't know if diet can cure cancer, but there is a link between breast cancer and diet. I'm going to send a link of this episode to a friend of mine who is fighting breast cancer.

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