Episode #184: The Effect Of Alcohol On Your Physical Performance – Do Booze & Exercise Mix?

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In this Feb 29, 2012 free audio podcast: The Effect Of Alcohol On Your Physical Performance. Also: quick and healthy celiac fuels, preparing for a “pump and run”, is MCT oil better than coconut oil, HIIT vs. Cardio, tips on Patellofemoral Syndrome, Seitan protein, lowering high blood pressure, exercise induced asthma, nocturnal penile tumescence from increased testosterone, and is Curves better than a traditional gym.

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Audio Question from Joe:
What are your thoughts on alcohol during the training/racing season?

And Brenden asks:
I love beer, yet clearly understand how bad it is for my athletic performance and sleep cycles. I try to only drink on the weekends, yet sometimes find myself drinking one or two during the week. What is a safe number per day? Zero? LOL. I guess my question is, will I lose workout and fitness gain by drinking 12oz everyday? You get the picture. What type of rules do you have for yourself?

Audio Question from ???:
Wants some suggestions of quick and healthy foods to consume after a 5k running race to stop him from feeling nauseous and faint.

Audio Question from Andrea:
Wants advice on fueling for a “pump and run” event.

Audio Question from Chuck:
Wants to know more about MCT Oil.

Audio Question from Jean Luc:
Is there an easy formula to translate training “Short and Fast” vs. “Long and Slow”.

Audio Question from John:
Looking for some advice and exercises to do while healing from Patellofemoral Syndrome.

~ In my response to John, I mention Capraflex and also Rock Tape.

Audio Question from Tim:
What do you think of Seitan as a protein source for vegans?

Audio Question from Tom:
Vegan runner who eats well and takes CoQ10, Hawthorn (ect…) and still has high blood pressure. What else can he do?

~ In my response to Tom, I mention heart rate variability testing using the emWave.

Audio Question from Clay:
Wants some help with his exercise induced asthma (beyond his inhaler).

Kyle asks:
This is a totally serious question, I saw this mentioned in a discussion about over training. Is there any basis behind the theory of nocturnal penile tumescence being an indicator or not of testosterone level, and possible being over trained?

Ian says:
How effective are Curves Women's gyms from both a weight loss and fitness point of view? My wife's main goal is weight loss at the moment so she wants to know if she'd be better off hitting a gym with a pool, treadmill, bike, classes, etc and losing her Curves membership.

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7 thoughts on “Episode #184: The Effect Of Alcohol On Your Physical Performance – Do Booze & Exercise Mix?

  1. Frank O says:

    I am a cat 3 bike racer and previously have spent a lot of time and effort with mindful training, diet and health to improve performance. For several years I kept alcohol (beer and wine) to a very minimum while training because I was understood the impacts that it has on performance and weight gain. During the my off-season in the winter 2010/2011 I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy beer. I found that I prefer darker beers, stouts and porters. While consuming 1 to 2 beers nightly/daily during that off-season I eased into my base training and was surprised with an increased performance on my longer rides and keeping up with stronger riders during short intense efforts. I particularly noticed that I felt and rode better the next day when I had stouts the night before. So, I kept training and got into my race season while consuming stouts (many of the imperial stouts with > 7% alcohol by volume (abv)). I continue today to consume at least 1 stout or porter per day/night and have found that my performance has been noticeably better since consuming stouts while training during the year. I also kept a paleo-friendly diet in mind (outside of the stouts/porters) and keeping any carb consumption towards breakfast with an oatmeal or multigrain toast. Outside of stouts and porters I an negatively affected by lighter-colored beer consumption. I don't really understand it, but it seems to work for me.

    1. You ever tried to replace each beer with a sweet potato or something like that to see if maybe it is just the extra carbs that are helping you out?

  2. kem says:

    Been feeding our 16 year old kelpie, Tilley (retired stock dog) a teaspoon coconut oil with her meat (and rimadyl) and I think she can hear again. Correlation isn't causation, I know, but after reading about treating Ahlzeimers with it. Seems to go down a treat, too.

    1. Not on hand now, but some time back I found a link between vitamin K2 deficiency, hearing issues, and poor grades in children. Interesting corollary there too.

  3. trivegan says:

    I just wanted to post a comment in response to Tim's question about consuming seitan as a protein source. I personally don't eat seitan. I have in the past but have found that taking wheat gluten out of my diet has improved my digestion, athletic performance, and overall health. I also avoid soy products as well.
    Tim also mentioned that his "choices for protein are limited" due to eating vegan. I beg to differ… I'm not sure if Tim is new to veganism but there are a plethora of protein sources on a plant based diet. All fruits and vegetables contain protein. For example… watermelon contains 7% protein and romaine lettuce contains 18% protein. Not all vegan protein powders are "supplements" either….If it is a whole food like hemp seeds (up to 36% protein) for instance. Some powder forms I that occasionally use and recommend are hemp (50%), brown rice (80%), and pea protein (90%). Also nutritional yeast contains 71% protein and is great on pasta, salads, and popcorn.

    1. Thanks TriVegan! Great feedback, pun intended.

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