Episode #206: Was Ancient Man A Vegetarian?

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Aug 29, 2012 free podcast: Was Ancient Man A Vegetarian? Also: how to deal with shoulder pain, caring for tech clothes, does yoga affect muscle growth, can you eat carbs and stay in ketosis, what is guarana, fuel for a 5 day hill walk, why you shouldn't eat squash and strawberries, and what to do about running pigeon-toed or knock-kneed.

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Catherine:
For several years she has had trouble with her shoulder. She has pain radiating through her neck, head and even sinuses. She does a lot of yoga, and the more yoga and pushups she does, the worse it gets. She had a snowboard crash that may have caused the problem in the first place.

~ In my response to Catherine, I recommend Muscle Imbalances Revealed and this free 40 page report. I also mention Dr. Herb Akers.

Audio Question from Ryan:
He's recently been experiencing some shoulder pain while swimming and is looking for exercises or stretches to help with shoulder pain.

Audio Question from Joe:
He has tons of “tech” clothing for running, biking, etc., but they all have drastically different Washing instructions. What is a good general rule to follow?

~ In my response I mention Shutout Detergent.

Audio Question from Kyle:
He wants to know if it possible to build high quality lean muscle while on a low carb diet and and high fats – as well as doing Bikram hot yoga 4 to 7 times per week? He lifts heavy weights (hard) but also loves the yoga. He's heard that yoga is good for him but that he will never build the size he wants while doing yoga.

Audio Question from Low Carb Guy:
Trying to get his head around running low carb while doing trail ultra marathons. If ketosis is binary why would an elite athlete fuel with gels at all? Is it possible to be in ketosis but do a quick exit to fuel with carbs? Does eating even a small amount of carbs mean that he won't be oxidizing fats?

~ In my response I mention this podcast Is It Possible To Be Extremely Active and Eat A Low Carbohydrate Diet?

Marco says:
Wondering what your thoughts are on Guarana?

Andrew asks:
I'm going on a 5 day hillwalking trip on the West Highland Way in Scotland carrying approx 14kg in my pack for 20 miles/day. What would you suggest is the best strategy for the three main areas I'm concerned about which are: energy, recovery and injury prevention (if possible)? Also, added to this I want to keep it lightweight as much as possible but most camping foods that are available are freeze dried and probably not the best in terms of quality.

~ In my response to Andrew I mention podcast 190 and also episode 199.

Craig asks:
There were a few items toward the avoid side of the Superhuman Food Pyramid that I found a little surprising; grapes, squash and strawberries. I believe the grapes may be on that end for their sugar content? The squash and strawberries are more of a mystery. Please enlighten me.

Joe asks:
My 13 year old son has begun running. I've always known something was wrong with his running, and I thought it was his ankles. As he passed me on a run the other day (he did 2.4 miles in 20 minutes!) I noticed his knees were close together and his feet kicking out in a diagonal manner. I did some research and I believe he is knock kneed. It isn't that obvious when he walks or stands. He walks with a minor pigeon toe. He is definitely not overweight. What can we do to correct this short of surgery?

Prior to asking your question, do a search in upper right hand corner of this website for the keywords associated with your question. Many of the questions we receive have already been answered here at Ben Greenfield Fitness!

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4 thoughts on “Episode #206: Was Ancient Man A Vegetarian?

  1. kem says:

    Were neanderthal vegetarian? I'd recommend reading Wrangham's "catchng Fire" before asking that question and maybe think about the climate of Europe fifty thousand years ago.

  2. sboxall says:

    Re: washing tech clothes – I use Charlie's Soap and Biokleen's Bac-Out in every wash, since 70% of my clothes are workout clothes. I never, ever use softeners. Instead use white vinegar and I hang all of my clothes to air dry. I have had some tech shirts for 5+ years and they are going strong (and stink-free)

  3. Ron says:

    re: smelly tech clothing

    I ignore all washing labels. I find that the best way to prevent your tech clothes from becoming smelly is to not let the sweat dry on the clothes. when you get in from your workout, thoroughly rinse them out if you are not going to be running the washer very soon.

    Tide also has come out with a sport detergent. seems to work pretty good. probably not as effective as some of the specialty brands, but probably not quite as pricey

    1. That's a good tip about not letting the sweat dry, Ron. Yet another reason to be a lazy butt like me and just shower with your clothes. ;)

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