Episode #210: What Is Detoxification and How Can You Detox Your Body?

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Sep 26, 2012 free podcast: What Is Detoxification and How Can You Detox Your Body? Also: how to get rid of a keloid, muscle twitches and cramps, should children do endurance sports, multivitamins for kids vs. adults, how to increase reps quickly, and is cold exposure before a workout beneficial?

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from AJ @ 00:18:23
He injured his hip playing indoor soccer. Very large bruise that stuck out about an 3/4 of an inch. When it healed it left a bump about the size of a quarter that he can move around with his finger. He thinks its a keloid (a type of scar which is composed mainly of collagen). He has had an xray and it is not a bone fragment. It bothers him after racing (can barely run). What can he do to minimize the pain and get ready for next season?

~ In my response to AJ, I mention Apple Cider Vinegar. I also mention Helichrysum Oil for reducing scars.

Audio Question from Cathy @ 00:26:12
She enjoys the way a cold bath or a soak in a lake/ocean makes her feel but she has doesn't know if it is right for her. Her naturopathic doctor told her that her detoxification pathways are not open, so she can't shed all the toxins out of her system, and has “toxic overload”. Her naturopathic doc recommended that she do saunas to increase her sweating. The problem is that it is hard for her to sweat (needs to be 95-100 degrees) even in the sauna she needs to be jumping rope or something. She also has poor circulation and raynaud's syndrome. Should she be using cold therapy at all? Also, how can she increase her sweating, since exercise doesn't really make her sweat.

~ In my response to Cathy, I mention Sweet Sweat. I also mention this secretor test.

Audio Question from Charlie @ 00:50:47
He's been training for a couple marathons over the last 6-8 months. After each run he has noticed that his quads and calf muscles twitch uncontrollably (sometimes for days). Is this normal or is he lacking something in his nutrition?
Also Chrissy says:

Do you know anything about a popcorn sensation in the calf muscle after running followed by severe muscle cramps? This started happening to me about 2 years ago after running a half marathon and now occurs after running even short distances (a couple miles) and, sometimes, after a bike ride. The cramping can get so severe that I feel like I did an intense calf workout. I’m 36 and have been running road races since I was in my early 20’s. Because of another injury to my hip, I’ve decided to take a break from running altogether. I want to return to running and tris once my hip gets better, however I do not want to feel like I have aliens living in my calves.

~ In my response to both Charlie and Chrissy, I mention topical magnesium.

Audio Question from Jeff @ 01:00:29
A few podcasts ago we talked about a very young girl who has been doing half marathons at a high level and Ben was concerned about that. Jeff's 10-year-old son is doing a short triathlon soon and loves to run and wants to “be like his dad”. If he continues in his desire to run long distances (more than 3 miles at a time), is this something Jeff should reign him in on? He wants to encourage his son but not if it is detrimental to his development. What are your thoughts on youngsters in endurance sports and is there anything in particular he should be concentrating on nutritionally?

~ In my response to Jeff, I mention Lavamagazine.com.

Audio Question from Keith @ 01:10:24
He is planning to buy some liquid multivitamins that you recommended. He noticed that some of them are “for kids” and is wondering if there is a difference between then beyond flavour? Also, are there specific vitamins that children should be taking and is there any danger in giving an adult product to a child?

~ In my response to Keith, we discuss Kid's Liquid Multivitamins.

Audio Question from McKade @ 01:15:29
He is in the military and wants to know how to best increase his number of pushups, pullups, situps and chinups. What schedule would you recommend to increase these quickly.

~ In my response, I mention the Naked Warrior book and Ultimate Warrior Workouts.

Audio Question from Scott @ 01:22:25
Wants to know what your take is on doing cold exposure before a workout. Is there any research that suggests that there would be an increase in strength output (reps or weight) or delayed muscle fatigue leading to greater work capacity.

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12 thoughts on “Episode #210: What Is Detoxification and How Can You Detox Your Body?

  1. archielahey says:

    Great tips for a detox diet!

  2. cathy says:

    The Sweet Sweat product is really interesting. Ben, are you not concerned that Petrolatum is the main ingredient? Doesn't seem like I'd want to put that all over my skin.

    1. Yes not ideal, but it comes down to risk vs. reward. I use sparingly.

  3. @TheLoneMarmot says:

    This "Greasing the Groove" idea is the best piece of fitness advice I have heard for a long time! Thank you.

    I started last Thursday after the podcast and am already seeing benefits. It's a really effective protocol.

  4. Cathy says:

    Wow, thanks for the super thorough answer to my question Ben! My doctor is doing some of the things you've mentioned- and is focusing big time on Methylation. I am very interested in the Sweet Sweat- but I'm not too fond of the Petroleum as the main ingredient. Also- you never really answered the question on the Cold Therapy- good or bad for someone like me?

    1. Probably neutral Cathy. If anything, it may help a bit with nervous system, but only if you're willing to do the 30-60 minute version in around 55 degrees…

  5. Dan Lombardi says:

    Ben, got a question for ya…. Do you recommend any kid's probiotics? We have tried a few: "Rainbow Light Probiolicious Gummy", "Nature's Plus – Acidophikidz", and "Florastor Kids Probiotic Powder". When my daughter was young she had been on antibiotics for ear/sinus infections, and we have been giving her a probiotic once in a while to help restore good bacteria. Just wondering if you had something up your sleeve.


    1. We'd tried a few with our kids (who eat a ton of fermented foods by the way). Ultimately for us, the convenience of merely opening up one of our "adult" probiotic capsule and putting it into mashed potatoes, yogurt, etc. beats going out of your way to buy some kind of special probiotic for the kids. Make sure the strain you use has S. Boullardi in it -most don't, and that's what really gets killed off by those antibiotics.

  6. Dan Lombardi says:

    Great talk on detoxing… In addition to your tips, I have heard that nuts prevent the body from detoxing, do you agree? And I have heard (and experienced) that beets are good for detoxing… If I eat a beet, I will get a little itchy and exzema gets worse for a day…. if I juice a beet, I get bands of rashes all over my body. I also have leaky gut, but because of that I really feel the detoxification effect.

    You also touched on the P450 Pathway and Grapefruit juice, I just want to add for the listeners (and readers) to be very careful with drinking grapefruit juice with meds!!! It will amplify the effects and can be dangerous. Ben – do you know if the same would apply with supplements and grapefruit juice??


    1. Dan, I have not heard that about nuts nor seen any evidence for that to be true! Where did you see it? Regarding beets, yes, those can cause some liver detox.

      You are correct on grapefruit juice, and it can have a similar effect with supplements as well. I personally don't drink juice anyways due to the liquid calories, so it may be a moot point!

      1. Dan says:

        My Nutritionist told me this a year ago when I was trying to detox my body after taking Avelox…. and My Naturopath agreed with nuts keeping the liver from detoxing. I just did a quick Dr Google search and couldn't find anything, nor do I remember "why" they felt this was true. If I find out I'll let you know!

        I am with you about the juice, I don't drink it much… I stick to R.O. water, Kombucha, Green Tea, and Pellegrino… but just for others out there, you have been warned!

  7. Sam says:

    Brock, what are the details on your talk in Boston? Is it free if I am not coming to the conference? (I am in Boston, so would totally love to check it out if I can.

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