Q&A 430: How To Fix Bad Knees (Without Surgery), What *Really* Works For Weight Loss, Minimal Effective Dose Of Exercise, Carrot Cake Smoothies & Much More!

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Most people's “bad knees” don't really need surgery to get fixed…10:35
What *really* works for weight loss: (the theme of “continuous monitoring” is what really stands out…what gets measured gets managed, folks)…21:00
This artificial intelligence energy expenditure/calorie intake app is, based on their research and algorithms, one of the most accurate means out there to figure out how many calories per day you're burning/should be eating…26:30
-Want to maintain strength, endurance, muscle size, and more in LIMITED time with minimal effective dose? Here's how: (and I'll be addressing a podcast in detail to spill all the beans for you)…27:45

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Listener Q&A:

How To Increase NAD & NAD Salvage Pathways…38:20

Q: “Curious to know about your opinion regarding NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) boosters. A lot of them are made of precursors with at least one that claims to address the salvage pathway. Wondering if the compounds used to address the salvage pathways are doing other things less optimal?”

My comments and recommendations:

How Can Female Endurance Athletes Not Be Skinny-Fat…47:10

Q: A 52-year-old female athlete, still competing in marathons and dealing with menopause and that belly fat/weight gain…difficulty keeping calories up to perform as an athlete and at the same time doing intermittent fasting to drop weight…dieticians and coaches saying both cannot be done at the same time…

My comments and recommendations:
  • You cannot be an endurance athlete and be at peak health with fertility and endocrine function at the same time
  • Low-level physical activity throughout the day
  • Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield
  • Boundless by Ben Greenfield
  • Women who want to maintain aesthetics and endocrine function while getting good results on endurance training:
    1. Sacrifice at least 3 endurance training sessions each week and replace with plyometrics and weight training; HIIT 2-3 times per week, moderate time periods
    2. Go on a combined nutrient dense/calorie-dense form of Weston A. Price diet
    3. Sleep, sunshine, fresh air
    4. Minerals like:
  • Dutch Urine Test for hormone profile

How To Create Your Own Workout Routine…58:20

Q: How to start strength and conditioning training on my own?

My comments and recommendations:
  • Boundless outlines what to do if you are going to do your workout program, like:
    • What to do for strength
    • What to do for power
    • What to do for cardio
    • What to do for HIIT
    • What to do for mobility
    • What to do for fat loss
  • How Ben does his workouts:

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14 thoughts on “Q&A 430: How To Fix Bad Knees (Without Surgery), What *Really* Works For Weight Loss, Minimal Effective Dose Of Exercise, Carrot Cake Smoothies & Much More!

  1. Lisa says:

    I run a regenerative medicine clinic in Michigan (non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical) and for knee pain, my #1 option is ESWT – shock wave therapy. It is an amazing option for arthritis, meniscal tears, etc!

  2. Michael Goehner says:

    Hi Ben,

    is it true that there are no carrots in the Carrot Cake Smoothie?

    1. you can add carrot mash or sliced carrots.

  3. Launi Morris says:

    How do you download this episode? There used to be a “download symbol” you simply clicked on. It appears to be missing here. Help.

  4. Flow says:

    Hey guys,

    not sure if Ben or someone else is reading this and able to answer my question but I’d like to give it a shot :)

    I’m switching from a “endurance cardio” to a HIIT and HIT training protocol again. However, when training in the evening hours I have serious trouble falling asleep. It doesn’t interrupt my deep sleep but time to fall asleep is pretty bad. CBD wont help and I don’t want to take Melatonin too often. Any ideas why that is and what to do about it?

    Thanks and keep up the great work Ben.

    1. Alejandro says:

      take 400mg of L- Theanine, That’s been knocking me out, had to switch off melatonin due to nightmares and allergies to it.

      Also, let your eyes see direct sunlight as early as possible, without glasses. Direct light from sun…that’ll reset your circadian clock. Also, shut off normal lights, and use red color lights close to bedtime, and use red filter on your iphone. Also, workout earlier in day, been finding that to knock me out earlier as well. And keep your room as cool as possible, 62- 65 degrees fahrenheit.

      I used to have trouble sleeping, but been doing this for past 2 weeks and is working wonders.

      Hope this helps,


      1. Thanks for sharing some great tips Alejandro. This guide should be helpful as well: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/article/the-last…

  5. David Philip says:

    Ben, given that your knee pain now may be regarded as “chronic” have you considered the biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain?

  6. Timothy Lawler says:

    How does subcutaneous NAD supplementation compare with IV infusion…?

    1. Josh Holland's place.

  7. Lady Jaymes says:

    Have you heard of Regenokine? I’ve been a huge fan of stem cells for my arthritic knees, but I was getting tired of traveling to Panama for treatments. An NFL friend of mine told me that he and all of his NFL friends have been doing Regenokine and it’s the only thing that has kept them away from early retirement. There are only 3 doctors in the world who do this treatment and 2 of them are in New York and Florida. Thought one of those docs would be an incredible guest on your podcast.

    1. Erwin F Galan says:

      Lady James,
      I will be investrigating this. DO you know the name of the FL doctor?

  8. Bryan Hardy says:

    Looking forward to trying that carrot cake smoothie, I think I’ll add raisins and shredded raw carrot on top as well as some freshly ground nutmeg and perhaps a dollop of coconut whipped cream just to take it to the next level, thanks for the inspiration Ben!

    1. Bryan Hardy says:

      Yep, raisins and shredded carrot are definitely a keeper!

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