Podcast Episode #17: Eating Before Workouts, Recovery & Endurance Secrets

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Podcast, Recovery

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In this October 12, 2008 podcast, Ben Greenfield podcasts from the Hawaii Ironman Medical Conference on the following topics:

-cutting-edge research on getting the most out of your cardio training

-managing gut issues during exercise

-proprietary methods for enhancing recovery from your workouts

-how to achieve vast amounts of endurance in a very short period of time

This podcast also includes a special announcement about a new “Tip of the Week” newsletter from Ben's book: “100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism”.

Links included in this podcast:

100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Newsletter

Article on “Eating Before Your Workout”

Muscle-Trac Muscle Rolling Stick (recovery)

Foam Rollers from Perform Better (recovery)

Recover-Ease (proteolytic enzyme source for recovery)

Ben Greenfield's Triathlon Adventures

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One thought on “Podcast Episode #17: Eating Before Workouts, Recovery & Endurance Secrets

  1. BDD says:

    I know this is a long time ago when it was recorded, I am a new listener and listening to back episodes, but in your opinion would Spinervals provide the same work as the HIIT part of this podcast? Or are they seperate types of workouts?

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