Podcast Episode #63: What You Don’t Know About Bone Density

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In this free October 5, 2009 audio episode special edition recorded from Kona, Hawaii: what you don't know about bone density, recommendations on food combining, healthy saturated fats, whether you burn more calories in hot weather, off-season training tips, how to become a better cyclist and Ben's Ironman 2009 Hawaii Coverage from http://www.everymantri.com (link will open in new window so you don't have to close this one!) .

Featured Topic:

In today's featured topic, I interview Dr. Carolyn DeMarco. Dr. DeMarco is the author of the The Bone Building Solution – (2006) and the best selling book on women's health, Take Charge of Your Body, Women's Health Advisor (Well Women Press, revised 1997). Recommended by women's groups across the country, this book is the gold standard for women's health information. Her 2nd book is a mini-encyclopedia on natural remedies, Doctor DeMarco Answers Your Questions (Well Woman Press, 2000). Click here for an Amazon list of Dr. Carolyn DeMarco's fantastic books!

During the interview, Dr. DeMarco stresses several important points, including:

-Who needs to worry about bone density (hint: not just older females)…

-The underlying causes of low bone density….

-The best supplements and foods to put into your body to increase bone density…

-The increased risk among some people who begin building bone density too late in life…

-And much more!


Listener Q&A:

Listener Christine Asks: “Hi Ben, I just tried a hot yoga class and a friend of mine mentioned that you can burn up to 1000kcal per 90 minute session. This seemed to be on the high side & I got real curious about it. A quick google gave me an estimate of 300-1000kcal per hour.  I understand that my heart rate goes up and the heart works harder to keep me cool, but does my system really work that much harder to burn so many calories? I did an experiment after my tabata workout at the gym and got into the sauna. After about 5 minutes my heart rate was about 85 bpm and after about 10 min it was close to 100bpm. I plugged in two numbers into a calculator I found at http://www.triathlontrainingblog.com/?page_id=483. The first was my resting HR in a hot environment of 100bpm and the second was an estimate of my max HR doing hot yoga, about 160bpm. The calculator gave me  361 and 942 calories respectively.  I don't know my VO2 max so just used the suggested number of 35. I don't know the math behind the calculator, but was wondering if this is an accurate way of estimating calories burned in warm/hot environments (with heart rate) or if you know of a better way. I often see weight trainers at the gym all bundled up in sweats and wondered if this is really a good way of burning more energy and if I too should bundle up and hit the hot yoga class or sauna more often!”

Listener Chuck Asks: “I had a question on choosing real butter vs. trans-fat free margarine products so I went back and listened to podcast 12 where you talked about butter and saturated fats.  As you discussed, I've read a lot lately about the a moderate amount of saturated fats from butter and other products being healthy for the body.  From the natural, unprocessed sources of course.  With regards to this, are all saturated fats equal?  Would the saturated fat in butter be the same as that in bacon and the same as that in say a 96% lean ground beef?  Obviously, the overall consideration here is the amount of total fat in each product when it comes to making decisions about which to eat (bacon has more then lean beef).  But in terms of the saturated fats in these various foods, are they all equally “healthy”?”

Listener Todd Asks: “Ben, I listened to this Podcast #53 and #62, and have to say I was blown away. I had no idea that the typical non-pro athlete had access to this level of nutritional analysis. Thanks for being the guinea pig, and sharing your results. My question is that if you had to choose between Performance Testing (i.e. Blood lactate threshold testing, VO2MAX, etc.) or this type of testing from Bioletics, which one would provide more/better insight to your optimal performance? I think I already know the answer, but was curious to hear your take on this.”

Listener Rob Asks: “Have you ever come up with what type of foods to eat with each other?  We usually only eat beef once a week and when we do eat it it’s usually with vegetables, but wanted to know if you have ever put a plan like that together.”

Listener Cindy asks: “If I plan use the Triathlon Dominator Package to do an IronMan in November 2010 – what should I be doing during the months of November 2009, December 2009, and January 2010? I’m also interested in post IM.”

Also, Chuck calls in with a question about how to become a better cyclist, and Jason calls in with a question about the off-season of a triathlon.

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  1. jason mellet says:

    thanks for the advice ben.i am looking forward to my first winter so that i can put on a bit of lean muscle and also rest a knee that has started to bother me a bit. keep the podcast coming, we love em.

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