Podcast Episode #9: MUFA’s and Recovery

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In this podcast episode, Ben Greenfield introduces the concept of a MUFA, and why it may be the key to turning on the body's fat burning process. Also, a review of the new content at BenGreenfieldFitness.com (including the forum, the FAQ, and the discount page), and most significantly, an interview with Jerry White – a specialist in cutting-edge recovery techniques that go far beyond icing, stretching and massage!

Later this week, look for more content on the recovery techniques discussed in the interview with Jerry White.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #9: MUFA’s and Recovery

  1. Laurie Rhein says:

    The interview with Jerry White was awesome and most intriguing. Hope we hear more about his information on recovery. Thanks so much for assimilating such worthwhile research!

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