#223: What Is The Best Way To Use Beet Root Juice For Performance?

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Dec 27, 2012 free podcast: What Is The Best Way To Use Beet Root Juice For Performance? Also: how to measure your body's ph/acidity, what to do about dry mouth, is standing better than sitting or laying down, what is the best diet for Ankylosing Spondylitis, and the best sources of Omega3s.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Keith @ 00:17:25
He uses Body Rescue PH Testing Strips and runs 6.2 to 6.4, should he be worried about acidity?

~ In my response I mention this interview with Dr. Morton.

Audio Question from Moira @ 00:25:50
She is wondering if you know of any ways to deal with Dry Mouth.

Brandon wrote @ 00:30:57
Ben has been very good about explaining the detriments of sitting, but I was wondering what he recommends for the end of the day, just before bed. If I want to read a book, or something along those lines, before I go to sleep would a lying position be preferable to a sitting position? Does a lying position do positive things for the body that sitting does not, or should I just tough it out and stand (no matter what my legs want – ha ha)? Also are there any recovery or fat burning effects that take place in a laying position?

~ In my response I reference my article on standing workstations. I also recommend Gunnar glasses.

Dave asks @ 00:36:12
I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis about a year ago after some 6-12 months of chronic swelling in my Right knee and 2 toes on my Right foot. This started to occur about 6 months before my second Ironman, and got bad in my feet 2 months after that same Ironman. Basically I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do from a diet, exercise, massage, acupuncture point of view. Should I go Paleo and completely cut out Corn and everything that goes along with that? I've recently read some evidence around starchy foods potentially causing inflammation in people with A.S. I'm willing to go to the extremes on this, and in fact I think I may start instituting Ice baths during periods of inflammation.

~ In my response to Dave, I mention the bacteria “K Pneumoniae” and recommend the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to control this. As well as www.kickas.org.

Al asks @ 00:42:43
I've been drinking Beetroot juice for a while as an aid to performance in Sprint Distance triathlons but was wondering what the best way to drink it is. Should it be used as a daily supplement all the time throughout training and racing, or just as a boost before a race? What are the advantages / disadvantages of both approaches, and are there any downsides to drinking it daily (other than the comedy effects of pink pee).

~ In my response to Al, I mention Nitroceps from Millennium Sports( MSTBG10 for 45% off).

Sam asks @ 00:48:13
For anyone choosing to not use Fish Oil for Omega3 supplementation, getting O3s is more difficult. How much ALA can I eat from flax/hemp/chia in a given time period, without saturating my ability to absorb it? eg. If I make flax crackers, does my body stop absorbing the ALA after 1Tbs, 1cup… or more?

~ In my response I mention the post: Everything You Need To Know About How To Use A Slimy Green Plant to Slow Aging, Decrease Cravings and Recover Incredibly Faster.

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5 thoughts on “#223: What Is The Best Way To Use Beet Root Juice For Performance?

  1. ClimbingBloke says:

    Hi ben, I am looking for the beetroot study you mentioned in #223, or at least a full transcript of your answer to Al's Beetroot question. Thanks.

    1. the episode will be transcribed soon!Ben

  2. Dave says:

    : Ben,

    In your most recent podcast (Episode #223) – one of your listeners asked about Ph balance. You recommended for more detail to reference an earlier podcast with Dr. Morton. I went back and absorbed it. After all this, I still have a question.

    In Dr. Morton’s podcast he recommended alkalizing one’s diet as much as possible; a point which you agreed. Yet, in many of your podcasts you are recommending taking acids in a supplemental form of various kinds. As Dr. Morton indicated you should minimize acids – this sounds like it contradicts the many podcasts where you advocate ingesting different acids.

    I’m sure it isn’t contradictory; so can you eliminate my confusion?


    1. There is a difference between foods that, via their breakdown, resulting in a net acidic load within the body and the necessity of mineral depletion to restore alkalinity AND foods that may taste acidic (like lemons, which technically are not alkalinic but ARE alkalinizing). Took me awhile to get through Dr. Morter's writings on this subject but it makes sense once you get through it.

      My recommendations for HCL supplements are based on an acid DEFICIENCY in the STOMACH (which doesn't mean that you AREN'T acidic in your blood and urine). Basically, supplementation with HCL assists with protein digestion in the stomach, but doesn't "acidify" the rest of the body. So think of it the same as eating lemons (which help in a similar, albeit less potent fashion).

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