Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Hydrogen Water: Timing, Dosing, Delivery Mechanisms, Hydrogen Tablets, Hydrogen Water Machines, Hydrogen Inhalers & Much More!

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My guest on today's show, Robert Slovak, devoted his life to the science of water after life-altering experiences. He took his astronautical and mechanical engineering degrees and decided to pursue the research of reverse osmosis with his brother Jack to become one of the earliest developers of reverse osmosis technology.

After retiring from the corporate world, Robert left the country to bring advanced water technology to Brazil. While working in the rainforest he became sick with gastrointestinal illness due to unsanitary eating conditions in the small village. It was then he was taken to a biologist who had given him something called “Quinton Marine Plasma” to quickly eliminate the affliction. Robert left the Brazilian biologist the following morning convinced he had uncovered one of the greatest medicines of history, an imported marine solution from Spain.

But Robert went on to do plenty more, as we discuss in our previous episode “Water & Water Filtration: Everything You Need To Know About Water Filters, Alkaline Water, Structured Water, Hydrogen-Rich Water, Deuterium-Depleted Water & Much More!” In that episode, we discussed:

  • Which water filter is best…
  • Whether or not you should add minerals to your water…
  • What Robert thinks about alkaline water…
  • What structured, hydrogen-rich, and deuterium-depleted water (DDW) water are…
  • And much more…

In today's show, Robert and I decided to take a much deeper dive into hydrogen water, which I also discussed in very good detail with Tyler LeBaron of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute in the episode “The 30 Year Old Scientist Phenom Who Runs a 2:30 Marathon, Deadlifts 420 Pounds & Drinks Hydrogen Enriched Water.”

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Robert's history with hydrogen and water…11:15

  • He and a business partner invented the first hydrogen tablet in 2010 (Active H-)
  • This turned out to be the wrong name due to an erroneous way of thinking about hydrogen
  • Patrick Flanagan's Microhydrin
    • Silica hydride
    • Negative hydrogen ion (proton with 2 electrons)
    • Also known as “Mega H”
    • Although it was popular in some circles, Robert never endorsed it due to some questionable ingredients used
  • Magnesium in its elemental form (metallomagnesium)
  • Hydrogen water is on its way to becoming the next nitric oxide (NO)
  • Alkaline water generators produce hydrogen gas via electrolysis, which is then dissolved into the water
  • Many hydrogen producing machines are not generating an appreciable amount of hydrogen in the water
    • Age, design, water used are factors
  • Tablets are able to produce more hydrogen than older water generators, but the amount is affected by how much water it's diluted with
  • Why hydrogen generators are not consumer friendly:
    • Price point is $3-10k
    • Customer service issues
    • Tech is too new to be efficacious to the general public
  • H₂Blue titration test to measure the level of hydrogen in your water

-How hydrogen is unique among other compounds…25:18

  • Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe; can pass through many things other gases cannot
  • Non-polar, can diffuse through a cell membrane
  • BGF podcast with Tyler LeBaron
  • Redox (reduction-oxidation) reactions:
    • Nature always expects a balance between reduction and oxidation
    • Hydrogen supplies reduction; an electron is transported to the oxidizing agent
  • Hydrogen is a selective cytotoxic antioxidant; can induce or reduce inflammation depending on where in the body it's acting

-How hydrogen affects inflammatory pathways in the body…34:42

  • Hydrogen modulates and disables the NrF2 pathway
  • Hydrogen tablets in water is in no way a coronavirus remedy
  • Methylene blue was the first anti-malarial drug used
  • Methylene blue troches made by Dr. Ted Achacoso
  • NF-kB
  • Used to regulate cellular autophagy
  • The ways and means in which hydrogen is used grows continually

-Hydrogen administration methods…45:18

  • Inhalation devices have limited hydrogen production capabilities; 1-3 hours to get the equivalent of a tablet in water
  • Hydrogen-rich saline IVs
  • Prepackaged hydrogen cans and pouches:
    • Seal of the lid on the can must be exceptionally refined
    • Must be made of aluminum
    • Retains hydrogen content for a fair amount of time
    • Cans are far preferable to pouches in Robert's opinion
    • Hydro Shot can (use BEN for a 10% discount)
    • H Factor (pouch)
    • Low risk of metal absorption
  • Hydrogen should be consumed very quickly after exposure to air, either via tablet or can

-How Robert used hydrogen water to heal serious injury in miraculous time…55:37

  • Involved in a serious mountain bike accident that broke both ankles and ribs.
  • Put his feet in a tub and continuously added hydrogen tablets transdermally
  • In 3 days, he was walking pain-free
  • In 13 days, doctors marveled at the pace of his recovery
  • Don't make the water too hot; will cause the hydrogen to evaporate faster

-How hydrogen water tablets work, and what to look for in them…1:02:45

  • The tablet has only a few ingredients, however, the manufacturing process is incredibly intricate
  • Very difficult to add any ingredients such as flavors
  • The main variation is the amount of metallomagnesium used to generate hydrogen
  • 12:1 ratio (magnesium:hydrogen)
  • This makes tablets a terrific form of magnesium supplementation
  • There are no fillers or excipients in the tablets
  • Basic ingredients:
    • Magnesium
    • Carbohydrate binder (~2 mg dextrose)
    • Organic acid to support the reaction (it's not dissolving)
    • Lubricant (flavoring, sodium stearyl fumarate)
  • The tablets contain an FDA approved NDI (new dietary ingredient)

-Proper timing and dosage of hydrogen…1:12:04

  • In the morning, and within 30 minutes of eating
  • Not recommended to take prior to sleep because of a potential energizing effect
  • Robert's personal protocol:
    • 4 tablets daily, 2 at a time
    • 10 oz. of water for both
    • Consume when the tablets have disappeared
  • Swallowing the tablets whole is discouraged

-Other compounds to stack with hydrogen…1:18:00

-And much more!

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43 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Hydrogen Water: Timing, Dosing, Delivery Mechanisms, Hydrogen Tablets, Hydrogen Water Machines, Hydrogen Inhalers & Much More!

  1. steph says:

    Where do I buy the hydrogen tabs?

    1. Drew says:

      I got some from iHerb.com and amazon.co.uk

  2. Larry Brun says:

    Are these the same tablets (Active H2 Ultra) to use for soaking in the bathtub? If so, wouldn’t you need a whole bottle?

    Anybody experience soaking injuries in bath of H2 Ultra?



  3. I started doing hydrogen tablet + vit C + baking soda a few months ago and love it – first thing in the morning. Prior to doing this, I used to mix up turmeric, ginger, cayenne, and half a squeezed lemon. The past few weeks, I’ve added everything to the hydrogen cocktail, except the lemon. Do you think this has any adverse effect on the hydrogen water cocktail? I can do the turmeric cocktail later in the day… but prefer to have it all at once, in the morning.. Any feedback is greatly appreciated – the turmeric/ginger/cayenne are in organic powder form..

    1. Mark Andrew Blashkiw says:

      Ben, do you still mix a hydrogen tablet with vitamin c, baking soda, and filtered water? Is it safe to drink coffee within 10 minutes of that or should we be waiting longer so we don’t lose the positive effects of the alkalizing hydrogen/C/baking soda water?

  4. RJ Hetherman says:

    Im ordering hydrogen generator hydrolux from secret energy can be drank or inhaled says 3500ppb, its $400

  5. Duane says:

    One can purchase hydrogen gas generators, like those used in laboratories, for around $800. Any reason why you cannot connect the gas output from this device to a nebulizer and inhale directly?

    1. Duane says:

      A little further research brought my attention to this machine: Hydrogen Nebulizer AMS-H– 3 in 1 Combohttps://www.taiwantrade.com/product/hydrogen-nebulizer-ams-h-3-in-1-combo-775078.html#

  6. Heidi Hill says:

    Thanks for a great podcast! Curious about using the hydrogen tablets in deuterium depleted water – are there any further benefits?

  7. A says:

    Hi Ben, thanks for this fantastic podcast!

    How about using Hydrogen Water/Tablets before an X-ray or a DEXA scan?

    Would that help? And how many tablets you think would be needed?

    Is there a risk of ingesting too much magnesium when trying to protect the body from radiation using lots of tablets in a day?

    Dr. Shigeo Ohta says the effect of a tablet lasts for an entire day, even if the hydrogen gets out from the body in 1 hour.

    Thank you!

    1. A says:

      Hi again,

      It would be also interesting to know what other simple things can be stacked on top of hydrogen water before undergoing X-ray or DEXA, and how long in advance.
      (Ascorbic Acid, or better, Liposomal C? Vitamin E? NAC? (Reduced) Glutathione?)
      Do you know if there are actually studies which looked into this? i.e. checking the status before and after, etc.?


  8. Marek Koch says:

    For the folks in Germany, i can highly recommend the brand aquah specifically aquah B+. They have premium quality hydrogen enriched water for a really competitive price. We tested a couple of bottles and they are all in the 1.4 to 1.5 PPM range. They are also alkaline but we learned that this doesn’t matter much.
    The water also works really well for topical use like skin injuries and so on.

  9. JB says:

    Any issues combining the H-Bath tablets with electrical muscle stimulation?

  10. Jimmy Him says:

    I bought WOW RO System straight from the factory because Robert Slovak last podcast.

  11. Mag says:

    He says that 80mg magnesium is the upper limit per tablet and you look at all the brands and most of them are at 80mg per tablet, with one notable exception — his brand. Active H2 is only 60mg per tablet but just about as expensive as the 80mg per tablet brands. According to this talk, the amount of magnesium is directly related to the amount of hydrogen, so it seems to me his brand is not the best choice.

    1. Angela says:

      Both the Active H2 Ultra + raspberry and the Active H2+ Chromax contain 80 mg of magnesium. https://waterandwellness.com/pages/shop-all

      1. J says:

        Any issues combining the H-Bath tablets with electrical muscle stimulation?

      2. ALL water and wellness molecular hydrogen tablets contain 80mg of Magnesium.

  12. Cheap Biohacker says:

    Notably missing from this discussion is that you can make your own hydrogen water for dirt cheap with a high purity magnesium rod and some malic acid. Combine the two in water in a vented test tube placed in an expandable water bottle, let the reaction play out, shake, put it in the freezer for 2 hrs, shake, and you’ve got 5+ppm.

    Also note that Slovak essentially describes a cartel controlling the manufacturing (and therefore pricing) of these magnesium water tablets. Slovak and Ben are both taking 4 per day. They cost about $1 each. $4/day is a pretty expensive biohack, especially since you can achieve the same results for next to nothing.

    1. Cheap Biohacker says:

      For anybody interested, I posted instructions on how to make your own 5ppm hydrogen water on the cheap.


      1. Alex says:

        I’ve been using a very similar process for years.

      2. Danny says:

        Interesting..so you drop the test tube containing the rod and dissolved malic acid (with a stopper / piercing needle) in a container of water. Can you share any more direction…ie is this a regular sized test tube, how long to you keep the tube in the water, can you reuse the rod? etc thx much for any more details..You Tube video? :)

      3. DUANE KIDMAN says:

        Based upon my calculations, you will produce mostly Magnesium Malate and a very small amount of Di-Hydrogen gas.

    2. Lynn Tapper says:

      check out Dr, Hidemitsu Havashi’s Hydrogen Rich water stick – $80 on amazon. You add 1-3 sticks to water and keep it in the water. Lasts 6 mos or so if cleaned monthly with vinegar. Cheaper than machines and less hassle. Recommended by holistic
      nutritionist I follow

  13. Adam says:

    Appreciate you guys doing this follow up episode!

    I am curious if it is okay to mix other supplemental powers such as creatine or Tian Chi in with hydrogen water after the hydrogen tablet has been dissolved. Would the stirring or the additional supplements perhaps weaken/interfere chemically with the hydrogen water?


    1. Angela says:

      It is unlikely that there will be a negative reaction or some contraindication. However, its not recommended since we don’t know the numerous potential ingredients its being mixed with. Nevertheless, if you are going to do it, you should dissolve the ingredients first and then add the tablet, if you add the tablet first and then try to dissolve the ingredients then most of the H2 gas will escape out.

  14. Dan Ordoins says:

    Is timing of drinking the hydrogen water matter? With a meal ok or should it be in a faster state?

    1. Dr. Ang says:

      It’s okay to take with a meal, but it may be better to take on an empty stomach.

  15. Ben Gravenkamp says:

    I was curious if anyone had any thoughts on the portable hydrogen water bottles that use electrolysis to make hydrogen water? Most are about $100. Seems like a cheaper way to get your hydrogen water…if they work.

    1. Dan Ordoins says:

      Interested too as I have purchased one myself.

    2. Angela says:

      The problem is they often don’t work or not for long. Often those units claim to make 0.8 to 2 ppm, but in reality they often make 0.1 to 1 ppm. The few that do make above 1 ppm may only work for a couple weeks at giving that concentration. I would encourage you to purchase an H2Blue test kit from waterandwellness.com to test your water and check! Keep in mind you are getting over 8mg of H2 in one molecular hydrogen tablet!

    3. thomas says:

      Yes those portable hydrogen bottles DO work and they DONT cost 3000 like slovak was claiming. The electrolysis machiens slovak was talking about is the ON-DEMAND hydrogen generators, meaning you dont have to wait for a timer to infuse the hydrogen, it makes the hydrogen in real time, which is convenient, but obviously will result in lower PPM of hydrogen. For the portable hydrogen generators, the SPE/PEM technology is what you want to look for. Platinum Coated Plates to protect from leaching of any metals during electrolysis is important. Most of the legitimate portable bottles have that.

      These bottles usually range from $130-300. They have a 3 minute and 7 minute timer usually. 7 minutes will produce around 1.3PPM on average. You can increase the PPM of hydrogen to 2PPM+ if you do two 7 minute cycles. So 14 minutes of infusing hydrogen into a 400ml bottle of water will give you ~2PPM hydrogen water. Theres a more expensive one for 280$ that can infuse 4PPM of hydrogen in 10 minutes, but most the $150 ones are around 2PPM for 14min. Usually these devices come with a glass bottle. But if you screw on a plastic water bottle like from evian or whatever brand fits your device, you can increase the PPM 1-2x as much because they are able to build up more pressure before it starts leaking out. So more pressure can push more hydrogen into the water.

      I tested this myself with the H2 Blue. It can take up to around 20 drops before the water becomes completely blue, which means the water can no longer provide anti-oxidants to combat the methylene blue (which causes oxidation). And each drop is supposed to be approximately .1PPM. So 10 drops of H2 Blue is equal to 1PPM hydrogen. 1 PPM hydrogen is the concentration that most of the hydrogen studies claimed benefits at. So if your device can do at least 1PPM hydrogen then its good enough for the average person. Perhaps cancer patients need stronger, which they would need the pills like slovak sells, OR you would just need to drink more hydrogen water at one time, which is the more economical method.

      These are some sites that sell these portable devices. I recommend them compared to amazon and ebay ones because those are from china sellers and the quality is all over the place.


      i dont sell hydrogen generators btw lol. Ive had my portable generator for 4 years now, still works. Back then SPE/PEM was state of the art, but now its just common place for hydrogen machines.

      1. thomas says:

        Nowadays these portable hydrogen generators also have a nasal calendula or whatever its called, that you attach to the top and instead of building up the hydrogen in the bottle, it just goes into the tube that you put in your nose and you can inhale hydrogen gas. Of course it wouldnt be as potent as hydrogen generators that are especially made for producing the gas, but its a little extra thing you could do if you were interested aside from drinking the water.

  16. Jeff says:

    I dissolve 80 mg of hydrogen in 10 ounces of water. Immediately following consumption I have a metallic taste primarily around the area of my crowns. Should I be concerned?

    Thanks for a great show.


    1. Angela says:

      Several people have reported this before, but also that it goes away. It could be the organic acids in the tablet, but H2 is not going to have a negative impact on the teeth.

    2. Lynn Tapper says:

      you may have metal crowns – need to get porcelain or titanium or zirconium crowns. Metal is leaching.

  17. Cindy Haigh says:

    Tablets are great for traveling. I use ECHO machine at home. I drink much more and avoid near meals and at night too, I add NES neutriceutical to bottle (16 oz) and finish and cap within 5 -10 min. I have noticed energy improvement with my CIRS/ME from mycotoxin poisoning. Not recovered yet but will continue. I wish you could cover mold/mycotoxin in future podcast.
    PS What do you think of NES? MiHealth etc.

  18. David Hunt says:

    i have acute back pain and mild hernia…50 years old….weightlifter and fitness enthusiast for my whole life..i will try hydrogen water/ baths and the towel soak method..anything to see if this helps :) ..will keep you posted

    1. Kirsten says:

      I have had a hamstring tear for years. I will try the soak too – but curious if you have tried this yet, David? Also, not sure if there was a code to get a percentage off?

  19. Justin says:

    He steeps himself in water? Hm. So he likes hot tubs.

  20. Dai says:

    Now he calls it Megahydrate. We still use it for cycling long distances.

  21. Rob says:

    Is my understanding that the H saturation depends on the water amount correct? What would happen if one were to dissolve the tablets in a small amount of water, say 4oz?

    1. Dr. Ang says:

      So, that will increase the CONCENTRATION of molecular H2 but NOT the total amount of molecular H2- which is what is important. Most people are tricked by the concentration and it is used to promote products because the H2 Blue test gives concentration. A tablet reacts with water to produce a given amount of H2 gas which dissolves (super saturated) in the water (mostly) as follows…
      Magnesium – Molecular Hydrogen chemistry: Mg + 2H2O > Mg(OH)2 + H2 gas
      A tablet with 80 mg Magnesium reacts to produce 8.3 mg of H2.

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