Podcast Episode #45: The Shocking Information About A Compound That Pharmaceutical Companies Really Don’t Want You to Know About.

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j0255373Every once in awhile, I discover shocking information that pharmaceutical companies really don't want you to know.

This is information about therapies so simple, so elegant and so natural that they just can't be patented and sold for millions of dollars. For example, Podcast Episode #31 revealed Oil of Oregano to be one of the most potent and healthy anti-viral and anti-septic agents you could add to your kitchen cupboard, for under thirty bucks.

In this free May 27 audio episode,I introduce another entirely natural and inexpensive compound that literally lies directly beneath your feet, in the soil. I've had my eye on this particular compound for several months, because it packs a powerful punch for human physical performance, testosterone release, muscle and strength gains, elimination of fatigue, cardiovascular health and reduction of heart attack risk, bone density, and a solution for muscular cramps and spasms.

I truly believe that a whole new world of sports medicine is going to explode onto the scene when athletes and coaches find out that this 100% natural and legal performance aid is available for simple and convenient topical use.

The compound is Magnesium Chloride, and I was able to hunt down one of the world's experts on the therapeutic use and application of the various forms of magnesium.

Dr. Mark Sircus holds the honorary title of doctor of Oriental medicine and was one of the first nationally certified acupuncturists in the United States. For many years he has been researching into the human condition and into the causes of disease. His primary focus in recent years has been the study of environmental toxicity and diseases and he has written many books on the poisons in our environment, our foods, medicines and dental practices. Dr. Sircus is the director of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA), which is currently advocating radical changes in orthodox medicine.

Before you read about the completely untapped resource that Dr. Sircus and I discuss in this week's audio podcast, I would highly recommend that you quickly reviewthis article on magnesium and sports performance, this article on magnesium and musculoskeletal integrity, and this article on transdermal magnesium therapy.

During our discussion, Dr. Sircus reveals…transdermal

-The identity of three compounds that he considers to be the “Holy Trinity of Medicine”, which most Western doctors rarely consider in therapy…

-A raging epidemic of magnesium deficiency, and why you cannot store enough magnesium in your own body…

-The shocking complete underutilization of magnesium, especially by sports teams, coaches, and athletes…

-Why magnesium is one of the leading causes of heart attacks in young, healthy people who die during exercise…

-How much magnesium really ends up getting transferred (or not transferred) from the soil into your fruits and vegetables…

-What the general population will discover about chronic fatigue and fat loss when they begin using topical magnesium…

-The best source to find topical magnesium oil (click here for an actual link to Dr. Sircus's #1 Recommended Source for Topical Magnesium Oil)


If you find this information intriguing, and you as a coach, athlete or weekend warrior want to learn even more about the topic, Dr. Sircus's impressive book  “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy”is available by clicking here.In the meantime, I am personally introducing this unbelievable sports performance compound to the training and racing protocols of myself and the athletes that I coach, as well as the individuals who I consult for fat loss and energy. We are using a simple spray-on application for the fore-arms, prior to exercise. I have found a reliable source to be Magnetic Clay Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil.

Also in this podcast episode:

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sports-geek-“The Skinny Guy Who Needs Muscle” – just released on May 19: Remember that last week I mentioned my friend Jeff Andersen, and his special program for “skinny guys” who want to put on muscle as quickly and safely as possible? The entire package was just released on May 19. I've seen it, and it's pretty incredible. The author, Jeff Andersen, is giving away some unique free tips on the program's website, including a review of the body's 2 most anabolic hormones,  a workout training technique that targets over 300% new muscle tissue, and a  $.08 “Miracle Supplement” that significantly increases muscle-protein uptake. The program is called “Hardgainer X” and you can click here to get it, or just to read his free and unique tips for building muscle quickly.

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Listener Q&A: I answer the following question  in the May 28, 2009 free audio episode:

From Listener Al: “1. Is there value in training hard after depleting a third or more of your glycogen stores to improve mitochondrial density? 2. Can one train his/her body to preferentially utilize fats at race pace?”

Do you have a question? Remember, you can now ask your questions via *audio* to me via the free Skype software by simply “Skyping” me at username “pacificfit“. You can also call toll free to 1-877-209-9439 and leave a voicemail for Ben Greenfield.

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17 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #45: The Shocking Information About A Compound That Pharmaceutical Companies Really Don’t Want You to Know About.

  1. Greg says:

    Can you get the same benefit as the mineral cream identified above from taking magnesium as a pill or in the natural calm you reference?

    1. I've found both forms to work well. https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/ben-recommends/s… before you go to bed helps with sleep, recovery, and even higher energy levels the next day and https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/ben-recommends/d… is great for overall skin health, preventing muscle cramps, and eliminates absorption issues some may experience with oral forms.

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  5. julien says:

    thanks for this Ben !

    and do you know a good product (pill) for a daily takes of magnesium ?

  6. The Marcellus Shale says:

    His primary focus in recent years has been the study of environmental toxicity and diseases.

  7. baltic amber says:

    So those are a couple ways that you could actually get thebody to burn fat.

  8. Fitness Health Talk says:

    Your post is wonderful; I hope to read more of your articles in the future. Keep up the good work!

  9. bdlivenews says:

    I am impressed with the content of the article..hey really awesome post thanks for that really you show awesome good interest about that point . your discussion is also very
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  10. chiro columbia sc says:

    Your research is wonderful. I can’t believe that I hadn’t read this sooner. I'm sure chiropractors will be utilizing this information as well, soon.

  11. Chainsaw ripper says:

    Hi Ben
    I'm another who worries about "miracle supplements" and "secret fat loss" systems. In fact I not only worry about them, I flat out disbelieve the claims of most of them.

  12. Yes, read his book –it has tons of references.

  13. Quite Skeptical says:

    How can I trust Mr. Sircus (I'd be careful about referring to him as a doctor. He is neither an MD or a PhD, as far as I can tell.) about magnesium–or anything else this man peddles–when his stance on immunizations is not validated by the science? Not only that, he manipulates quotations in his blog to basically continue to instill fear of vaccines in his readers. (How did an avoidance of the measles vaccine work out for France and England this year?) One wonders what else Mr. Sircus is dishonest about.

    Do you have any links to studies about magnesium and sports performance that have been peer reviewed? The link you provide above just takes me to the main page of the IMVA website. (That's quite some propaganda.)

  14. eldadenisse says:

    Hey Ben,
    How and when is the best and more effective time to use the Magnesium oil (Ancient mineral)? before sleep, after exercise, after shower? I am a long distance runner. Hope you can help me.
    Thank you!

    1. I'd go 10-15 sprays on each leg post bike/run/lower body workout, or arms/shoulders post swim/upper body workout. Do it after you shower and you've dried off.

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