Core Coiling Madness With The Insane Inventor Of The Bosu Ball, The “Club” & Much More: The David Weck Podcast.

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David Weck is slightly insane. 

You may already know this if you have seen any of his crazy “Weck Method” videos.

And the dude is wicked smart. He is the creator of WeckMethod and the CEO and Founder of BOSU Fitness. He is the inventor of the BOSU Balance Trainer, the new WeckMethod BOSU Elite, the RMT Club, and other products. He has worked in fitness for more than 22 years and has helped people of all fitness levels including elite athletes from multiple sports. He is a consummate student of movement who believes physical education is the foundation for a happy and healthier world.

Not only that, but just a few weeks ago, he descended upon my home in Spokane, and you get to listen into the pure fitness madness that ensued – and pick up some very fringe, little-known tactics that are going to make your core absolutely unstoppable.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The crazy thing that happened to David when he was just six years old…[11:45]

-How David's father's expectations for him to be “the best” transitioned into violence, trouble, and drinking…[23:27]

-How David ate 10,000 calories a day in high school and college…[26:17]

-How David, while playing D3 football, invented his own defense system using brains, not brawn…[27:40]

-The reason Ben reads a book a day and why David learned speed reading too…[31:00]

-The rollerblading obsession that turned David into a student of biomechanics, with very weak feet…[39:30]

-Why David consumed 4-6 drinks a day and a bottle of Aleve a week for years, and eventually developed a toxic, “oozing” body…[44:50] 

-The very first core “breakthrough” David had after seeing Paul Chek land on a stability ball…[48:40]

-How David built the very first ever Bosu Ball – and turned it into a global phenomenon…[54:00]

-The stimulating THC experience that allowed David to make huge strides in his movement training…[62:30]

-The electroconvulsive therapy that David used to break his addiction to weed…[69:00]

-Why David thinks so much of what is done in training today is complete nonsense, including the movement advice from people like Stu McGill…[84:00]

-The reason most people train their core completely wrong and the new handheld device David invented to fix that…[86:25]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

Facebook Live video shot with David in my driveway

The Weck Method

-The Bosu Ball (Use code Ben10 for 10% off)

RMT Club (Use Code Ben10 for 10% off)

The “Pulsers” that David invented to hold in your hands while running and moving to teach the coiling motion as you run using the “double down” pulse – use 10% code BEN10

My podcast with Chris Holder

My podcast with Paul Chek

Vision Gym training program

Awareness Through Movement book on Feldenkrais

The podcast about the Circadia device that Ben uses for mild electroconvulsive therapy

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21 thoughts on “Core Coiling Madness With The Insane Inventor Of The Bosu Ball, The “Club” & Much More: The David Weck Podcast.

  1. Pam M. says:

    I wanted to be sure people have the opportunity to know what ECT really is and what damage it can cause. Please see this link and educate yourself before ever considering it.…

  2. Brian Haynes says:

    Ben, you mentioned a book that had exercises for the eyes…? Can you point me in the right direction? I had perfect eyesight but noticed in the last couple months that I am struggling to read things close up to me. I’m turning 40 in a couple days and am not ready to rock reading glasses… Thanks, love your work!

      1. Brian Haynes says:

        Thank you!

  3. David Putterman says:

    LOVED this interview and the FB video!!! Question for David…Lionel Sanders is one of the top professional long course triathletes (he recently took 2nd in Kona). He frequently gets knocked for his “ugly” running style, yet he is one of the sport’s best runners. Watching and listening to you on the FB video about power and running ford made me realize why Lionel is such a good runner….I am pretty sure he runs as you describe. Have you ever seen a video of him running? If so, is this close to the running form you suggest? Thanks!

    Now it’s time for me to get some Pulsers!

  4. Blake says:

    I was ready to order the Pulsers till I saw the shipping to the US was $23.85 for 8 oz! No other shipping options.

    1. Shipping should be $7.95, and is coming up as that for me. Can you check again and let us know if you're still having this problem?

      1. Blake says:

        I see now, they do not combine shipping. Club ships free, add a pulser and shipping jumps to $7.95 add another, as recommended, and its $15.90 want to get all three pulsers and its $23.85. even if you buy the club which ships free.

  5. Chris Durfee says:

    So is this the new format? Is it a infomercial podcast now? And calling the president a punk? Your credibility is at a all time low now.

    1. Omar says:

      Calling him a punk is being nice, he’s been more than a punk.

  6. Justin says:

    BEN10 promo code did not work for me!

    1. For which product? I'll have somebody look into it.

      1. Omar says:

        I tried ordering the pulsers, code didn’t work for me either.

        1. We're working on it. I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed!

        2. Site has been updated, should be working now!

    2. Should be working now!

  7. Anne Beneville says:

    What a great podcast! Thank you Ben & David. I’m a Pilates instructor & it’s so refreshing to hear someone in the fitness/health world talk “Pilates talk” regarding gait & connections in the body. This is what I like to call ‘functional’ training because it addresses the entire body starting with the feet. Great stuff!!!

    And I’m re-engerized to incorporate my BOSU balls into my clients’ training.


  8. Bill says:

    Hi Ben and David,

    Could the pulsers be used for any benefit with hiking or trail walking or is the movement not explosive enough? Some back issues keep me from running although I’m trying to work up to that.

    1. Hi Bill,

      From David: "The Pulsers can and should be used without running or walking – standing drills. We also perform single arm Pulsing when walking which enables you to harness the power, without over powering your stride. Up hills they work great for walking…"

      Hope this helps!

      1. Bill says:

        Thank you Ben but the answer leaves me a bit confused. Your first sentence says they can and should be used “without” running or walking then the last sentence it says that up hills they work great for walking. Hopefully this means they are beneficial for walking.

        1. …can be used for things other than running or "walking – standing drills", not walking. They are beneficial for walking.

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