Cyclic Ketosis, “Thinkitating”, Bad-Ass Meditation, Morning Routines & More With Quest Nutrition Founder Tom Bilyeu

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My guest today is no underachiever. His name is Tom Bilyeu, and if you've ever munched on a Quest Nutrition bar, you've probably nibbled on a bit of Tom's genius.

Tom is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition – a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion – and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. His mission is the creation of empowering media-based IP and the acceleration of mission-based businesses. Personally driven to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world, Tom is intent to use commerce to address the dual pandemics of physical and mental malnourishment.

Tom regularly inspires audiences of entrepreneurs, change makers, and thought leaders at some of the most prestigious conferences and seminars around the world, including Abundance 360, A-fest, and Freedom Fast Lane. Tom has also been a guest on the Tony Robbins podcast and The School of Greatness podcast and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Success, and The Huffington Post. Tom is also currently on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Tom sleeps for five hours a night and wake with no alarm…[8:15]

-Tom's technique of “thinkitating”…[16:45]

-Why Tom says meditation is critical to becoming a bad-ass…[23:47]

-The “push-pull” split Tom does in his home gym each morning…[28:20]

-How Tom reads 50 books a year, all via audio…[30:45]

-The best book Tom has reviewed or read so far in 2017…[40:00]

-Why Tom wants to build a business that is bigger than Disney…[43:15]

-How Tom eats a high-protein diet combined with ketosis in his own personal routine…[61:00]

-Why Tom says that there is a “pandemic of physical and mental malnourishment” that he wants to fix…[73:20]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

The Audible app that Tom and Ben talk about

Book “Disrupt You” by Jay Samit

Ben's Snapchat channel

Quest nutrition

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Healing & Recovery by Dr. David Hawkins

Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf

The FASTER study by Jeff Volek

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15 thoughts on “Cyclic Ketosis, “Thinkitating”, Bad-Ass Meditation, Morning Routines & More With Quest Nutrition Founder Tom Bilyeu

  1. jord says:

    Where is the evidence that high protein leads to cancer, and “ageing”?

    What is HIGH protein?

    Also, what is the point of using protein to get out of ketosis like this guy implements?

    That’s basically expensive carbohydrates. Why not just eat some carbohydrates?

    Or do you think eating carbohydrates is going to lead to cancer too?

  2. Dave says:

    Ben I would LOVE to learn more about what Tom is doing with high protein for training days to make carbs instead of eating carbs. Can you please touch on this and meal timing? I take it Tom is not doing 20-30g protein/meal every few hours?

    Somehow I just dont think cavemen would do that. Wanting abit more support on my idea of eating a big hunk of meat either as one giant meal or two would still work just as well for weight training days.

  3. Mark Randall says:

    Hello Ben

    Also just tried to access the audible app – still sends me to buying the Quest Bars @ June 29, 2017. Really keen to access the app as I would like to start using audio books for my work. Kind regards

    1. I have my team looking into this.

  4. Jamie Bland says:

    Hi Ben.
    Another absorbing podcast – Showing my thanks as a regular and engrossed fan.
    just to let you know the top link: The audible app… does not send to the right webpage.

    1. We'll sort it out – thanks!

  5. Josh L says:

    Ben , you briefly mentioned a blood test that can help with personalized macronutrient ratios ?? Which test is this ?

    Thanks !


    1. This is the DNAFit test!

  6. Clint says:

    I have the same question as Richard- Sucralose? I’d be curious to know if Tom and his partners would entertain the idea of ditching that artificial sweetener.

  7. richard hay says:

    Comment on products and ingredients (corn, Sucralose)?

  8. Trey Martin says:

    That was a great podcast, Ben and Tom. Question for Tom: can you give a more in-depth description of your diet? It would be good to know what a regular Calorie and Macronutrient breakdown looks like for your weight lifting/cardio when you’re leaning out/off days, etc. When you say you do a “higher protein” on lifting days, what constitutes “higher” protein?


  9. Aron McNicholas says:

    Audible app link connects to Quest amazon page instead of audible page. Is there a name for the company or another link?

  10. RON ALPERT says:

    I am training for a marathon and century ride later this year, and thought vegan ketosis would work. I see that you did this years ago. Did it work or not? Any recommendations? I am thinking of cycling ketosis 4 days/wk.


  11. Stephanie says:

    Quest bars are the only bars I eat. Ucan fan as well. Good listen, thanks.

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