[Transcript] – Magic Chocolate, Holotropic Breathwork, Grounding, Earthing, Vortexes, Crystals & More With Shamangelic Healer Anahata Ananda.

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[00:00] Introduction/Joovv Light

[07:20] About Anahata Ananda

[09:30] Sedona as a Center for Sound and Spiritual Healing

[20:25] Anahata’s Journey into Shamangelic Healing

[32:40] Ben’s Initial Session with Anahata

[37:45] Anahata’s “Treatment Room”

[39:39] GetKion/Birdwell Beach Britches

[48:00] Anahata’s Breathwork and the Altered State you Get Into

[56:45] Other Modalities Anahata Uses

[1:01:55] Anahata’s Take on Plant Medicine

[1:15:35] End of Podcast

Ben:  Magical chocolate, holotropic breath work, grounding, earthing, vortexes, crystals, yeah.  This podcast has all of that and a whole lot more in it.  It’s a podcast episode that I recorded with my friend Anahata from Sedona, Arizona.  You’re about to take a dive into the woo, but first, this podcast is actually brought to you by something that is sitting in front of me right now.  I have my pants pulled down while I am recording this commercial, and I have my pants pulled down in front of this light.  It is called a Joovv light.  It produces infrared rays that, based on this concept of what is called photobiomodulation, increase testosterone levels.  Now if you’re a woman and you don’t have something to dangle in front of the light, well it’s also wonderful for collagen and for skin health.  I actually put one behind me and I take my shirt off too.  Basically I don’t wear any clothes when I’m working, and I shine it on my skin and it’s great for the back, it’s wonderful for scars, it’s wonderful to produce almost like a full body Viagra effect because it releases a bunch of nitric oxide.  These Joov lights are something I even use to light up my office at night to create more of a firelight effects rather than a sleep-inhibiting bright blue light effect.  Well, you get a big, fat discount over at Joovv.  $25 discount on anything from Joovv, you just go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/joovv.  Now I own the Max, that’s the one I like, but they make smaller versions, too.  They’re the little ones you can put in your suitcase, the Joovv.  I’m sorry, check out bengreenfieldfitness.com/joovv and use code BEN25 on your Joovv.

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In this episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Show:

If it’s not in the right dose, if it’s not at the right time, if it’s not for the right ailment, if you’re going for the wrong reason or it’s not held in the right container, then it will become a poison even if it has medicinal qualities.” “I started meditating and I was cleansing and detoxing and fasting and doing breathwork.  My whole physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual body shifted completely.” “I explain it like using a room to kinda sweep out the basement of stuff that we just don’t wanna deal with.  Those traumas, insecurities…”

Ben:  Hey folks, it’s Ben Greenfield and it’s been about 4 months since I went to, for the first time in my life, Sedona, Arizona.  Everybody was telling me “you gotta go to Sedona, go do some sound healing, go meet with some of the crazy folks over there who are forward thinkers especially in the realm of spirituality and spiritual healing and also go experience the magical energy that is in that place.  So finally, I went to Sedona and I knew that when I went to Sedona, there were a few things that I had to do. (a) I had to go to a place that my friend highly recommended to me called ChocolaTree.

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  Crazy good restaurant there, chock full of just what it sounds like, mostly chocolate-infused superfoods.  I was also told I had to go see this dude named Porungai and go do like, he has this crazy vibrating sound table and plays didgeridoo and gongs and heals you with sound frequencies as you lay on his table.  I stayed out at my friend Aubrey Marcus’ spirit ranch out there, peaceful place out in the middle of nowhere, and I also met with someone who actually Aubrey had really recommended me to meet with for energy healing, an emotional release session.  Her name is Anahata Ananda, and so I drove into Sedona, pulled up in front of Anahata’s house in my little rent-a-car.  It was the first stop I made when I got into Sedona, and I went into her house and what ensued was a couple of hours of Anahata just basically taking a deep, deep dive into what I really desired in life, who I truly was, who I truly wanted to be in terms of my authentic self and being able to express that to the world in a really meaningful way that help people out.

I was so excited after those couple of hours, I remember this Anahata, I rushed out to the hills back behind your house, and I found this little hiking trail and I actually shot a video.  I shot a video, and it was like a Facebook live video. I put this out on Facebook, you guys can watch it right now. I’m gonna put it in the show notes, I’ll tell you how to get to the show notes in a second, but I shot this video in which I took a deep dive into and talked about all the things that I experienced while working with Anahata, and you can go watch that video over at bengreenfieldfitness.com/anahata.

Who is Anahata? She’s the founder of something called Shamangelic Healing based in Sedona, Arizona, like I mentioned.  Her website is shamangelichealing.com, as in like a shaman angel, shamangelichealing.com.  She does spirituality and energy healing, self-empowerment, emotional release, couple and family work, visualization techniques, breathwork, a lot of things we’re gonna talk about today.  And she’s an incredibly nice person, described as someone who blends the compassion and tenderness of an angel and the wisdom and strength of a shaman.  So there you have it, Shamangelic, see what she did there? So Anahata, welcome to the show.

Anahata:  Thank you Ben, what a beautiful introduction, and it’s good to connect with you again.  We certainly did have like a deep dive into soul awakening and it was such a pleasure to introduce you to this, though kind of outside of the box, to kind of explore emotion and energy and soul awakening and emotional clearing and it was so powerful having you here because you were so willing to feel it, to address where things are going great in your life and where there not, what can be improved and where there’s opportunities to shine and to be more balanced.  And it was just an epic journey and I love working with somebody like you who’s open and willing to do the work and to explore, to experience.  So I’m so grateful for our time together and that you are open-minded enough to try some wacky, far-out, Sedona experience which is not a man’s dream.

Ben:  Oh.

Anahata:  You know, offering, you know? [laughs]

Ben.  Yeah, you’re talking to a guy who does coffee enemas and Ironman triathlons.

Anahata:  Right. [laughs]

Ben:  So I’m all about approaching the edgy and challenging myself.  I think I cried at your house, too.  I did some crying.

Anahata:  Yeah, yeah it was really tender and really profound and deep and so…

Ben:  Yes, and before we talk more about what you do, what’s up with Sedona?

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  It’s this place that people go, and I never really realized until I went there.  I’ve been to some places that seem to have a strong spiritual energy, like there’s the springs near my house that’s like hot springs and you go there and it’s just like this healing energy.  You feel amazing when you get out of the hot springs and it’s an ancient Native American, kind of a holy location.  And when I go to Sedona, I get the same feeling and there’s a lot of folks there who are sound healers, it’s kinda hippie, you know what I mean? And why is Sedona such a center for that kinda thing? Did something happen thousands of years ago in that particular plot of land in Sedona or is it just that they put up that ChocolaTree restaurant and all the cool hippies moved there? What happened?

Anahata:  [laughs] Right, great question.  Sedona is absolutely just a mecca for healing energy, spiritual awakening.  There’s a vast number of different modalities accessible here, but that’s because they’re really rallying around the potency of the land.  You know when you’re in a hot springs, that is energy spiraling up in form of water levitating.  A spring is really water levitating out of the ground, whether it’s a hot spring or a cold spring, and all of the major temples in various religions, most of them are built around springs because they know that those are holy waters that are levitating out of the earth.  So first of all, we have lots of springs here in Sedona, cold springs, but the other thing that we have that is so unique here are the Sedona vortexes.  There are vortexes around the planet which is just spiraling electrical current energy spiraling out of the earth’s crust.  That’s happened in a lot of places in the world, what’s unique about Sedona is that we haven’t built over top of it.  Let’s say there’s vortexes in Europe, but it’s built over with cities and churches and buildings, and so this is raw land here.  It’s also very old land so the mountain that you did your recording right behind my house, the top of that mountain’s a couple hundred million years old.

Ben:  Wow.

Anahata:  So the soil in this land has crystals in it and it also has high concentrations of minerals and those amplify electricity.  So we have hundreds and hundreds of vortexes in Sedona that are also being amplified by crystal veins, minerals in the soil and also springs which all amplify electrical current, so what happens is we’re the same thing, made of minerals, water, electrical current moving through water and minerals, our bones and all of the fluid.  And so when you put our body on top of earth’s body with all of that electrical current moving through it, it starts moving energy in the body whether you realize it or not.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  And so people come here to heal, they come here to write, they come here to awaken, they come here to connect spiritually, and Sedona is like a whole another healing energy that I get to co-create with.  So it’s like working with another co-facilitator because she, Sedona, kind of primes people to go deeper because the energy’s already pushing on those things that need to release or expanding  where there’s maybe creativity or spirituality.  It’ll expand that veil between this world and the spiritual or the cosmic world, or whatever you wanna call that, the divine, the universe.  It’s very thin here so it’s easy to access other dimensions here.

Ben:  Hmm, this idea of…

Anahata:  And I also was going to bring up things that are out of balance.

Ben:  Yeah, I wanna talk about that.

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  But this idea of a vortex, I ran into this way back when I interviewed this guy about structured water, Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington.  And he goes into this idea that you can stir water or even use a water filter that has a vortex inside it, and what that does is it actually creates what are called hydrophilic surfaces on the water, and so vortexes this mechanical perturbation.  It’s like an agitation and it builds up these little air bubbles in the water, and this increases the electrical potential of the water, increases the voltage of the water.  We see the same thing with grounding, and he talked about this a little bit when he was on my show…

Anahata:  Mmhmm.

Ben:  That the simple act of placing the soles of your feet on the ground allows you to absorb negative electrons from the earth because the earth has a greater negative charge than your body.  And when you talk about the minerals and the crystals that are in Sedona and the fact that Sedona’s considered to be a vortex where there’re actually spirals of air and spirals of energy in different regions, it’s very similar to the discussion I had with him and similar to the way I live my life here at home where I sleep on crystals.  I’ve got a Biomat with amethyst and tourmaline crystals and I structure my water and I go outside barefoot, but when I go to Sedona, it’s almost like all that’s done for me.

Anahata:  Yeah.  I mean I live in that, and that’s why I based my healing center here, very strategically, because it really helps people to prime to go deep, to feel, because it amplifies emotions that we kinda hold at bay.  And anything that’s out of balance, anything that’s kinda stuck, Sedona’s gonna try to bring that to the surface a little bit to help work through it.  And so it’s perfect, co-facilitator and location because sacred destinations, there is a power and an energy to certain places on the planet, negatively or positively.  What’s happened on the land, what the frequency of the people are, and the power of the land, it’s very vital.  And so that’s just kinda this powerful support for people that are… maybe they’re just stuck, maybe they’re just wanting to expand, maybe they’re just curious, or maybe they’re going through a big life change.  All of those reasons, people that are on any part of their path, whether they’ve just had a loss or they’re about to have a new baby or get married or start a new business or write a book.  Either way, whether it’s clearing or the expansion work, both are really powerful here because it’s just amplified by the energy of Sedona.

Ben:  Yeah, it is very interesting.  You were talking about rocks and crystals and I know that those seem to be a pretty big theme there in Sedona as well.  Is it just this basic concept of a vortex that makes the rocks and the crystals different in Sedona, or why does Sedona seem like a place where rocks and crystals and all these crystal shops are so prevalent?

Anahata:  Because like you were saying, “hey there’s this technology that we can leverage with spiraling energy”, people living here in Sedona and working here realize “wow, crystals do amplify energy.”  And different types of crystals have different functions.  Some are more for clearing, like I too in my healing room, I have an amethyst crystal Biomat as well, and specifically amethyst has certain qualities which is different than rose quartz which is different than crystal quartz.  And so since Sedona is kind of a mecca for spiritual awakening and core healing, people in that field know that crystals are fabulous amplifiers and conduits for different intentions, for healing, for awakening, for relaxation, for grounding, for spiritual expansion.  And so it’s a very common tool in this industry to be used, we don’t mine, here in Sedona, for crystals.  They’re actually… crystal quartz primarily is in the soil and there’s lots of crystal geodes here, but we don’t mine anything in the soil here because that amplifies all the energy.  We wanna leave it where it is.

Ben:  Wait, what do you mean you don’t mine it, where are all the rocks and crystals coming that are in all the shops there?

Anahata:  Well, those come from all around the world because different crystals are found in different locations, because amethyst crystal needs a certain format in order to form, a certain geological arrangement in order to create crystals.  And so, like in Brazil, certain geothermal activity will create really large crystals in that area of a certain type.  And so we actually have crystals all around the world in different types growing in certain areas, and so those countries or those states that do mine, then will produce all of those different crystals.  And so these are going to be imported from all kinds of places around the world to find some of the best clear crystals from where they’re grown.

Ben:  And you can actually go to one of these places where there’s really intense spiritual energy, these intense energy spirals…

Anahata:  Oh yeah.

Ben:  They call ‘em a vortex and so is it like a map of different vortices that are around Sedona or?

Anahata:  Yeah, they’re all over the place.  There’s a map for some of the main major ones but being in Sedona, you’re in it.  And then of course there’s secret kinda places on the land, there’s caves, there’s an ancient medicine wheel, there’s cliff dwellings, Native American cliff dwellings back here because this was Native American land, pottery shards.  The canyons themselves are just powerful temples of clear conduits for relaxation for support, grounding your body, just allowing the earth to hold you, it’s this wonderful place to connect with nature.  Because the vortexes are happening just all over the place, plus the beauty of the red rocks and the crystals and the soil, it’s a wonderful place to ground, to rest, to heal, to awaken.  So yeah, and there’s lots of people like myself and others that take people out on sacred journeys on the land to sacred destinations so you can sit on a cave, you can sit in an ancient cliff dwelling, you can hike to an amazing, epic view and kind of drop into the beauty here as well.

Ben:  Yeah, I love it.  How’d you find Sedona? What’s your story?

Anahata:  It just called me, like a lot of people.  It’s not on the map, it’s not on the map, it’s not on the map and then all of a sudden it’s on the map.  And so I came here years ago to visit a friend and I just fell in love with it, and I could feel the energy because I’ve been doing retreats around the world to sacred destinations for almost two decades.  And so I’m interested in locations that have a powerful energy, whether it’s taking people to Peru or to Bali or to Hawaii, or here in Sedona, it became one of my favorite spots to travel to and bring people to deepen their experience.  And years after living in California and running my business from there, I was like “I think I’m just gonna move to Sedona and build a whole healing practice here full-time.”

Ben:  So in terms of what you were doing before moving to Sedona, how does one actually become as you say “shamangelic”?

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  Were you just a barista at a coffee shop one day and decided to go off and become a shaman or leading up to when you went to Sedona, there must have been something that… where you learned what you’re able to do now, coz you do a lot of stuff that we’ll get a chance to talk about here in a second.

Anahata:  Yeah, you know I was in mainstream everything.  I was in corporate, I was really not on my spiritual path, I was fit and healthy and into nutrition and all of that, but my soul wasn’t happy.  And I really wasn’t doing what I’m meant to do.  I was great at what I did but it wasn’t soulful, and there was a lot of unhealed stuff from childhood and life experiences that were just kind of lingering under the surface, Ben, where it was just like “I’m not thriving, I’m not happy and I’m not feeling nourished at a deep, soul level.”  And so I was going through a divorce at the time, and that was… a big part of my awakening was just being in an unhappy marriage and things weren’t fantastic and kind of looking at “well, what can I change, what can I do differently, what is going on inside of me?” because it’s not ever about he or she or the other’s doing or not doing.  There comes a time where the soul wants to wake up and mediocrity or things that aren’t in alignment or core wounds are just saying “hey, if you really want happiness sustained and thriving, you’ve gotta do your work. You gotta heal, you gotta release, you gotta come back into who you really are meant to be.”

And so it was that dark night of the soul and I wasn’t gonna… years and years ago I had tried different kinds of counseling work and I’m like “this is just not getting me anywhere, this is not addressing the core issues at all.”  So I wasn’t inclined to go into traditional modalities, and so a friend of mine recommended a shaman in LA, I was living in Orange County at the time in Laguna Beach.  And I’m like “shit, I’m motivated to try something else.” [laughs] Like you, you were open minded to trying something else and he went so deep.  And Ben, I had no idea that there was so much rage and grief and disappointment in my body that was sabotaging my life.  And it’s not like they were huge traumas that happened as a kid, it was just all the disappointments and break-ups and some bummer [beep] that happened.  It’s all part of life but it hadn’t ever resolved a lot of those pains, a lot of those imprints hadn’t really ever healed or had the right support to actually be transmuted and evolved so that I can come back to center again.  Or a lot of the sadness an grief in our society, it’s oppressed.  Don’t feel, don’t cry, don’t talk about it, just move on, stiff up your lip, get back in the game, and that’s all great except that doesn’t allow things to actually heal.  Sometimes when you fall off, you have to get back up which is fine, you definitely need to get back up but there’s also… I need to make sure that this wound is healed, otherwise this wound is gonna continue to sabotage me every time I get back into the game.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  So I went to a shamanic healer and like, powerful shifts.  A lot of deep, old stuff was coming up and out and I was so affected by how efficient the work was that I trained with him years ago and it just opened up this whole Pandora’s box of curiosity.  My soul just became so hungry for shamanism, emotional clearing, spiritual awakening, working with chakras, yoga, meditation, cleansing, fasting, and I just woke up so hungry.  I started working with all kinds of different things and by cleaning out my emotional body, by clearing up my physical body, then these healing gifts that were dormant like clairvoyance, which is being able to see things, visuals, see into the future, see visions.  Clairaudience, to be able to hear messages, clairguidance and clairsentience is being able to feel things and claircognizance which is able to, just kind of this inner knowing things.  All of those abilities, when I cleared out my emotional body, and I started meditating and detoxing and fasting and doing breathwork, my whole physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual shifted completely.  And then all of those abilities that were latent before, came back on.  My hands, I could feel energy and electricity flowing through my hands, I was seeing visions, I knew things, I could hear voices and that was all naturally created.  And it woke up all of these latent abilities within me and then, coupled with my passion for  everything I was learning about shamanism, kind of also woke up some natural talents that I had, skills that I already had whether that’s from past lives or whether that’s just from divine knowing.  And it moved so quickly for me that I was just like “this is what I need to do in life.”

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  This is no longer a passion just for me to heal, I have abilities, I have gifts and I have passions and all of the pieces started fitting together, and my ability to hone in exactly what people were dealing with and have insights in a session for what tool to use and I had a lot already in my inner awareness.  I was learning, I just spent years and years of all kinds of learning different modalities that just made a nice, huge medicine bag of possibilities that I can tailor every time I meet with a client.

Ben:  You remind me of people like Paul Chek, for example, who can… not diagnose but have great insight into people’s spiritual issues or physical issues from afar.  Or there’s another guy named, I dunno if you read the book “Medical Medium”?

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  Anthony William, yeah.  He, same thing, like he can actually determine what might be going on with you from a health standpoint or a physical standpoint, literally by just being in the same room with you.  And that might sound like snopes.com article for a lot of people listening in…

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  But certain people seem to possess, so to speak, these powers whether it’s the ability to be able to, like you mentioned hear voices or to sense certain things about people and what’s going on with them without actually talking to them.  Or to be able to even heal people both near and far, so it’s very interesting.  It sounds to me… you were probably born with some of that potential, but it took actually completely clearing yourself out from these other healing sessions to really truly enable yourself to be able to do that.

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  And a lot of people listening in, this blue sky stuff is interesting but they kinda like to get down to brass tacks, like how this stuff actually works and so that was what I was curious about when somebody tells me they’re gonna see this energy healer.

Anahata:  Right. [laughs]

Ben:  It’s kinda vague, what exactly is that?

Anahata:  And if somebody would’ve told me “oh you’re gonna be doing this”, I would’ve laughed in their face, that’s ridiculous, that’s kooky stuff.  I was so not interested or it wasn’t on my radar at all.  Yeah, I’m sure that many of us are born with different abilities to see, feel or hear things, a lot of those goes dormant because we start sedating with foods that actually clog our cognitive channels.  Because you are such an advocate for mind and body fitness and keeping a pure channel if you think about the minerals that the glands run on, those are required.  A clear pineal and pituitary gland are required for higher consciousness.  The diet I was eating, the beliefs I was believing, the thoughts I was feeling, the emotional density I was carrying was all things that were blocking the 6th and 7th chakras that are connected with the pineal and the pituitary glands.  And those are what’s responsible for higher consciousness, so when I started clearing out the density and the physical toxicity, it was easy, these things come really naturally to me.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  And what would be considered totally far out at another time in my life is just really natural for me now.  And I ask divine creator, source, spirit, whatever you call that, to guide me in sessions to only know what I need to know, to feel what I need to feel or to hear what I need to hear in a given session, so…

Ben:  The point about the pineal gland though is really interesting because that’s where you produce a lot of your dimethyltryptamine, your DMT, the same stuff you might make… that Dr. Rick Strassman talks about in his book “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”, and it’s not just for tripping, so to speak.  It’s actually for having, I think what you just described as a clear consciousness, like the ability to be able to be conscious and to be able to fully aware of your own body.  And also, in many cases the body or the energies of others, and it’s really interesting.  There’s even a Bible verse about this, it said something like the light of the body is the eye.

Anahata:  Mmhmm.

Ben:  And if your eye is complete or something like that, your whole body is full of light, and from the Romans to the Egyptians to the Babylonians to the Greeks…

Anahata:  Buddhists, yeah, right?

Ben:  Yeah, the Catholic Church has a bunch of pineal gland imagery in the Vatican Square.  Yeah, it’s very interesting.  Before, on another podcast, I’ve talked about care of the pineal gland, ensuring you’re taking care of melatonin and serotonin levels and neurotransmitter balance, adjustment of the air, the light, the water, the electricity that surrounds you, all of that’s important for the pineal gland.  But then spirituality and energy work is a big part of this too, and that’s actually what I want to delve into with you.  I walked into your house when we first met there in Sedona, and we sat down, we talked for about an hour.

Anahata:  Mmhmm.

Ben: Fill me in with what you do, when someone first walks in, what is it that you’re doing? What are you looking for, what are you exploring?

Anahata:  This is where I’m just completely present with all of the information that you’re giving me that the spirit is giving me from the moment you walk in.  How you walked in, you walked in with your toe taped and limping.

Ben:  [laughs] I remember that.

Anahata:  [laughs] So immediately I know something’s out of balance, something’s injured that isn’t just your toe.  So I’m trained to look for all of these different clues so that I can really dive into and open up the puzzle that is Ben, or the puzzle that is anyone walking through.  What is their energy, are they scattered, are they late, what are they talking about, what is their body language? And so we spend an hour just kind of sharing… what you came for was a shamangelic healing journey which is kind of like my signature session.  It’s a two hour session and usually the first part is…

Ben:  That’s the Big Mac and fries, that’s what you go to McDonald’s for.

Anahata:  Exactly.

Ben:  I got your signature dish.

Anahata:  [laughs] Yeah, exactly.  So because I can tailor that session, whether somebody’s walking through that because they’re grieving the loss of a loved one and they can’t seem to get over their grief or they’re really just coping with a loss of a loved one.  Or they’re going through a divorce or relationship challenges or they’re stuck, they’ve reached this plateau in this career or in their life and they’re just stuck.  They’re not happy, they’re not going, they just don’t know what to do, other people come here when they are wanting to open into spirituality and consciousness.  And a lot of people are motivated by pain, some core life shift that’s happening in their life, they just got the diagnosis or there’s some loss or trauma, so a lot of people are motivated by that.  So the first part of the session is discovering the puzzle, I’m looking for where the energy is leaking, I’m looking for what is out of balance, I’m looking for  where people are giving their power away, I’m looking for the cast of characters in their life where they feel victim to.  I’m looking at the story and what are the repeat patterns, so I’m listening, I’m scanning, I’m hearing what you’re not saying.

Ben:  What are you hearing when I’m sitting there? When you say you’re hearing, are you actually hearing voices? Are you schizophrenic?

Anahata:  I’m hearing [laughs]… I do hear voices.

Ben:  Okay.  Tell me about it, tell me what you’re hearing.

Anahata:  Well, it’s more when somebody walks in, we sit down and I set a clear intention, first of all, because I’m opening the session and I’m also opening the doorways to higher consciousness so that I can hear, that I can understand what I can help them with today.  So if you’re telling a part of your story, whether it’s about a competition or whether it’s about a family member or a relationship challenge or whatever it is, I’m listening deeply into the energy of what you’re saying, how you’re saying it and why you’re saying it.  And then you may have noticed I ask other questions, “now tell me more about this and what is really going on, has this happened before?”  So I’m looking to find where the source of it is, and this imbalance, is it a pattern? Does it happen over and over and over again?

Ben:  Okay.

Anahata:  So in that discovery, then I’m gonna start going into reflection and into counseling and guidance and say “hey’ here’s another way to look at this, or do you realize this was happening, or this is what happens when imbalance stays out of balance, or this is really where the energy is leaking, what is this belief really about, is it true, are you ready to release it?” So then I’m gonna start perspective shift whether it’s about somebody that is dealing with the grief or the divorce, or whatever their story is, then I’m gonna start perspective change.  I’m gonna start looking at tools to kind of help them shift their perspective, give insight and guidance and some counseling right there on the spot.  And then that’s building trust, that it’s a safe space.

Ben:  I felt that when we sat and talked in your living room for an hour and you were taking notes as you interviewed me, we were kinda preparing for the next thing that was to come which is when you brought me into the room next door and you whipped me repeatedly with a cat o’ nine tails… just kidding.

Anahata:  [laughs] Comes with purchase.

Ben:  You lay me down on a table and then you did this crazy ceremony.  What was the second part?

Anahata:  Well that’s the journey.  See, it’s never the same, and this is where that ability to connect to divine guidance is super important in that place because when I’m walking in that, into the healing room with you or any other client, it’s a blank slate.  I will have received insights and perspectives and maybe a spirit guide or somebody comes in during that time that wants to come into the healing room.  So in the healing room, I am listening, I’m a conduit, and then we go into the journey.  So maybe there’s a guided visualization, there may be hands-on clearing, there may be a journey back into the past to kind of heal an old trauma, we might bring in a spiritual guide, there may be hands-on work in different chakra energy centers or the body or organs that are having a challenge.  So that’s where it’s always a new creation Ben, and I get to just be a conduit to allow a tailored journey based on what I’ve discovered in the first part of the session and what spirit is telling me in the moment to say use this guided visualization and bring in this guy, go back in time, put your hands on here, pick up the drum and use this sound.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  It’s never ever the same, and I completely trust in the moment, allowing the divine to guide me as a conduit to create a tailored experience that will go deep and profound and shift the energy as whatever the client is ready for at that time.

[Music Plays]

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Ben:  Give me an example of… really, a specific example.  Use me or anyone else, obviously anonymous, or you could name them and get someone really [beep] off.

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  But give me an example of what you mean in terms of taking someone deep into a memory or stuff like that.  You’re just asking questions or are you playing certain music or sounds or smells that induce that? Give me a specific example.

Anahata:  Yeah, all of that.  My healing room has a gong, crystal balls, there’s all kinds of sound tools, there’s crystals, you’re laying on an amethyst crystal Biomat.  So there’s essential oils and tuning forks and all kinds of different things in there.  So let’s just say somebody comes in and they have a trauma, just a client last week, she had a trauma at around 13.  And so okay, I’m gonna take her back in time, then.  If that’s what I think and that’s what the divine says is the best pathway to go, okay alright.  I’m gonna kind of regress back to that time before that kind of 12-13, and kind of get with the wisdom of her soul before the trauma happened.  Like, oh wow this is what I used to be like, and there’s wisdom our 12 year old, our 6 year old, our 2 year old, our inner child… we had it together before it starts getting dismantled.  We know things as kids, then we start getting socially programmed and then we start getting oppressed, then we start getting distorted and we start bartering what we know for the programs that we’re given just to kind of fit in.  And so an example might be going back in time to the 6 year old or the 8 year old that was happy before this trauma happened and what wisdom do they have.  And then they might go forward into the 12 or 13 year old at the time of the trauma, and bring in the healing energy, the wisdom, the support, the safety that they actually needed that they didn’t get at that time so that they can actually hold a space together with me and whatever other spiritual guidance I bring in at the time.  Maybe a grandmother wants to come in, maybe the villain comes in and we actually do some healing work with the actual person that they experienced the trauma with so that we can get to know their inner child or who they are at a deeper soul level when they’re not playing the victim.  So, or who the person is playing the villain in their story, to get to know them at a deeper level and they’re not playing the villain.

Ben:  Hmm.

Anahata:  So, “oh gosh, he’s just a boy too, let’s go back into his life.”  And so the journey might take us back in time to that trauma and to give that person the support that they didn’t have or a different perspective to kind of heal and release to open their heart, to forgive.  To say screw you or no, it’s not okay, so that their voice could be expressed at a time maybe that at 8 or 6 or 12 or 15 they didn’t have the ability to say no or express what they needed to, they can do that now and reclaim their power and create clearer boundaries and to learn to receive.  What did I learn from this, what is the most powerful gift that I’m taking away? That my voice matters.

Ben:  Yeah, I remember for me, you brought me into this half-awake, half-asleep state.

Anahata:  Mmhmm.

Ben:  Once I kinda got settled down, I think you were playing some musical instruments, there were some smells.  I think you had some sound frequencies going as well, and I began visualizing my children and my wife coming with me and saying certain things.

Anahata:  Yup.

Ben:  They were actually very meaningful.  I mean if people wanna go watch the Facebook video that I’ll put over at bengreenfieldfitness.com/anahata, my son Terran said to me that I needed to remember to just have fun in life.

Anahata:  Right?

Ben:  And my son River told me that the very best thing is love, and my wife Jessa appeared and she told me to be present.  So it was really interesting, for me it was a big connection to my family and certain members of my family saying things, and there was this old tree that you had me visualize.

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  And the old tree was encouraging me to have a deeper connection with the earth and to basically do what I did right after which is like get outside, be barefoot, have a deeper connection with nature and a lot of those things that I think are very Sedona-esque.  So that was really interesting, and then I rushed out full of energy and I felt amazing.

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  But we didn’t even do, like some of the other things you do that I’m aware of, I wanted to make sure we had time to ask you about.

Anahata:  Sure.

Ben:  Your shamangelic healing session, it was really interesting and I highly encourage, and by the way I don’t have a financial affiliation with Anahata or anything like that.  I just think this is super interesting stuff that she does, plus everybody’s gotta go to Sedona for a superfood chocolate smoothie anyways.

Anahata:  Definitely.

Ben:  So breathwork.

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  I’ve done holotropic breathwork before, highest I’ve ever gotten without the use of any type of pharmaceutical or drug.  I didn’t do holotropic breathwork with you, but you do special forms of breathwork.  Talk to me a bit about the breathwork that you do and what’s happening physiologically when one enters into one of these altered states through breathwork.

Anahata:  Okay so when deep breathing occurs, we’re hyperoxygenating the body, and we’re also clearing what we were talking about earlier, deep breathing exercises are one of the most powerful and efficient and free ways to clear the brain of toxins.  But it also floods the pineal and pituitary glands with oxygen blood flow, and it is actually opening up those higher states of awareness so we’re kind of like clearing the mind.  But when the breath goes down and is directed into the emotional body and the energetic body, I explain it like using a broom to kinda sweep out the basement of stuff that we just don’t wanna deal with.  Those traumas, insecurities, pains, wounds that we kinda just stuff over in the corner and over life just get heavier and heavier, breathwork is a powerful way to kind of clean the basement out of those kind of dense emotions that are blocking your higher states of awareness, your productivity, your success, your depth to be vulnerable in relationships.  All of that because we have all of those emotional traumas and limiting beliefs kind of holding in our lower energy centers of our body, and so what I do and actually what I teach is a version of what I call shamangelic breathwork because we’re gonna use the breath to kind of go in along with the breathing and powerful music I’m working hands on with people’s body to help them move the energy deeper.  I might just place a question right in your ear or put my hands on certain parts of the body to kind of move the energy or to clear something or open the heart.  There may be some guided visualizations or questions that just kinda get you to go deeper, what’re you afraid of, what’s holding you back.  And kind of those deeper questions of who’s in your way, what’s in your way…

Ben:  How long does it take to get into that altered state where you’re receptive to that kind of thing through breathwork?

Anahata:  That really is a very personal thing because some people can drop in a lot faster than others and that’s very personal.  And it also depends on how deeply you’re reading, and some people can drop in very quickly and sometimes it takes people a little bit longer to really go for it and trust the process and I actually teach.  I have a whole training course of how to facilitate, how to train other people to facilitate breathwork.  But Ben, it’s one of my favorite tools because it can so quickly… usually I do a whole session that’s like a two hour experience where we talk about the whole process, get people ready, explain everything.  Have a full hour of breathing that’s kinda deeper and then it’s also more expansive and spiritual and awakening kinda goes through ebbs and flows and ups and downs, allows emotion to move and consciousness to come in.  And it’s so powerful and it’s one of my favorite things, and you can do that with an individual or couples or a whole group.  In fact I’m headed to Onnit, Aubrey’s place, to do the breathwork facilitation for all of his yoga studios out there in Onnit in Austin, Texas at LAX One Yoga.

Ben:  Oh cool.

Anahata:  And so I lead the big ceremonies for this as well, and you absolutely can reach altered states of consciousness.  Sometimes it’s more physical because that’s what needs to happen, is clearing out physical  tension in the body.  Sometimes it’s emotional where rage, anger, crying, sadness, grief, or joy, or elation…

Ben:  Yeah, I cried a lot.

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  For me, it was all choreographed to me… it was like 90 minutes long, this was at U.S. Crossfit in Encinitas, California actually, where I did this one after an event called Kokoro which is like Navy SEAL hell week for civilians so I was probably kinda open spiritually.

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  All my chakras were wind open and bleeding by that time, baby.

Anahata:  Right, right, exactly.

Ben:  And I went through this session and literally, a total out of body experience.  So it was a lot of like Wim Hof style hyperventilation like [fast breathing sounds].

Anahata:  Yeah, yeah.

Ben:  And you do that for a long time, like 4-5 minutes and then you’d breathe everything out, hold your breath for as long as you can, take a deep breath in, and you’d go into box breathing for another two minutes.  And then you’d cycle back and forth like that for like a half hour, right? And then just lay there in a trance-like state the whole time, the music is pounding and you’re also feeling the energy from all the other people in the room which seems to have a profound effect.

Anahata:  Right.

Ben:  Coz I’ve tried this by myself and it’s way different with other people in the room.

Anahata:  Yeah, coz somebody else that is maybe reliving a trauma and just like “no, stop, it’s not okay” or somebody who’s screaming or crying kind of opens up people’s inhibitions to say “well gosh, it’s okay for me to express too.”  Because there’s such intense programming, don’t feel, don’t cry, don’t express, and certainly don’t do that in front of anybody else, and so I just did this with six men last week and it was so, so powerful.  These are all bodybuilder, construction, running construction companies and these are like buff, kind of tough guys that are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, and in pretty intense programming not to feel.  And every single one of them, emotional meltdowns, totally transparent and authentic and they were able to really release things that had happened in childhood that they never told anybody, ever.  And they’re finally free of that in one sessions, and that they were also able to be that vulnerable.  And so it’s a powerful process and it’s quite efficient because you can move density out and within the same session.  Okay, if you let go of that trauma, what are you putting in its place?  Bring in more joy, bring in more bliss, bring in more confidence.  Put in new beliefs about who you are, the value of your voice and your potential.  So I love that as a process, I do that individually…

Ben:  And people can show up with you either individually or as a group and go through what that actually is, holotropic breathwork.

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  Coz I know there’s actually apps.  There’s holotropic breathwork apps and websites, but from what I understand and I’ve actually never tried any apps, it seems a little bit gimmicky versus the actual experience.  But if people are listening in and you’ve tried one of these holotropic breathwork apps or had some other way to do it, feel free to leave a comment and fill us all in.  And I didn’t do the breathwork with you, Anahata, but I find it fascinating when I did it in Encinitas.  Super powerful, for anybody listening.

Anahata:  Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why Aubrey turned you on to me is because that’s one of the things he first experienced, a couple of shamangelic journeys and then a couple of breathwork sessions and it just knocked his socks off, cracked him wide open.  The difference between an app and being in person and shamangelic breathwork, what I do, is I’m actually diving into your emotional energetic body with you.  I’m not just turning on the music and shaking a rattle.  This is like focused on you and whoever else is in the room with us to kinda help navigate those deeper places of your psyche that you can’t get to otherwise and so having it facilitated allows you to go deeper and journeying does happen.  Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s emotional, and other times it’s an out of body experience and  it isn’t so completely safe if you are going into interdimensional travel to not have a steward bring you back.

Ben:  Hmm, yeah.

Anahata:  You know? You wanna come back. [laughs]

Ben:  Yeah, floating around for the rest of all time.

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  Hey, what other modalities do you do? We talked about breathwork and some of the sound healing but are there other kinda like unique things you do in terms of healing modalities or energy modalities as far as what’s in your bag of tricks over there?

Anahata:  Yeah, so many things.  So I work with people primarily on relationships as well, there’s a whole… whether it’s “hey, I wanna attract my soulmate” or “I wanna be better in my relationships” or “I wanna be a better parent” or “I wanna be a better spouse.”  So I work with individuals that are wanting to up their relationship game and be better with employees, so relationship tools.  And also within couples to help them navigate the ups and downs and the ins and outs, to have a healthy relationship, and especially those that are also parents so that they’re able to navigate their children through the different stages of… oh, an 8 year old is different from a 16 year old, which is different than a 26 year old.  And so since I’ve been through that process, as we share twins, you have twins and I have twins…

Ben:  Oh yeah, forgot about that.

Anahata:  Yeah, so that’s another thing that we share in common, and having navigated those changes in a really beautiful way with my kids, so I work a lot with family dynamics and couples.  One of my core things is working with people going through life shifts.  So a big life shift might be “wow, I got a diagnosis” or “someone in my family is going through a big diagnosis” whether that’s cancer or some other kind of disease, how to navigate that.  I work with people on expanding their spiritual practices and spiritual awakening so I have a whole deep meditation, set of meditation practices and sessions that I help people to be able to access those higher states of awareness and deepen their meditation practice.  Getting people out on the land, use shamanic wisdom teachings and shamanic wisdom walks and like ancient medicine wheel ceremonies, so I have a background in shamanic wisdom and shamanic training and so…

Ben:  What’s a wisdom walk?

Anahata:  A wisdom walk is connecting with the wisdom teachers in nature so that’s the elements, water, air, earth, and fire.  That’s talking to the mountain, that is getting with a tree, that is paying attention to what animal spirits are crossing your path to determine what message you’re getting when a blue jay crosses your path or when a crow comes or a snake or a coyote, one of the animal spirit of wisdom teachings.  And kind of really getting with the nature wisdom teachers that the Native Americans would call their relations, so really connecting with the elements and also the different relations, trees, flowers, plants, mountains, bodies of water, for their wisdom as well, and teaching people how to access that when they’re in nature.

Ben:  Interesting.

Anahata:  Yeah, it’s like going to church but through the Native American lands, because you can get a sermon from a mountain.  You can absolutely get a very specific message from a…

Ben:  I like to combine ‘em, like I sometimes… I’m all about fellowshipping with other people and having a room full of spiritual energy and what happens at church.  But I’m also, a lot of times when we’re travelling, I’m taking the kids and my wife on a hike and we’ll find a nice spot in the mountains, like we did this last times we were in Boise, we hiked up the mountain.  And we’ll have like a little church service right there like under a rock or sitting crossly on top of a mountain, and it’s amazing, it’s a whole different energy.  So…

Anahata:  It’s a wonderful place to send prayers or to ask for healing.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  Or to get guidance, you know?

Ben:  That’s why like, the whole concept… I get that you can kinda like worship and experience spiritual energy anywhere, but how many churches are in shopping malls and freakin’ strip malls…

Anahata:  [laughs]

Ben:  And the church I go to in Spokane, I would love to see more like… I think that’s the one thing that Catholicism has nailed.  They’ve built these huge, freakin’ cathedrals with amazing energy or you go outside and more of like a Native American format and you worship in nature.

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  And to me, the environment is huge when it comes to a true spiritual connection versus being sandwiched in between a McDonald’s and a Walgreens.  So yeah.

Anahata:  [laughs] Yeah, so that’s just leveraging and it can go in complete integration with other people’s spiritual beliefs.  Whatever denomination or whatever spiritual belief you have, there’s certainly space to have that support and work in conjunction with whatever your current spiritual beliefs are.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  Absolutely.

Ben:  A lot of people are interested in plant medicine.  Ayahuasca, DMT, but they don’t know where to start, they don’t have someone to walk them through that type of process.  I don’t even know if I can legally ask you this question, but do you do those type of things as well, like a plant medicine person?

Anahata:  There’s all kinds of different types of shamanic healers and medicine men or a plant-medicine man.  He’s actually called an ayahuascero, if they are facilitating specifically ayahuasca…

Ben:  Well you say ayahuascero, I say plant-medicine person coz I didn’t know that word.

Anahata:  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay, ayahuascero.  Thank you for explaining.

Anahata:  Yes, yes.  So that’s specifically in Peru, and I’ve studied and trained in Peru and Mexico and North America and Eastern Asia.  All over the place, but there are lots of different types of shamans and one is kinda more the shamanic healer that’s kinda doing soul retrieval and emotional clearing, and the ceremonialist and that’s kind of more my ray and my calling.  There’s a whole separate calling that is specifically in breathwork coz that is like a journeying type of experience but non-medicine based, just breath based.  And it is a whole separate calling and a whole separate study to really understand each of these medicine teachers because in shamanism, something is only a medicine… you hear this term all the time, medicine, and in shamanism, a medicine is only something that leaves you more whole.

Ben:  Hmm.

Anahata:  And if it’s not in the right dose, if it’s not at the right time, if it’s not for the right ailment, if you’re going for the wrong reason or it’s not held in the right container, then it will become a poison even if it has medicinal qualities.  Just like wine may have medicinal qualities if it’s taken at the right time at the right dose for the right reason.  Same with ice cream, might be, or spirulina.  Anything, if it is not taken at the right dose at the right time for the right reason for the right ailment…

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  Then it can be…

Ben:  Unless it’s spirulina on ice cream, in which case I’d eat that all the time.

Anahata:  There you have it. [laughs]

Ben:  Yeah, my last experience with ayahuasca and DMT was a tea ceremony leading up to that DMT inhalation, multiple DMT inhalations.  And it was wonderful, it was absolutely wonderful.  I had no purging, I had no vomiting, it was just all the completely magical experience where I saw a fractal light and had a very near experience with God.  And it was amazing, and for me, it’s funny for me coz I know people would do like 40-50 trips.  For me, after that particular journey, I finished that one and basically I had zero desire now.

Anahata:  Right.

Ben:  Like I’m good, like I’ve seen God, gotten what I want to and maybe come back on my heart to use that medicine to get a more extreme release of DMT but I almost feel like it got me so in touch with that pineal gland that we were talking about that I don’t need, like I now see those fractal lights wherever I’m at.  It’s in me now, it’s really interesting.

Anahata:  Right, and so this is really powerful because this is something that can, if it’s used properly, if it’s the right time.  Like you already know it’s not the time anymore, I got this, I’m done for now.  And if you were to go back to it because everybody else is going back to it…

Ben:  Right.

Anahata:  And you’ve already gotten the instruction, I don’t need this, it will become a poison for you.

Ben:  Yup.

Anahata:  So this is what I recommend with people, because I’ll tell you Ben, I see the light side and the dark side of plant medicines because I have a lot of people that come here that don’t know where else to go that have overdone it inappropriately.  They’ve been in the wrong space, they took it for the wrong reason, they got the wrong dose, the container wasn’t held.  And maybe the substance wasn’t totally clean, or their energy body and emotional body matrix if you will, was not primed or ready for that experience and so it actually fries people’s circuits.  And so, actually I have so many people a year, probably 50 a year, that are coming to me that are messed up from stuff.  They haven’t slept for two weeks, they are having psychic kind of fissures, they’re kind of in a paranoia state, they can go into all kinds of different psychic abnormalities where they’re seeing visions that aren’t there and dream time they’re having some dark stuff happen.

Ben:  Right.

Anahata:  And they’ve opened up portals and kind of fried their circuits.

Ben:  Exactly, yeah.  I’ve always thought it was dangerous to just have a shaman over at your buddy’s condo.

Anahata:  [laughs] Right.

Ben:  I don’t like that, it doesn’t seem right to me.

Anahata:  In between the Walgreens and the Catholic Church [laughs]…

Ben:  Yeah, for me I was like fasting the whole day prior and there’s a ceremony leading up.  It was extremely… we took it very seriously.

Anahata:  Sacred, oh.

Ben:  Yeah, sacred.

Anahata:  Let me ask just a couple of things on this just because I wanna be a voice for people to be aware when they’re navigating, whether or not they should do a plant medicine ceremony.  So here’s a couple of questions.  One, are you personally drawn to it? Just like you said “hey, I’m not drawn to it, I was drawn to if before and now I’m not drawn to it.”  So this isn’t about “oh my friend, my neighbor, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, whoever, are they drawn to it?” First question, am I actually drawn to this medicine.  Not curious, but am I drawn.  Second, is it the right time because sometimes you may be drawn to the medicine but this weekend just doesn’t feel like it’s the right time.  Third, is it the right facilitator, because there’s lots of people pouring and creating all kinds of different medicines that are not ayahuasceros, that are not trained.  It’s getting shipped over here, they don’t even know what’s in the jug, and they’re disseminating it as if they’re actually brewing it.  And so if they’re not actually brewing it, if they’re not really trained in understanding how to create that substance and understanding it enough to know what the impact is on somebody else.  A real, trained ayahuascero does brew, they also hold the space because not everybody that pours medicine knows how to hold a container to keep dark energies out and to keep psychic energies clear.  That’s a whole another training, and then also being able to interpret the visions that happened afterwards.

So what I had found a lot of times is that people are getting way overdosed because the person wasn’t really being mindful and scanning each person as they come in.  Coz when I was in Peru taking medicine for my first time many, many years ago, and I feel very complete at this point too, but the ayahuascero scans people.  “No, you don’t need it today.”  It’s not up to the individual to decide.  And a drug dealer in shaman’s clothes with a rattle will not ask you.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  They’ll just take your money and so, is it the right person? Do you deeply trust them with your psychic and mental safety? Is it the right container, coz a lot of times the container isn’t really safe or clear.  So those are all questions that if you’re not getting a yes all the way across, then absolutely no.  You might be called but it might not be a clear container or the right facilitator.  And most of the people that land in my healing practice messed up, had not been that discerning about those 5 questions that I just gave you.

Ben:  Hmm, okay so for review.  One more time, the 5 questions.

Anahata:  Are you called?

Ben:  Are you called?

Anahata:  Is it the right time? Is it the right facilitator? Definitely, do your research on people because there’s some charlatans out there for sure that are taking advantage of people.

Ben:  Oh yeah.

Anahata:  And is it the right location? Oh, and also is it the right group of people?

Ben:  Awesome.

Anahata:  Because you’re gonna be exposed to all of their energy when you’re in that room journeying with them.

Ben:  Yeah.

Anahata:  I’ve had people have not so excellent experiences, like really, really intense traumas and things that they did not recover from.  So I take it pretty seriously.  It is the perfect thing at the right time, and then you just need to know when to step back or if it’s not your thing, then it’s not your thing.  No matter how much it’s great for everybody else, it’s only a medicine if it leaves you more whole.

Ben:  Yeah, I like it.  Well, you do retreats there in Sedona and you also have special resources on your website.  You had even mentioned giving something to the folks who are listening in before we started recording, so do you have something you wanna give away to them?

Anahata:  Yeah.

Ben:  Do you wanna fill us in now or just send me info after, I could put it in the show notes or, how do you wanna give people some goodies here?

Anahata:  Well, okay cool.  Well first of all, I’m here, check out the website shamangelichealing.com.  I am here based in Sedona and I do individual sessions and multiple day sessions like a private retreat for people that wanna go deeper.  There’s also group retreats that are happening, there’s a women’s empowerment retreat, a shamanic soul retreat.  And I also teach courses on empowerment and awakening where you can learn a lot of this stuff in group settings.  And also, those that are interested in the healing, I run a whole shamangelic healing school, and then yes, I will put up a promo code for some free gifts.  I’ll give you a link to put on your page there so that people can land and get a free gift.  And also discount to some online courses or an upcoming event for sure, so that people that are drawn here all get a coupon code for a breathwork session.  A discount off of that if people are really drawn to experience that.

Ben:  Very cool, people can go experience the same crazy energy in Sedona that I experienced.  I’m gonna come back at some point, I believe in the summer.  I plan on coming back to Sedona myself, so I’ll definitely connect with you when I’m there unless I happen to see you in Austin at the Onnit facilities at some point coz I really dig all the folks down there and make it down there every once in a while.  So in the meantime, though, what I’m gonna do is put your kind offer, along with everything else that we just talked about over in the show notes along with the Facebook video I shot right after I met with Anahata the last time I was down there.  That’s all gonna be over at bengreenfieldfitness.com/anahata, just like it sounds.

Anahata, thanks so much for coming on the show and sharing all this stuff with us.  You’re a magical, insightful, very cool person.  We were able to open up some pretty intense insights from you personally so I thought exposing you to my listeners would be a very good thing and I hope some folks look you up.

Anahata:  Thank you, and I just wanna thank you Ben for everything that you’re doing to really be a maverick, just going after all of these modalities and tools, leading edge fitness, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  And so thank you for being such a leader in this industry and continuing to bring best practice and tools to your audience.  I know that people have listened all the way to hear that there’s something powerful here with what we’ve already shared.

Ben:  I made it this far to the woo-woo, must be powerful.

Anahata:  There’s something talking to your soul, Ben.  I look forward to meeting those that are really called to go deeper.  So thank you, Ben and blessings to you and your family and the boys, and may you have an amazing summer.  We’ll see you here in Sedona, definitely.

Ben:  Awesome.  Well folks, there’s our interview with shamangelic healer Anahata Ananda.  Again, all the show notes are at bengreenfieldfitness.com/anahata.  Have an amazing week.



Four months ago, I descended upon the desert in Sedona and had a crazy experience with a shamanic healer and soul guide – an experience that I highlighted in this 20 minute Facebook video that I filmed afterwards.

The healer was named “Anahata Ananda”. Blending the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman, Anahata guides profound journeys of healing and awakening. Sedona’s prominent Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide artfully integrate the fields of spirituality, energy healing, self-empowerment, shamanic teachings, emotional release, quantum manifestation, couple/family dynamics and visualization techniques.

Those seeking spiritual awakening, transformational healing, soul guidance, relationship counseling or body/mind/soul rejuvenation choose from a wide range of private tailored sessions, sacred land journeys, inspirational workshops, group retreats or online courses. Anahata is the founder of Shamangelic Healing based in Sedona, Arizona making this the perfect setting for healing and expansion. For detailed descriptions of her Shamangelic healing services visit ShamangelicHealing.com.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Why Sedona is such a “center” for sound healing…[9:30]

-Why Sedona has such a strong spiritual energy…[16:30]

-How Anahata came to do what she does now…[20:25]

–When we first met, Anahata and I talked for nearly an hour, and this is what we discussed… [32:40]

-What I discovered when Anahata asked me to lay on a table in her treatment room… [37:45]

-How Anahata uses breathwork, and what is happening physiologically when you enter an “altered state” through breathwork…[48:00]

-The other fascinating healing tools and modalities Anahata uses…[56:45]

-Does Anahata embrace the use of plant medicines or supplements, and if so, how? [61:55]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

My Facebook video report from my first meeting with Anahata

Click here for the free gift that Anahata mentioned during the show

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