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Ben:  On this episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast.

Nick:  That is close to 60 cups of peppermint tea in a single moment ingested every day. That doesn't sound like a great idea to me. Swirling down the rabbit hole and really exploring a botanical reality, I'm inviting people to tune in to their bodies.

Ben:  This stuff when it comes to opening the heart, balancing the chakras, these are the type of things that people need to know, especially in the times that we are living in right now.

Health, performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking, and much more. My name is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the show.

Check, check, mic check, one, two. That always makes me feel badass when I do a mic check. I feel like maybe I'm a fighter pilot except without any of the risk. I just say the cool stuff into the microphone. That's how I roll. Hey, what's up? I had Dr. Nick Berry come to my house, drove to my house in his RV with his lovely partner, Ellen, and we had a wonderful time together. He arrived at my house like the Santa Claus of plant medicine and essential oils. The dude is just like tricked out with all these crazy brews, and tinctures, and oils, and truffles, and bottles, and we geeked out hardcore. We had a great time together. And of course, we would have been remiss not to have recorded a podcast for you, so we did at my kitchen table. And that is what you get to hear today.

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Alright, let's go talk to Nick.

Well, folks, if you have been following my weekly round-up, you may have seen a few gems pop up recently. For example, I talked about these crazy new dreaming formulas I've been using for lucid dreaming and these vivid dreamscapes that have been just absolutely–the best way I can describe them is just fun and playful, and they're these blends of different formulas like the Aztec dream herb, and mugwort, and even C60. And these oils come from the complex and intriguing mind of my friend who is known as the essential oil wizard, this guy named Dr. Nick Berry. You may have also seen on my weekly round-up in the past few months me talking about something called the kakanga root, which I'd never heard of before in my life because Dr. Nick is always introducing me to these intriguing plant oils and extracts that most of the world I think is largely unfamiliar with, and this I think was called the lazy man's tea, and he had it harvested and given to him by someone who was intimately familiar with this tea. And I extracted the root that he sent me, and oh my goodness, it was just absolutely amazing clean energy.

And I actually had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Nick about three years ago on my podcast because I had never run into someone as well-versed in the world of essential oils as this guy, and with as unique an approach as he had. The problem is in the three years since that interview, he and I have emailed back and forth so much, and he has filled my mind and my essential oils cabinet downstairs in my office with so many different ideas and new concepts that have honestly made my life better, my sleep better, my sauna sessions better, my massages better, that, A, I thought it was high time that I interviewed the great Dr. Nick Berry from Essential Oil Wizardry again. And B, not only that, but have him up to my house to immerse both you and me in the experience of Essential Oil Wizardry because–perhaps you've used essential oils in the past, whatever, sniff something when you were congested, or sprinkled something in the sauna, or used something for yoga or meditation. But and I don't say this too often, I have never found something that compares with the style of his oils. There's just something special going on there that I'm sure he'll get a chance to share with us today in addition to all of the intriguing knowledge that he has and the wisdom that he has, deep wisdom in the realm of oils.

Now, he's also a trained pharmacist. He has a Ph.D. and studied pharmacology on a very deep level. I found out last night as we were having dinner over the course of–what would normally take eight years, he compressed them to six years, and an entire course in pharmacology. So, you guys, he knows the science and he knows the ins and outs and complexities of everything we're about to discuss. Put on your thinking caps for today's episode because you're going to learn a ton. And everything that we talk about, you'll be able to find at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/wizard, that's BenGreenfieldFitness.com/wizard, the shownotes. I've got a discount code on his website called BEN that you can use over there to save 10% on anything that we talk about. And I will also link to the previous podcast episode that I did in which we talked about everything from psychoactive sleep edibles to cosmic orgasms to a whole lot more. And so, if you stack that original episode with this episode, I guarantee, your life is going to be better.

So, first of all, Dr. Nick, welcome back.

Nick:  Ben, it's such an honor to be here. Your hospitality has been prime. Thank you so much. I love that.

Ben:  Tell me a little bit about–well, what I'd love to do actually is hear a little bit about your experience here because I know you're traveling through the northwest in your guys' RV, you and your lovely partner, Ellen. And we've already been up to a bunch of fun and shenanigans. So, first of all, we dropped into the sauna last night when you arrived and you totally upgraded my sauna experience. I came up from the sauna and I told Jessa, I'm like, “I feel amazing. I can't stop feeling amazing. My whole body feels amazing.” So, what did we do in the sauna last night?

Nick:  Yeah. Well, we shared some captivation, which is a very special ceremonial oil that is a combination of mugwort, tangerine, jasmine sambac, absolute, some Himalayan cedar, and we dispersed it in the sauna. This is after we've rubbed on that beautiful heating cream that you provided for us.

Ben:  Oh, yeah, the Prototype 8. Yeah. That's an Australian product that I don't even think they make anymore. They sent me I think their last 10 bottles, but it's like a cream that brings blood flows to the surface. That's not captivation, Cactivation.

Nick:  Cactivation.

Ben:  That was absolutely amazing.

Nick:  Yeah. And so, we were setting the sauna up for success as we were sweating buckets. And about 20 minutes in, we took some Circulatory Flow, which is an amazing cooling oil blend that is stimulating to the lymph system and the kidneys and supports detoxification. And so, we applied that to our physical body after we were nice and wet, and applied it over the chest, over the back and arms, and it really helped to cool us down.

Ben:  Yeah. And what was the name of that one again?

Nick:  Circulatory Flow.

Ben:  Circulatory flow. I think you even commented that if you put it on the back of the spine a little bit, you can literally feel like a drop in the body temperature.

Nick:  Oh, yeah, Peppermint.

Ben:  Yeah.

Nick:  Yeah, peppermint. It's great for that.

Ben:  Yeah. I felt like my body was a cool popsicle in the sauna after that.

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  Yeah.

Nick:  And we finalized the sauna experience with some Respire. So, Respire is great medicine for these times. We're really strengthening our breath and our ability to breathe. And Respire is a combination of peppermint, Ravensara aromatica, CO2 extracted Frankincense carterii, black spruce, neroli, and leleshwa, which is African wild sage.

Ben:  Yeah. And I put some on my hands, and then cupped my hands over my nose and took a deep breath in. It was blast off. I mean, I felt as though my whole head went clear as a bell with this Respire. And you'd sent it to me before and I had sprinkled it into my hyperbaric chamber before I did a hyperbaric session and really felt like it just opened up the whole hyperbaric chamber. But I'd never really in the sauna just cut my hands over my face and took a big whiff of this Respire, but oh my goodness, if somebody was congested or just needed to clear their head, that stuff was amazing. You also commented on that, that Circulatory oil, that a lot of people use that on their legs during a plane flight.

Nick:  Yeah. So, people have told me that experience edema on long flights and elderly people that Circulatory Flow has been really helpful by massaging their lower extremities during an airplane and they have found that it really significantly reduces their edema experience.

Ben:  Yeah. Well, I'm going to try that the next time I'm on a flight.

And by the way, we're definitely going to get, for those of you listening in, into the science behind these oils and how they're actually extracted. But then this morning, we went out for our morning family meditation. And in a similar way that you upgraded the sauna experience last night, you took our meditation in a whole new direction. So, tell us what we did for the meditation this morning.

Nick:  Yeah. Well, we started out with a very special tincture called Celest-TreeAL, six different tree essences. It's got balsam for absolute, it has Muhuhu, pinyon pine, it has New Caledonian sandalwood, and it's just very grounding and also hyper-focusing, and it tastes like the forest. So, we took a single drop on the tongue.

Ben:  Right. On the tongue and then you inhale. My boys did this, too. So, this is okay for kids to do, and it tasted like the forest. Yeah.

Nick:  So, that really helped to drop us right in. We next took some Oil 0f Elevation, which is a combination of Moroccan cedar and CO2 extracts of frankincense and myrrh, infused in fractionated coconut oil, enhanced with some ORMUS, and we massage that into the bottom of our feet, and that really amplifies a similar type of quality where it's both grounding yet expansive. And so, I find that the mind gets more focused, but it also gets more relaxed as the physical body also feels more grounded within itself.

Ben:  Yeah. And I think it's interesting how the feet can be used as a delivery mechanism for a lot of these oils. You had another one that you had sent me related to that comment I had made earlier about dreaming called Dreamscape that I've been massaging into the bottom of my feet and huffing a little bit of that before I go to bed at night for the dream component. That one's not an oral, it's a topical. And I do want to ask you later on about the oral versus the topical component, but it's crazy how some of these things you can put on your feet and get an effect.

Nick:  Yeah. So, what's amazing is that the pores in the bottom of the feet, these aromatic molecules are so small that they can pass through the pores in the bottom of the feet and enter the bloodstream where they become active in about 5 to 15 minutes, typically. And so, this is why applying essential oils which are pharmacologically rich compounds that can get absorbed into the physical body promoting a pharmacological change.

Ben:  And then, what was the last one that we did during the meditation? There was one other, I think.

Nick:  I know that we also shared some Frank, Myrrh, and Gold.

Ben:  That's right, the three wise men, or the Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold.

Nick:  And Gold, yeah.

Ben:  And my kids commented that they didn't even know you could extract from gold. How does that work exactly?

Nick:  Yeah. So, that is an extraction that we do not do in house. It's a chemical extraction of gold and it produces what is called an Oil Of Gold, and it's actually this dark red viscous solution that is–it really carries a unique vibration unlike anything else I've ever experienced. And so, we used a small amount of this Oil of Gold and I find that it just lifts and intensifies the clarity and the way that it enhances the mind.

Ben:  Yeah. And speaking of clarity and enhancing the mind, I don't even know if you're comfortable sharing this with the podcast, but I'm going to paint you a new corner and talk about it anyways. When we finished, you gave me this thing called Spark, which you had sent to me in the past and I've used it as kind of like to clear up congestion. You put a little bit at the very back of the tongue and it's like sucking on a breath mint. But then we did–what'd you call it, an insufflation?

Nick:  Yup.

Ben:  Last night where–

Nick:  The advanced method–

Ben:  Is it okay if we talk about the advanced method? Proceed at your own risk, folks, because it burns like hell for like a minute when you do it, almost like the Rapé that you'd sniff. But this Spark, you put a little bit. I even repeated it this morning when I woke up because I enjoyed it so much last night once the burn kind of went away. But you put a little drop and then just sniff it in. What's in that stuff? It was amazing.

Nick:  Yeah. So, very important to share, Spark tincture. So, we're using a small amount of essential oil in a high proof organic sugar cane alcohol. And the way that this was formulated, the primary intention was to open up the throat and the lungs. So, utilizing a single drop on the tongue, and then breathing in through the mouth into the lungs. Now, when I've been exploring long camping trips and things and I've got congested, at one point, my experimental self felt guided to explore what it would be like if I were to take a single drop in each nostril. So, to be clear, I'm not suggesting this for anyone, and I'm also going to share with my experience.

Ben:  I don't think that everyone would enjoy the experience, but I love things that kind of sort are uncomfortable at first and then make you feel amazing as soon as the initial discomfort goes away, and this fell into that category.

Nick:  Yeah, definitely. So, the Peppermint is cooling and opening, and also has mild analgesic properties. And there is a very small amount, a small amount of Tulsi, and the Tulsi acts as a counter-irritant, which helps to break up the mucus and the phlegm. And there's also Ravensara aromatic, and that opens up. It's very cooling and soothing.

Ben:  It's wonderful for the immune system, too, Ravensara.

Nick:  It supports the immune system and it's said to have antiviral properties. And the combination of the three is this minty herbaceous divinity. And in the high proof alcohol, the alcohol evaporates immediately. And because it's a tincture, we're using very small amounts of these essential oils. And so, I enjoy on occasion when necessary because I'm plugged up. I'll use a single drop in each nostril. I'll take a deep inhalation in through the nose and it burns for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then what I do is I let this Spark, I let it break up the mucus and the phlegm, and I do my best to hold it in for about 5 to 15 minutes. And so, if I start getting wet below the nose, I might dab it with a paper towel. I'll wait for that 5 to 15-minute window, and typically, what happens is it's more of a waterfall effect where everything just starts–

Ben:  Oh, I should try that because when I did it this morning, I just did the one whole snort and blasted everything out of there that seemed to be breaking up, but you leave it in there for 5 to 15 minutes to get an even better effect.

Nick:  Exactly.

Ben:  That'll be tomorrow morning though. We'll give that a go. Well, I was telling you in the sauna last night, you have–and if folks visit your website, they'll see this because each of the different oils, you have the description. You're very good at describing the experience that one has behind each of the oils because when you send me some new formula, I'll write to you and be like, “What should I feel?” and you'll send back this paragraph that's a perfect description of exactly the different levels of consciousness that you might enter into, or what you might experience, or what it can be combined with, and it's so intriguing, and I'm so grateful to you for opening me up to this a whole new world of oils.

That being said, playing devil's advocate here, oils can be dangerous. My dad got super into oregano, and he was using it for athlete's foot and started to use it for a lot of the other things that oregano can be used for. There's this wonderful book called “Cure is in the Cupboard” with about all the different uses of oregano, for example. And he had some at the house several years ago, but it was the 100% extract of oregano. And my mom got it on her hands, and it was literally like a second-degree burn on her hand, just started eating away the skin. My wife was commenting I think at dinner last night, she knew somebody else who orally ingested it and like burnt out their vocal cords with pure oregano.

And so, the reason I'm bringing this up is because I think it's important for people to understand how these oils are actually extracted. I mean, when we're talking about an oil, we're not talking about just like squeezing a little bit out of the leaf of a plant. There's a lot more to the process than that. I don't think a lot of people really understand how essential oils are actually made or extracted. So, can you elucidate exactly what's going on when it comes to how something like this is actually made?

Nick:  Yeah. So, I'm going to give a short reflection on some common extraction methods and some methods that we use in our various products. I also want to add that it's important to have the knowledge base to support yourself when using essential oils. And so, when you were describing these individuals utilizing the oregano oil and hurting themselves, pure oregano oil has carvacrol. And carvacrol is extremely caustic, and it's also quite antimicrobial, and it's very powerful. And a pure essential oil is so much information. I may have made this reference that one drop of peppermint oil is approximately equivalent to 19 cups of peppermint tea steeped for 15 minutes.

Ben:  Holy cow.

Nick:  And so, that's so much information in a single drop. And so, I offer a line of pure essential oils, CO2 extracts, and floral absolutes. And I also am really geared towards the different blends that we produce because my intention is to make life easy for the end-user to have a fully functional powerful formulation that is ready to rock and roll. And so, I will oftentimes dilute our–most of our blends are infused in a carrier oil. And we can talk a little bit more about some of the things that are novel about our oils here in a little bit. So, I do want to express that pure essential oils are very powerful and people should be mindful. The Spark tincture, I don't suggest the advanced method of administration for anyone daily. It's something–

Ben:  You mean the one where you suck it up your nose?

Nick:  Yeah, exactly. That would be something as needed, you're going camping, you're having difficulty breathing in through the nose. That one might be once a week, twice a week, and is really helpful to have sometimes. And so, I'm inviting everyone who's on this podcast as we're swirling down the rabbit hole and really exploring a botanical reality, I'm inviting people to think and to really tune in to their bodies. This is one thing that essential oils have really taught me. They've taught me to be more aware of my physical body and I'm excited about sharing this world with everyone listening.

Ben:  Yeah. So, let's get into the extraction.

Nick:  Absolutely.

Ben:  Walk me through, because I know you have like a top-secret Batman lab down in Ashland, Ashland, Oregon, where you do some of these extractions. We briefly touched on it in our last podcast episode and I found it intriguing how these things are actually made. So, walk me through what some of the extraction methods are and how this actually works.

Nick:  Yes. So, most essential oils are traditionally steam distilled. And so, you have a closed-loop system and you utilize a vacuum and use small amounts of pressure, and you heat the water, and the water passes through the plant material, and it condenses into a cooling flask. And what happens is when the water steams through the plant material, it captures the essential oil molecules, the various terpenes, and other therapeutic constituents from the plant material, and it volatizes, and it goes through the condensing flask where it cools, and it gets caught in the other end in a flask. And so, the oils and the water will then naturally separate when it returns to room temperature. And so, the aqueous phase or the water phase is going to be what's known as the floral water or the hydrosol, and the oil typically sits on top. Most of it has a lighter density.

Ben:  Okay. So, the oil is on top, the hydrosol is on the bottom. That's interesting. I've actually seen some companies selling hydrosols, like sprays that you can actually use. That's the water base.

Nick:  Yes.

Ben:  And then, you've also got the actual oil base and that would be the essential oil?

Nick:  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay.

Nick:  And hydrosols are also therapeutic. They're really nice as room sprays. There's oftentimes trace amounts of essential oils left in the hydrosol, and also contains other water-soluble constituents as well. And so, steam distillation is the primary method that is on the essential oil market. Now, a CO2 extract is typically considered to be a higher quality, more full-spectrum extract using plant material and it utilizes carbon dioxide as the solvent, and you utilize carbon dioxide gas, and you create the appropriate conditions using a device to shift the gas into a liquid, and you run the CO2 liquid through the plant material, and it gets saturated with all these different waxes, lipids, terpenes, and it washes the material away. And then, when you let the liquid go into a final collecting flask, when it returns to natural conditions, the carbon dioxide liquid is going to leave as CO2 gas. And so, it's known as a very clean solvent that completely escapes the plant material and it produces a highly concentrated formulation. Our CO2 extraction company that we primarily work with quotes that there's approximately twice the potency from a therapeutic standpoint in a CO2 extract in some CO2 extracts as it compares to a steam distilled essential oil. So, that's to give some reference points.

There are also different solvent extraction methods which are not suggested or recommended for therapeutic purposes or internal use. These are primarily utilized for botanical perfumery. And so, examples of this would be like a jasmine grandiflorum absolute, and it's typically a non-polar solvent that is extracting the aromatic constituents out of the plant material, and you evaporate the solvent out, and then you wash it again with an ethanol. Your result will be what's called a concrete (ph), which is an aromatic wax just filled with gushy amazing plant essence. And you then wash that with an ethanol, and then the ethanol is going to be evaporated out of that, and then you're left with a jasmine sambac absolute as the final product example.

Ben:  So, at your lab, do you do the steam distillation, the CO2 extract, and the ethanol-based extract?

Nick:  So, we do another novel extraction method at our lab. And so, the–

Ben:  So, you don't do any of those three you just described?

Nick:  Correct.

Ben:  Interesting. Okay.

Nick:  Yeah. We wanted to collaborate with other partners that have beautiful operations around the world that are producing very premium quality products. And what we've been able to do is we have a very novel extraction method and we're utilizing ultrasonic technology to extract plant material, and it produces a very full spectrum extract, and they're highly therapeutic. And so, I've been sharing things like the ultrasonic mugwort tincture with you and the Aztec dream herb, and these are examples of plants that we've extracted in our lab. And so, what has been really fun for me and for our team is to explore rare and exotic plants. What we're doing is we're utilizing ultrasonic technology, which is a high-frequency vibration, and we use water as a solvent.

And so, we'll mix the plant material in a huge jar and we'll fill it up with structured distilled water, and we will turn on the ultrasonic. And what happens is the pulsating waves will go in and they'll break up the plant material, they'll break down the cell walls and it'll spill out the essential oil and the different plant alkaloids and the waxes. And then, we'll do a vacuum filtration process. So, we'll remove the plant material in a majority of the waxes and lipids. And then, we'll take that and we'll have like a concentrated tea. And then, using a rotary evaporator, what we do is we vacuum distill and we remove the liquid or the hydrosol if you will, and what's left is this concentrated ultrasonic extract. And we take that and we combine it with organic artisan distilled alcohols, everything from honey, lychee, orange, coconuts, and we will combine it with structured water and different minerals to produce our ultrasonic tinctures.

Ben:  Holy cow. Do you do anything with that hydrosol?

Nick:  We haven't been doing much with them. Sometimes we've been giving it away. We do have a few of them on the website. I feel like there's a level of mindfulness for stability and we've–so we've been drinking them in-house and enjoying them and sharing them with friends.

Ben:  Got it. Why do you use structured water?

Nick:  I find that it just increases the quality of the flavor. And I haven't tested yet what the extraction yield is using non-structured, too structured, but I have tested that there's an enhanced flavor profile.

Ben:  Interesting.

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Ben:  The last time that I had you on the show, what I found intriguing was that you've got this ultrasonic extraction method, but then there were some interesting variables that you threw in. Like, just in my conversations with you over the past day since you've been at the house, we've touched a few times on this concept of energetic frequencies, and these are rabbit holes, several of which we probably don't have time on today's podcast to delve into, but you've done things like change the frequency of your phone to allow it to be less damaging and potentially even healing to the body, which I find intriguing and is probably a concept I'm going to explore in a future podcast because I think you and I are going to explore that a little bit more. And you also talked about how you and Ellen have in your house certain geometrical shapes that actually allow the body to be less susceptible to some of the damaging effects of like 5G and Wi-Fi. And from what I understand, you're incorporating some of these same technologies into your wizardry lab down in Ashland. So, tell me about that a little bit.

Nick:  Yeah. So, sourcing premium quality essential oil products, and then producing them in-house is our baseline. That's where we start. The art and the magic of our company is all the different techniques and tools that we use to amplify the potency of our products. So, I even brought an example and this is–

Ben:  Oh, and I should interrupt as you're showing me this example because–for those of you listening in, if you go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/wizard, we are doing a video of this entire podcast. So, if you want to see any of these oils, because as we move along here, we're going to start to demonstrate some of these oils, or if you want to see anything that Nick is showing, or if you just want to see what Nick looks like, you can go and check out the video episode. I've got a videographer here and he'll be coming in and doing some close-ups, some of the stuff you're showing me. Alright, so what is this strange-looking metal plate you've laid out on the table here?

Nick:  Yeah. So, what I'd love to do–

Ben:  Let's get a close-up of this one, too, by the way.

Nick:  Yeah. So, Paul Chek actually turned me on to BioGeometry, and it came through during our first podcast. He asked, “Do you know about BioGeometry?” A few months later, I heard a podcast, I believe it was on the Alchemy Podcast interviewing the founder, Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

Ben:  What's the Alchemy Podcast?

Nick:  It's a podcast and I think the guy's name is John. He was interviewing Dr. Ibrahim Karim about BioGeometry specifically. And so, I dove into the products, and this is one of the tools that I found, and this is a BioGeometry clearing tray. And what I'd love for you to do, Ben, is just go ahead and smell this oil.

Ben:  Okay. What's this oil?

Nick:  This is Trinity. And Trinity is great for headaches and muscle rubs, and it's–

Ben:  Let's show them to my wife. She gets headaches sometimes. So, it's a lavender peppermint and rosemary.

Nick:  Exactly, infused in a [00:37:11] _____.

Ben:  And this is an ultrasonic extract?

Nick:  This is steam distilled and CO2 extract.

Ben:  Okay. And what's the carrier?

Nick:  Fractionated coconut oil enhanced with some ORMUS, which I can get into in a few.

Ben:  Okay.

Nick:  So, I want you to have a visual representation of the before. So, what I'm going to do now, and maybe what we can do, because I think it's a new bottle, smell it now before we enhance it.

Ben:  Okay. That smells nice, very mint forward. Are you putting it on your hands, too?

Nick:  Yeah. Let's massage it into our scalps and into our temples.

Ben:  Is that a good thing to do with essential oils, to massage into the temples?

Nick:  It can be. I would prefer to use diluted essential oils. And in this case, for Trinity, it's great for headaches and muscle rubs and for tension. So, this blend is awesome for this area. You don't want to use very highly sensitizing oils. Examples would be clove, or cinnamon, or oregano on the face unless it was highly diluted for a very specific reason.

Ben:  Right. You're not tense after I threw you in that cold pool this morning?

Nick:  I feel great. So, we're going to let this charge for about five minutes and–

Ben:  Okay. So, you just have it sitting on this small–this plate's tiny. You guys got to go see the video to see what this plate looks like, but small. You have the essential oil just sitting right on top of it?

Nick:  Yes.

Ben:  Okay. And you're going to leave it there?

Nick:  Yup. And we're not going to do anything else to it. And so, this is an example of a piece of technology which everyone can incorporate. And one of the many tools that we found in the lab that are–

Ben:  So, you use like a big version of this in your lab or a little one like this?

Nick:  A little version.

Ben:  Right.

Nick:  But we use big bottles.

Ben:  Okay. I was going to say that's not very scalable for you [00:39:11] _____. So, you got these huge bottles of oils, you set them on this plate, and then you'll transfer that oil then into these smaller bottles that you ship out to people?

Nick:  Precisely.

Ben:  Okay.

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  Got it.

Nick:  And so, we've found a number of different charging plates, everything–UMH, that water structuring company from Austria I was talking about, they have an energizing plate that is made out of quartz crystal and has a very unique process of how it's produced. And so, we utilize devices like that. We have different Orgonite plates that we use, something that's unique and novel that we use in our carrier oil will actually extract minerals. And so, dead sea salt and Celtic sea salt carry a lot of minerals obviously, and they also have a lighter fraction of minerals. And what we do is a mechanical extraction of ORMUS, or Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. And so, what happens is we take this clear translucent oil and we let it sit with the minerals for about one to two months and we shake it every day. And what happens over time is some of the minerals will sit amongst the oil. What happens is that our belief is that the minerals are going to really hold to the different essential oils and are going to really enhance the potency. It's going to help it to drive it into the skin deeper. It also sits on the skin longer and makes the smell more pronounced.

Ben:  So, it's almost you have tiny salts that are included inside the bottle, these minerals?

Nick:  Precisely.

Ben:  Okay. Interesting.

Nick:  Precisely. And so, a majority of our blends infused in a carrier oil utilize this process. And so, that was another step up that really helped us to level up our oils. We have different charging plates. I have one right here. This is an interesting device. It's marketed as an EMF device, and the name will probably come to me. I'm really impressed with the way that it energizes water and oils.

Ben:  What do you notice in terms of the effects that would be different if you weren't going to energize an oil or energize water?

Nick:  So, I'm able to experience the energizing qualities using my organoleptic senses. So, this smell of the oil will be more pronounced and it will change in a specific manner. And so, if we want, we can take a deep inhalation of Respire right now. We can let it sit on this plate.

Ben:  Can I do the thing where I put a little bit on my hands? So, here's how you do it, you guys watching the video, you put something like this Respire on your hands, rub your hands together, then you hold them up to your face and just–oh, man. It seeps into your entire body. That's amazing. I think this Respire is one of the best oils you make.

Nick:  Thanks, Ben.

Ben:  I mean, I think I've only scratched the surface of all the different oils that you do, but man, I could just keep coming back to this one over and over again. What is it? It's eucalyptus, frankincense, peppermint, thyme, spruce, and Ravensara, but these other two, Niaouli and Leleshwa?

Nick:  Niaouli and Leleshwa.

Ben:  What are those?

Nick:  Niaouli is a powerful flower from Madagascar. That is extremely antimicrobial and said to contain antiviral qualities as well. And the leleshwa is also known as African wild sage. It's a very uncommon essential oil that's on the market. And I would describe it therapeutically similar to tea tree antimicrobial.

Ben:  I like that.

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  And so, these charging plates, you'll set them on here, you'll leave them on there for a certain period of time. So, you're essentially energizing the oils. You've already got structured water that you're using. So, the water that you're using is also energized. Now, what about the bottles themselves, the packaging in which you're putting the oils, is that important?

Nick:  Yeah. So, whenever we receive essential oils in, oftentimes the industry standard is aluminum and/or pharmaceutical grade plastic, which is said to be inert. So, when we receive things in that, we immediately take it out and put it into glass.

Now, we use both cobalt blue and amber glass for a majority of our essential oil preparations, and we also have incorporated the violet Miron glass, which is a very particular type of glass.

Ben:  Oh, yeah. Miron is fantastic. It's very, very protective of whatever you have inside. When I travel, a lot of times I'll travel with my supplements in Miron glass, just because the airline radiation, the EMF, and everything, it seems to do a good job protecting us from a lot of that.

Nick:  Exactly. Now, my intuition is that these charging plates are going to greatly elevate the quality of the oils. And so, if they get exposed to radiation while you're traveling, you can re-energize the oil and bring its vitality back up using one of these devices, which is made out of plastic and imprinted with specific patterns.

Ben:  So, if I have one of these kind of like frequency generating devices like BluShield or like that key device that I have downstairs that I keep my water next to, anything like that, would it be advisable that I place one of those near where all the essential oils are done in my office? Like, when people are storing their essential oils, what I'm getting at here, is it important that they not be stored next to a Wi-Fi router or in a place where there'd be more EMF in your home or something like that?

Nick:  I would say yes on both fronts. Keep them around beneficial frequencies and avoid harmful frequencies. And I also believe that specifically, this device, this BioGeometry clearing tray can be very supportive for activating and clearing lots of the radiation.

Ben:  Okay. What about temperature? What if I leave a bottle in the sauna, for example, and forget that it's in there, or in the glove box of a car or something like that, is that an issue?

Nick:  It depends on the oil. So, citrus oils can really oxidize both exposed to oxygen and/or heat, and can break down. And those have the shortest expiration date where obviously–or usually, their smell will smell pretty good, but on a molecular level, they might oxidize and be less appropriate therapeutically speaking. A majority of oils, I would say, have about a two to four-year expiration date, ideally. Now, what does that mean? I mean, the oils oftentimes, for most oils, especially with appropriate care, will last well beyond four years. In fact, I just invested in my mentor's collection that he has had for as high as 19 years in hundreds of oils, and such a great honor to be able to carry on Will Lapaz‘s legacy.

Ben:  Will Lapaz is your mentor?

Nick:  Yes.

Ben:  Who's he?

Nick:  He was one of the founders of Eden Botanicals. He sold it maybe six or seven years ago, I think in 2013. And he's a brilliant man and he really taught me the ropes. And the reason that I'm here across the table and sharing oils as efficiently as I am today is likely due to his mentorship.

Ben:  Oh, wow.

Nick:  Yeah. So, big thanks to Will.

Ben:  Was it during your studies in pharmaceuticals that you became interested in oils, or was it after you got your Ph.D. that you got immersed in all this?

Nick:  Great question. So, I've always been fascinated by healing, and pharmaceuticals for me was the mainstream common way to support people. I was fascinated by drugs and the human body and how to heal the body.

Ben:  Always?

Nick:  Always.

Ben:  Like when you're a little boy?

Nick:  Ever since I was a teenager, yeah. And when I was 17, I became clear that I wanted to become a pharmacist, and I wanted to do that because of my interest in drugs and helping people, and I felt like if I could do both of them at the same time, it makes a lot of sense. And so, my passion for oils came through traveling after pharmacy school, and keeping an open mind, and listening to what people were saying, and trying what people were offering my direction. Now, I was doing consulting at a cannabis clinic in Los Angeles, and I wish to also thank James Shaw for the opportunity to support the Los Angeles community.

Ben:  Thanks, James. I'm sure he's listening.

Nick:  Yeah. And during that time when I was consulting at the cannabis clinic, I started learning more about the cannabis plant, which led me to discover terpenes. And a friend Carmen Zella (ph) then, who had studied essential oils for several years and had studied under Elizabeth Van Buren, she had mentioned to me, she said, “Oh, you love learning about cannabis and the pharmacology? You should get into essential oils.” Because I was talking to her about terpenes and she's like, “Well, essential oils,” and I was like, “Tell me more.” And so, we went to meet John Steele, which was another mentor of mine, and he became a really strong foot into the world of essential oils because he was a reliable source for the highest quality oils, and he would share with me pieces of information. I would invest in about 5 to 10 different oils on every time that I visit with him. And so, my collection started growing. I started experimenting and making my own products. I started sharing different essential oils through vaporization and through ingestion, which I'm more conservative with now. And people just kept sharing with me. This is profound.

The point for me where I realized that there was something novel and special about what I was doing was when I was sick with pneumonia for the third year in a row. The first two years, I had used azithromycin and Levaquin on year one and year two, respectively. And I started recovering from my pneumonia in about six-ish days, and it took me longer than that to really get to where I needed to be. On the third year, I was reading about oil of oregano, specifically about carvacrol, and I knew that it was a highly irritating molecule that is extremely antimicrobial. And I was just reading a paper about how it was effective against MRSA in very small concentrations.

Ben:  Yeah. I used that and I used thieves when I had MRSA.

Nick:  Okay.

Ben:  It's kind of like eating a hole in my leg and I used oregano and thieves extensively and was able to knock it out. That was one of the ways I discovered a lot of the power behind oregano.

Nick:  Yeah. That's great. Yeah. I have a very powerful oil, I don't know if I've shared with you yet, that was supportive for four out of five staph infections. When I was living in Hawaii, it was…

Ben:  Was it the oregano you sent me?

Nick:  …tooth ease formula, and it's a combination of clove bud, nutmeg, CO2 extracted black pepper, frankincense, myrrh, and it's very powerful topically. So, about the oregano, when you're having difficulty breathing and I realized that I needed to do something because I was panting for breath, I looked over and I saw my essential oil vaporizer device, and I saw my bottle of oregano heracleoticum sitting right next to it. I had an aha moment that whatever was in that oregano could probably kill what was growing in my lungs. And so, I started heating it up and breathing it in, and I started coughing, and green and yellow sputum was coming out and I felt like I was choking. And I'm not suggesting this for any of the listeners by any means.

Ben:  I'm glad somebody's out there guinea pigging this stuff.

Nick:  And I was getting so much gunk out of my system. And within about a 15-minute session of repeatedly doing this, I felt maybe 10% to 15% better within that 15-minute experience, and I felt euphoric because the carvacrol and the oil of oregano actually passed through the blood-brain barrier and it can create a sense of euphoria. And so, I actually felt good and I was able to breathe smoother. And I repeated this process several times on the first day and second day and I was really–I had the bout of pneumonia pretty beat by the end of 48 hours. And so, this was the magical ah-ha moment and the reason that I'm sitting across from this table with you today.

Ben:  Amazing.

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  Wow. You have a big selection of oils laid out here on the table, and I want to delve into a few of these and I think that–especially again for those of you who have access to the video, or if you go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/wizard, you'll probably want to see some of these.

But before we dive in, some of these bottles of different shapes, and I've noticed that when you send me stuff and I try it, some of the shapes like Respire, for example, seem to just be the stuff that's supposed to be applied topically, or just kind of like we did, rubbed into the hands and breathed into the sinuses or into the respiratory tract. But others are dropper bottles and some of those, for example, we had ginkgo and lion's mane, which is why we sound so intelligent right now on the podcast before we started recording. Another example would be like the C60 or the Aztec dream herb that you sent me, those are also something that I've used orally. Others seem to be something that you might be able to both breathe in like the oregano that you vaporize or that you breathe in, but that could also be used–my wife used some of your oregano a few weeks ago, just a few drops of it in a recipe that she was doing. I think it was like a curry or–it was something that was supposed to be spicy and just a few drops just elevated it completely. And so, that gets me thinking when it comes to this idea of oral versus topical, how do you know what could be ingested safely versus what should just be primarily used topically or, for example, smelled or used in a diffuser or a nebulizer?

Nick:  Yeah. So, this is bringing up a hot topic because orally ingesting essential oils, there's many schools of thought, and I'm somewhere in between. I feel that what I've learned is that essential oils are very powerful, and I've also have knowledge that people are ingesting essential oils. And so, the approach that I've integrated is to embody the best of both worlds. So, how can you maximize the therapeutic components and also support people from minimizing the harm? Essential oil tinctures is one option that I've crafted in our company. And so, what we're doing is we're taking these very powerful essential oils and infusing them into organic sugarcane alcohol. And these tinctures are oftentimes somewhere around 10% essential oils.

So, from a standard essential oil bottle, oftentimes there's about 35 to 60, 65 milligrams. It really depends on the size and the shape of the bottle, the density of the oil. And if you're using essential oils orally–and let's say a person is dropping them directly in their mouth, which I don't do, I'm not suggesting to do, and this is part of the reason why I created these tincture formulations. If you get three drops and you're averaging 40 milligrams, that's 120 milligrams of, let's say, peppermint oil every day, which is what some people do. And that's a lot of information. That is close to 60 cups of peppermint tea in a single moment ingested every day. That doesn't sound like a great idea to me. So, what I've done is I've created formulations like this Spark tincture. And so, drops from these–

Ben:  That was the one that we did up the nose, the insufflation of the nose, or at the back of the throat?

Nick:  Yup. And so, let's go ahead and take a drop on the tongue right now.

Ben:  You don't want to do up the nose live for the camera? I'd do it, but I'm going to follow your lead and just go to the back of the throat.

Nick:  Great.

Ben:  You like to inhale in after you do that drop.

Nick:  Yeah. Get it into the lungs through the alveoli, passing into the bloodstream, so it enters the body immediately.

Ben:  No kidding. When you inhale like that, you're literally getting alveolar distribution in the bloodstream that quickly?

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  Wow.

Nick:  Yeah. It's immediate. Yes. So, the oils kick in quick.

Ben:  By the way, I'm going to be totally rude here on the podcast. And from breathing in all that Respire, I actually need to blow my nose real quick. It's clearing me out. So, there we go. My apologies to everyone who just had to hear my snot. So, you're literally getting bloodstream availability that quickly?

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  Wow.

Nick:  And so, the alcohol evaporates right away and the essential oils left behind. So, the alcohol acts as a carrier. And out of these bottles, there's smaller drop size. And so, it's approximately 30, 35 milligrams. It's been a while since I've measured it on a scale. And so, if you're using 10%, you can better monitor specific drops utilizing one of these dropper tops. And so, if you're just using one drop of 10% of 30 or 35, that's 3 milligrams instead of 40 to 120 if you're intending for a single drop. And so, there's better control. We're utilizing alcohol as a solvent, so it helps to distribute and absorb into the physical system. What I think of it as is with appropriate technique, it is supporting a harm reduction approach for people that are choosing to ingest essential oils. I ingest essential oils on occasion, very commonly initially to really explore and learn the energies of the different plants and experience them in my physical body, and I was more experimental in my younger years. My current relationship with ingesting oils, I prefer tinctures and I use them as needed. I have a much stronger awareness of my physical body. And when I feel a little out of balance, I have all the tools necessary to bring me back into balance.

So, that's a little bit about oral ingestion is less is more. I don't believe everyday ingestion is supportive for most people whose livers are already having a difficult time breaking down toxins.

Ben:  Even something like the lion's mane, for example?

Nick:  Yup. So, we also have the ultrasonic tinctures. And so, those–

Ben:  So, that's different than the essential oils?

Nick:  Than the essential oil tinctures.

Ben:  Okay. So, yeah. That's important to differentiate. So, the ultrasonic tinctures, that would be in the organic sugar cane alcohol or–

Nick:  The ultrasonic tinctures are usually and are more artisan-distilled alcohol, including the honey spirits or the orange, lychee, or coconut.

Ben:  Got you. And those would be safer for a daily ingestion if I wanted to use —

Nick:  Correct.

Ben:  Now, you do a C60.

Nick:  Yes.

Ben:  I have a whole podcast on C60. The anti-aging data on that alone is absolutely fantastic.

Nick:  Phenomenal.

Ben:  It's also a toxin-binder. It's extremely potent. Some of the rodent studies and where they fed that to rodents and saw a marked increase in longevity. When I interviewed Ian Mitchell, and I'll link to that interview on the podcast, he combines it with derma roller and topical application on the scalp for hair growth and reversal of gray hair. C60 is amazing. You actually do a C60 extraction as well.

Nick:  Yes. I've sourced some of Ian's C60.

Ben:  You know him? Okay.

Nick:  Well, I heard about him on your podcast. So, thanks for introducing us.

Ben:  Cool. I had no clue you guys are connected. Good, good. And that C60, that's very versatile. I didn't tell you this, but I just had a cup of coffee when we started. And I've been putting, Ian showed me this, a dropper-full into a cup of coffee. That's a nice little mix. But things like the C60 and some of these others that you're using with the other oils as opposed to the essential oils, that is something someone could take orally on a daily basis or more frequently.

Nick:  Yes, that's correct. And we've actually found a water-soluble C60 product that we have been experimenting with in some of our newer ultrasonic tinctures. And so, I think it's amazing because, what I've noticed with C60 is, not only is it detoxifying for the physical body, but it's also an incredible driver and delivery system. I feel that it enhances the absorption of whatever other tools are in the solution. And so, that's something that we're excited to explore more with.

Ben:  Interesting. Do you have a, what would you call, a pharmacopoeia of oils here laid out on the table? And what I thought would be really cool would be for us to take people on a little bit of a sensory experience of some of the ones that you think would be most intriguing for folks. So, could we spend, maybe, the next 15 minutes or so just going through some of your favorites, 15, 20 minutes, and just kind of kind of show people what some of these are and experience some of this for ourselves?

Nick:  Absolutely.

Ben:  You have them categorized.

Nick:  I do. So, here's some therapeutics.

Ben:  These five lined up in a row, you'd classify as therapeutics?

Nick:  Yes. So, this is our Pain Relief ICE formulation. And it's a combination of peppermint, lavender, helichrysum, black pepper, pink pepper, turmeric, wintergreen, German chamomile, spikenard, niaouli, rosewood, arnica, and frankincense.

Ben:  So, the funny thing about this, because you sent this to me downstairs next to the massage table, I have about 30 drops of this mixed in with a sesame oil for my massage therapist to use. And so, I'm going to put some of this kind of on both my knees. I was telling you on our walk this morning, I've been doing a lot of hiking with the weighted vest to prepare for an elk hunt I have coming up. And so, the knees have been taking a hit. Pain Relief ICE.

Nick:  Take one of this beautiful color.

Ben:  This one, you just kind of apply. And bring the camera close, so you can see the color on this one. It's just vibrant.

Nick:  It's blue.

Ben:  Wow.

Nick:  And so, anywhere where there's pain or inflammation, I find that it helps support my recovery process. Before we dive deeper into the oils, would you enjoy experimenting these afters?

Ben:  One of these ones that's been sitting on the plate for a little while?

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  So, yeah, let's try the Trinity. That one's been sitting on this biometric charging plate. And by the way, if you email me after the podcast with the information for some of these charging plates, I'll include that as a link for people in the shownotes.

Nick:  Awesome.

Ben:  If people want to get one of these to put their own essential oils on. So, this Trinity now that's been sitting here, I smelled it the first time. I'm afraid, with all the different oils that are already on my hand.

Nick:  So, let's smell it out of the bottle.

Ben:  It seems to have opened up quite a bit. More aromatic. I don't know how much of that is a placebo effect. There would be no idea because I'm on the charger.

Nick:  Totally.

Ben:  But interesting.

Nick:  So, what I noticed is that the notes really popped, is how I experience it with my senses. And a top note is a really light aromatic, something like rosemary, that has those really high notes that kind of kicks you in the top of the nose and it wakes you up. So, what I noticed is that the top note gets higher and it becomes more pronounced. And I feel that the body of the oil or the blend will spread out and become more full. And that is my experience with the charging plates. The EMF plate really does something else that is novel in addition to that.

Ben:  The Respire sitting here on top of that plate.

Nick:  I do. So, this device, actually, has two sides. And they're both different. And so, this one is more masculine and heating, and this one is more cooling and feminine. And each of them will bring out different qualities of the oil.

Ben:  And there's zero science behind these plates, because I've looked into some of actual double-blinded clinical research. So, folks, don't jump into the shownotes and ask me for that, because I've covered that before on other shows, that this is kind of an anecdotal trial for yourself to see how you feel if you were to use something like an EMF blocker or a frequency generator in your own home. I swear by them. Yeah, that Respire opened up quite a bit as well.

Speaking of frequencies, one thing that we did last night was we took our structured water and we did a BioCharger session with the chakra balancing session. And this is kind of cool with some of these generators, too, is any water that you have, you can place it next to or keep it near a BioCharger or a frequency generator or anything. And when you taste the water, it tastes clean and pure and crisp. And there's so little that we still have yet to discover about even the ability of something as simple as hydrogen and oxygen to carry frequencies, but that's what homeopathic medicine is based on. That's what some of these concepts we're working on with these oils is based on.

So, again, I'm one of those guys who, just because there isn't a great deal of, again, double-blinded clinical research behind something, I'll try it out. And I certainly notice the difference when I do with water. But now, I'm going to have to start doing it with oils. This is so cool. I need to rearrange my office and get one of my generators next to my oils now. Wow, how cool. So, the Trinity came from the lineup.

Nick:  Nick:  Yes, Trinity.

Ben:  I'm sorry, not the–Was the Trinity in this lineup?

Nick:  It was the Pain Relief ICE.

Ben:  The pain relief, that's right.

Nick:  So, another great ally, which you just grabbed, is our Root formulation. So, Root is very grounding, and it's helpful for putting a person deeper into their physical body. It has CO2 extracted, myrrh, spikenard, vetiver, davana, and Himalayan cedar. And I really enjoy putting this on my lower abdomen and below the bottom of my feet. And I usually find, within about five to 15 minutes, it grounds me and it helps to keep me focused. It's not very mind-stimulating, like the lion's mane and ginkgo that we took earlier, but more relaxing to the physical body.

Ben:  Can I put some on my feet to show people how this is done?

Nick:  Please. Let's do it.

Ben:  So, basically, if you watch the video, what you do is you put a few drops on each foot and then you can kind of rub your feet together like this. I've rubbed this into my children's feet at night before bed. And then, Nick told me this morning that, because it is the Root Chakra, which is more technically generally located up around your sexual organs, your perineum, etc., you can kind of massage it. For me, it would be between my testicles and my anus, kind of in that soft spot. And it would be centering for that location as well.

Nick:  Absolutely.

Ben:  What's interesting is, I think, you make an oil for every chakra, right?

Nick:  I do.

Ben:  I know you have a Third Eye. And the last time that I did a plant medicine journey, I used one of these Mindfold sleep masks that block out all the light. And what I did was I actually saturated the top of the sleep mask with the Third Eye. And so, when I put on the light-blocking mask, it was essentially right over my third eye and just opened everything up a very, very cool experience. And I've done that also for meditation.

But I think it's interesting, and I believe you sent me all seven chakras. And so, for a heart-opening discussion or a situation which, maybe, a date night with my wife, the heart chakra, I can put that over kind of the chest area. And I think it's cool how you have each of these oils that are specific to each chakra, based on your needs. So, if you guys are listening in, I would encourage you, if your budget permits, go to Nick's website and just grab all seven chakras and experiment with them, because I've been having a ton of fun with these chakra-based oils.

Nick:  They are, probably, amongst our most popular oils.

Ben:  Really?

Nick:  If you'd like to have a little third eye exploration right now, one way that I enjoy playing with the oils —

Ben:  Is that a tuning fork?

Nick:  It is, absolutely, a tuning fork. So, here's what I love doing, Ben. I love applying the Third Eye around the region, around my browries region. And then, I'll apply the tuning fork to the oil.

Ben:  Right on the top of the forehead, huh? Right in between the eyebrows. I just finished recording a sound medicine podcast that will have been released by the time this podcast comes out. So, if you guys want to kind of wrap your head around the tuning fork–How did you activate this tuning fork? I realized, I haven't used one since I was 14 years old, tuning my violin.

Nick:  Wow. So, hold it there.

Ben:  Oops, I think I just knocked out the frequency holding there.

Nick:  Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to tune you.

Ben:  So, Nick's going to show how this is done. There's a whole book called “Tuning the Human Biofield.” I haven't interviewed the author of it yet.

Nick:  She's Eileen.

Ben:  Yeah, Eileen. She does all therapy using tuning forks. So, we're putting this Third Eye on my forehead. And again, watch the video if you want to see what this looks like.

Nick:  Close your eyes.

Ben:  Wow. So, he has this tuning fork held up against my forehead. Very subtle frequency. You can feel it going right through the back of the head. Wow. How cool.

Nick:  There's so many different ways to enjoy the oils. And each formula has its own story, its own divine expression.

Ben:  So cool. Man, I need to quit my job so I can play with essential oils all day. Literally, maybe, I just need a few days off work. Make some excuse call in sick.

Nick:  Moon Cycle is another great therapeutic formulation that many women who have had issues with their cramps monthly or their physical body have reported pretty significant balancing qualities. And so, this formulation was inspired by a clinical study that I found that combined lavender, sweet marjoram, and clary sage in 2:1 ratio and found a significant improvement in the PMS symptoms that women were experiencing. So, I used that as the base formula, and I added in a few other oils to the mix. And I've had women who hadn't bled for anywhere between one and 10 years that were in their middle ages used this oil, and, in as little as one month, restart their period.

Ben:  Wow, amazing. So, this one's called Moon Cycle.

Nick:  Moon Cycle.

Ben:  The curb cramper. I would call it the curb cramper. There you go, curb your cramps. There you go.

Nick:  You got it. The tagline is, “Curb your cramps.”

Ben:  Wow. Well, I'm sure some women are going to find this one useful. Or, maybe, guys. Some guys' going to order this for their wives and be like, “Hey, just try this.”

Nick:  There you go. I've been told it's less supportive for women that are post-menopause and more helpful for women that are still having monthly cycles. Another thing to mention about this oil is, as a man, it is a great ally to relax the nervous system and slow down an overactive mind. So, I actually keep this right above my bedstand, and I'll massage this into the bottom of my feet before I go to bed.

Ben:  Really?

Nick:  And I'm not going to do it right now because I still want to be articulate with you, Ben.

Ben:  That's interesting. See, when I'm falling asleep, I have really good sleep latency, because I track with my Oura ring. And usually, it's three to five minutes, I'm out like a light. But sometimes, I'll wake up, typically, around 3:30, 4:00 a.m., and I'm ready to go write [BLEEP], like I want to go work on a blog post, and I have all these ideas. But I also know that I'm going to be completely dead by noon if I get up that early some mornings. Because, usually, I don't go to bed until 10:00, and I need a little bit more than six hours of sleep. But that could be useful for something like waking up in the wee hours of the morning with racing thoughts.

Nick:  Yeah. So, for creative people that have too many projects and want to tone it down, this is a powerful ally.

Ben:  I love that. Well, you should have used that this morning. Just a little insider baseball here, just so you guys know, Nick stayed out in our guest house, and I was so happy that he and Ellen were able to not have to sleep in their RV and stay out in our wonderful guest house, which is just this private oasis with no Wi-Fi and no Bluetooth and low EMF —

Nick:  Definitely.

Ben:  –clean clear-filtered water. But apparently, the burglar alarm went off at 1:00 a.m. So, you guys need to be impressed with Nick right now because you woke at 1:00 a.m. when the alarm went off and you thought it was wakey time in the morning, and you came inside and did a sauna session. Did you do the cold pool, too?

Nick:  I did infrared lights, the sauna session. And then, I went into the cold pool.

Ben:  At 1:00 a.m. Well, you're performing fantastically despite having woken at 1:00 a.m. this morning. So, kudos. Something you're doing here with the oils is working.

Nick:  Thanks, brother. So, let's share a few of our ultrasonic extracts. What I'm feeling like is, with these times in 2020, there is a lot of stress in the field. And I find that there's truly so many allies that I create that, when people use them in the appropriate way, they can have results that are pretty profound in people's lives. And so, I want to share a few of our anxiolytics that are kind of harmonizing for the nervous system.

Ashwagandha, we have an ultrasonic ashwagandha. And I find it to be a little bit euphoric, mood-elevating, calming to the nervous system. I'm going to take a smaller amount right now, because I notice that it helps slow down my mind, not in an impeding way. But I would use this if I had higher amounts of stress. That would be my primary use of it.

Ben:  Or, perhaps, if you just drank too much coffee or something like that.

Nick:  Absolutely. I feel like this would combine very well with coffee.

Ben:  Ashwagandha is also good for libido, I've found, or sexual stamina.

Nick:  That's great to know. This is a newer tincture for us. And so, I haven't complete it–

Ben:  It's got a nice, sweet flavor. Wow, I like that one.

Nick:  Cool. Thank you.

Ben:  This is nice.

Nick:  I'm going to share some of this ultrasonic Skullcap.

Ben:  Although, my brain's still humming from that lion's mane. Probably, the lion's mane plus the C60 in the coffee.

Nick:  And the ginkgo.

Ben:  And the gingko. That's right.

Nick:  We're on.

Ben:  Alright. So, what's this one?

Nick:  So, this is our ultrasonic Skullcap.

Ben:  Skullcap.

Nick:  And Skullcap is a nervine tonic herb that can be enjoyed every day. And I find Skullcap to be amazing for relaxing the physical body, balancing the nervous system. I experience it more as an adaptogenic herb because, when I'm sitting here in a podcast with you, I find that, when I take it, it helps to hone focus and clarity while also simultaneously relaxing my physical body and my mind. But it also sharpens it.

And so, this one is really helpful before you go to bed, first thing in the morning, in the afternoon. It's really nice all times of the day. So, what I do is I utilize a majority of our ultrasonic tinctures under the tongue for about 30 seconds to a minute for ideal absorption.

Ben:  So, you do want to hold it for a while. That's good to know.

Nick:  So, we get that sublingual absorption. With our ultrasonic tinctures, I like sublingual absorption. And happy to share some now.

Ben:  Let's do it.

Nick:  Under the tongue.

Ben:  Skullcup. Now, Skullcap is something that, from what I understand, can be also used if you wake up at night and you need to get back to sleep. As like a little bit of a GABA precursor for inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Nick:  Yeah, you got it.

Ben:  So, this should be one that you could keep, I've talked about Quicksilver Scientific's LipoCalm before. I don't know if they put Skullcap in that. I talked about passionflower, valerian, and things like that [01:18:47] _____ want to keep next to their bedside. We talked about the Moon Cycle, which I may add to that arsenal as well. Because, sometimes, you got to experiment and see what works for you. There you go, Skullcap.

Nick:  Now, for bed, our ultrasonic Tulsi tincture is phenomenal. I find that it elevates mood, and it relaxes the nervous system, and it helps to slow down an overactive mind. This one works so well for me that I'm not going to enjoy any right now because this stuff gets me ready for bed. It takes the edge off and I will be less clear, less focused with you. And so, I might just appreciate and honor Tulsi in this minute.

Ben:  We can have Jessa try it, perhaps. I think her last meeting with the physician, they were going over her hormones and there was, I think, it was her cortisol curve was slightly dysregulated, and the doctor actually recommended that she start on holy basil. I had ordered some from Gaia Herbs. I didn't realize that you had some. I would have ordered it from you instead.

Nick:  Well, I'm excited that you get to explore various sources of Tulsi.

Ben:  Interesting. Cool.

Nick:  Jessa give us the report.

Ben:  Amazing.

Nick:  Our Violet Chill formulation, lavender, cedar, frankincense, myrrh, and helichrysum, this one's great for bug bites, burns, inflammation, and stress. And I find that this one really helps to take the edge off. It's very soothing and refreshing. Great for kids above two.

Ben:  See my hands here?

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  And how they're all scarred on the fists?

Nick:  Uh-huh.

Ben:  The reason for that is I do a lot of this style of training called StrongFirst. It's a kettlebell form of training but includes a hard style push-up done on the fists. And in many cases, I'm doing it on hot concrete or asphalt outside, because I'm just a beast and stupid. But anyway, see these scars on my wrist?

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  When you're talking about something for inflammation, is that the type of thing you use topically on scars? Do you have something that could be used on cuts and scars?

Nick:  Yup. So, Violet Chill would be great for those. Something that would be even better would be our Alleviate.

Ben:  The Alleviate.

Nick:  Which has rose, helichrysum–

Ben:  Helichrysum, that's [01:21:05] _____.

Nick:  CO2 extracted, St. John's wort. It has turmeric, a few other oils. And that really is our anti-inflammatory scarring formulation.

Ben:  Cool.

Nick:  This one is more calming general small wounds cuts.

Ben:  I smell this one.

Nick:  Smell it and apply some on your knuckles.

Ben:  Oh, my goodness. It smells so amazing. I think I just want to smell it. We'll put a little bit on my knuckles, too. Here you go, knuckles.

Nick:  We love you, knuckles.

Ben:  Little chills. I love you, knuckles. Wow.

Nick:  And so, I say that one is violet clouds of calm.

Ben:  Amazing, wow. I like how many of these have multiple uses, which is super convenient.

Nick:  That's the beauty of the plants. So, thank you, oil.

Ben:  Just toss it, just throw it across the floor.

Nick:  Yes. We had a sacrifice here. It had to be here. So, our ginkgo and ultrasonic lion's mane for people that are looking for their peak performance and want to be on their A-game for whatever tasks, I enjoy these. And one thing I enjoy is, unlike traditional nootropics, typically, of a synthetic source, I find that these are less robotic and more adaptogenic, if you will. I feel like I can remain in my heart and clear and focus and operate from my mind with a higher processing speed and a deeper level of clarity without getting me too over cognitive. And so, this is our ultrasonic ginkgo and lion's mane. And we recently did a Gotu Kola.

Ben:  It's more of a natural nootropic feel than something you might get from a synthetic, like a modafinil or an Adderall or something like that.

Nick:  Yeah, that's exactly it. And I think our Immunity oil is a great ally to share during these times. And Immunity oil is our version of thieves oil, if you will. And it's peppermint, oregano, cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus.

Ben:  Interesting. I want to smell this to see how much it smells like thieves.

Nick:  Cool.

Ben:  Yeah. A little bit more minty forward than Thieves. You said there's clove in here?

Nick:  There is.

Ben:  Yeah, you get a little bit of clove essence, too. So, this one would not be oral, though?

Nick:  This is our heavy hitter that people might use in their diffuser at home.

Ben:  Got you.

Nick:  They might put it in a cleaning product to clean around the house. Sometimes, I put it on the bottom of my feet, which is one of the least sensitive areas that the mild to moderate irritation is less pronounced. We also have it as a tincture formulation with our Super Immune Boost.

Ben:  And this would be something you could take orally?

Nick:  A single drop on the tongue is what I prefer. And if you want to give that a go.

Ben:  Yeah, I'll give it a try.

Nick:  It's super delicious. Some people describe it as a breath freshener.

Ben:  And so, you could use this before you get into a crowded space, like an airplane or a subway?

Nick:  Exactly. Or, even put some on–

Ben:  That's spicy. I like that.

Nick:  I had a friend that was suggesting I should make a product that is supportive for regions where wearing a mask is necessary, to really put on a vibrant fresh inspiring fragrance that is going to also support the immune system.

Ben:  I like that. What's funny is I just got back from LA. And every day, before I'd put on my COVID mask and go out into the city for all my meetings and everything, I was putting thieves all over the outside of the mask. So, I was essentially breathing in clove and cinnamon and all the elements of thieves during the day while I was traveling around. And it made the mask wearing slightly more pleasant, or, at least, made me feel a little bit better. Cool.

Nick:  Thanks. So, that's our little beta version called Masquerade. I'm kind of playing around with it. It'll probably be released by the time–

Ben:  That smells amazing. What is it?

Nick:  That's a great question.

Ben:  What is it for? Is it like a fragrance?

Nick:  So, the intention is to support the immune system. There is some interesting ingredients in there. One of them is artemisia annua, which is being studied in Madagascar as a potential treatment/prevention for the COVID.

Ben:  We're not physicians. Do not misconstrue anything that we say in this show as medical advice.

Nick:  I want to be really clear that I'm not suggesting this for any particular reason or to cure anything. It's being studied in Madagascar under the name COVID Organics. So, it's artemisia annua and red mandarin. And there's two other oils that I added in here. So, really, intended to support the immune system, lift up the mood, and just create a better experience for people that are utilizing masks.

Ben:  Amazing. And speaking of immunity, you're also doing this hand sanitizer now.

Nick:  Yes.

Ben:  That's kind of a cool concept.

Nick:  So, I wanted to create a more organic hand sanitizer that people can feel better about utilizing. And so, what we did is we combined some organic and/or non-GMO alcohol with some filtered aloe vera juice, some nanoparticles of silver. And we also combined some water-soluble C60 and an amazing essential oil blend.

Ben:  Let's try a little bit.

Nick:  This support the immune system. Please.

Ben:  A lot of these hand sanitizers are just so caustic and full of chemicals and these alcohol-based solutions. So, something like this could be a lot more handy. Wow. It smells wonderful. Wow.

Nick:  One of the best things about this hand sanitizer is it actually moisturizes your hands. So, the more you use it, they actually feel soft and healthy.

Ben:  Most of them dry your hands out like crazy. Wow, that's really cool.

Nick:  So, we wanted to create a natural solution that people can feel good about putting on your body.

Ben:  Yeah. You know what I think is so interesting, some of them, just from a pure logistical standpoint, are definitely applicable to our times where people are very interested in supporting the immune system, for example. But then, a lot of this stuff, when it comes to opening the heart, balancing the chakras, rooting one, allowing one to sleep better, turning off racing thoughts, these are the type of things that people need to know, especially in the times that we are living in right now.

It sounds nearly gimmicky to say, but things like oils and plant extracts and the ability to bring nature in its concentrated form into your own practice at home is something that can bring humans together in the same way that it brought us together for our meditation this morning or for a sauna practice last night or even for dinner as you passed around that nutmeg solution that you had, that my boys were using to enhance digestion. What do you think about that concept? That a lot of these extracts can be used as a way to, almost, bring people together, in a sense?

Nick:  Not only bring people together but to connect us with our roots, bring us back closer to nature. And so, the reason that I feel called to this journey, sharing the oils, sharing the plants, empowering wisdom around botanicals, is I feel it reconnects us to nature, and nature connects us to community. And so, if we can find purpose and service by being kind to Mother Earth and planting medicinal herbs and plants within our communities and collaborating with our local indigenous wisdom elders and really craft a healthy economy that respects the earth, then I feel we are literally taking these lands back and we are honoring the sacred lands.

In every land that we are bringing intention and attention, that is a land that is not being destroyed. And so, the way that I see this is, by sharing these botanical friends with people across the world, what we're able to do is unite community, elevate a level of consciousness within ourselves and within each other, connect with others. These are great, as you're describing to share with friends and family and to commune with and to open up our heart and to elevate our mood and to stimulate different aspects within our physiology. And I feel that a communion within nature is part of our solution in returning back to harmony with earth.

Ben:  It's interesting. And my take on this, especially, in the times that we're going through right now with, it seems, increased susceptibility to a virus from a virome that normally humans would have been able to live upon this planet with in co-harmony, granted with some sickness and some death, but not in a way that would sweep through a population and kill people or harm people at this rate, the more interviews that I've done on something like COVID, for example, the more concentrated areas of death or sickness or illness or susceptibility to illness appears to be heavily related to industrial pollution, to glyphosate, herbicide and pesticide use, and to just a poor status of the environment overall.

And it's interesting, because, if you go as far back as even the Black Plague and then up to the Spanish Flu and in 1918, in many cases, you'll see everything from the introduction of a large amount of radio waves to industrial waste to radiation to all of these factors that harmed our planet, that hurt our planet, that scarred our planet. We tend to see some type of plague or pandemic or increased rapidity of human death and sickness arise whenever we reach almost this tipping point where it appears that we've just abused the planet to the extent where it sends back this message that we're not existing in co-harmony with it.

But when we see reconnection to nature, when we see care of the planet, care of not only our internal environment, using, for example, some of these immunity-supporting products that we just talked about, but also care for our external environment, awareness of nature, cleaning up plastics, being aware of the way that we're recycling, the way that we're cleaning up after ourselves, the way that we're caring for the ocean and the Earth, it appears that that combination of both internal and external environmental care is one thing that reconnects us to our planet and also kind of puts the brakes on our planet almost like striking back at us from a viral standpoint because it has nothing else to do in terms of just stopping us from continuing to hurt it.

Nick:  I resonate with everything that you're sharing. And I am grateful to be part of discovering our realignment with Mother Earth.

Ben:  Now, I know that you had–what's that oil that you're holding up there?

Nick:  So, I actually wanted to give you a gift, Ben, for all your friendship over these past few years.

Ben:  Oh, really? Thanks.

Nick:  And that's a custom blend that I made for you right before I left. It's an exquisite botanical perfume.

Ben:  It's custom. Let me smell this now. Is my wife going to not be able to keep her hands off me now?

Nick:  The name is Sexy Man.

Ben:  Oh, my gosh, Sexy Man. I'm going to break this out on our next date night. That and a little bit of your ashwagandha. Wow, that just smells amazing, holy cow. I think, on our previous podcast, we had talked about blue lotus as an aphrodisiac and something that largely disinhibits the opposite sex from keeping their hands off of you. But man, this is next level. You have blue lotus right here as well?

Nick:  Yeah.

Ben:  Wow. Thank you, man. Amazing.

Nick:  You're so welcome.

Ben:  Amazing.

Nick:  So, that blend has–

Ben:  I've forgotten you make perfumes.

Nick:  That blend has an organic French oak moss and tuberose absolute, jasmine grandiflorum. It has mimosa and balsam fir absolute.

Ben:  I'm going to keep that one in a special place. Thank you. I know that you had shared with me before we started recording, and as we're getting close to wrapping up here, that you had written something that you'd like to share with the audience. And so, before you read that for people, which, I think, would be just a perfect way to close us out today, if you're listening in right now or if you're watching, I would encourage you to watch because we just have this amazing assortment of demonstrations out on the table. And hopefully, you've had a chance to engage your own senses and just the taste of all the amazing offerings that Dr. Nick has. Go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/wizard. I'll link to Nick's website. I'll link to the other podcast that we did. I'll link to everything else that we've talked about on today's show and put together some fantastic shownotes for you over there. So, BenGreenfieldFitness.com/wizard is where you can access all of that. And Dr. Nick, go ahead and share with us, as our closing for today's show.

Nick:  So, I just want to thank everyone for listening in. And our intention was to share this aromatic array to open up and expand everyone's possibilities and connections with their self, with their hearts, with their family, invite us to breathe a little bit deeper for all those who are suffering and cannot take deep breath in. Thank you so much. And I'd love to close with this poem written on April 2nd, 2017, called “A Traveler's Dream.”

The green hummingbird sips nectar from the aromatic flowers.

Friends, step into my heart to feel these frequencies.

Entrain your mind into an alpha state,

where thoughts deepen, bringing you into pure awareness.

One gains the appreciation of pure being.

Laughter radiates the body and enlivens the soul.

The colors express secret vibrations of the universe.

Your higher wisdom tells you to go deep inside.

Here, you will find the prize,

where light spirals direction and paves the way.

Living your life as the mystic lights the torch.

Lead, there is no need to follow in your story.

Hike atop to the mountain's plateau.

Sail the wild winds of the seas.

Go, explore the Sand Dunes, carrying only your Camel pack.

Step foot into the oxygen-provoking wild side of the forest.

Surf the salty ocean waves with your body temple.

Meditate in the ancient caves, alongside ascended masters.

Dig holes to sow your wild seeds,

to bring divine pictures of our future into this moment.

We craft existence into expression with our intention.

So, wish out the gift of life for all of creation.

Give thanks into this moment, for we have arrived.

Soundly reverberations kiss our hearts, for we are ascended now.

So, I'm inviting everyone on Planet Earth in 2020 to step into their power

and share their gifts and codes with the collective,

because everybody benefits from it.

Thank you so much for joining us for this adventure. Deeply honored. Thank you, Ben.

Ben:  Thank you, Dr. Nick. Well, folks, the wizard of essential oils strikes again. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I hope you find these oils as meaningful and impactful in your life, as I have in mind. So, until next time. I'm Ben Greenfield, along with Dr. Nick Berry, from BenGreenfieldFitness.com, signing out. Have an amazing week.

Well, thanks for listening to today's show. You can grab all the shownotes, the resources, pretty much everything that I mentioned over at BenGreenfieldFitness.com, along with plenty of other goodies from me, including the highly helpful, “Ben Recommends” page, which is a list of pretty much everything that I've ever recommended for hormones, sleep, digestion, fat loss, performance, and plenty more. Please, also know that all the links, all the promo codes, that I mentioned during this and every episode help to make this podcast happen and to generate income that enables me to keep bringing you this content every single week. So, when you listen in, be sure to use the links in the shownotes, use the promo codes that I generate, because that helps to float this thing and keep it coming to you each and every week.



When it comes to essential oils, my guest on this podcast is a true wizard. Dr. Nick Berry first joined me on the episode “Psychoactive Sleep Edibles, Essential Oil Wizardry, Cosmic Orgasms & More With Dr. Nick Berry.” Recently, I mentioned his amazing Kakanga root extract for energy, several of his unique dream sequence oils, along with some extremely unique oils you've probably never heard of in my weekly roundup.

Today, Dr. Nick is back for a fascinating podcast recorded at my home in Spokane, WA, and he arrived armed with an arsenal of intriguing and never-before-seen essential oils we'll explore on today's show. 

Dr. Nick is a licensed pharmacist and compassionate human being who stays on the cutting edge of holistic wellness and botanical medicine. He founded Essential Oil Wizardry in 2014, a humble-sized essential oil company that specializes in organic and wildcrafted essential oils, CO₂ extracts, and floral absolutes. They carry over 240 essential oil products, such as Wizard Alchemy Blends, Ceremonial Blends, Divine-Align Chakra Sets, Exquisite Botanical Perfumes, Kava Products, Magick Misters, as well as Therapeutic Formulas.

Dr. Nick & his team of “Wizards” also offer services such as product formulation for aligning brands and customized botanical perfumes and therapeutic formulas for individuals. Professionally, Dr. Nick hosts Essential Oil Wizardry playshops around the globe, invites rapid empowered evolution at his Transformational Botanical Retreats, and loves alchemizing in the lab and learning how to make more effective and potent lifestyle solutions. Dr. Nick enjoys celebrating with community, traveling around the world learning about medicine from different cultures, uplifting those around him, and living a life of joy and abundance.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Essential oils and an upgraded sauna experience…8:45

-Enhanced meditation with essential oils…12:20

-How essential oils are made and precautions to take when using them…21:05

  • Pure oils can be extremely caustic
  • 1 drop of pure peppermint oil is = 19 cups of peppermint tea steeped for 15 minutes
  • Most common extraction methods:
    • Steam distilled (most common method)
    • CO₂ extraction is higher quality (twice the potency as steam-distilled)
    • Ethanol (mainly used for fragrances, not for therapeutic use)
  • Ultrasonic (used at Essential Oil Wizardry):
    • High-frequency vibration, with structured wateras a solvent
    • Pulsating waves break down cells walls
    • Vacuum filtration removes waxes and lipids
    • Rotary evaporator vacuum distills
    • What's left is combined with structured water and minerals
    • Structured water enhances the quality and flavor of the oils

-Changing frequencies in smartphones, home objects, and essential oils…34:25

-Best practices on storage of essential oils…43:50

  • Miron glassis optimal for storage
  • Blushieldfrequency generating device
  • Don't store essential near wifi routers, harmful EMF devices like cell phones
  • Biogeometry clearing traycan help to mitigate harmful radiation
  • Citrus oils can oxidize when exposed to extreme heat; have the shortest expiry date
  • Nick is carrying on Will Lapaz's legacy; Will Lapaz– one of the founders of Eden Botanicals

-The point in time Nick became immersed in essential oils…47:40

  • Always fascinated by healing the human body
  • Wanted to become a pharmacist as a teenager
  • Became familiar with terpenes while studying the cannabis plant
  • Elizabeth van Buren encouraged him to study essential oils
  • John Steele became a mentor in the field
  • Used oregano essential oil while sick with pneumonia; greatly sped up the recovery time

-How to know whether an essential oil should be applied topically or ingested…53:25

-The essential oils Ben and Nick think you'll like the most…1:02:20

-“A Traveler's Dream”…1:29:05

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

– Dr. Nick Berry:

– Essential Oil Wizardry Products

– BGF podcasts:

– Other resources:

Episode sponsors:

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