[Transcript] – Read Yourself Like A Book, Figure Out Exactly What Makes You Tick, & Increase Your Potential For Meaningful Personal Interactions: How Human Design Works With Luis Portillo.

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[00:47:20] People Who Have Had Human Design Readings

[00:55:50] How design readings affect our mood and perception of reality

[01:00:47] Does an additional two chakras change how we should change our lifestyles and connect with the universe?

[01:02:03] Connecting with Luis

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[01:05:46] Luis reviews Ben's Human Design reading

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Ben:  On this episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast.

Luis:  The word invitation resonates a lot with a projector because they are here to guide us but they need their investors.

Ben:  Going with your gut can be foolhardy versus checking Google Maps, for example. So, I mean, where do you draw the line using your gut and not using your mind?

Luis:  Where is your openness, where is your conditioning, basically we all say that. But, how we say it and how we integrate it in examples, et cetera, we're all different.

Ben:  Health, performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking, and much more. My name is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the show.

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Hey. So, the podcast you're about to hear might sound a little bit woo because we're getting into this whole personality typing Human Design stuff. And so, what I've done to really help you out so you can better wrap your head around this is after I finish the interview here with Luis Portillo, what you're going to hear after that is I'm going to transition the podcast. You're going to get to hear the entire reading that Luis did with me, so you can better understand what a reading actually sounds like and how it goes, and what a guy like me learns from doing something like this. Because I feel like my podcast with Luis was good, but it still needs something for you to be able to get your head really wrapped around what a Human Design reading sounds like and looks like.

So, when it sounds like my interview with Luis is ending today, then keep hanging onto the podcast because after that you're getting to hear his actual reading with me. So, should be pretty cool. This stuff has been helping me out a lot. So, despite me not fully understanding it, but I hope it makes your life a little bit better somehow because God made us all different, with different unique talents and gifts and skills, and this is a pretty cool way to figure out what those are using the power of planetary readings and a whole bunch of other stuff. So, check it out. Here we go.

Well, folks, my wife and my sons, and I all went through this process recently called a Human Design reading. I know that sounds kind of tarot cards or something like that or palm reading, but this is really interesting. So, I was having dinner with a friend of mine who recommended to me that I look into this concept of Human Design as a way to know more about yourself, almost similar to a strength finder assessment or an enneagram or something like that, but far different in that. It takes a lot deeper dive into our decision-making processes, and how we tick, and how we interact with other people.

So, she recommended of all the different people who could do a Human Design reading for me. Initially, I did one, I thought was so amazing. I had my whole family do it as well. She recommended this guy named Luis Portillo. Luis, am I pronouncing your last name correctly? Is it Portillo, Portillo?

Luis:  Portillo.

Ben:  Portillo. Alright, I got it. And, do you like Luis or Luis?

Luis:  Luis is okay.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, these are probably all things I should have sorted before the show but I didn't, I'm lazy. So anyways, this Human Design process with Luis was so amazingly mind-blowing. How he was able to read me a book armed with very little knowledge besides my birth location, and my birth time, and my birthday, I had to get into the nitty-gritty of how this works. So, I'm just super curious and Luis is the guy who knows this stuff inside and out. He used to work as a lawyer at an international corporate law firm, Luis did, on the Mexican side of the Tijuana-San Diego California border. And then, he relocated to Puerto Vallarta and Nair Mexico where he started to investigate and explore all these different forms of self-knowledge like meditation, and breathwork and sweat lodges and tapping and reiki, and transpersonal psychology. And, his journey led him also to this concept of Human Design. And, he had his own Human Design reading. I'll let him tell you his story back in 2010 and since then, he's taking a deep dive.

So, Luis, welcome to the show.

Luis:  Thank you very much, Ben, for the invitation. Happy to be here and to share what I know and our experience also.

Ben:  Cool, cool.

Well, I mean, it sounds like you had kind of an interesting journey before you actually got to the point where you discovered Human Design. So, how did you find this stuff out?

Luis:  I sure did. Like I mentioned, I'm a lawyer or I used to practice law at a corporate law firm, and then I took a sabbatical and I went to Nayarit and Jalisco, which is in the Pacific coast of Central Mexico. And then, I discovered I wanted to know myself and I discovered the sweat lodges and tipi ceremonies, breathwork like you mentioned, transpersonal psychology, and all of these tools. And then, I discovered through a reading Human Design. And, that was the first time that something clicked that 100% resonated with me. I mean, all of the other elements I mentioned, they were beneficial in some way or another, and Human Design was spot-on.

Ben:  Yeah.

Luis:  Oh, this guy knows me when I had my reading done.

Ben:  Okay. So, you had a guy down in Mexico do a reading for you.

Luis:  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay.

Luis:  He did my reading and I was like, first, I didn't understand what I was getting into. I'm like, “I've already had my natal chart done, and numerology, and this and that.” But, I'm like, “Okay, there's nothing to lose.”

Ben:  Yeah, I'd also done some of that stuff, by the way. Sorry to interrupt. Before I met with you, I'd done a lot of that stuff, but this one seemed the most accurate. So anyway, sorry to interrupt. Go ahead.

Luis:  Yes. No problem. And, he started talking about me about my type. And, type is about how our electromagnetic field interacts with others. And, my type, it's called reflector. And, he mentioned, “So, you're like a mirror, you're sensitive and others might consider you lazy or that you cannot keep up with the energy of others like the physical energy of others to work, and this, and that.” All of these characteristics that were 100% spot on, I didn't tell this guy anything, just my date of birth and time and place. And, that was it. And, I was hooked. I started to work with him to learn from him. And, I had some contacts in radio and television, so we did a tour. I was just really there as listening and learning. And, I got into it. I loved it.

And, ever since I have practiced Human Design, trained in Human Design, and still learning, every day we discovered something and this is a never-ending process of self-discovery. And, I really enjoy it and love to share it.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Well, it's super interesting.

So, I guess it kind of begs the question, everybody's wondering now. And, we have time to get into this, so you can give me as long a reply as you want. I'll interrupt you for clarification, if necessary, but what is Human Design? Explain this to me.

Luis:  Human design is a logical system. It is a new logical system, and it combines ancient knowledge and modern knowledge. Ancient knowledge, like we mentioned, astrology is one element of Human Design. We also use the I-Ching or The Book of Mutations from the Chinese. We also use the Hindu Brahmin chakra system. And also, Kabbalah, the Tree of Life of Kabbalah. So, this is the esoteric aspect of Human Design. And, some people when they hear this, they're like “Uh,” mumble jumble–

Ben:  Yeah. Like a lot of people, Luis, they don't know what half that stuff is that you just listed off. It sounds like it's a mashup of a whole bunch of different charting and personality typing systems. But, I mean, who came up with this? Who mashed all this stuff up together and decided to call it Human Design?

Luis:  A guy from Canada, his name was Ra Uru Hu. He wasn't interested in astrology or anything like that, he was a music producer, he was a businessman, and he was in the island of Ibiza in Spain and he downloaded this information. So, this sounds like science fiction because he downloaded this information. He has a testimony on YouTube, he calls it Encounter with the Voice. So, he thought he went crazy. He's like, “What is this voice telling me?” And, this voice or in this download told him about astrology, the I-Ching, our genetic code. Because Human Design also integrates genetics and quantum physics. So, for example, in the download, the voice told them about neutrinos. This was in 1987.

In 1987, the boys told them about neutrinos, which are subatomic particles that have mass, a small amount of mass. And, in 1987 for science, neutrinos did not have mass officially. So, it wasn't until the early '90s that some Japanese scientists discovered that neutrinos have mass. So, the neutrinos, they emanate from the Sun and other stars. So, they have mass, they carry information. This information connects with planets, then with us. So, we are bombarded. We are in this stream of neutrinos. And, that's why we have certain characteristics. And, according to our day, month, year, and time, and place of birth, the neutrinos imprint us differently.

So, with Human Design, we are able to read and to see the imprint of the neutrino stream in our body, in our body, and also obviously in our mind.

Ben:  When you say this guy got this through a download, was he doing ayahuasca? Was this a plant medicine-based vision? Did he just randomly just have these voices in his head? Or, do you know exactly how that shift out?

Luis:  No, it was natural. It was a shock to his nervous system. So, he felt numb, he felt paralyzed when the voice was speaking. And, this guy didn't believe in anything, not religious, he wasn't on ayahuasca or any psychedelics, it was just this voice for eight days and eight nights continuously.

Ben:  Interesting.

Luis:  So, when the voice was speaking, he was writing things and the voice told him, grab this book, it could be the Old Testament. Grab this book, and it was the I-Ching, this Chinese ancient book of more than 3,000 years old, and the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, and the Big Bang. So, it was this whole download. This guy,  Ra Uru Hu, that was his name, after this experience, he was extremely intelligent. He was above average IQ and he was able to download this information and to share it. But, he thought that he went crazy, but then he started to experiment with what this download told him and it worked. It is practical information. We do not have to believe in it, here, we experiment with it. In Human Design, we give tools to personally individually experiment with these tools for decision making. If you ask me, “Well, what's the benefit of this?” Self-knowledge and on the practical level to make correct decisions according to our own blueprint, to our own design.

Ben:  Yeah. Well, I'm super skeptical about the origins of it because it's always interesting when you hear that somebody just had some vision and some was downloaded to him. But yet, for me, as a man of faith, as a Christian, there's stuff like that in the Bible all the time. So, who am I to say that somebody's not going to get something revealed to them like this? And, of course, the fact that it read me like a book was what I found absolutely crazy.

So, it starts with you getting the birth time. You had me give, my sons and my wife the same thing, the birth time, like what time we were born at, the birth location, the birth dates. I had to go get my birth certificate and show you the place I was born and the year, the day, the time. I forget what time I was born. I think it was 7:00 am or something like that. But anyway, so what do you do with all that information once I give you all that? Why do you need the birth time, and the birth location, and the birth date?

Luis:  One of the elements is astrology. So, with our birth date, we track the position of the planets in that precise moment. So, we use a software. Initially, it was done manually, but now, we use a software and we do it in seconds. So, this chart as you have seen, it has triangles, has squares, has figures, has numbers, symbols. So, that's why we need your date of birth to chart where the planets were and how they impact your individual design.

Ben:  So, everybody when they're born, the planets are in a certain type of alignment. And, you're saying that when the planets are in a certain type of alignment, it'll influence kind of the characteristics or the interpersonal or extra personal intelligence or the way people interact with somebody else. All that can be influenced by how the planets are aligned when you're born.

Luis:  We go back to neutrinos also. So, neutrinos impact the planets, the planets receive that information, it bounces. Let's say, it bounces off the planet, then it comes to us on earth and to our body. And, that's why we have certain characteristics. Some of us can be more emotional than others, or more mind-oriented, or intuition-oriented. So, that's when we look at the chart, individual chart. Each chart is different. There could be similar charts, but how we experience the energy of the chart is always different. Like in twins, for example.

Ben:  Yeah, I know. Well, my twins wound up being pretty similar. There wasn't a whole lot different between them. It didn't surprise me. They're very, very similar, these twins. But, just to back up here just a sec. Neutrinos, I think they're called the ghost particle in physics. And then, there's trillions of neutrinos, but apparently, a lot of them are produced by the Sun and the rest of them are produced by other stars in the galaxy. And, what you're saying is that the way that these particles, these neutrino particles happen to be traveling at the time that you're born, that's actually like all of them carry information in the same way that photons we know based on some principles of quantum physics can be information packets, you're saying, so can neutrinos. And, when you're born, the type of neutrinos you're exposed to can dictate your nature, the forms of interaction, the way that you're designed to a certain extent.

Luis:  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay.

Luis:  There is a neutrino stream. So, when we were born, we map, we chart what energy that neutrino stream had, what information it had, and how that resonates with us. That gives us our unique design.

Ben:  Okay, got it. Got it.

And so, from what I understand, there's kind of four different designs that people are born with. Is that correct?

Luis:  That is correct.

Ben:  Okay. Can you get into what those four different types are?

Luis:  There are four different types. One of the types is called manifestor. So, when we talk about types, we are talking about our aura or our electromagnetic field. So, there are four electromagnetic fields, four type of auras in humanity. One is called the manifestor. Our manifestors are about 8% of the population.

Ben:  Okay. And, that's my wife, by the way. My wife was a manifestor.

Luis:  Exactly. The aura of the manifestor is closed, it is tight, it is repelling. The manifestor is the only aura type that is here to initiate action. They are here to take the initiative.

The other three types, which we will look at, they need to wait for others to initiate them. The manifestor is here, like I said, 8% of the population. They are here to inform others before they are going to act. They need to give us information. They can be extremely misunderstood because they are very independent. Organically, they are independent. They are here, for example, as children that a  manifestor children need more spaces, more permissions or more permits to wander around, to feel more free.

Ben:  Right, because their initiators are not responders. So, manifestors are almost the people who are coming up with the ideas.

Luis:  Exactly. They are here to initiate. They want peace. At the end of the day, they want to be left alone and to be able to be at peace to not be interfered. That's great for manifestor when they are not interfered and we let them be themselves.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, so we got the manifestor. What are the other ones?

Luis:  One of the other types is called generators. Here, there's a subtype, which is called manifesting generator. So, we have generators and manifesting generators. They are the majority of humanity. 70% more or less is a generator.

Ben:  Yeah. And, I was a generator, by the way. My wife was a manifestor, I was a generator, and both of my sons were those manifesting generators, which obviously doesn't come as a surprise.

Luis:  Exactly. You are a pure generator. To be a generator, you have the sacral center or the sexual chakra; ovaries, testes, center for reproduction, for fertility, for creativity, 24/7 on. It is always on since the beginning, since you took your first breath, you are here to create, to know yourself. But, the thing is the generator and manifesting generators, they are not here to initiate action because that is the role of the manifestor. So, let's say we go to a training, a seminar, and they tell us and we are generators, and they tell us, just do it, go for it, initiate. You can do it. We will be pumped after the seminar. But, when we engage in those activities and try to initiate action and go after things without waiting, we encounter resistance, interference, and we can feel frustrated, and then we can quit as generators because we didn't follow our correct strategy. Each type–

Ben:  Because our strategy should be to respond not to initiate, right?

Luis:  Exactly. The manifestor initiates, the generator strategy is to wait and respond. It doesn't mean that you're going to be laying in bed, scratching your belly. No, it means that the generator is going to be active in whatever they love to do and available because they will be receiving stimulation from the outside. You will be receiving invitations, questions, recognition. Other will stimulate you to get into action. So, they will start your engine, others, from the outside. But, when you think you need to initiate, that's when frustration can come in, which is a theme for generators operating incorrectly, frustration versus when you are operating correctly, satisfaction.

Ben:  Yeah, that was a big takeaway for me when you were going through my generator chart with me was this idea that what I should do, for example, when I walk into a room, I don't necessarily do as well with initiating conversations as much as kind of going into the room, getting settled in, and then waiting for someone to come to me to begin to respond to them. Otherwise, I can get frustrated if I'm trying to initiate a conversation or initiate an action. You also told me that as a responder, I also should do, well, listening to my gut or listening to my heart more. Can you get into what you meant by that when it comes to the generator being somebody who does better with making decisions from their gut versus making decisions from their heart?

Luis:  Exactly. Well, the generator has this sacral center defined always on. So, it makes sounds. Before we were able to articulate words way back then, we made groans, naturally groans and moans, and mm-hmm, ah-uh, mm-hmm, ah-uh. So, generators are connected to this ancient part aspect of our DNA and you connect through those sounds, guttural sounds from your gut. And, as you probably know, divine and gut, they have a similar root. So, when our gut is speaking, also divinity might be speaking through us or as we say in Human Design, our inner authority. The inner authority, for example, for you, Ben, is to listen to your gut, to respond and to listen to the sounds, the guttural sounds that you make, uh-huh, ah-uh, mm-hmm, mm-mm.

Ben:  Yeah. That was one thing that was interesting. You told me when I'm having conversations, I should actually be making noises like that like, “Uh-huh, yeah, uh-huh, yeah,” because that helps me maintain a better connection with my gut and the signals that it might be telling me.

Luis:  So, you are attuned with your inner authority, with your body, with your body's intelligence, with your GPS, and then you are with the correct people in the right place at the right time when you follow that. Because if you follow your mind, I'm looking here at your chart, Ben, and you have a defined mind, which means that your thoughts, your concepts, your ideas are always on. So, if let's say you give the authority for decision making to your mind, you would be making decisions that are incorrect or not organic because you are designed to make decisions below the mind with your guts, with your uh-huh, ah-uh, with your sacral center, your center of creation, of fertility, of sexuality.

Ben:  Right, right. Okay. So, that makes sense. So, we got the manifestor, and we have the generator, and then we have kind of the hybrid of that, the manifesting generator. And then, what are the other two personality types that you find with this Human Design?

Luis:  Sure. The other two types are the projector and reflector type. And, I forgot to mention, the manifestor and the generator, they are energy types. So, the manifestor is here to initiate, the generator is here to create, and to sustain energy. Energy types and the other two, the projectors and the reflectors are non-energy types. So, for example, the projector is about 21% of humanity, the projector does not have the energy of the generator to sustain activity so they can burn out more easily than generators. So, a generator is here, is like a guide, a coordinator. A projector is–sorry, the projector can guide, can coordinate. That is part of their nature. Their aura is focused and absorbing, is like a sponge. So, they can be very intelligent projectors because they know what's going on. They can take samples of the energy of others. So, they can be excellent coaches, excellent guides, but they are not here to work as generators because they don't have it in them, they don't have the motors that the generators have to sustain activity.

So, projectors, if they are not operating correctly, if they are making mental decisions, they can burn out easily, they can feel they are lazy, they can feel bitter. Bitterness is one of the things that pops up with projectors when they are not operating correctly. They are here to be successful in life, but they are here to wait for the correct invitations, for the correct recognition. The word invitation resonates a lot with the projector because they are here to guide us, but they need their investors.

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How is a projector? You said a projector, their communication styles, they should wait for the invite, they shouldn't necessarily be the initiator. But, how's that different than the generator when you say that the generator strategy should be to respond? What's the difference between waiting to respond and waiting for an invitation? Does that make sense?

Luis:  Yes, it makes sense. Well, for the generator, it's just available. You don't need any invitation, someone looks at you, maybe they are flirting and you respond. “Hey, you want to dance?” Or, “You want to drink?” Or, whatever, “You want to get coffee?” But, for the projectors, it's specific, it's like, “Huh, I see that you're doing this great. Why don't you come to our school and give us a chat about this activity that you do?” It's more formal.

Ben:  Okay, got it.

Luis:  It's different. Generators can make decisions right in the moment. For projectors, it's like, “Okay, they recognize me, they have seen my talents,” and they don't have the uh-huh, ah-uh like in your case.

Ben:  Okay. Okay, got it. That makes sense. So, we got the projector, we got the manifestor, we got the generator, we got the manifesting generator, and what's the last type that you find?

Luis:  The last type is the reflector type. Reflectors are about 1% of the population. Reflectors have all of their centers or all of their chakras white. Meaning, they are receptive. They are most receptive of all the energy types. Of all the types, it is a non-energy type. Reflector is very attuned to the cycle of the moon. So, for a reflector to make a decision, an important decision, they need to wait at least 28 and a half days, which is the cycle of the moon. So, for reflectors to know this, I'm a reflector, and to know this was life changing. I'm like, “Oh, so I do not need to jump into things, I need to take my time and it's okay.” And, if other people say to me, “Hey, we need this response ASAP,” I say, “Well, it's not for me if you cannot respect my waiting period.”

Ben:  So, it sounds like if you're working with a reflector, if you'd have to know that someone is a reflector because that's the type of person who does best if you're giving them a decision, you need to allow them to sit on it, to wait, to actually kind of ferment and stew on a decision or an initiation you might pass their way.

Luis:  Exactly. And, our aura as reflectors is like Teflon. So, we can take samples. An analogy we use in Human Design is reflectors are the canary in the coal mine. We can see what's different, we can see what's coming, and we can tell our community, “Hey, be careful with this food or with this, whatever, because it's not useful for us.” Or, “Pay attention to this, this is great for us.”

So, ideally, a reflector in a classroom, let's say in a school, if I was a teacher I would put the reflector in the middle of the class so I can get a sense of what the energy is around the classroom looking at the reflector.

Ben:  Okay, got it. Now, each of the different designs has this graph overlaid on the silhouette of a human body. It's a little bit hard to describe via audio, but if anybody listening goes to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/HumanDesign, I'll link to some of the graphs and what they look like. So, I'm going to keep all the shownotes for you if you want any of the shownotes or you want to access any of this information for yourself. Go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/HumanDesign.

But anyways, Luis, what I wanted to ask you was you described to me how we're all used to seeing these traditional seven chakras going through the body. You'll see that in a lot of eastern medicine and a lot of meditation books and the front door of the yoga clinic that you might go to, has it plastered there, and these seven chakras from the crown down to the root chakra. But, I think the way you explain it to me is you said that's kind of wrong that there's a new chakra system that we should be working with, and that's kind of what you guys have incorporated into Human Design. Can you explain that to me?

Luis:  Yes. We used to have way back when five chakras. Then, we had seven for thousands of years, which is what we know. Like you mentioned, if we go to a yoga class or reiki, they tell us about the seven chakras. According to Human Design, which is part of the download, in the year 1781, there was a mutation in our DNA. 1781, Industrial Revolution, American Independence, French Revolution, so all of these changes, resonate with the changes in our DNA. So, we went from seven chakras to nine chakras. So, what is different that our ancestors before 1781, they were designed to make mental strategic decisions. That was correct for them. But, what is new for us humans, our nine-centered human composition is that the mind is no longer the authority for decision making.

Ben:  Now, how did that change happen? Is that, again, due to planets and these neutrinos? Because a lot of people don't know about this. You say we used to have five chakras, and then we had seven, and then we had nine. Who's actually keeping track of all this?

Luis:  Yeah. It was due to mutation. It was due to heath and our DNA changed, the influence of the sun, of a higher temperature, and we evolved. We can debate this scientifically, and it can be obviously go one way or the other. But, this is part of the download. So, we say there was a mutation, we now have nine chakras, so we operate differently. That's why when we say in Human Design, our inner authority is never in the mind. We have been an analogy in Human Design. We have the vehicle, the consciousness of the body. That's one. Let's say we have a limo, a limousine and that is the body, our design. We have a passenger, that is the mind. And, the mind is here to take the backseat and observe what's going on: to measure, to observe, take the backseat. And, we have a driver integrated in our vehicle. And, our driver has a GPS, has a compass, and knows where to go, where to be at what time. So, our driver communicates with us through our inner authority.

In your case, Ben, it is through your guttural sounds. It is through your gut. That's when you know to take a left or a right or to jump or to duck or whatever.

Ben:  Yeah. I mean, don't get me wrong. I still pay attention to what's going on in my head and make logical, rational, and scientific decisions. But, since my consultation with you, I did start, A, making more noises like uh-huh, yeah, uh-huh, and even when I'm by myself to be able to listen to my gut more. And B, I've been trying to make more decisions from my gut and they actually seem to agree with the decisions that I used to be having a harder time making through my head. So, it actually is really interesting. And, this idea of these nine chakras, if they're seven before, where are these nine new ones? Are they just overlaid on top of the other ones and then there's just two extras? Or, how does that work exactly?

Luis:  Yes. One is the spleen center, which emanated from the sacral center. It used to be one. The instinct and the sacral center used to be one. And, another center is the small triangle, which has to do with willpower. It used to be in the center in the middle of love and direction or intention, identity. So, there was an upgrade. So, we have two more. And, you can say, “Well, I don't believe it,” or someone that is listening. And, we say in design, you don't need to believe it. There are no gurus nor outer authorities, it's all about experimentation. This is an empirical system, logical, empirical. And, you can give it a try as you have done it, Ben, and say, “Oh, it's turning out pretty good listening to my gut.” And, don't get me wrong, the mind is wonderful tool. We couldn't be communicating right now without it, and we say just give it, its correct role to observe, to measure, to hold on memories and concepts and ideas and be inspired, then debate and exchange.

And, the funny thing is that our mind can be an outer authority. For example, you can give us advice, Ben, for our healthy lifestyle and you can tell us about your discoveries, and we can make decisions out of what your mind is telling us. But, the thing is, you are not here to listen to your mind when your mind says, “Oh, let's quit or let's keep on going, or let's compare to the other and this and that,” all the stories. And, we say because the mind is conditioned, we can do retreats, we can silence the mind. But, if we still make mental decisions, we are not in tune with this upgrade.

Ben:  When you say in tune with this upgrade, you mean we're still operating like the old school seven chakra system?

Luis:  Exactly. If we are making mental decisions, we are attuned to the old-school seven chakra system.

Ben:  But, do you still research and become informed before making a decision? If you don't know whether to turn left or right at a stop sign, going with your gut can be foolhardy versus checking Google Maps, for example. So, I mean, where do you draw the line behind using your gut and not using your mind?

Luis:  Right. It's about experimenting. You can say, “Ah, in this part, I will not use it.” You can experiment with it or you can go all in and say, “Okay, for a week, I'm just going to trust my gut and see what happens.”

Ben:  See what happens when I turn left or when I make up my own way to get to the airport. Interesting.

Okay. So basically, there's like a chart and the chart has different symbols that are over each of these different nine chakras with little lines going between each of the symbols. And, from what I understand, the way that these lines flow from symbol-to-symbol kind of dictates how you operate and how you interact with other people, right?

Luis:  Exactly. The centers are the chakras, we call them centers, and they are connected through channels. Channels are consistent life force energy that gives us our distinctions. For example, I didn't know who you were when we did our reading, I googled you afterwards. But, seeing here, your chart, Ben, you have a lot of connections to individual energy. This part of you, survival, of surviving. I think I mentioned to you in the reading you can be in China, in Mexico, in Indonesia, wherever. And, if you are attuned to your intuition, you will survive. Even if you don't have the GPS there, if you trust your instinct, you will survive. And, you empower others through your individuality. So, your design is very individual. Meaning, it is different from your family, from society as a collective. People that have individual energy are here to bring what is new. So obviously, you're going to encounter resistance because dogs don't want to learn new tricks. But, you will empower others, your instinct, your intuition. You are attuned to acoustics also. So, words, music, that gets you into rhythm. Also, we mentioned in nose, to trust the smell and you're a hunter. Now, I learned that you're a hunter, so you can trust that.

Ben:  I don't know if I'm a hunter, but I like to hunt. So, you're saying that I can use my senses of hearing, and my senses of smell, and the chart that I have shown that those are two senses that I would tend to be very strong with.

Luis:  Yes. And, they are consistent. So, what has color and what has white? What has color? It is consistent, reliable energy that is yours versus what is white, it is inconsistent, it is open, it comes and goes, it is intermittent so you cannot trust the white centers for decision making because the white centers are open spaces to sample the energy of others or of the outside.

Ben:  Interesting.

Okay. Just for illustrative examples here, who are some celebrities that would fall into certain categories? Do you ever do that? Because a lot of these personality typings an enneagram will say, “Oh, you're like Oprah Winfrey,” or “this personality is the same as something like Michael Jordan.” Do you actually step back and look at certain celebrities that would have certain Human Design readings? Or, have you seen certain celebrities actually get these type of Human Design readings just so people can better wrap their heads around like, “Oh, okay, I understand, that person's a manifestor, that person's a generator”?

Luis:  Yes. For example, famous manifestors, we have Robert DeNiro, is a manifestor. So, you can see that energy. They are not, in Mexico, we say a golden token or golden coin. I'm not a golden coin so everyone loves me. So, manifestors are like that. They're not so open as a generator. So, Robert DeNiro is a famous manifestor.  Jennifer Aniston is a manifestor.

So, in the example of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt is a projector. So, like we mentioned, the projector is here to wait for the invitation. Jennifer Aniston, as a manifestor, she is here to initiate action. So, she's designed to initiate relationships. She's designed to be the one to take the first step in a relationship. So, Jennifer.

Also, another famous manifestor is Jerry Seinfeld. And, the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. And, if we look at Jerry Seinfeld's chart, he has a channel that relates to making money to the material, very attuned to the material. And, he has accomplished that. He has lived his design.

Manifestors are here to have impact. So, another manifesto is Adolf Hitler. So, Hitler certainly had an impact on humanity. So, these are famous manifestors. We also have famous generators. Famous generator is Elvis Presley. Elvis the Pelvis, so he was very connected to the sacral with all his movements of the pelvis, and this and that. They are here to generate, to create. Madonna is another famous generator: Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Tiger Woods.

Ben:  And so, each of these individuals in each of these different types that are associated with each individual, one of the things that was a big takeaway for me was if you're acting out of correspondence to the way that you should be responding to someone like as a generator, for example, if I'm using more of my head than my heart. If I'm not making those guttural sounds, if I'm not waiting to respond but instead attempting to initiate myself, the signature fallback that I have is frustration. But then, when I am acting within, responding to my gut and making those guttural sounds and waiting to respond, the signature theme is satisfaction. So, I could be either satisfied or frustrated. And, I think you told me that for my wife, for example, is a manifestor, for her, if she's operating in tune and being that person who leads, who informs, who initiates that she would be at peace. And then, the opposite of that would be being at anger. And, I assume the other two have their own signatures or what would happen when you were self or what would happen when you're operating outside of what you're naturally oriented to do, right?

Luis:  That is correct. For projectors, they can feel bitter. If they are not operating correctly, if they are making mental decisions, or if they do not wait for invitations, they can feel bitterness. Projectors are here to be successful. They are great at mastering systems, of studying, going very deep into systems, into knowledge.

So, another analogy, Ben, is we have a soccer team, yeah, a football team, soccer team. The manifestor is the striker, is the forward. They get all the glory or all the boos, all the blame. Their reputation is on the line. The generators are defenders, so they are waiting for the stimulation, they are waiting for the ball to come to them. And then, they can give a pass or they can score a goal, but they are not going after the ball, they are responding to what the offense is doing. Then the projectors, which are the guides, they are here to be the midfielders. They direct the game. Usually, they are the captain of the team, the midfielder. So, they can give the pass, so the forward or the manifestor or the generator scores the goal. So, they coordinate. And, that reflector would be the goalie. Different rules apply. Like we mentioned, they are more attuned to the moon, the cycle of the moon. So, the goalie can use their hands. Reflectors have another composition.

Ben:  Now, do you ever have, I guess, corporations or teams, sports teams, corporate teams, et cetera, take the Human Design and learn how to interact with each other based on the results? Very similar to how some corporations like at Kion and at Ben Greenfield Life, we use the Enneagram to type our employees and figure out what role that we would best shine in. Other people will use the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment. Do you find that corporations will use something like this as well?

Luis:  Yes. And, is extremely beneficial for corporations. I have done it for some corporations. And, it is great because everyone knows their role, and they don't feel frustrated.

Ben:  Give me an example of what that looks like. Give me an example.

Luis:  For example, a projector, a projector that is not operating correctly, and is the first one to get to work, and the last one to leave. We're like, “Hey, take it easy. You're going to burn out. It's just a matter of time before you burn out. You need to delegate. You need to take your naps. You need to take your breaks. You need to take your vacations. It's great for you because projectors tend to carry the atlas, the weight of their team on their back.” So, we're like, “Hey, relax, take a break.” Or, we can tell to the boss, “Hey, give us some days off to the projector.” Or, tell them that they need to not come or to leave early. Or, generators that try to initiate. And, “Oh my project didn't go through, or we had to suspend it because this or that.” We're like, “Wait, wait for the stimulation.” And, the stimulation might be from going online, googling, or listening to a podcast and then boom, an idea pops up. And, to manifestors, we say, “Initiate. Do not feel bad for rejection.” Manifestors need to be open to rejection because they are the starters. Well, they start things, they initiate things.

Sorry, famous projectors, we have Steven Spielberg, the director, Bon Jovi, Mick Jagger. And, Mick Jagger in one of his songs, he's singing about the generators. He's like, “I can't get no satisfaction.” But, Mick Jagger is not here to get satisfaction, he's here to get successful as a projector. Another, Denzel Washington is also a projector. A lot of people that are in the entertainment business are projectors. They can be great actors or directors. Also, Woody Allen is a projector, Penelope Cruz, Barbra Streisand, among others. And, famous reflectors, we don't have a lot of them, but this girl, Sandra bullock is a reflector, which she has the potential to be a great actress because of all of the openness. Richard Burton, the actor, Dostoevsky, and I don't know if you remember Uri Geller.

Ben:  No, I don't know who that is. But regardless, it's really interesting to hear examples of the different celebrities that would fall into these different categories.

And, one question I have for you also is let's say somebody wanted to get this Human Design thing done, do all practitioners do it the same way? Because you were recommended to me as a person who's really good at it, but I don't even know what that means. You're the only person I've ever talked to about this. So, are different practitioners kind of different personal trainers, different nutritionists like trained in different ways with different approaches, or do you guys all just practice this stuff the same way?

Luis:  Yes, we were all different. I mean, there is the official institute that the lineage from the founder is one. I personally have learned from that lineage and also or school to put it more precisely, but also from some that are rebels that do other stuff also or integrate part of Human Design and then add a little bit extra. I like to follow my intuition to listen to my gut. And, in a reading, I say words that were not on script or are not necessarily on the chart. But, I just feel like I need to say it. And so, they resonate or I can get my message across. And, I have a different background. Yes, I flow, I follow intuition, I try to listen, I try to adapt to the moment. Basically, we're all different. But yes, there are certain rules no matter if you take a reading with analyst, we all are going to mention your genetic type, what is your strategy, what is your inner authority, where is your openness, where is your conditioning. Basically, we all say that. But, how we say it and how we integrate it in examples, et cetera, we're all different.

Ben:  And, how do you know my genetic type if you're not taking saliva or something like that? Do you just know based off of again the planetary, the astrologic typing? Or, how does that work?

Luis:  Exactly. And, it's a mystery. It is a mystery, Ben. For example, an element of Human Design is the I-Ching. The I-Ching, it's an ancient Chinese text and it has 64 hexagrams.  Why 64? And, it turns out in our genetics we have 64 codons in our DNA. So, how did the Chinese learn thousands of years ago that there is a correlation between the hexagrams and our DNA? It is a mystery. We do not know how they were able to acquire this knowledge.

So, I did a reading once, the person was extremely skeptic or skeptical and she's, “Do you need a hair, a sample of my hair so it can be accurate?” And really, I said, “Yes. Yes, I need your hair.” I really didn't need it. I just said for this person to be able to be open.

Ben:  Yeah. A little placebo effect there. Yeah, yeah, that makes sense.

Luis:  Yeah, the placebo. Exactly.

Ben:  Now, when somebody does this, I walked away with this printout, this chart that showed my actual chakras and the different lines, you call them the channels that connect each one so I can now start to understand how my different nine chakras all work together, and then also a printed guide that walks me through all the different ways I can and should interact with people based on my type. And then, he gave me a recording of the actual video, so I was able to kind of go through it. And, that was super useful. I'm assuming that anybody who does this with you would get something similar. But, the thing that I wanted to run by you was once you have all this information in hand, what if the other people you're interacting with haven't done the Human Design process? What if you don't know if somebody's a manifestor or a generator, and you don't know how to interact with them? You know how you interact with people, but you don't know how they're going to respond to it because you don't know their type? Does that make sense? Is there a way to know what somebody else is if they haven't had their Human Design done?

Luis:  Well, no because let's say someone is a manifester, but is not initiating, and is acting as a generator because they were conditioned to not initiate because she's a woman living in Mexico. And, women, let's say, the 20s and they don't start things, they need to wait for the men to do it. We need to get their chart to be certain. I mean, I can guess, “Oh, she looks like a generator or a manifesting generator or she's emotional.”

Ben:  You could probably do it pretty well because you've done so many of these.

Luis:  Yes. But, we need to pass it through the software to be precise.

Ben:  Right, the Human Design software.

Now, these nine chakras, a lot of times people will have different types of meditations where you're breathing through the different chakras or they'll have different types of chakra sweet protocols and some of these energy devices. When you're working with the nine chakras, are there different things that you would do because it seems like everything that we use right now from a medical standpoint or an energetic standpoint is based around the seven chakras. Does that make sense? Do we also need to be meditating differently or doing chakra sweeps differently or doing acupuncture differently? Is what I'm asking making sense?

Luis:  Yes, it makes sense. We don't necessarily need to come up with a new meridian system of acupuncture or anything because these centers were already there. We had them, but they mutated and now they're in a different place and have different influence, but it's not necessary to do a different meditation. Basically, what it comes down to is decision-making. So, you do this type of reading, I would say, “Okay, Ben. It does if you do the Wim Hof or whatever holotropic.” Okay, listen to your gut. I will sound like a broken record and I would say, “Listen to your gut.”

Ben: Yeah.

Now, if somebody wants to actually get this type of test done, then basically it involves them hunting down their birth certificate or even, I guess, they could call their parents, or the hospital, or find out what time they were born at, the location, the date. And then, they would just basically send you all that information. You feed all through the software. And then, you had an hour-long call with me and also my sons and my wife, and just walk each of us individually through our results.

And so, if somebody wants to do this, is there a specific way they can work with you? Should I just link to your website in the shownotes or what's the best way for people to actually work with you if they want to do that?

Luis:  Yes. Old school, Ben. You can email me.

Ben:  Okay. You might get a few emails if you give that out, but you can feel free. Okay. You can email me, [email protected]. You send me your date of birth: day, month, year, time. We get in touch and I prepare your chart. And, as you mentioned, it's about 60 minutes. The reading sometimes less, sometimes more. And, we take a look at your chart specifically what your type is, what your inner authority is, where you can get distracted, the not-self, yourself, what is the organic way to make decisions as yourself.

Having a reading, it has a lot of benefits. One of them is to breathe finally in relief that, “Oh, I am able to be myself. I am weird, or I am different, or I'm unique. And, it's okay. I don't need to compare myself to my brothers, or my neighbors, or whoever.”

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Well, it's honestly been one of the more helpful assessments that I've done. And, I think it could be kind of cool for people to try this out if you want to. I've never heard anything about it, and as is my shtick on this show. Anytime I find something kind of cool that really helped me out with something, I to share it with people. I can't explain that I have my head fully wrapped around how this works, I do kind of understand the idea of these neutrinos and planetary assessments. I realize some of it might sound woo to you guys, but I also step back and I look at the fruits of anything that I do. And, my wife and my sons and I now know how to communicate with each other better. I'm making more decisions with my gut, I'm being a little bit more audible when I'm listening to people or in conversations. I'm giving myself permission to respond when I used to feel guilty about not being the initiator. And, all those things actually have really been resonating with me. So, there's something to this. I don't fully understand it, but there's something to it. And so, I just wanted to make sure that you guys know this exists.

And, if you do want to go do something with Luis, I'll put his email address that he just said in the shownotes. If you guys want to check out my own chart, I'll link to that in there too, and I'll also give you a little bonus and let you listen to the audio that Luis did with me in which he really walked me through my whole own Human Design reading if you're just curious as a fly on the wall what that actually sounds like or looks like.

So, Luis, thanks for coming on the show and sharing all this Human Design stuff with us. I hope we did a decent job explaining to people even though I really think the best way to get it is to just do it. And then, you'll see the chart, you'll get your eyeballs on your chakras on your channels. And, I think that's the best way for people to proceed. So, I'll put all that information at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/HumanDesign.

Luis, thank you very much for coming on the show, man.

Luis:  Thank you very much, Ben, for the invitation, for the confidence in me. And, I'm gladly would tell your listeners to get a reading, contact me or contact another analyst. But, it is extremely important and practical information for these times.

Ben:  Awesome, awesome. Cool. I agree. It is really practical information. Sounds a little far-fetched on the show, but once you get into it, it gets super practical.

Male Speaker:  We now transition from Ben's interview with Luis Portillo to the recorded call of Luis reviewing Ben's Human Design reading.

Luis:  Just to make sure, Ben, December 20th…

Ben:  1981.

Luis:  '81 at 7:12 pm.

Ben:  Yup.

Luis:  In Lewiston, Idaho.

Ben:  Yup.

Luis:  Perfect. Okay, yeah. That's the number one question. Did Trina tell you a little bit about this or not really?

Ben:  Well, Trina told me a little bit about it because we were having dinner and we were sitting by each other. So, she filled me in a little bit. And then, I also worked with a doctor once down in San Francisco where I did a podcast with him. And, he does, I think, it's more Korean, but he uses the Chinese calendar and he kind of does more diet and the medications, and things like that based on your birth date and birth year. But, from what she was telling me, what you do is a little different. So, I figured it would be kind of cool to connect with you.

Luis:  Cool. Yes, yes, it is. It's called a Human Design system. It's a synthesis of ancient knowledge. For example, astrology, the I-Ching, which is this ancient Chinese text. Also, the Tree of Life of Kabbalah, the esoteric part of Judaism. And, the chakra system.

Ben:  Wow.

Luis:  So, those are the ancient or the esoteric aspects. And, we also have modern elements in Human Design like genetics, astronomy, physics. So, this synthesis gives us the Human Design system, and it's a practical system for us to know ourselves. Sometimes we say, “Oh, I wish I had an instruction manual to know my children or to know myself.” And, I think this is pretty close to having an instruction manual. And, what I like it is for us westerners, Ben. It's not mumbo jumbo, it's practical information, and you can apply it, you can experiment with it and see if it is worth it, or if it's just another fad.

Ben:  Yeah.

Luis:  So, there are two columns. As you can see, one is in red and one is in black. Those two columns represent aspects in your genetic blueprint that are activated, your life force energy that is activated, what makes you different from others. So, the red part, it is aspects of you that are unconscious, and the black part, those are conscious aspects of you. So, sometimes it resonates with us more, the black than the red. But, both of them are within us. As you see, there are numbers, they correspond to the I-Ching, the I-Ching has 64 hexagrams or symbols. And, in our DNA, there are 64 codons or ways that amino acids combine and give us information. And, as you know, the chessboard has 64 squares, you have Nintendo 64. 64 is all over the place. And here, we're going to see of the 64 archetypes or hexagrams which ones are highlighted in your DNA.

Also, in the middle, we have centers. They correspond to the chakra, to the Hindu chakra system. If you go to a yoga class, they talk about the seven chakras. Here in Human Design, we say there was an upgrade around the year 1781. So, it has to do in the era of the Industrial Revolution, American Independence, French Revolution. There was a mutation in our DNA. And now, according to Human Design, we have nine chakras instead of seven. So, this has a lot to do with how we make our decisions. And, we'll get to that in a bit.

As you can see at the nine centers or chakras, Ben, in your case, six have color, and three are white. So, the difference between the white and the colored ones is that the ones that have color, that is consistent, reliable energy that is activated in you since you were born, it is there. If I tell you, Ben, you're going to be or there's a potential for you to get to the bottom of things to investigate, you have the information to have the basis to have the pillars of stuff since you were born, 'til the end. It's going to be there, that part of you that investigates. It's on, it's highlighted in your DNA. So, that is consistent, reliable, that is part of who you are.

And, the opposite are the white centers. The white centers are inconsistent and that is where you are open to the influence of others, to the energy of others. And, we're going to look at them one by one. So, the difference; colored, reliable, and it's always on. And, you give out that energy. The water has colored, you give it out. If I were sitting next to you right now at a coffee shop, even though we didn't speak to each other, I would receive the centers that you have colored and you would be a receptor in your white spaces.

Ben:  Okay.

Luis:  So, the white centers, I like to start with that, Ben, because the white centers usually we can get off track because of the energy of others, the influence of others, the conditioning of others. In your case, there are two pressure centers in our design. The one on top is mental pressure; the pressure to have answers, the pressure to be creative, to have ideas. That is one center of pressure. And, the other center of pressure is the one on the bottom. That is the root chakra or the adrenaline center, the root center, has to do with your adrenal glands. And, that also is open or it is white.

So, in your case, Ben, you are open to the pressure of the outside: mental pressure and physical pressure. Let's say you have clients and they need the answer for yesterday ASAP, and that pressure of them, you can feel it. And, if you are not aware, you can amplify that stress, that pressure, and give them answers just so you don't feel like the hot potato. And, you're like, “Okay, here's your answer. Don't bother me anymore.” Just to take off that pressure. But, you are not designed to succumb to that pressure. Or, the mental pressure, what is the answer? Why? And, tell me, explain to me. And, this is what's going to happen; the lockdown, the vaccine, the this, and the that, and the inflation. And, all of that pressure that is in the environment, you are open to it.

A key for you, Ben, is to distinguish what is yours and what is from the other person or the collective. And, you can say, you know what, I don't have the answer, I don't know what is going to happen, and it's okay. For you to say, “I don't know and I don't care really,” it's very healthy for your mental system, for your mind. When you say, “I don't know, this is not even mine, this is not my question” like yeah, it doesn't have anything to do with me. Because you can be open to distractions, open to mental distractions that have nothing to do with you, it has to do with the others, so then you can be distracted and not be on your correct path. So, that is the mental pressure. And, the one on the bottom is this pressure to do stuff now. Let's say you're driving and the person behind you is very close to you, you can go past the red light so you don't feel that pressure. So, that would be obviously a not correct thing to do for you because you're here to say, “Hey, wait, chill.” The light is red, you need to wait instead of reacting and doing it, just so you don't feel the pressure.

So, those are two centers that are white, that are open to the conditioning of others. And, also the other center, Ben, that is white is your emotional center. Actually, it is totally white, no activations there. So, people can say, “Oh, you are cold” like emotionally, and you're not here for the drama, for the drama, a soap opera, relationship, and this, and that. You're like, “Nah.” You're here to be empathic. You're very sensitive, so you can feel what the other is feeling, their feelings, their emotions. You can sense them, but you are not here to make decisions out of an emotion that you are feeling.

So, the most important thing of this system, Human Design, is decision-making. So, that's why I like to start where you are not wired to make decisions. You are not wired to decisions out of an emotion. Let's say you're in a fight and you say, “I quit, this is over. We are going to end this relationship, partnership, whatever,” that is not correct for you. Or, to make a mental decision, you're not here for your decisions. And, it's funny or not funny, but it's, yeah, it's funny. Like, when you said, “Oh, I'm going hunting,” in your case, your decision-making, it's all about the instinct, the intuition, and a spontaneous body decision. Your decisions are from your gut, Ben. You are designed to make decisions with your gut, not to think about it. This is one of the most revolutionary aspects of Human Design. It says, since the upgrade in the late 18th century, we are no longer designed to make decisions with our mind. In your case, it has to do with your intuition, it has to do with your guts. Your decisions are here to be made in the now like a hunter. I bet you were responding to the environment to what was happening, all the rain, the clouds, the weather, the wind, the smell. You have it in you. And, that's how you are designed to make decisions. You have a very, very individual design. Meaning, you're not here to follow the crowd, you're here to be rebellious, you're here to inspire others also, to stimulate us with ideas.

One of your gifts is to share your ideas, your stories, your experiences. You can be a great with your language, with words, with speaking, with influencing others through your throat. This is the throat, the third one from top to bottom. And, there's a channel there that connects with the Ajna center or with your mind center. So, you have a lot of ideas constantly since you were born. Abstract ideas, some are logical, some are abstract. The abstracts are connected to your right hemisphere and it has to do with inspiring others through your stories. You're a storyteller. So, if you tell us your stories, you're going to have influence over us and also you can be great. You can be like a filmmaker, you can be like someone that manages and markets. You can sell anything. And, you can play with your character to sell us a product, an idea, a truth, a way of life with a way how you respond spontaneously in the now.

Let's say you are talking to teenagers from high school, you can play your character, can play a cool dude starting to the guys and the girls in high school. And, if you're with seniors, you can also play with your character and adapt, and you're going to dress differently, you're going to speak differently, and you're going to get different information where you're going to make it more attractive. You can make things beautiful. You can make the form beautiful. The form can be the body, your home, your office, where you live, like architects have, this, that you have, architects, designers, people that they work with to making things more beautiful.

So, what is extremely highlighted is this intuition. You can trust in it, Ben. The challenge would be to not let your mind make the decisions for you. What is funny is that your mind is for others. You can tell me a story and I can be stimulated and say, “Oh, now, I get it.” But, your mind is not for your own decisions. Your mind is great for what we are doing. We're talking, we are processing information, getting ideas, beautiful. But, in your case, Ben, if you're going to do a business, it has nothing to do with the numbers with what others tell you about this potential partner, it's about your instinct because you're very attuned to the acoustic world, to the world of vibration. So, people can talk to you and you can spot the bullshit because you can listen, not necessarily to the words, you're more attuned to the vibration of the words, to the tone, to what's under the iceberg, what they really mean. So, this hunter in you that survives, you can be on survivor like that kind of energy you have. The energy to survive when you are attuned to the now, to the present because you survive when you are present, when you are in the future and your mind takes you there, always going to happen in the future, and the lockdown, and the these, and the that, that can lead you off your organic path. When you're in the future, and, “Oh, what will happen? Will I survive in the future? Will this change? Will this be like this or like that?” 

You're here to share a lot of love. I'm going to send you your chart when we finish. It's called your incarnation cross or the energy that you bring. It has to do with a lot with love, different kind of love, not necessarily Hollywood love, it's love of yourself, love of the form, love of the body, universal love. You can love your pillow, your car, your bowl, whatever. It's that kind of love. Love of the senses like, “Oh, I have a body, I can eat, I can have sex, I can sleep, I can have a massage, I can kiss, I can feel the rain.” That sensualness is there. Love of nature, magnetism. When you are in your center, when you are aligned, you shine. And, people will notice you. You have this strong, strong magnetism in yourself. And, when you are attuned to the correct resonance or speed or rhythm, you shine more. If you're too fast, there's a potential that you're going too fast because of the pressure. Your open centers that you feel the pressure and you can distort the pressure and the stress. And, that can take you off your organic rhythm. But, when you are in your center, in your rhythm, no influence from the outside, there is this huge strong magnetism, and people will be attracted to you and you will influence them with whatever you investigate. And, you are here to share your investigations. You're always going to be studying. That is in your DNA to study, to get to the bottom of things.

Let's say, there's a two-story house, it's very important for you to know what are the pillars, what is at the base, what is holding this construction. And, after you have your investigation, your information to share that with the others, to influence others, and to keep close to you, your allies. Maybe be with your eyes open when with strangers. You're not so much here to resonate with strangers. It's like you and I met through a friend of yours, so it is the correct path. But, if I would have approached you on a coffee shop, [01:25:39] _____, it wouldn't have resonated with you. So, it's great for you to have your allies close, your network of friends, your allies. That's where your opportunities arrive, through your network.

And, important that you let go. If you're going to let go of something, be sure to have the other thing here like trapezist, I don't know if that's the correct word, they let go but they have the other one in here. If you're going to let go of a relationship or an income or whatever, be sure to have the other in the other hand. Because otherwise, if you just let go like so, it takes longer for you to recover.

So, the center, when I mention love, I'm speaking specifically of the yellow chakra. When we say me, we touch our heart, that's the one. And, that center has to do with influence also. Part of you influences others through logic also. I mentioned storytelling words, but also with having the correct facts like, “Oh, this is the scientific name of this plant, or this animal, or this is the scientific terminology for this device.” To have the facts, the information. You're here to have mastery in whatever you do. If you sell bubblegum, you'll be the best of selling bubble gum. You'll know what's the name of the bubblegum tree, the origin stories, lore, about it, et cetera. So, you're here to be the master of whatever you do to have mastery, you're here to empower others through being yourself, through being a rebellious, to being this rebel. This man that does things his own way that that might upset others. But, you're not here to feel sorry for them because this is very individualistic path that you have.

You teach us how to survive because you have this survival instinct in you, which is the center. This is the intuition center. The first consciousness that we had as humans before the mind, before the emotions was the intuition, the instinct, the fight or flight. That is highlighted in your DNA, Ben. So, others will feel extremely safe with you. “Oh, I'm with Ben, I will survive no matter what happens.” That also attracts. It can attract people that do not have that center color like you because opposites attract, and people will be attracted to you, but just keep your eyes open because some people can be just co-dependent. And, I don't know the word, yeah, taking energy from you like your well-being, your health. So, you're here to tell us, “Oh, this is how I survive, you can do what I do or you cannot. I'm going to do it anyways.”

So, you survive. You can trust your nose. You can smell. When something smells fishy a person, a proposal, whatever, it's a red flag. Your body is talking to you. And, this consciousness that leads you to survive also gives you a message through your nose like, this smells funny or this doesn't sound right. The words are marvelous, but you know what, the energy behind the words, the vibration, the tones I smelled bullshit there. So, you're here to trust that.

When I mentioned earlier Ben, that not to make mental decisions, your mind might say, “Oh, come on, let's do this. Let's sign this agreement with this person because look at their resume and look at their background, and their history, they're the best.” But, if your body says, “I smell something fishy,” you're here to listen to your body into that consciousness, into your gut feeling that says, uh-uh or mm-hmm.

I don't know so far, Ben, sometimes I just go and go. So, let me know if you have comments, questions, if it's clear.

Ben:  All clear.

Luis:  Okay. There are four genetic types in humanity according to Human Design, and it has to do with our aura or electromagnetic field. In your case, I emphasize on magnetism because your genetic type is called generator, generators magnetic aura. The generator's aura is magnetic. It is open. It is enveloping. It is welcoming. So, people will be attracted to you like a magnet. And, generators are not here. Your mind might be, “Oh no, this can be correct,” but generators are not designed to initiate action, to go after things. Generators are here to respond. So, if you are present and you are responding to the stimulation from the outside, that is correct for you. But, you're not here to go after and to knock on doors. And, to just do it is like if there is a stimulation, yes just do it. For example, your throat and you connect it to your mind, you can be a speaker. People can invite you to speak, but you are not here to tell everyone, “Hey, I'm a great speaker, I can entertain your audience and educate them. I can give you the best information.” You're not here to do that. You're here, okay, if they ask you, “Hey, Ben, what do you do?” Then you tell them. That is the difference between another type that's called manifestors.

Manifestors are here to initiate. Generators are here to respond. You manifest, yes, the thing is out of responses. You attract, so people will recognize you and they will invite you. “Why do you come here and speak to us, Ben?” You're like, “Okay, I charge this much.” You can be good with money, with numbers, with knowing your value. And, speaking of money, important for you to work like to get to this ratio of working less and earning more because you have the willpower, it's a little red triangle. That has to do with willpower. Physically, it has to do with your gallbladder, with your thymus gland, with your stomach, digestion, with your heart muscle also. So, if you do not rest, that can take its toll on your vehicle, your body. So, to be able to your compromises, to make them not out of pressure. And, not because you feel sorry for others like okay, they can get you, “Oh, can you come to our wedding,” and maybe you cannot because you're busy, or whatever, or you don't feel it. And, if they pressure you out of your white centers, “Oh, come on, everyone's coming and I went to your wedding,” and whatever, and you say, “Okay, I'll make a commitment and I'll go.” If you do that, it takes its toll on your body, on your vehicle. So, it's very important that your compromises, your commitments for them to be coming out of a place of your inner authority, which is your guts like uh-huh. Your body is going to decide that is the thing.

The generator, your genetic type is generator because you have the sacral center, the red one, the second from bottom to top where your testicles are, your sexual center, your sacral center. It's colored red. It is defined. So, it's always on. You're here to be creative, to build, to create, to generate, the generator. So, to know yourself. So, the generator makes sounds, gather all sounds like uh-huh, mm-mm, uh-huh, mm, ah-uh, mm-hmm, mm. So, if you listen to those sounds, you will be making the decisions that are correct for you. Someone say, “Hey, you want to come over tomorrow, let's have dinner,” you're like, “Uh-uh.” If that is your answer, that is your answer. It doesn't have to go through the mind. “But, why Ben? Why don't you want to come?” “You know what, to be honest, I don't know. I just, uh-uh, my body told me.” That experiment of Human Design to listen to your inner authority in your case is your sacral center, your sexual center, your guts connected to your gut. It's great as an exercise, Ben, that people ask you questions. Someone that you trust that is not your partner that asks you yes or no questions about you name it. You can write down the questions and you give them the list and they ask you. “Are you satisfied with this? Are you satisfied with that? Do you like this person, that person?” And, just to answer like uh-huh, uh-uh, mm-hmm, mm-mm, the first thing that comes out of your body, mm, mm. So, that way, you'll discover a lot of stuff that you really want. And, you will be also surprised about things or people, places that you don't really like.

So, that is one of the experiments of the generator, to not initiate, to just wait. Patience is one of the challenges of the generator, to be patient. Especially if you live in the U.S. because you have to just do it, and now, and this, and that, and everything is so fast and the competition, this, that. And, in your case, your mind will tell you no. Can tell you, “No Luis, it's crazy,” because if I don't initiate, nothing will happen. I need to just do it. But, if you experiment with, “Okay, I'm going to take a pause, I'm just going to let the others invite me, ask me, recognize me, and see what happens,” it will be smoother than if you go chasing after. Because your body speaks, your aura is speaking. The generator is attractive and it's always attracting opportunities; invitation, business, relationships, travel, whatever. So, you're just here to be present and go, uh, mm-hmm, or uh-uh. That is the experiment of the generator.

You cannot go to sleep unless the generator–organically, a generator wakes up and their tank of gasoline, or fuel, whatever, is full, and you need to burn it. You didn't burn maybe all of your energy hunting and you're like, “Hey, I'm going on the walk or I'm going to move my body.” So, the generator cannot go to sleep unless they have spent all of their gasoline of the day because otherwise, if you still have gas in the tank, you will just be tossing and turning in bed for Luis to let it all out, generate. Be active in stuff that you love.

One of the challenges of the generator, most of them do not do the things that they love. They work doing boring stuff, and their hobbies are really their passion and they're not doing it. But, if you're doing what you love, the generator is satisfied. Satisfaction is a word that resonates with the generator. Frustration would be the opposite. If you are doing stuff that you don't love or out of pressure of others, you can feel stuck, you can feel frustrated. The generator is here to be satisfied. The generator is here to be present and to respond, and to listen to your body. Your body can go like this or it can go like that. If it expands, it's telling you, “Yes, I want to try this.” “Contracts, mm, not really.”

So, you can play with your characters, your artistic aspects, you can play with them, you can be an actor. For example, if you're giving a talk, or a pitch, or whatever. You can act, you can play different roles and be like a trickster also to play, to trick, to be like a child, to be sometimes innocent, to be playful, to be this young spirit in you. And so, the mystical aspects of your design, you also want to know what more. You are curious, Ben, by design. You were born to be curious.

And, the thing here is that you are someone that is a seeker. You're looking for stuff to discover stuff, things, ideas, new ways of doing stuff, to discover yourself. You're a seeker. And, the thing is, I know it sounds cliche but there is no goal at the end. You're seeking, that is the path. If you are seeking, you are doing your genetic imperative, you're fulfilling it. But, there's not going to be, oh, the prize at the end of the goal line. Because if you meet God, let's say you're on a retreat or you have this mystical experience in a ceremony, or in a meditation, or what, a dancing, whatever, you meet God. And then, your curiosity is going to say, “Okay, I met God.” What about the counterpart of God? What is it like? And then, you meet the counterpart. And then, there's going to be a new curiosity, a new stimulation. That's why your stories are so important because you stimulate us also. And, that can be like, “Oh, Ben, live through this, maybe I can also live it. Maybe I can also experiment it, experience it.” But, there is no goal like, “Oh, I would be illuminated when I do this and have this money in the bank, and my aura will glow and flow, and this and that.” For you, it's about the experience, it's about the adventure. If you would have said, “Oh, we didn't hunt any deer today, it sucked.” No, not really. For you, it was the adventure. Like you said, you were with your kids. They will never forget about it, I bet. So, it's about that, it's about the adventure, the experience, the story. It's about telling us your ideas.

You can be like a teacher also. A lot of teachers have energy that you have. So, you can educate us, Ben, with your unique ideas, with your advanced ideas. You can see the trends, what is coming. So, you can educate us with all of the investigations that you do. You can share your curiosity with us and ignite that curiosity within us. You empower us by being yourself, Ben, just like that. By being this that you are, the best of love is your incarnation cross. “Hey, why are you happy?” “Because I'm alive, because I'm a survivor.” You can love yourself if you love the world, if you love your body, if you love your form. And, you're like, I love myself and I spread this love. You will be contagious with that. We can feel that. You're attuned to what is coming. So, to the future, you can download stuff from, let's say, the quantum cloud, Ben, that is in the future. You can download it.

My teacher said that Mozart had that archetype that you have. He just saw and felt music and the notes, did a download and that's why he was advanced for his era. So, you're here to take advantage of that, to learn when enough is enough, when something is dead, it's not giving anymore, to close the cycle and say, “Okay, next. What's next? What's coming?” To have a timeouts during your day, Ben, because mentally, it can be overwhelming sometimes that if you want to be creative or to have an idea. You can go over and over with that idea. And, maybe the answer doesn't come or the inspiration. But, when you're in a pause, maybe on the hammock, then boom, the eureka comes and your answer arrives. So, it's a design, your design, Ben, it's a design that is here to empower others through being yourself.

And, being this part of you that is selfish and without guilt like “Oh, why didn't you invite me?” “Oh, because I wanted to go by myself.” Like a lot of athletes have this archetype that you have, and it's not necessarily team sports, it can be like, “Oh, I'm an Olympian and I run by myself. I'm not a soccer player with others.” Like an Olympian, you have this archetype of an Olympian, of being human. When we started to walk upright and we learn how to fish, how to hunt, how to handle fire, and this, and that, that is in your DNA extremely highlighted. So, when you survive, there needs to be this selfishness for survival. It is what it is. So, you're not here to feel guilty about it.

Okay. First, my well-being and then I can share this with others because if I am doing correct, if I'm well, my family is going to be well, or my partners, or my clients. But, it's about you. And obviously, there is a line. For example, self-love, it's in you, it's in your DNA. The extreme, the polarity would be narcissism. Okay, it's just me, me, me, I don't care. I never care about others. That would be a shadow. That's in your DNA, but it is self-love, it is magnetism, it is finding like being curious and going also to your heart like the mystical, a higher cause, a higher principle. I don't know you're religious or not, but it has to do with, maybe, okay, this is for humanity, or this is for my seed for the world. Or, look, you have in your DNA the potential for a higher cause to say, “Okay, I'm going to be devotional with this cause, with humanity, or with my family, or with this higher principle.” It's there of you being lovable. And it's, like I said, different types of love.

And, your willpower, it's always on. According to Design, about 35% of humanity have the willpower. Others do not have it, constant, consistent. So, it's a little red triangle here. And, like I mentioned before, your commitments, just pay attention where are your commitments coming from. Not from pressure, from your inner authority, from your uh-huh, yes, I want to do this, or uh-uh, I will not do it, I need to rest. Because you can be a doer like, “Yes, yes, I will do it, I have the willpower, and I will not rest until I get it.” Yes, but be aware of when you are overloading, or I don't know if that is the correct word of overworking because it tells you to burn out. Like I mentioned earlier, your work and rest need to be–as you grow to work less, rest more, and earn more money because you know how to make money. Potentially, it's there in your DNA, and you have it in your blood, it's there.

So, you can do a presentation to sell us bubblegum. And, “Oh, Ben, but your bubble gum is more expensive.” “Yes, but mine is organic and it's from Chiapas, in the indigenous, will have benefits because 10% have our proceeds.” Go, “Okay, I'll buy it from you.” That's a thing that you have. You can sell us your message, your truth, your product in a way that we say, “Okay, I'll buy it from you. I'll get it.” Or, I get your truth, or I get your idea, or I get your inspiration, or your information. So, studying, informing yourself. Information gives you security, gives you like, “Okay, now I can debate. I have all the facts. I have all the information. Bring it on.” 

People will invite you, recognize you. And, that's where the stipulation comes from, from the outside, just by being yourself. As an experiment, you can go to a dinner. Maybe, you don't know a lot of people there, but you just sit down and not initiate anything. You just sit down. Maybe hello, the classical hi, hi, how's everyone? Okay. But then, do not initiate conversation, just sit there by yourself, sit there as an experiment, and you will attract the attention of others. “Hey, what's your name, man? What do you do?” And boom, there you go. I do this, I do that, and this and that, boom, boom. That's how you have impact. Instead of going there and initiating, “Hey, I'm Ben, nice to meet you. And, let me tell you what I do, and let me tell you.” It's like, “Wait, it's an experiment.” For the generator, like I mentioned before, Ben, to be patient. You have the patience to wait. Wait to respond. And, you're a hunter, you know. You can be patient, I bet. And, being present, sensing what is happening, smelling, hearing, and then you react. “Oh, I saw a movement over there. I heard this.” Then, you react.

And so, in life in your case Ben as a generator, I bet you were not chasing for deers and running, and you were looking and pausing and seeing what's happening, your surroundings, being present. And, that is part of your design to be present, to be here, to trust your intuition, Ben. Because the thing is, your intuition only speaks once. And, if you do not listen to it, it's gone. “Oh, I knew it. I knew I should have done this or should not have done it.” Well, I told you so, your body will tell. But then, the mind comes and, “No, this cannot be true.” So, it speaks or it talks to you, your intuition through your body. It has nothing to do with your inner language inside your head, it has nothing to do with that voice, it can go through your lymphatic system. You can feel it. You can like, this feels funny. I smell danger. I sense it. I will go the other way. Oh, I smell an opportunity, I will go this way. It's about that to be aware, present. So, you can hear what your intuition, your instinct is communicating with you because it has led you to survive all these years, and it will continue to do so.

Others will be attracted to you with your survival like I said. When something is dead, it's okay for you to let go. Like, “Okay, this is not generating anymore, this relationship, or this business, or this attachment. Okay, I'm going to let it go. This is not for me anymore.” You can be good with food like cooking. Well, a lot of chefs have this that you have, this archetype. If not with food, the Chinese call it the pot or you make the soup. You can integrate the correct elements to form a team. You can be very good with teams. You can be like the captain and say, “Okay, you belong here and you're there.” You'll be with the numbers, you'll do the marketing, you'll do the presentation, and mix the elements of a team so they can thrive. So, it's in there, the cooking, knowing the right elements, the correct amounts. You will know who your allies are. And, if you do not learn a lesson with John, let's say, well, Mary will come back with the same issue until you learn it like cycles.

Your encounters, the people meeting, coming to meet, the meetings that you have, the people that you meet, your nemesis, your allies. And, when you learn a lesson, the universe says, “Okay, he passed the test.” If not, the universe will say, “Okay, here's another trial, another experience. So, let's see if this time he passes the grade.” So, with your encounters. And, like I mentioned, be careful with strangers, just keep your eyes open. You don't resonate much with strangers, it's more like your close allies, your network, your friends.

This is an overview, Ben. I don't know, comments, questions, let me know.

Ben:  This is fascinating. I really like it. Thank you.

Luis:  You're welcome, Ben. When we finish, I will send you the link of our session. And, also obviously, I'll send you your chart. Since you are an investigator, also some files regarding your genetic type and regarding the centers also.

I love Human Design. There's a lot of resources also online, and it's after all, it's an experiment, Ben, and it's a very cool experiment because it's about us. And, what I like about this, Ben, is it says, “Be your own authority.” It's not about, “Oh, they're going to save me, the guru, my teacher, my this, and my God, and whatever.” No. He's like, “Hey, be your own authority. Make decisions out of your inner authority and see what happens.” So, I love this experiment, Ben.

I'm glad we connected, Ben. And, we made them–

Ben:  Yeah. Well, I guess my only comment that I really liked this and it was really informative, can I hire you to do the same thing for my wife and my sons?

Luis:  Sure thing, Ben. Of course. 

Ben:  Okay. Send me a payment link or something like that on WhatsApp or email, and I will send you their birthdates and everything that you need because I think this would be really interesting for them too.

Luis:  Exactly. Yes, it is. And actually, the founder of Human Design said, “This knowledge is for children.”

Ben:  Yeah.

Luis:  And, he said–

Ben:  I agree. I think this would be something very useful to know about yourself in an early age. So, yeah, I think I would really to have you do a session with the rest of my family. So, let's do it. I don't even know what time it is. Oh, yeah, I got to go pretty soon. But yeah, this is so interesting. I really, really like it.

Luis:  Thank you. Thank you for your time, Ben. And, I'll send you the information and we'll be in touch for your family's session.

Ben:  That's perfect. I'll tell them about it at dinner tonight. They're going to be super excited.

Luis:  Alrighty, Ben.

Ben:  Okay.

Luis:  Thank you for your time.

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Regardless of the relationship, if I post or talk about an affiliate link to a product, it is indeed something I personally use, support, and with full authenticity and transparency recommend in good conscience. I personally vet each and every product that I talk about. My first priority is providing valuable information and resources to you that help you positively optimize your mind, body, and spirit. And, I will only ever link to products or resources, affiliate or otherwise, that fit within this purpose. So, there is your fancy legal disclaimer.



3 March 2022

My wife, my sons, and I recently went through a fascinating process called “Human Design Reading” with my podcast guest for this show: Luis Portillo. It was absolutely mind-blowing how much Luis was able to “read me like a book,” armed with very little knowledge besides my birth location, birth time, and birth date. Obviously, I just had to get into the nitty-gritty of how Human Design principles work for today's podcast, as it has truly helped my own decision-making process and communication with other humans, most notably my own family.

Luis started working as a lawyer at an international corporate law firm, on the Mexican side of the Tijuana-San Diego, California Border. In a eureka moment, he resigned and moved to the tropical beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit, Mexico. Being in a new environment, he started to investigate and explore several disciplines of self-knowledge; like meditation, breathwork, sweat lodges, Tapping, Reiki, and transpersonal psychology.

Luis has participated in Healing work with representatives from different traditions, such as the Maya, Lakota, Huichol, and at the Michael Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies in San Diego, California. In 2010, Luis received a Human Design Reading, and since then, he has spent years studying it in-depth and has given Readings to clients from all over the world.

Luis has the artfulness to share his knowledge in a clear and simple manner. He lives in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, and can be seen at nights doing Stand-Up Comedy at local venues.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Luis' journey to studying human design…10:14

  • Desire to “know thyself” led to human design
  • “Type” is based on electromagnetic frequency in the body

-What is “Human Design”?…12:55

  • Neutrinos are subatomic particles that have mass; radiated from the sun and other stars
  • Neutrinos determine our specific characteristics based on date and place of birth; imprinted in our bodies

-The importance of the birth time, date, and location related to Human Design…21:25

  • Astrology – location of planets at the exact time of birth and place of birth
  • Neutrinos affect the air of the place at our birth, which affects our characteristics
  • Neutrino stream

-The four different types of Human Design…21:25

  • 4 different types of aura: electromagnetic fields of the body
    1. Manifestor: 9% of the population (energy type: initiate energy)
      • Closed, tight, repelling aura; only aura that initiates action (takes the initiative)
      • Inform before others take action
      • Likes to be left alone
    2. Generator: 70% of the population (energy type: create and sustain energy)
      • Manifesting generator
      • Sacral center, always on (concepts, thoughts are always on)
      • Wait and respond to what the manifestors initiate
      • Following the gut (inner authority)
    3. Projector: 20% of the population
      • Does not have the energy of the generator to sustain activity
      • Burn out more easily than generators
      • Can guide, coordinate; excellent coaches/guides
      • With a focused and absorbing aura, like a sponge; aware of what is going on
    4. Reflector: 1% of the population
      • Most receptive of all the aura types
      • All of their chakras white; very attuned to the moon cycle
      • Cycle of the moon in making decisions (28 1/2 days)

-The unknown chakra we should be paying attention to…38:08

  • There were originally 5 chakras, then 7
  • Profound change in the year 1781 in human DNA due to the higher temperature in the sun
  • Went from 7 to 9 chakras
  • With 7 chakras, people were designed to make mental strategic decisions
  • With the 9 chakras, the mind is no longer the authority for decision making
  • The two newer chakras: spleen center and small triangle (will power); overlaid over the existing 7 chakras
  • The mind now acts as an “outer authority”
  • Because the mind is conditioned, some people still make mental decisions; still not in-tune with the 7 chakra system

-People you've probably heard of who have had Human Design readings…47:20

  • Manifestors: Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Aniston, Jerry Seinfeld, Adolf Hitler
  • Projectors: Brad Pitt, Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Denzel Washington
  • Generators: Elvis Presley, Madonna, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Bruce Lee
  • Reflectors: Sandra Bullock, Dostoevsky

-How design readings affect our mood and perception of reality…55:49

  • Soccer analogy:
    • Manifestor is the forward/striker
    • Generators are the defenders
    • Projectors are the midfielders (direct the game)
    • Reflector is the goalie
  • Readings are beneficial for corporations
    • Projectors are the first in and last to leave; has to delegate
    • Generators need to wait for the stimulation; ideas pop up
    • Manifestors initiate and should not feel bad from rejection
  • All readers mention genetic type, strategy, inner authority, openness, conditioning
  • I-Ching, with 64 hexagrams, is an element of Human Design
  • There are 64 codons in DNA

-Does an additional two chakras change how we should change our lifestyles and connect with the universe…1:00:43

  • This basically comes down to decision making
  • Listen to your gut

-To connect with Luis…1:01:59

  • To connect with Luis, email at [email protected] and provide
    • Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)
    • Time of birth
    • Place of birth
  • Explanation of the charts readings are usually 60 minutes

-Luis reviews Ben's Human Design reading…1:05:50

-And much more!…

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