[Transcript] – Is Chiropractic Really Bullsh*t Part 2, Throwing Out Your Cell Phone, Juicing Cannabis & More With Billy DeMoss!

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[00:00] Four Sigmatic/Bob's Red Mill

[05:00] About Dr. Billy DeMoss

[08:43] How Dr. DeMoss Stays In Shape

[12:01] On the Spine & Neck

[24:29] Is Chiropractic Really Bullsh*t?

[35:43] Organifi Red Juice/Onnit

[38:20] Benefits of Juicing

[41:43] CBD As A Superfood

[55:01] On GMOs In Foods

[57:09] On Chiropratic Doctors

[1:01:29] On Chemtrails

[1:11:49] End of the Podcast

Ben:  Alright, it's Ben Greenfield and this is it, our second episode on whether or not chiropractic medicine is really bull.  We also start out by juicing cannabis and throwing out your cellphone, briefly touching your chemtrails and a lot more with my guest, Billy DeMoss of Cal Jam where I'll actually be speaking in January.  January 26 to the 28th, I'll be in Costa Mesa, California, speaking at Cal Jam.

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In this episode of The Ben Greenfield Fitness Show:

“You said it's less than better than it’s losing here, this was a guy that doesn't want to be around me, and I was thinking why do I even want to deal with this dude.  He's like so negative.”  “I just spoke in a concussion seminar in Rosebowl two weeks ago.  I've taught the benefits of CBD.  It's also neuro-regenerative, not to mention that we get testimony, a lot of testimonies from people with stage four cancer and they start using this product of ours, and they go back and they're clear.”

Ben:  Hey folks, it's Ben Greenfield, and guess what?  Not that I've ever done this, but I decided to jump into controversy yet again and get a guy on the show who was called out during the relatively controversial podcast on chiropractic medicine on The Joe Rogan Experience, but also a guy who's a really powerhouse in the chiropractic community.  He actually is the founder of what's called the Dead Chiropractic Society which is this coalition of Southern California chiropractors who meet to discuss things like chiropractic philosophy and advancements, but perhaps even more interesting than that is he's the founder of something called Cal Jam, it’s short for California Jam.

I've been to Cal Jam, and it's basically a bunch of really cool experts in things like public health and global sustainability and chiropractic medicine who come from all over the freaking planet to California for this amazing mashup of, it's kind of hard to describe.  It's like rock and roll and chiropractic medicine and a health expo and really good food, and it's a very, very interesting conference to attend.  So my guest today is Dr. Billy DeMoss, Dr. Billy DeMoss.  That's D-E-M-O-S-S, and the show notes for today's show you can also access over at bengreenfieldfitness.com/demoss, D-E-M-O-S-S.

So Billy, welcome to the show, man.

Dr. Billy:  Hey, I'm honored to be on your show brother.  I'm honored that you're going to Cal Jam this year.

Ben:  Yeah, you actually are making a big mistake by allowing me to step up on stage at Cal Jam.

Dr. Billy:  Why do you say that? [laughs]

Ben:  At least you're not putting a guitar in my hand.  You're giving me a microphone to talk.

Dr. Billy:  How, I loved your topic.  What was your topic again?  I'll let you say it.

Ben:  It's going to be about how when you walk into a doctor's office or chiropractic clinic or anything else, there are a lot of hidden variables that a lot of people don't have dialed in that can damage your body and brain.  Things like air and light and water and electricity, and I'm going to jump into the brass tacks when it comes to how to mitigate a lot of those things for everything from air filtration to the right kind of water.

Dr. Billy:  Oh I thought you were going to talk about how to look good naked.  Wasn't that what you were going to talk about?

Ben:  Maybe that's what I was going to talk about, and I'm completely messing it up 'cause I don't have what I was going to talk about in front of me.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, I remember.  I thought that's great for my crowd.

Ben:  Yeah, could be how to look good naked.  Even though more enclosed right now.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, me too.

Ben:  I'll wear clothes when I speak at your event too, I promise.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, right.  You know I strip every year at the event.  Right, I always change out of my suit into my rock and roll wear after I speak, so it's been one of those things I do every year.  You know I'm going to be 60, and I actually workout a lot and I'm in better shape now than I've ever been in my life, so it's just my way.  I say if I'm ever out of shape, I won't do it, so it pushes me to stay in shape.  Not that I'm using that to keep me in shape.

Ben:  Having to strip every year keeps you in shape, is it true?

Dr. Billy:  Well it does.  If you're going to show off your body, you don't want to be having any love handles or any, what do they call those things when it hangs over the edge?

Ben:  Muffin tops?

Dr. Billy:  Muffin tops, yeah.  There we go.

Ben:  Hey, you actually are in pretty good shape.  If you go to your website, you're pretty jacked dude.  What do you do for your fitness routine?

Dr. Billy:  Well surfing's the number one thing that I do.  I surf literally every day when we have waves, and again, you don't see a lot of surfers that are out of shape.  I'm riding a shorter board now than I did when I was eighteen.  So I'm riding a 5'9 versus back in the day in the seventies, I used to ride 6'7s and stuff, but that was just my size then.  And then if there's no way if I've had a full beach worker where I run deep sand, I do pull-ups in the lifeguard stands, push-ups.  I do crunches, I take dumbbells on the beach and do a bunch of dumbbell workouts, I do squats.  And even if I don't have time to run on the beach, and then you know I'm running barefoot in the sand, grounding at the same time, and then I'll go to the gym periodically to spill it's loose ends, to stir master.  I just go in and blast through different exercises and do basically pace training and some strength training and really work on extensions.

So I'll do a lot of the stuff that I teach my patients in the practice to help reverse all the epidemic of force flexion from viewing those cellular phones that everybody uses that I still haven't stepped up.  I don't own a cell phone yet, man, so I'm kind of a renegade when it comes to…  No, I'm the only person you probably know that doesn't have.  I just watch all the zombies around me with their heads glued in flexions, staring at that screen.  I just don't want to become part of that whole generation.

Ben:  You're an anomaly, dude, do you not ever want to check your e-mail or go to Facebook or you just use a computer for all of that?

Dr. Billy:  I just use a computer, but you know what?  Here's the honest truth, I've never done a text message.  Just text me, man.  I don't have a cellphone bro, I have a phone that's plugged into the wall and then I've never done an e-mail, so what?  I have my team do it.  They go through all my e-mail, and they only pull out the important ones I really need to address and I can handle the other ones for me or usually I guess a lot of junk e-mail anymore these days, and then they print them out on recycled paper, and then I will right an answer, not in pen because that's a little too high tech for me.  I will write it with a number two graphite pencil, the answer, and it will be a very short, to the point answer 'cause I don't type Ben.  That's my biggest drawback, but I think it's one of the biggest blessings.  So a lot of times people see my posts on Facebook, and they think that I'm not educated but it's just because I don't type and I like to keep things as concise as possible.  So B.J. Palmer was good at that, he used to take words like thought and just spell it T-H-O-T, and I do that a lot just to instigate the trolls a little bit on Facebook and just keep everything in check.

Ben:  Yeah, that's nuts.  I don't like the way you say it, dude.  You say you've never done a text message.  Never sent one, never composed one or never done one.  That works too, but you have an addition to these exercises that you do.  I noticed on your website that you have a whole bunch of these moves I haven't heard of before like the wobble chair and the dinner role and you use this neck traction device.  What are these different exercises that you do?  What's the wobble chair?

Dr. Billy:  The wobble chair's really good to kind of reverse all.  I read most people sit these days, and sitting is considered the new smoking.  In fact sitting is actually worse than smoking in my opinion and in the opinion of a lot of experts 'cause it just destroys the disk in the lower back.  So what that wobble chair does is it puts your spine through all of the various ranges of motion, especially in your lower back and really helps invigorate the disk and then we have people maximally hydrate, maybe take some collagen.

Ben:  Is it like a chair that you actually sit on?  Is that the name of the chair?

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, it's a chair.  It's a three hundred dollar chair, it's kind of like one of those exercise balls if you sit and did a range of motion on that which is not probably just as good, but it's the same focus, trying to put the lumbar spine for a maximum flex and extensive lateral flexing.  I'll see you doing some figure eights, I have them do move bleakly 'cause that disk is reliant on not only water, but it also is reliant on mobility to keep it healthy, and that's why I also like to add collagen to help feed the disk.  As we age, we make less collagen, so that's another benefit, and then right after they do the wobble chair, I have them as long as they have high blood pressure, do some inversion on one of our inversion tables.  They do this all after they get adjustments, so the adjustments help liberate the motion between that segment.  It also helps realign things in the direction we need it to go, and then I have them do those exercises to help just stop any spinal decay and degeneration.

So it's just like you brush and floss and there's things that you do for your teeth to prolong the life of your teeth.  If people had the same intentions with their spine, not only would it grant some spinal decay in the spine, but if you people really understand the real value of chiropracting.  Chiropracting is not about pain as what most people think, it's about increasing the life of the spine.  The spine protects the nervous system which runs everything in the body.  We can not only stop the spinal degeneration, but stop premature nerve interference because as the spine moves last and we get disk decay, it's going to create a lot of static or interference in the information that flows from the brain through those nerves to all the various organ's glands, muscles, all the sensory perception that goes on there.

So whatever we can do to slow down the aging process of the spine is going to increase lifespan of the individual in my opinion.  Again worst research is kind of really, really hard to document that especially when our profession doesn't have the kind of money that's required to do that kind of research, but there's enough research done by a good friend of mine, Deed Harrison, who does biophysics.  So what I do is combination of a lot of different corrective care techniques.  I do a lot of Pettibon and stuff, I do a lot of biophysics stuff then I do some just basic diversifying.

Ben:  What's Pettibon?

Dr. Billy:  Pettibon is just another corrective care technique, and I just use the traction units that we use on the wall for the neck.

Ben:  Oh!  Is that the one you can hang yourself by your neck?  Like cervical neck traction?

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, right, but at the same time, most people do the typical neck traction, but it's pulling the curve out of the neck.  So what that Pettibon traction does is it helps reestablish the normal curve.  Like last night, I did a post on my Facebook page.  I showed a baby, a nine-month old baby, that was crawling, and I showed how when a baby crawls, it's really developing that cervical curve in the neck, and I told people it's not good to promote your kids to walk too early until they get those curves, those secondary curves in the spine developed, i.e. in the neck and the low back 'cause when the baby's born, it's been in a fetal position for nine months.  So when the baby starts to crawl, it helps establish that neck curve, lower doses in the neck and the lower doses in the low back, and the baby shouldn't try to stand up until those curves are fully developed.  The sooner kids start to stand up or if they don't crawl long enough is what I'm trying to say, they don't have proper development in those curves.  It's going to leave them more susceptible to scoliosis, and there's also theories that the cross crawl from crawling helps allows the brain to develop more naturally.  I don't know if this stirred a bit, one of my teachers, one of my biggest mentors, Fred Barts, said that if kids don't crawl on, it's going to lower their IQ.  So just something to think about, and again I don't know of that.  I just tell the people don't push your kids to try to walk too soon.  There's no advantage to it, there's more advantage for the longer they crawl.

Ben:  That's interesting, I've never heard of that.  So the reason for that would be because their cervical neck has not progress far enough to get them to the point where if you force them to walk too early, they'll actually wind up damaging the neck?

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, 'cause we're bipeds, right?  We're the only animal that, not the only animal, but if you take any other primate, for example, they don't walk as a biped because they haven't developed those curves.  So we as bipeds have to have a developed lumbar lordosis and a developed cervical lordosis, and then the thoracic's line goes the opposite direction, so that's going to be a kyphosis.  And so when those curves are maximally developed, then the spine is going to be stable enough to be able to stand.  If it's not stable enough, it's going to have a propensity for instability which can tend to lead to things like scoliosis and then the cross crawling.  The longer our kid cross crawls or crawls, supposedly that helps develop the brains, so it allows the hemispheres to communicate better again.  That's probably very theoretical, and it may be in bay opinion.  I haven’t really done enough research on that, but again I'm just saying.  Don't push them to walk too soon, there's no advantage to it.

Ben:  I have one of those Pettibon cervical neck traction devices, and for those of you listening in, I'll put a link to this thing and this wobble chair that Billy's talking about in the show notes, and Billy, dude, one of the things that I do in the morning when I walk down stairs and I'm at home is I'll take a foam roller and dig into some of the areas in the back of my neck, and I'll put, a lot of times, magnesium lotion or something like that on there to relax the muscles first.

Dr. Billy:  I just did my CBD cream on my neck this morning, I do the same thing, just to help loosen things up for me.

Ben:  Well what I do is I'll do that, and then I'll hang myself from that neck traction device, and you get this awesome pop and this elongation of the cervical spine.  It feels amazing.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, I mean that's the whole thing.  Gravity is continually pushing us down towards our dirt maps, so everything that you can do to reverse the gravitational forces that's putting stress and strain on your disk and vertebrae is going to be beneficial in my opinion as long as you're consistent.  Well it's like brushing your teeth and flossing.  I mean you don't have to do it, you don't have to go to a chiropractor, but those are things that we figured out.  Again, if people would sit all day and sit on a computer in force flexion and play contact sports and have auto accidents, we wouldn't need chiropractors, you know?  But the thing is we did a lot of things to our spine that probably the hunter-gatherer didn't have to deal with hunting and gathering.  I mean obviously, there was other things that probably took out the hunter-gatherer like starvation and other animals eating them as such, we don't have to deal with them today.  People can just pop over to the 7-Eleven and get their breakfast, diet coke and a cinnamon roll like Science Babe would eat and think that would be just a sustainable breakfast, but we'll talk about that in a little bit, I'm sure.

Ben:  Sure, we can bring up Science Babe throwing you under the bus here in a little bit.  I actually want to ask, you got more questions though.  This wobble chair thing that you're talking about, can somebody, if they're listening in, is that something that you can just get for your office?  Can you sit and work in that, typing and stuff?

Dr. Billy:  They have a portable one for your desk.  You know the thing as I teach people is like smoking.  I mean there's no way that you can sit and be healthy for you, so everybody in my office here, we all have standing desks.

Ben:  Yeah, but did you see the recent study about how standing is just as bad for you too?  Being in any one position all day long is just as bad for you sitting all day long.  So the trick is to, and this is what I do, I just basically shift positions all day.  Like right now while I'm talking to you, I'm on one of these balance boards, this thing's called the fluid stance, and then I've got a call after you and I talk and during that call, I've got this little treadmill workstation next to me.  I'll hop up on the treadmill, and then later on I'll stand and then I'll go upstairs and I'll work at the kitchen table for a while and I'll sit, but I have one of these saddle chairs, right?  It splits your pelvis, so you sit straight up and down.  So I just try and be in as many different positions as possible during the day.

Dr. Billy:  Right, well the thing is nobody here really just stands in the same place.  We move around a lot, and being chiropractors, obviously for me, I'm bouncing from table to table to table.  Yeah, and periodically, I'm going to sit down.  I'm not saying you can't sit down average.  It's just when you do it eight hours straight a day, and then you've driven to work and traffic for an hour, and you drive home in traffic and then go home and pop yourself in the couch and then get brainwashed.  I don't own a TV either, I don't watch TV.  I'm kind of an anomaly bro.

Ben:  Good for you, dude, I actually respect that.  I don't think with my business right now I could get by that well without a cellphone 'cause it allows me to be so productive when I'm standing in line at the airport banging out seven e-mails and little things like that, but I don't have games on my phones and I've got a lot of respect for you having resisted the revolution this long.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, in fact Mercola is speaking at Cal Jam this year.  That's one of the things he's talking about is EMF and cellphones.  I guarantee you there's going to be an epidemic of brain cancer coming up in the very near future.

Ben:  Well what do you think about the new 5G thing?  Have you heard about that?

Dr. Billy:  No, I haven't heard about it.  This is how I get most of my news.

Ben:  Yeah, so 5G is fast.  It's a higher capacity than the current 4G that a lot of these wireless systems will use, but I was reading an article yesterday.  It was actually in a pretty good magazine.  A lot of people don't know about this magazine, it's just called Paleo Magazine.  They have really great articles and recipes and stuff like that, but this article goes into, based on the current government regulations of AT&T and Verizon and Sprint and any of these cellphone companies.  They can now put 5G network.  I guess it's some kind of a receiver or something?  Lamp posts and all over neighborhoods and basically they're planning on spreading 5G across the entire planet in the same way that Google wants to float the balloons up above.

I believe somewhere up above certain cities to give everybody wireless no matter where they're at in the world, and the millimeter wave of this 5G is the same.  It's essential, and some folks who are listening in, you might call me out, I might be a little bit mistaken about the actual frequency, but from what I understand, the millimeter wave frequency that this 5G network uses is very similar to the frequency that cops will use when they fire those high-frequency devices in the crowds to cause confusion and disperse the crowds and cause people's heads to hurt.  I guess that same type of millimeter frequency that can cause way more neural damage, way more non-native EMF than even the current 4G wireless.

Dr. Billy:  Wow, and you'd almost think that there was some type of depopulation agenda, but we won't go on that road probably.

Ben:  Yeah, actually you know what?  We might as well start to delve into some of this quackery stuff or some of this stuff that gets you billions of practice.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, you know.

Ben:  You got called out for being a quack on that Joe Rogen episode, and for those of you who want to listen to that, I'll link to it.

Dr. Billy:  Well it was actually before that, there was an article that Science Babe put out and said chiropractors are bullshit.  Again chiropractic would've never ever stood the test of time if the sh*t didn't work, you know what I'm saying?  The reality is, and I posted about this the other day.

Ben:  I don't know, man.  There's a lot of stuff that has stood the test of time that's kind of weird or may not have actual science behind it.  Isn't that called chronological snobbery to make that argument?

Dr. Billy:  Well maybe, but give me for instance.

Ben:  I can't think of anything off the top of my head right now.

Dr. Billy:  Come on, man.  Okay once just talking about from clinical experience and whether it's a placebo or not, we get results or people wouldn't come to us, man.  Number one when people watch what we do, it's almost like, “wow, do I really want to do this?”  Like I had a guy who came in last week.  He was super apprehensive.  He said the only reason he was here is 'cause his wife sent him, and he's been suffering from low back pain for ten years now.  It's gotten so bad that he was contemplating having surgery.  It's like just go get an adjustment, what have you got to lose?  One time.  Adjust the dude, he not only felt amazingly better in his low back, but he said his neck moved better than its moved in years, and this was a guy that doesn't want to be around me, and I was thinking why do I even want to deal with this dude.  He's like so negative.  So I said I'm going to give this guy and I laid into him, dude.  He's an MMA guy, a real tough guy.  I don't know if that's bad or good, I'm just saying that's who's all blocked out, may be doing roids.

I don't know what he's doing, but he was just one of those guys that was kind of angry in the beginning, and I'm just all I don't need that dude.  I've been in practice for thirty three years, I've been very successful.  I don't need people's negative energy, so I put an extra little spizzerinctum onto the adjustment there, and the dude was blown away by the effects of the adjustment.  Whether it's placebo or not, I got the results, and a pain that he's had for ten years was fifty percent ameliorated with just one adjustment, and he signed up yesterday.  I mean he's agreed to come into care.  Somebody that didn't even want to come in, from the results he got for one freaking adjustment as term, 180 degrees and again, the fact that this dude didn't even want to come and see me and then I've changed him into a convert with one adjustment.  Again placebo's the biggest healer that we've ever had, but it's not placebo, bro.  I know what I do works.  I see visual changes on x-rays which are objective.  It's not like this is esoteric subjective improvement with people.  There's objective measurements that we can see.  Not only through thermography, but also through the adjustment and increased range of motion with people.

Ben:  Talk to me a little bit about that, about this concept of thermography 'cause I know you do use some actual quantification in there, but what is Thermography?  A lot of people don't know what that is.

Dr. Billy:  Well we use it two ways.  One, I do thermography on the spine.  It basically just checks for inflammation and it just gives that an objective measurement, pre-imposed adjustments to see a reduction in inflammatory responses in the pair of spinal tissues around where an area might be subluxated or irritated.  So we just use that as another measurement to detect areas of irritation in the spine, and then we correlate that with what we…  The biggest thing that I do is I can feel the spot.  I mean it's like you said, playing the piano.  Like you see an Elton John or a Jimi Hendrix play guitar, after a while it gets to be such an art that they don't even have to think.  Same thing what I'm working on.  In spite, I can feel areas of joint restriction in the spine.  I can feel bogginess, I can feel muscle spasms, I can feel the swelling which is the bogginess and then I can feel joint play restrictions in them.  When I adjust people over a period of time, you'll see all of that stuff resolving.

You'll see ranges of motion improve, you'll see improvement in structural alignment especially for head posture and lots of lordosis, and then sometimes we can reinvigorate the disk or integrate the disk by having them do not only the adjustments but doing the traction and doing extension exercise and working on core and hydrating and collagen, etcetera, etcetera, and then we see improvements on inclinometry which is digitized range of motion.  We see improvements on thermograms.  We see improvements on x-rays, and then of course we get subjective improvements.  That's kind of the biggest thing I see, and this is what I notice about chiropractic is that we really take a person out of sympathetic overload, fight or flight, and we move them more into parasympathetic, and you'll see people's blood pressure improve.  The number one thing I hear from almost all my patients on their twelfth visit, re-exam, is that they sleep better.  You take somebody out of sympathetic and put them in the parasympathetic, they're going to sleep better.  They have better digestion, parasympathetic.  They have more energy when they digest food better, and they get better sleep.  They have better thought when you get more sleep.

So sleeping to me is one of those things, and I'm not the world's best sleeper 'cause my brain never shuts up and I don't ever shut up, but if somebody's sleeping better, everything in their body works better and then the body is when it's in parasympathetic goes into a better healing mode than it happens in sympathetic.  So I feel that's where chiropractic gets a lot of its benefits.  That's where our research is headed with the work that Heidi Haavik's doing.  He spoke at Cal Jam last year.

Ben:  What's the work that Heidi Haavik's doing?

Dr. Billy:  It's all that how the adjustment really established more mobility into the spine.  See what happens when you have a restricted range of motion in the spine, it sends this thing called nociceptive, admiral negative impulse the brain, and the brain processes that in a negative way and then sends negative [31:19] ______, and by normalizing that range of motion, it normalizes those susceptive impulses and allows the brain to function better and then it's better healthier to make.  I call it, it’s like if you have static.  When this microphone isn’t connected properly or like in the old days when you used to tune a radio, was it tuned properly or you'd have static.  By tuning up the spine, it increases the level of communication between the brain and the body and the body and the brain, and by adjusting or move that static that just creates better homeostasis then move the body from sympathetic into parasympathetic.  That's probably the best way I can describe.

Ben:  Do you do other things aside from adjustments to move people from sympathetic into parasympathetic like all the other strategies that you'd use in your clinic?

Dr. Billy:  Of course, my friend, my brother.  So what we do is I like to really teach them to be their own doctors.  I like to teach them how to think, so they're not dependent on me or any other doctor for that matter.  When people learn how to think, they're going to question things like why they're taking dope or drugs for the rest of their life.  Whether it's high blood pressure medication or sleep aids or thyroid medication.  Again some people may need that stuff, but again I try to get people to understand, “hey dude and dudette.  Your body was smart enough to create you from a sperm cell and an egg cell and take those two cells and make seventy-five freaking trillion cells, and it's been doing it from generation after generation.  It knows what the hell is doing bro.  So it also knows how to heal itself and put itself back in homeostasis.”  The reason people are sick today, 85 to 95% of the time depending on who you listen to.  If you listen to Bruce Lifton, he says 97.5, people's health problems are because it's shitty, hideous lifestyle.  It's not even food, most people are eating poison disguised as food.

Ben:  Yeah, most people know that.  Most of our listeners know that when you're eating crap food, you're not going to feel that well.

Dr. Billy:  Your listeners?

Ben:  I think you're probably preaching to the choir when it comes to that.  I think most folks are aware of that.  What I was curious about was when it comes to shifting the body into this state of relaxation 'cause I go to the chiropractor, and I probably do it once, sometimes twice a month, and a lot of times is when I'm just hanging at my friend.  I have a lot of friends who are chiropractic docs, so a lot of times they're just adjusting me, but I was just curious if you have other little things that you do to relax people 'cause what I find is a lot of times.  If my lower back is tight or it hurts, sometimes doing something as simple as standing on a freaking vibration platform for a couple of minutes that just kind of seems to relax the body or going and sitting on the hot tub for a little while, I'm not even getting an adjustment.  We're not doing a deep tissue work, but learning how to just freaking relax for a little while.  I think a big part of it is just tension.

Dr. Billy:  Right, well we have meditation workshops, too.  We have stress reduction workshops.  So if that's what I do, every week like tonight.  Every week we have a different workshop, right?  Teach people conflict.  I teach them how to eat.  A lot of people, even though…  I just read “The Plant Paradox” by Gundry which I think is a great book, and I said I'm going to try this for two months to see how it works.  So I have not eaten any plant that had– have you ever read the book yet?

Ben:  Yeah, I read the book and I interviewed him, and I don't fully agree with him.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, I mean I'm just going to try it.

Ben:  I think that to a certain extent, lectins in plants induce a hormetic response in the same way that eating antioxidants 'cause if I go in my backyard, dude, and the deer out there eating wild nettle, I'll be on a hike and I'll pick some wild nettle and just chew on it while I'm out hiking.  Yeah, there's some lectins in there, but I'm also getting that bitter wild plant response that actually produces this hormesis.  Now at the same time, I'm not going to eat a whole loaf of wheat bread or of that full of lentils that haven't been soaked or fermented, but I think that complete elimination of lectins is kind of extreme in my opinion.

[Music Plays]

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Dr. Billy:  Well let me tell you what I was doing, and then you could tell me what you think.  I'm big on juicing.  I juice every day, I juice low-glycemic vegetables, and I was juicing a [censored] of cucumbers which is one of the things that you need to cut the skin off or cut the seeds out.  It's that their seeds are the big deal.  Again I just like to try stuff on my own body and see how it works.  What it does is I wake up in the morning with less stiffness in my neck and my lower back.  So I'm going to continue doing it, it's also helped a little bit with brain fog for me, and to me it's not that big a deal to try it.  So I just don't use cucumbers anymore.  I mean I'd OD, I'd have cucumbers everyday which is probably a problem to begin with.  I also would eat tomatoes everyday which is the nightshade, I would eat squash every day.  Those were all part of my regiments and also bell peppers every day, so I mean I just cut it out.  Eat some more celery, eat some more licorice.

Ben:  Yeah, and I think especially for people already have leaky gut or gastritis or gut inflammation.  That is something that can move the dial.  It's like this concept that if you have, let's say, a bacterial imbalance or a bacterial overgrowth or a bacterial deficiency, you might have a period of time that you go through where you just can't eat dairy products because you don't possess the bacteria responsible for producing lactase.  And then once you repair your gut, you might get to the point where you can have things like raw dairy and yogurt and cheese and do just fine with it.  So I think sometimes this concept of eliminating certain variables for a short period of time to allow the gut to heal can be beneficial in the same way that not eating meat for certain times of the year, having certain days where you don't eat meat helps with longevity and with detoxification.  So I just think this whole idea of extremes and diet and saying I'm never going to eat lectins again, I'm never going to eat dairy again.  Unless you have a full buffet.

Dr. Billy:  No, I never said that.  I just said I don't plan on doing it for the rest of my life.  I just said I was going to do it for two months and just I felt at the end of it.  That's why mine, I use my body as a science project.  I mean if it works for me, then I can promote today.  So I can't promote stuff to my patients if I haven't done it myself in my opinion, and I have a lot of patients.  Their goal is to lose weight.  They may be doing Paleo or whatever, and they're not getting results.  Let's say we'll just try this, see how this works and working for me.  Not that I need to lose any weight.  I weigh 150 at 5'9, so I don't think.

Ben:  I actually really liked the book.  I think that especially like he and this other gal, Dr. Terry Wahls.  I don't know if you've heard of her before.  They both have a very good approach to this concept of a ketogenic diet, meaning that they actually encourage this more plant-rich ketogenic diet which I like that approach quite a bit.  When people ask me what's a good version of a ketogenic diet, a lot of times they're telling me Steven Gundry and his “Plant Paradox” book.  He's got a good version of it.  Dr. Terry Wahls in her book “The Wahls Protocol” also has a really good version of it, and the reason for that is because they both encourage a lot of vegetable consumption, and just in the case of Steven, it's vegetable consumption that requires pressure cookers and fermentation and a lot of these things that degrade the lectins or just avoiding lectin-rich foods, but ultimately, I'm a fan of the book.  I actually want to talk to you about one food that I've seen you write about as being a superfood, and that's CBD, dude.  Why do you call CBD a superfood?  I never thought of it as a food.

Dr. Billy:  You mean, I call it cannabis.  You can call it whatever you want.  Yeah, but cannabis has that negative connotation because it was vilified by the powers that be, especially people in the cotton industry and the paper industry and the petroleum industry.  It had been used medically for ten thousand years if you look at the history on it.  I look at cannabis as a plant that God created or whatever people, whether evolutionist or creationist, God started the whole evolutionary process, whatever.  I don't want to get into that conversation right now.  That's how people start shooting arrows at you, but this plant co-evolved with humans, and so it's got a lot of beneficial effects, the fact that people have gotten high on this really were the vilification came from, and back in the 30s, they used racism as a way to sell the whole reefer madness bullshit.  That's not what I said 'cause I got so many misconstrued, the fact that I said this.  This is a quote from the 30s where they said that black people or Hispanics would smoke it and would go rape white women or they think they were as good as white people, and then they said people would smoke it, got murder people, but then they would say also people in the military would smoke it and make them docile.  So which one was it?

I learned that from Ty Bollinger, they changed the name from cannabis.  They picked a name, they picked two Hispanic names, Mary and Juana, which are the two most popular Hispanic names and they used that.  Again using racism to sell this demon weed that needed to be eradicated, and the reason they changed the name is because cannabis has been used in front of chi for years to work on a lot of different maladies, whether it was arthritis or pain or in pregnancy.

Ben:  Insomnia?

Dr. Billy:  Insomnia, it's great for anxiety.  I mean that's what I use it for 'cause like I said, I got a lot of demons inside my head knowing what’s going on in the planet, and that's why I created Cal Jam.  We'll get into that in a little bit, I'm sure.  So cannabis has been used, and it's a plant that we called, love with, and the thing is it's got a better Omega-3 and 6 ratio than fish oil and it's a plant, okay.  It's a complete protein, it's probably one of the most complete plant proteins on the planet.

Ben:  Yeah, a lot of people will juice it now for like the chlorophyll and the minerals and the turpines.  You juice it?

Dr. Billy:  Yes, I do.  I have plants in my backyard.

Ben:  Where do you?  Yeah, I was going to ask you where you get it 'cause you can't buy it at a grocery store obviously.  You just grow cannabis and you juice it.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, it's in my backyard.  When I was in the 70s bro, I was a hippy, and I was a chemistry major for all the wrong reasons.  I graduated from high school in 1976.  That gives you an idea of the time era.  I went to college in Cal State Fullerton, and I was a full on.  I built hydroponic systems before they were hydroponic systems.  I grew indoor, and I didn't grow it because I was trying to be a drug dealer.  I grew it 'cause I just was fascinated with growing the plant, and I had developed a relationship with the plant.  Not in a negative way or a positive way, and again, I don't see it any different than like, people go to nap and drinking cabernet or their merlots.  To me alcohol's a much more of a danger, especially for me.  That's why I don't drink.  It's a much more dangerous drug than cannabis.

Nobody's ever died from cannabis, and with this big opioid epidemic that we got going on, but we see the same in the powers that we don't want cannabis in there because it would destroy all the high blood pressure medication, anxiety medications or sleep aids.  All that would go away, but the reason I call that a superfood is because you can juice it.  I actually put it in salads, I throw it in my smoothies, I juice it with turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties, but also it's thought to be neuroprotective, so it's going to protect your brain like I just spoke in a concussion seminar in the Rosebowl two weeks ago about the benefits of CBD.  It's also neuro-regenative, not to mention that we get testimonial after testimonial after testimonal for people that with stage four cancer and they start using this product of ours, and they go back and they're clear.

So again, they've been given up by the medical profession, they do this as last resort and then they get results.  It should be something I think most people should use as a first resort for those conditions, but I look at it as when I was a kid, my dad would take me down to this creek when I lived in Nebraska, and there would be just droves and droves and droves of cannabis.  It was hemp, it wasn't high-grade marijuana which has been hybridized to have super high levels of THC.  That's not what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about actual hemp that has real low levels of THC and higher levels of CBD which is where most of the health benefits are at, but also the hemp that you can use to make fabric which is way more cost effective than cotton.  It doesn't require all the pesticides that cotton needs.  It's a great product.  You can make hemp oil out of it, we could literally probably get off a lot of the fossil fuels that we're so dependent on if we grew more hemp.  It's a great medicinal, it's got so many… In fact the word canvas came from the word cannabis, and so all the stales and covered wagons and all the flags and even the Declaration of Independence was signed on hemp paper, and they were required to grow hemp in the late 1700s to pay their taxes because it was such a beneficial plant, and then it was just eradicated because we got the cotton industry.  That's one in competition.

We got William Hurst in the paper industry that doesn't want any competition.  Oil doesn't want any competition from a plant-based biofuel.  Henry Ford built an entire car with the exception of the drivetrain out of hemp fabric and hemp biomass.  You could hammer it with a hammer, it won't even dingle, and it's so much stronger and so much lighter than metal.  So it's got so many benefits, but the biggest benefit is that it's such a highly respiratory plant.  It's got such a photosynthetic effect that we could really help clean up the air which we decimated half of the world's forest.  So by raising more hemp and using crop rotation like we should, we could not only help regenerate the soil, but also at the same time, we can help with some of the carbon deaths that we're experiencing.  So I'm a big fan of it.

Ben:  Yeah, the only problem with it is you know, it has lectins in it?  It's a high-lectin plant.

Dr. Billy:  I didn't know that.

Ben:  Yeah, unfortunately.  I don't know if it's as high as weed, but it's definitely one of those plants that is high in lectins which I suppose if you were to do something like soak it or ferment it or cook it out or something like that.  It could probably get rid of some of those issues, but one thing that I do that you might be interested in is I actually vaporize very small amounts of marijuana, but I blend it.  I learned this trick from Paul Chek.  I blend it with essential oils.  I don't know if you looked into vaporizing of essential oils before, but it's pretty freaking fascinating how many different constituents are in essential oils like limaline and lavender and peppermint that you can vape into your lungs along with just a little bit of marijuana, if you wanted to.  Also a little bit of green tea or any tea leaf that's dried, as well as any organic tobacco like I have this one called the Northern Cheg Tobacco, and you can make these fantastic mixes with tobaccos and essential oils and herbs and teas, and just vape these straight into the lungs.

So I have an infrared sauna, and now what I do in the evening while I'm reading, it's like I go into my infrared sauna.  I use this thing called a Da Buddha vaporizer.  It's like a hookah, and you just sit in there and you smoke a little bit of tea and essential oil.  It's a really kind of cool way to experience a lot of benefits that you're eluding to that you not get just from cannabis, but also from essential oils and from tobaccos and from teas, and I think a lot of people don't tap into this so-called superfoods enough 'cause as you've just pointed out, we kind of associate them with negative political consequences.  But ultimately, I agree.  It is a superfood.  It is a superfood for sure.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, and I vape every day for a lot of reasons.  I mean I've never understood why, again I don't want to beat this horse, but alcohol's cool and pot's bad.  To me it really opens up my brain and helps me think.  I mean, I have to say I don't think Cal Jam wouldn't ever be what it is if it wasn't for the fact that I think a little bit outside the box and I attribute it a little bit to the fact that it's okay.  What's wrong with it, you know?  You're having some fun while we're here.  Somebody can point their finger at me for, and I vape so I don't smoke it.  I vape strains at a really low in THC and higher in CBD.  You don't get that where you're out of your mind high, but you get a real nice sedative effect, but also it opens up your brain.

I mean as a musician, it just helps increase my creativity, but also like you said, there's all the different turpines in there.  There's a hundred different cannabinoids in there which our body can use to help balance our endo-cannabinoid system.  Endo-cannabinoid system is the system in the body that really modulates really every other system including the nervous system.  So that's why we're seeing such benefits when using CBD and THC to get the benefits that we get because it helps create homeostasis for the body by balancing out because as we're got all this electro smog, WiFi, chlorides, glyphosate, chemtrails, all these different constituents that are bump bad for our body, our body makes less endogenous cannabis, 'cause your body makes cannabis.  There's a product called 2-erracadonal glycerol and there's also in end in mind that the body makes itself that helps balance the different CB receptors, the cannabinoid receptors.  There's CB1 receptors that's mostly in the brain and central nervous system and there's the CB2 receptor which is mostly in the immune organs and glands.  When that's why people that are suffering from cancer benefit from anything that helps balance the CB2 receptors, and people with pain and anxiety is going to benefit from things that help balance the CB1 receptors.  And again, that science is wide open.  It's a wide open frontier, and I'm just excited to be at the forefront of this because I know this is going to explode in the near future as a superfood that people can use.  I didn't know it had lectins in it though.  That's surprising to me.

Ben:  Yeah, it will be if you eat it.  You know the other thing is these CBD vape pens of people who can't access THC legally or concerned by getting tested at work.  That type of thing.  I actually have a few of these up on my bed stand, and all of this is cannabidiol.  Hemp drive, cannabidiol CBD oil with no THC, and it's wonderful.  It's mouthwatering, it's like hemp mixed with cinnamon with a little bit of pine, and it's all CBD.  The one I use is called a Thrive Vape Pen, and you can travel with it.  It's still illegal and it's just 100% organic hemp oil.  A lot of these vape pens have propylene glycol and nicotine and things like that.  I mean this is just pure, 100% CBD.  It's a really cool way to get a lot of the benefits we're talking about without even getting any psycho-activity at all.

Now Billy, I wanted to make sure I touch on a couple of other things with you.  We talked a little bit about lectins and the gut and about the effects of CBD as almost like “superfood”, but then there's also this idea behind GMOs.  We've talked about GMOs on the show before.  People know that they're definitely bad news bearers, and I know you've done a lot of writing on GMOs but I'm curious for you specifically.  How do you protect yourself against things like glyphosate and GMOs because they're so prevalent nowadays?  For you is it supplementation, is it specific shopping habits?  What do you do?

Dr. Billy:  Well, I mean I buy only organic food.

Ben:  Yeah, but doesn't a lot of organic food have glyphosate on it now?  Just due to the spread of glyphosate?

Dr. Billy:  Possibly, but what are we going to do?  I mean you got to eat, you know.  There's mercury in the fish and I still eat that.  I mean we've got to do something, but yeah, it’s detox too.  If you're going to lay on this planet, and I'm speaking with Dan Pompa’s gate this weekend.  I do his program through cellular detox.  I mean you got to get the metals out…

Ben:  What do you think about Zach Bush‘s stuff or the lignite?  That's what my kids have been using.  They keep a bottle of that in the fridge.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, actually I'm going to ask him to speak at Cal Jam.

Ben:  Yeah, you should.  He's super smart, and this lignite stuff coats the lining of your stomach and essentially keeps a lot of the glyphosate from ravaging your stomach.  We still use all organic foods.  We grow a lot of our own foods, but that's one of the few supplements that my kids take is they take a shot of that before every meal.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, we have some in the cabin at home too.  I've probably done it three times.  Mary Jane, my wife.  Mary Jane, not my wife.

Ben:  That's your wife's name, Mary Jane?

Dr. Billy:  Yeah.

Ben:  That's fitting.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, it's gotten us out of a couple problem issues back in the past back in the 80s, so it's good to know.

Ben:  Yeah, did you listen to that Joe Rogan Podcast, in which you were basically thrown under the bus?  I know we don't have a ton of time to take a deep dive into all the different things, but overall, what do you think are a few of the things?  Well let me ask you this, man.  Are there chiropractic docs out there who are quacks?

Dr. Billy:  Of course, but I mean that's true in any profession.  I mean there's plumbers there that are probably rip offs.  I used to have an auto mechanic that was a rip off until I figured out I should probably go somewhere else.  I mean there's going to be crooks in any trade.  I'm sure there's M.D.s that are not 100% up front and honest.  You're going to have bad seeds in any profession, but on the whole, I feel that chiropractic is such a safe intervention even if the dude is a quack to some degree.  It's not going to have the same depth of mild effects as if somebody's doing surgery on people when they didn't need surgery.  So that happens, that's why it's so important for you to use referrals as a way to discern who you go to.  You get a good reference from one of your friends as far as determining on what chiropractor you select.

Ben:  Now how would you go about doing that if you weren't just going to get a referral from a friend?  If you move to a city and there are no people there?  Are there directories, are there ways to identify who somebody good is going to be if you don't want to run into somebody who's just basically more or less a quack who's going to sell you a bunch of supplements and not really use things like thermography like you were using.  Not teach people therapeutical exercises and just basically…  And in some cases, I've been to docs like this.  They won't even touch you from an adjustment standpoint, and they'll just be like yeah, you need to take this fish oil that I'm selling.

Dr. Billy:  Right, I think it's up to the consumer to do their research in my opinion, and again whatever that takes, there's not really.  I would have people go to more chiropractic resources like the ICA, International Chiropractic Association, the ICPA which is the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  Those would be good resources.  Those are people that think the same way I do.  Also in California where I practice in Newport Beach.  We have the CCA, California Chiropractic Association, those would be great resources.  Those are people that I feel are up front.  Again whether the person has the technical skills to adjust or not and whether you're comfortable with those technical skills, there's going to be something to your discernment.  Again there's no way to really gauge that or monitor that in my opinion.  And again, you might need to try a couple of chiropractors, so you feel somebody that not only you feel comfortable with, but somebody that you get results.  I mean there's many times, not many times.  A few times in my thirty-three years of practice where people don't get any results in the end, but I refer them to a friend that may utilize his different techniques that somebody may respond to.  So again, not everybody's going to fit lock and key into a perfect system, so it's important for the consumer to do their own research.

Ben:  I interviewed Dr. Jason Jaeger, and he went into some of the practitioner directories that he likes.  When I interviewed him, I also featured an article by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, and I'll link to those for those of you listening in.  If you want access to some of those directories, just go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/demoss.  That's D-E-M-O-S-S, and you can access that other podcast that I did, but ultimately, it sounds to me like it's a combination of asking around and then also accessing some of these directories of certified professionals that you vouch for.

Dr. Billy:  I mean to me it's like I always consider our first visit like a first date when I have a new patient.  Number one, I want to see if I want to work with this person, and number two, you know, you want to see if you can dance together.  I mean the thing is it's going to be a neutral relationship where I'm going to do some of the work, they're going to do some of the work, and if they don't follow through, then their health's going to be diminished, and number two my reputation's very important, and I want people to follow through to what I ask them to do and I know we can get the results that chiropractic will get for them.

Ben:  Yeah, interesting.  Okay, so I've got one other question for you 'cause you started to rail on this before we even started recording, and since I haven't talked about it much on the show before, I want to hear your thoughts on it.  Why are you such an advocate or a proponent of the idea that chemtrails are a real thing?  What's up with chemtrails?

Dr. Billy:  I mean I grew up as a kid that I wanted to become a meteorologist, believe it or not.  I mean when I lived in Nebraska, I use to just be enthralled with tornadoes and thunderstorms, and then when I grew up, there were not any of those funny trails in the sky.  Then I started noticing, probably early 90s, all this sprain going on, and again it sounds like major conspiracy.  The government admits that they're doing it.  You got books that talk about stratospheric aerosol injections about limiting the amount of sunlight that comes through.  Then particulate aluminum, there's a lot of people that vainly talk about it, but there's all kinds of research on this.  It's just pretty obvious to me when you see it going on, and people would tell me it's just normal contrails.  I mean I've never seen contrails when I was a kid dissipate across the entire spine fog and haze the entire horizon.  I mean that's the thing that's total lune.  I mean when you've gone through different periods of time, and you've seen it change in just how blue the skies are and to what now we see on a daily basis in some parts of the country.  We get a break every summer, they don't spray it all in the summer here, and people may say that that's because of weather, but it’s one of those things that I just think needs to be addressed, and when people admit it in the government and you read a lot of books about it and admits that's a possible way to prevent global warming, whether global warming's happening or not, but that's just what the powers that be may be doing.

Ben:  Yeah, I mean I agree that it's possible.  Some chemical spraying may be inducing some environmental damage and there might be a chemical fallout from some of the things that we might find in jet fuel and things like that, but I don't know that it's like this conspiracy to mind-wash us or to control population via these condensation trails.  That's just something I have yet to see evidence behind.  You're one of the few guys that I've had on the show who's actually written about this a little bit and had some strong beliefs on it, so I thought I'd ask you about it.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, I mean all you have to do is look up, bro.  I mean it's pretty obvious when you see it going on every day.  When your sky is completely clear, like I'll be surfing now, and all of the sudden the sky's clear and here comes all the chem trailers and in the matter of a half an hour, the whole sky is checkerboarded, and then you see that shit spread out, and then it's just this clam chowder haze that covers the entire sky.  I mean it's like right there in front of you every day.

Ben:  Yeah, I guess I just always assumed there was like, for example, condensation.  Condensed water vapor from airplanes or from rockets flying at high altitudes.

Dr. Billy:  Okay, here.  Let me ask you this question.  Do you like on a cold day when water vapor comes out of your mouth, it doesn't stay around for four hours, it dissipates, and it's the same thing with projection.

Ben:  Yeah, but there's a lot less than horizontal and vertical windshear when you're on the ground in different humidity levels.  It seems to me there's a lot of confounding variables for us to say it's like a mind control experiment.

Dr. Billy:  Well I didn't say it's a mind control, I said it's an experiment to help prevent global warming according to them.

Ben:  To prevent global warming?

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, because what it does is it creates global damnings 'cause what it does is it prevent sunlight from coming where you're spraying metal in the sky, bro.  It reflects the sun back out.

Ben:  So you're saying is they're trying to do something good for the planet if it is indeed something that's being consciously done, but that the problem with it is that the chemicals that wind up in our environment as a result of the measures they're taking to stop global warming, wind up damaging humans?

Dr. Billy:  Right, I mean you look at some of the soil samples in Lake Shaft areas.  The aluminum levels are ten thousand percent higher than they're supposed to be getting.  It’s harder to go up and do research and grab a chemtrail.  I'm sure that face up there is heavily regulated, so you can't just fly a plane up there and fly behind a chemtrail plane and try to grab nano-particular aluminum which is probably hard to do to begin with.  So again, if you just have to use a little bit of common sense and ask questions why this is going on, and from there…  My goal was just to create more awareness and get the conversation going, so that we can discuss this as a human species, but if they're admitting that they're doing spraying, we have to look at the repercussions of breathing in nano-particular aluminum, barium, strontium.  As far as these negative consequences going to have to cognitive function and cognitive cases as we get older.

Ben:  Interesting.  In the meantime, let's say that we did want to protect ourselves.  Is there something that you'd recommend that we'd do?

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, I feel actually to be a compost through cellular detox which we're speaking at.

Ben:  Just detox your body?  Yeah, I have an interview with him.

Dr. Billy:  Yeah, I mean I had my blood test, and then I was high on aluminum, I was high on mercury, I was high on lead, so my objective is to do the program.  I'm going to really hit hard again after Cal Jam, and then go back and have the blood work done.  So we're not going to talk anymore about the science babe gig, huh?

Ben:  Well, we did a pretty big podcast on that, but I want them to just get your overall thoughts on it.  It's a horse that's potentially being kicked to death.  Yeah, go ahead.

Dr. Billy:  You're thinking about these people that do the [censored] articles and these podcast are maybe paid for trolls that are just told taped on.  I want you to go out and take this guy down.  The reality is that…

Ben:  Yeah, I mean if you read Ryan Holiday's book “Trust Me, I'm Lying” about the media and how easy it is to manipulate the media and how much cash is being traded back and forth.  I mean, dude, I get four or five e-mails a day from folks who are like yeah, I'll pay you to put a link to such and such.  Hide this link in an article on your website.  So I know that stuff definitely happens.  It occurs, and so yeah, I certainly wouldn't dispute the fact that it's possible that someone may have paid her to write an article like that more than what the going rate would be.  I forgot what website it was published on.  Was it Gawker?  It was something like that.  Anyways though, but she's been on my show as well, and yeah.  I think that in any industry, there's going to be a problem with unethical journalism.

Dr. Billy:  How did she come off on your show?

Ben:  She's not super scientific, that's the problem.

Dr. Billy:  And she's not a babe, no I hate to say that.  That’s my opinion.

Ben:  I appreciate questioning of authority and questioning of the status quo and questioning some of the things you might swallow, hook line and sink her, but at the same time, I think that some of the things that she says are not scientific, but you can say the same thing about the food babe, right?  The whole, you've got yoga mats in your Subway sandwiches.  Well the fact is that's a natural chemical if it gets metabolized in the water and the body when you consume it.  So there are people out there like the food babe and the psybabe, they're cool people.  They've both been on my show before.  I don't think they're bad people, but at the same time, sometimes they say things that are flawed, but I've said things that you had to go back on my science on haze.

Dr. Billy:  Oh, we all have man.

Ben:  This is something that's not true, yeah.

Dr. Billy:  You're pushing the needle sometimes that happens, and I think just Joe Rogan had a bad experience with chiropractics, so he's just got an accident with chiropractics.

Ben:  Yeah, well either way what I'll do for those of you listening in is first of all, I'll link to Billy's fantastic event in California.  Even if you're not a chiropractic doc, you just check this out.  It’s fun, it's like rock and roll and then a health expo.  Cal Jam, it's called the Cal Jam Conference.  That's at californiajam.org, and I'll link to Billy's website as well as some of the other things we talk about like the wobble chain and the cervical neck traction and the CBD pens and some of these things, but I'll also link to, for those of you who want to take a deeper dive into this whole psybabe thing, the article that Dr. Patrick Gentempo wrote on my site, and also the interview that I did with Dr. Jason Jaeger about a formalized response.  Point by point to a lot of the stuff that was brought up in that particular is chiropractic [censored] article and interview.  And in the meantime, Billy's one of those guys who's obviously thinking outside the box, obviously asking a lot of questions, and Billy, I appreciate guys like you and what you do.  So thanks for coming on the show, and sharing this stuff with us man.

Dr. Billy:  Hey, thanks for having me on brother.  Look forward to seeing you, January 26, 27, and 28 in sunny California.  Where are you at anyways?

Ben:  I'm up in snowy Spokane, Washington.  I love it though.  I love it up here.  I just built up my snowboard last night, so I'll be carving the slopes hopefully by next week.

Dr. Billy:  Well you want to go helicopter skiing with me in March?

Ben:  I'll tentatively say yes, I generally don't go down in an adventure, so yeah.  That sounds like a blast dude.  Alright so folks, bengreenfieldfitness.com/demoss, D-E-M-O-S-S is where you can access the show notes.  Thank you everybody for listening in, and until next time.  I'm Ben Greenfield along with Dr. Billy DeMoss, signing out from bengreenfieldfitness.com.  Have an amazing week.



Dr. Billy DeMoss is an energetic and passionate speaker who has been a chiropractor and powerhouse within his community for over three decades. His passion for chiropractic care, community wellness, and global sustainability is far-reaching and his influence is international. Along with heading an innovative practice that educates and strengthens his community, Dr. Billy is the founder of the Dead Chiropractic Society (DCS), which is a coalition of Southern California chiropractors who meet monthly to discuss chiropractic philosophy and advancements.

In 2008, he decided to expand DCS by founding California Jam. Cal Jam allows him to invite world-renowned experts in public health and global sustainability to educate and empower people, not just chiropractors, from around the world who find natural solutions more attractive than harmful man-made ones and share a desire to ensure the well-being of future generations. His mission for Cal Jam is simple: awaken, empower, action.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-How Billy keeps himself in top shape (and why he doesn’t own a cell phone)…[7:50]

-The whole list of exercises on Billy’s website that you probably haven’t heard of, like “Wobble Chair”, “Denner Roll” and the “Pettibon”…[12:00]

-Why you shouldn’t encourage a baby to walk too early in life…[16:05]

-Why Billy is a huge proponent of Diagnostic Thermography for accompanying spinal adjustments…[27:44]

-Why Billy calls CBD a superfood and how he juices it…[41:45]

-What Billy does to protect himself against GMO’s…[55:00]

-Billy’s thoughts on The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 984 with Yvette d’Entremont during which he got called out for being a quack…[57:00]

-Billy’s thoughts on chemtrails…[61:40]

-And much more!

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