[Transcript] – A Cool, New Way To Scan, Interpret & Fix The Human Body’s Electrical Field.

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[0:00] Introduction/GainesWave

[1:50] Kimera Koffee

[5:25] Wendy Myers

[7:31] The NES Scanner

[9:41] How The NES Scanner Works

[16:27] Ben's NES Scan Results

[21:03] The miHealth Device

[24:34] Infoceutical Water

[25:10] Quick Commercial Break/Onnit

[26:35] HumanCharger

[27:58] Continuation/Using the miHealth and Infoceuticals

[31:35] More on Ben's Results

[35:58] Ben's Chakras

[41:13] The “Good” News For Ben

[44:50] An Easy DIY Technique to Banish Constipation and Large Intestine Issues

[48:44] NES and Athletic Performance

[54:06] End of Podcast

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In this episode of The Ben Greenfield Fitness Show:

“After you've studied NES, you realize that NES powers up the energy and communication system of the body.  So it helps athletes to optimize refueling of their energy system much faster than they would be able to normally.  And it really helps the heart, and the lungs, the ligaments, the tendons, the mental clarity, focus, willpower, all the things that athletes depend on.”  “There's a number of athletes that use it.  Olympic medal winner Tasha Danvers is using it, the Hungarian Olympic Team of 2012 used it.  They never placed before and they won a lot of gold medals 'cause they were using this.”

Ben:  Hey, folks.  It's Ben Greenfield, and I've been up to my usual-self qualification madness.  In this case, last week my friend Wendy Myers, who's been on the show before, she's been on a few episodes, she was on the episode called “Why My Barber Thinks I'm A Freak (And Other Crazy Health Discoveries You Can Get From Your Hair, Your Urine, and Your Stool)” and she was also on the episode “Everything You Need To Know About Hair Mineral Analysis.”  So anyways, she sent me this fancy little scanner, one of these hand-held scanners that arrived in the mail.  And I always raise an eyebrow when I get this kind of stuff in the mail, I've done the thing where you stick your finger in the machine that supposedly reads your anti-oxidant potential, but I tried this thing anyway.  It's called “a mapping of the body's energy field”.

Now I've talked in previous podcasts about how the body actually is an electrical machine.  It's a giant battery, more or less.  So theoretically you can actually measure the body's electrical field and you can actually measure the amount of electricity produced by certain areas of the body.  And furthermore, based on my follow-up discussion with Wendy I found out that you can use things like pulsed electromagnetic therapy, which is well-known therapy in medicine for things like bruises and bone healing, or it's also known as PEMF, to kind of go through and find those areas that the scanner identifies as being electrically blocked, so to speak, and then kind of reactivate those areas.  That's my very, kind of like non-scientific explanation of what's going on.  We'll take a deeper dive with Wendy.

But anyways, Wendy sent me this scanner.  I did the scan, literally I'll put my finger on it, it took like 60 seconds, did the scan, and then I sent off the results to Wendy, and she came back to me with my actual video results.  So this particular podcast has a video that goes along with it, and the video you can find, along with all the show notes for all this stuff, as well as if you want to do any scans for yourself and try it out, just go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/bodyscan.  That's bengreenfieldfitness.com/bodyscan.  So Wendy, first, welcome back to the show.

Wendy:  Thank you so much for having me.

Ben:  Alright.  So let's just let's jump right in.  So I have the scanner, it's this little white scanner, it looks like a mouse almost, like one of the old school mice, not a track pad, but for those who remember back in the days when we had actual mice.  I guess some people have the actual mice.  So you put your finger on it, what is the scanner actually doing when it's scanning my hands?  It's called an NES scanner, is that correct?

Wendy:  Yeah.  NES, NES Health, it's just like a bio energetic program.  One of many.  I think it's the most accurate one though.  And the biggest potential for healing.  But when you get this little remote scanner that you can have mailed to you anywhere in the world, you put your hand on it, you hook it up to your computer and whatnot, and you put your hand on it, and it's measuring your bodies resonance, and the skin's a very good conductor of electricity.  So you're just doing that.  It takes one second, and it can sense all the different issues that you have in your body like your energetic blockages, emotional issues that you're having, various, all kinds of other things like your sensitivities to certain metals, the different kinds of EMF sensitivities that you have, a lot of different interesting stuff in the scan that we're going to go over, and your scan tonight.

Ben:  Okay.  That sounds kind of woo-woo.  I mean like I've heard of like GDV cameras, and I actually believe that, for example, I do kundalini yoga and I know that you can move energy through the body.  I've also studied a little bit of tantric sex.  Same thing.  I know that you can have certain meridians, certain chakras that you can breathe energy in and out of.  And a lot of people feel that when they do yoga, a lot of people feel that when they walk around like barefoot on the ground outside, and these like, I think they call 'em gas discharge visualization cameras I've talked on the podcast before, and you can actually take photographs of the amount of, in this case, infrared light that the body produces.  ‘Cause you actually produce some infrared light.  However, what you just described, what I have to wrap my head around is how do you get all that from your middle finger, or any finger that you put.  You don't have to give the finger to the mouse, you could use any finger you want.  But is there any research behind this that actually shows that somehow, through the finger, you can measure other parts of the body?  ‘Cause I can wrap my head around a camera.  But going from a finger to the entire body, I need help wrapping my head around that.

Wendy:  Yeah.  There is a scientific research behind it.  You can actually even use your voice.  I know there's another company out there that they actually, you speak into a microphone and it can tell everything that's wrong with your body that way.  So it's just about your body's energy.  Your body gives off a field, and this was discovered with quantum physics, with the rise of quantum physics.  The basis of that science is that we have an energy field and information is transmitted on the energy fields.  And I'll read off some of the scientific research that I came up with, without my glasses.  I want to turn my camera off here for a second.

Ben:  If you need glasses to read the scientific research, you should probably scan your eyes right?  Is there something you could do for that?

Wendy:  (laughs) I'm still progressing on my programs.  Please forgive me.

Ben:  Okay.

Wendy:  So is there any research behind this?  Yeah.  So Dr. Peter Fraser, he was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Australia and he had originally had set out to scientifically prove the Chinese meridian.  That was his goal.  And he researched the human energy body field structure functions for over 30 years.  And through his research, he found that the root causes of many physical problems and diseases are really just distortions and blockages in the body's energy fields.  And in his observations, he actually maintains that DNA is not the master control system of the human body or the physical body, the human body energy field is, or rather our body's energetic field is, and that the human body field communicates with the physical body by information imprinted on and sent on quantum waves.

Ben:  Oh, yeah.  There is a lot there.  So basically what you're saying is that like an energetic blockage, I always like to think of things in physiological terms 'cause that's where my background is.  So you're talking about basically the electrical charge on every cell in your body, the membrane of every cell has an electrical charge.  What you're saying is that the charge itself can be influenced by things in our environment, or things we're exposed to like, whatever, flying on an airplane, or lack of touch to the planet Earth, like not grounding enough or spending all our time on cement floors in a skyscraper, whatever.  What you're saying is that you can actually measure that blockage in electrical field.

Wendy:  Yeah.  You can know exactly where it is.  And if you're looking at the screen right now, this is your scan and you can see where your energetic blockages are in your body.

Ben:  Okay.  Before we even dive into that, you also mention, what were you saying about vibrations?

Wendy:  No.  Nothing about vibrations.  It's more about energy waves.  And there's more, I mean there's more information on the science behind it.  There's actually like a Nobel Prize winning biologist, Luc Montagnier, and he discovered the quantum field effect of DNA, like DNA actually throws off its own energy field.  And he actually won the Nobel Prize for connecting HIV to the AIDS, HIV virus to AIDS.  He made that connection between the two.  And he actually shifted from conventional biology to work in the area field, energy field biology to investigate the electromagnetic properties of organisms.

Ben:  Okay, so…

Wendy:  So there's a lot of, I can go into it really deep, people can kind of read more about it probably on the blog post, but there is a tremendous amount of research behind this.  A very, very well respected scientists and even the conventional…

Ben:  Yeah.  You sent me over boatloads of research, and I'll link to it in the show notes, but it really reminded me of a book that I read about how your consciousness can affect your health.  It's called “The Biology of Belief”.  I don't know if you've read it. It's written by this guy named Bruce Lipton.

Wendy:  Yeah.  Bruce Lipton.

Ben:  It's really good because it goes into how, basically what you just said.  Genes are not what are necessarily fully controlling our biology, but DNA is actually influenced by signals from outside the cell.  And that includes electrical signals from like WiFi routers and phones.  But I mean he takes a deep dive.  Like he goes into how energetic messages from your thoughts, you know when you're like laying next your partner in bed and you can tell something's wrong even though they're not talking to you?  Like that can actually affect the energetics of your cells.  And I know this sounds kind of woo, but hey you guys, you're listening to the Ben Greenfield Fitness Show.  So…

Wendy:  No, it's not.  This is quantum physics.  Like when you send, you have a healing thought in your brain, that is imprinted, and it’s information that's imprinted on an energy wave that is sent to that body part.  That's how it gets there so fast.

Ben:  Right.  That's why when you're next to like an energy vampire or somebody is really stressed out and producing a lot of beta brain waves, you can actually sense that because of the electrical signal they're producing.  And you can also, I mean like I've seen the photos with, for example, I mentioned gas discharge visualization.  Like I've seen the photos where you can see people with very low or very high energy fields.  I mean that's what, for example, like shamans, like energy shamans in many cases, they're very good at sensing your aura.  Or people who practice like Reiki, right?  They're very good at kind of like enhancing your aura without even touching you by waving their hands around you, and getting very close, and using their electrical field to influence your electrical field.  So I see what you're getting at, and again, like I realize that we could probably spend hours and hours diving into the science of it, and I know we want to kind of get more into the practical aspects of this and go over my results.

But what I'll do for people listening in, for skeptics listening in, not that any of you are skeptical about this, I'm going to put a link to a whole bunch of the research, everything from a paper called “Bridging Orthodox Medicine With Bioenergetic Science”, to that “Biology of Belief” book, to kind of the information about that Nobel Prize winner that Wendy was talking about who discovered that DNA is actually influenced by quantum fields, how like vibrations and electricity, and yes, even like patterns, and thoughts, and emotions can affect your DNA.  So it's actually really, really intriguing.  I think it's going to be part of the future of medicine, understanding how our bodies interact with invisible variables.  Like how the water is vibrating that we drink, or whether or not we're staying next to a WiFi router all day, or even like the emotions of the people around us.  But ultimately, long story short is that this NES scanner you talked about Wendy, this scanned my electrical field, and now what we're looking on the video is basically a naked image of me without a penis, it would appear, with some red squares over different areas of my body.  So what are we looking at here?

Wendy:  Yeah.  So the scan actually does look at every part of your anatomy, and your penis is all clear.  There's no energetic blockage there, so…

Ben:  I don't even have one.  I mean…

Wendy:  We'll get into that later on the scan.

Ben:  Based on the image there, I think they're trying to keep it clean, but I'm just saying.  I look like a Barbie doll without hair.

Wendy:  Yeah.  A Ken doll.

Ben:  Or boobs.

Wendy:  Yeah.  So let's go over your scan here.  So we're looking at your scan first.  This scan, there's lots of other screens.  So this one is your energetic rejuvenators.  These are the spots that you're going to be using with your miHealth PEMF device.  Did you get that yet in the mail?

Ben:  No.  Is that like the thing they were going to send me that I can use on these areas of blockage?

Wendy:  Exactly.  So that's coming to you really soon, and so you're going to use that on these little areas.  And these are your energetic blockages on meridians.  So if we look at this first one, #32 that's on your head, it's your hypothalamus.

Ben:  Okay.  So real quick, just to clarify.  When you're saying meridians, it's like if you go to an acupuncturist's office in Chinese medicine, they have all those different pictures of all the areas they can stick the needles, that's what I'm looking at, are the specific meridians on me that need work, so to speak.

Wendy:  Yes.  And they're attempting, the acupuncturists are attempting to use the needles to clear blockages in meridians so the information and the energy can flow freely.  And then…

Ben:  Could I take this map to an acupuncturist?  Like could I take it to him and be like, “Hey.  I did the scan and found these blockages.  Can we stick needles in here?”

Wendy:  Exactly.  ‘Cause what's actually really good is this scan can pinpoint the exact place you have blockages, rather than going to an acupuncturist where they're actually kind of flying blind.  They're just going based on symptoms.  This is far more accurate.  And a lot of acupuncturers actually use this system.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  So I'm looking at all these little squares, they're different colors though.  There's like red, and there's green, there's like orange.  What do these mean?  And then like bluish, there's like a bluish kind of too.

Wendy:  Yeah.  So the red is your high priorities.  These are the 911s on your scan, so to speak, that need to be addressed.  The oranges are second, not as important but still high up in priority.  Yellows are kind of, we can wait to work on those.  Greens are not really a priority.  Whites are pretty clear there.  So you can see there's about 70 points on the body that could be addressed.

Ben:  There's a crap ton of points.  Yeah, but we want to focus on the red ones 'cause those are the big areas.  Okay.

Wendy:  Yes.  And so the hypothalamus is coming up, and that is on the liver meridian.  And so you'd use your little miHealth to clear the blockage there.  And then the next point here…

Ben:  Wait, wait, wait.  When you say I could use the miHealth to clear that little blockage right there, I'm looking at the map, the meridian you were talking about, is that the one on the forehead?  The hypothalamus?

Wendy:  Well, hypothalamus point is on the liver meridian, even though it doesn't look like it.  This blue line here is the liver meridian.

Ben:  So does that mean I would do, I would take this pulsed electromagnetic field device and I would actually hold it over that meridian in the same way that an acupuncturist might use a needle over them already?

Wendy:  Exacty.  Yeah.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  And I just like hold it there?

Wendy:  You hold it there for about two minutes, and the energy waves, the global scalar waves go into your head and give correcting information, correct operating instructions to the hypothalamus, and also help to clear that blockage so that information can get to it so it can function properly.

Ben:  Okay.  I know there's been studies on acupuncture before, but have there been studies on this?  On using PEMF in the same ways you'd use acupuncture?

Wendy:  Oh, yeah.  The miHealth PEMF device is an FDA approved medical device.

Ben:  Oh, really?

Wendy:  Well, it's actually proven to work.  It's amazing for pain.  A lot of Olympic athletes use it.

Ben:  Really?

Wendy:  Oh, yeah.

Ben:  Like who?

Wendy:  They use it when champion race horses.  There's a lot of different PEMF devices that are accepted medical devices around the world.  So, yes, it…

Ben:  On horses or on humans?

Wendy:  Both.

Ben:  Okay.

Wendy:  And it works on my dogs too.

Ben:  Really?  Okay.  So I get nervous about PEMF 'cause like your phone makes PEMF, and then there are really strong PEMF devices that, frankly, like I remember the first time I got this device called an EarthPulse, which is really good for sleep.  You put it under your bed and it emits this pulsing electromagnetic field as you sleep.  But when I first got it, the guy I bought it from was like, “If you do anything, just don't put it next to your head 'cause it will damage gray matter in your brain,” because of the strength of the signal…

Wendy:  Well, that's because it's not specific.  The PEMF device, when you put in ER32 into the miHealth device, it's very specific.  It only gives information to the hypothalamus specifically.  It cannot hurt you.

Ben:  What do you mean when you put it in ER32 into the miHealth device?  That sounds like something Marvin the Martian would say.

Wendy:  Well, you just press a button on the miHealth.  The ER32 is for the hypothalamus.  And so that kind of connects to the hypothalamus.  That's the…

Ben:  Oh, you mean like the miHealth has like, so this PEMF device, I input which area of the body I'm holding it over?

Wendy:  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  So that it knows what information to send that gland, or organ, or…

Ben:  So it will send a signal that actually corresponds to that specific organ, like the frequency with which that specific organ vibrates, so to speak.

Wendy:  Exactly.  It's not affecting other structures.  And that's why there are some PEMF devices you just lay on there like a whole body thing.  Those are effective, they're not nearly as effective as this kind of targeted, specific program, if you will, for specifically the hypothalamus.  That's what makes it a lot more effective.

Ben:  Yeah.  I did a whole podcast on this because I get a massage once a week, and I have the massage therapist put the massage table between these two giant speakers in my living room, and I put on these CDs called Wholetones CDs, and I interviewed this guy, I'll put a link.  If you guys go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/bodyscan, I'll put a link to the interview.  But basically this guy created CDs that vibrate, like one CD vibrates at the frequency of your heart.  Another at the frequency of your liver.  And you can actually measure the frequency vibration of each of these different organs.  So what you're saying is rather than using music, or rather than using like acupuncture needles, you're just using a PEMF device that you adjust the strength of the frequency depending which organ that you're holding it over?

Wendy:  Exactly.  And that music is just imprinted at music.  It's imprinted with information.

Ben:  In the same way that, for example, like water could potentially be structured if you think positive thoughts over it, which…

Wendy:  Absolutely.

Ben:  I know that kind of goes back and forth as far as the science behind that, but it is true.  I know that water can actually store information.  I mean Dr. Gerald Pollack has shown that over in his lab at University of Washington, how you can structure water, and how when you put water like out in sunshine, it's far different in terms of the actual crystalline structure and the vibration compared to water that's, say, just like sitting in a cistern somewhere or getting treated with chemicals.  So I get what you're saying.  I'm wrapping my head around this.

Wendy:  It's funny that you bring him up because he actually helped design the structured water infoceuticals that are used on the NES health program.  So when we look at your top four priorities in the scan that you are, your 911s that you need to work on, you take about four infoceutical waters, and they're structured waters with information imprinted onto them, and that energy is transmitted into your body, and heals your body, clears energy blockages, or works whatever it's designed to work on, and he was instrumental in helping design that.

Ben:  Really?  He helped design it?  Like he works for the company…

Wendy:  The structured water part of it, yes.

Ben:  Okay.  Interesting.  I mean I have a structured water filter in my home, but it sounds like what your saying is, and you sent me some of these vials.  What'd you call 'em?  Infoceuticals?

Wendy:  Yeah.  They're called infoceuticals?

Ben:  That's interesting.  That's a new term for me.  So they're basically like supplements, basically structured water.  I assume these have been actually exposed to the actual frequencies that are associated with each of these different organs that need help, that's why you chose the ones that you sent up to me?

Wendy:  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  So do you know how they do that?  Are they like bombarded with sound frequencies, or are they like electrical frequencies, or how do you implant the frequencies into the water?

Wendy:  Yes!  But that's electrical.  So what they take is they take structured mineral water, and they use minerals 'cause they're very stable so they zap 'em with 10,000 volts of electricity, like lightning, and then that opens up the structure of the minerals, then the information is imprinted onto the infoceutical, they zap it again with 10,000 volts, and then it closes the structures of the minerals, and then it makes that energetic remedy, which is the infoceutical, very stable so it lasts for a couple years.  And only microwaves will damage it.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  This is really interesting.

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Ben:  So you not only use the PEMF device over the specific areas that are targeted red on this map that I'm looking at right now in this video, but then you also take these water droplets, can you just like, I was going to ask you this actually.  Can I squirt these straight into my mouth or do I have to like drink them with a glass of water?

Wendy:  No.  You can squirt 'em in your mouth.  That's what I do, but you can kind of waste them 'cause like you're just starting so you want to do like nine drops.  It's kind of hard to measure that when you're doing it in your mouth, but you just put it in a little bit of water.

Ben:  Okay.  Alright.  So I've got these infoceuticals, and like one says ED2, and one says ED3, I'm looking at the map.  So you actually chose these based on the areas that are red on my body?

Wendy:  Yeah.  So this is only one screen that we're looking at.  There's lots of other screens that we can explore.  But the software quantifies what your top four priorities are, and so we can look at your recommendations screen right here, and these are what I recommended for you as your, let me see.  There are not the ones I recommended.

Ben:  Yeah.  Don't mess me up here.

Wendy:  Nah.  I'm not going to mess you up.  Don't worry. (chuckles)

Ben:  I don't want to have liver failure.

Wendy:  Yeah.  The computer, it doesn't have it saved.  I have it saved on my computer.  Yeah, so based on this you know these are the infoceuticals that you're going to be taking.

Ben:  So there's four of them that I specifically take for my specific areas that there are energetic blockages in?

Wendy:  Yes.  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay.  How long does it take once I start using, say, like this, what'd you call it?  What's the device that's arriving in the mail here?

Wendy:  The miHealth.

Ben:  The miHealth.  M-I Health?

Wendy:  Yeah.

Ben:  Okay.  So if I start using that, I assume I use it every day or…?

Wendy:  You can use it like every other day.  Just a few times a week will work.

Ben:  Okay.  And…

Wendy:  I get kind of lazy sometimes.  (laughs) I do it a couple of times a week.  But the more I use it…

Ben:  Yeah.  I got to squeeze that in between the dry skin brushing and the coconut oil pulling.  Anyways, I guess I could do it while I'm talking on the phone or whatever.  Does it have to be plugged in while I'm driving?

Wendy:  No.  It doesn't have to be plugged in.  It usually only takes about two minutes per spot.  You're going to divide eight spots, eight of your top priorities, and it takes 16 minutes a day for every day.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  And then I take these infoceuticals every day?

Wendy:  Yeah.  You take those every single day, and you just take them once a day.  It's super easy to do.  And people usually start with four infoceuticals, the max you'd ever really take is six.  Sometimes I'll do seven.  But that's the max you do, and it's super easy to do it.  You don't have to have the miHealth PEMF device.  It's really, really nice.  It has a lot of really cool functions on it.  You and I will do a session, I'll show you how to use it.  But you don't have to have it.  The infoceuticals really do the heavy lifting of the program.  Most of my clients get by with just doing the infoceuticals.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  Okay.  And then when do I rescan to see what happened?

Wendy:  Once a month.  Or I'll do it every three weeks.  I kind of drink them.  I drink them by the bottle, so I run out of mine really fast.  So I'll do about every three weeks, at least every four weeks is ideal 'cause your scan changes, you have very fast improvements.  A lot of people feel improvements within 30 days.  I know I certainly did.  A very large percentage of my clients feel improvements within 30, sometimes it takes them 60 days.  But that's relatively fast.  And because those changes are quick, you need to rescan and get new infoceuticals for that scan.

Ben:  Now in terms of other things that we can find out from that scan that I did, is there anything else here on this video that you can show me?

Wendy:  Oh, yeah.  So the next one here is, this thing is called the big field aligner that you're looking at right here, and this relates to your body's magnetism and how well it matches the Earth's magnetism.  Because as you know, when we were cave men for millions of years, our bodies evolved grounding.  Walking on the ground, sleeping on the ground, that's how our cells work.  And because so many of us are separated from that grounding with the Earth, our bodies don't work as well.  So we get fat, and tired, and have lots of other metabolic issues in our cells.  So grounding’s really important.

Ben:  So what does it show?  That I'm not grounding, like is it a measurement of how grounded I am?  Like how much I actually walk barefoot or…?

Wendy:  Not necessarily.  Not directly.  But it's more about that you just need a little bit more help.  Because even if you are grounding, you could have EMFs negatively affecting you.  We've done your metals testing, you have a lot of metals and those can negatively impact your body's energetic field.  Vaccines impact it.  There's a lot of, not that you're getting vaccines, but as an example.  A lot of different things, emotional stress can impact your body's energy field.  This is just one measurement.

Ben:  So if I look at those little red squares we were looking at earlier, that's like the single spots that I could use the scanner on.  This other field that we're looking at, this big field, this is like my overall electrical field?

Wendy:  Exactly.  That's like your overall energy field.

Ben:  So if I fix those other fields, this one would generally get better, I assume?

Wendy:  Yeah.  So if you work on the big field, it's kind of what we call higher up in the field, there's a big trickle-down effect and improves a lot of other problems and blockages in the body's energy field.  And if you look here, the red equatorial axis, this is cell issue with liver and the large bowel, and you mentioned before that you had constipation…

Ben:  Wait, wait, wait, wait.  What do you mean the equatorial axis is a sign, is associated with the liver and the small bowel?

Wendy:  It's just one of those things that in Peter Fraser's research he found that when people aren't balanced with the Earth's equatorial axis, their body's electromagnetic field is not balanced with the equatorial axis of the Earth that there are certain health issues there are results of that.

Ben:  Okay.

Wendy:  So our bodies have to be, it's related to grounding.  But our bodies have to be in line and match the Earth's magnetic field.

Ben:  Okay.  Alright.  Got it.  So this all…

Wendy:  Sounds very woo-woo. (laughs)

Ben:  I kind of get it because, I mean I realize, for example, that some people thrive the closer they get to the equator.  Some people thrive the less they travel and the more that they're in touch with the planet Earth.  Now for me, what's it showing on me?

Wendy:  So if you look at the equatorial axis, this is very, very out of balance, and this is kind of why you probably have large bowel dysfunction, 'cause you mentioned you had constipation before.  And so this is probably one of the reasons why…

Ben:  I don't have constipation anymore.  I fixed that.

Wendy:  Oh, you did?  Fantastic!  Fantastic!

Ben:  I made a few little modifications to the diet.  I started eating less fiber in my smoothies and my salads, I think I had too much bulk in my colon, just a little TMI.

Wendy:  Oh no.

Ben:  And then I also use a little bit of magnesium and a little bit of this herb called Cascara before I go to bed at night, and when I wake up in the morning, stuff just kind of falls out.  So, yeah.  There you have it.

Wendy:  Oh, nice!  Perfect!

Ben:  However, I had done a ton of travel.  Like I did the scan like after I'd gotten back from like a week of jet setting.  So I imagine that would affect this equatorial axis quite significantly.

Wendy:  For sure, yeah.  People who travel a lot, it really throws their body off magnetically.  And what's kind of cool in the miHealth, there's an air travel setting, and you put that on your body while you're traveling and it protects your body from radiation and EMF damage while traveling…

Ben:  Wait, what's it called?

Wendy:  It's called Air Travel on the miHealth.

Ben:  Okay.  And what…

Wendy:  It's just a setting on the miHealth.

Ben:  You do that while you're traveling or before you travel?

Wendy:  While you're in the plane.  The whole time you're flying.

Ben:  Sweet.  And that thing will go through TSA, okay?

Wendy:  Oh, yeah.  No problem.  And it's great because it helps you with the jetlag.

Ben:  Okay.  Alright.  What else you got for me?

Wendy:  Okay.  So we'll go to another screen here, and the next one is the mind screens here, which is really interesting.  We can see your chakras.  So just another way of looking at the body's energy fields.  And again, your trustfulness, one chakra is coming up.  So the trust chakra is blocked.  Yeah, and…

Ben:  Interesting.  So these are like all the chakras, sorry to interrupt.  But when you're doing yoga and you're breathing up and down your spine, or I'm doing kundalini, this image I'm looking at, I'm very familiar with.  I've seen this like when I've taken kundalini classes and meditation classes, all the different areas that kind of go up and down your spine.  It looks like the one down by my feet is like all red.

Wendy:  It's actually your rectum.

Ben:  Oh, it's my rectum.  Great.  Okay.

Wendy:  It's just, it's right at your rib.  So it's right at the root of your body.  This is the root chakra.

Ben:  That's interesting.  So again, like TMI, but when I was racing Ironman triathlon and spending a ton of time in the bike saddle, I actually had like three years where I had a rectal prolapse where like when you're taking a crap, like part of your rectum actually comes out from all like the cycling and having the ass cheeks on the seat all the time.  So would like physical damage to the area cause that? Or…

Wendy:  Absolutely.  Yeah, I was going to ask if you had maybe damage coccyx or that area before.

Ben:  I've also had some pretty nasty tailbone accidents.  Yeah.  Basically, my entire pelvis has been to hell and back.

Wendy:  Yeah.  And this is a reflection of that.  When you have physical damage, you can have energetic blockages there too.  And when you clear the energetic blockages, it can help healing physically from those injuries.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  So are you saying I would hold this miHealth up to my asshole?

Wendy:  You can, if you want.  If you have an injury there, there is a coccyx setting on the miHealth that you can do in that area.  Or the sacrum, there's a setting.

Ben:  Alright.  So set it on Coccyx, huh?

Wendy:  Yeah.

Ben:  Alright.  Okay.  I'm listening.

Wendy:  Yeah.  And then now we're looking at the screen, these are the body's energetic drivers.  And so each organ system of the body that you see right here, say, the kidneys, the liver, they all have their own little energy system.  And the sum of those energy systems equals your entire energy level, the amount of energy that you have.

Ben:  Okay.

Wendy:  And so for you, the top one here, that's the orange, is called the imprinter driver.  And so this is really, really important because your heart and your brain imprint information on energy waves and send that to the rest of your body.  And so when that is not working very well, you're not able to print information very well.  You're going to have issues sending information to the rest of your body, corrective information.  So that's the number one thing that needs to be clear…

Ben:  Are you talking about, which one are you talking about?  The one on the arm?  That cell driver one that's red?

Wendy:  Yeah.  So ED2 here.

Ben:  Okay.  So ED2 on the forearm, which I've also injured by the way.  What you're saying is that that particular area, if I were to use the PEMF on that, what would it do?

Wendy:  Well, you don't use the PEMF device on this.  You use the PEMF device on the spots on that first screen.

Ben:  Okay.  Okay, got it.

Wendy:  So the ED2 is going to be an infoceutical that you're going to take.

Ben:  Okay.  So that's the one that the water is for.

Wendy:  Yeah.  And those waters increase your body's energy level.  It's amazing.

Ben:  And what's it mean when that one on the arm is red, like it's showing on the map of me?

Wendy:  These are just all the spots that are affected by the imprinter driver.

Ben:  Okay.

Wendy:  And, yeah.  So it's just showing different parts of your body.  This is showing your high priority areas in the scan.  These actually are your ER points…

Ben:  So the one that's all red is called the cell driver.  What's the cell driver?  That's the one I'm most concerned about.

Wendy:  Yeah.  So, just one more note on the imprinter driver.  Imprinter is about mental clarity and decision making.  So when you start taking this, you have better mental focus and clarity.

Ben:  Okay.  Get it.

Wendy:  Cell driver's all about cellular detox, the energy of the cells, cellular metabolism, when people get cancer it's when their cell's metabolism breaks down.  That's one aspect of it.  And this is kind of like the building block.  The whole energy system is in the cells.  So super important one.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  And then this nerve driver, I think your nervous system is really irritated 'cause toxic metals really damage the nervous system.  All of us have toxic metals, which is why we're all kind of like wired up, and you might have a lot of like artificial energy almost from toxic metals.  And what's great about NES, it's going to help to calm your nervous system down and give you genuine energy which is really nice.  A lot of people, they have more energy but they just feel a lot more calm and focused.

Ben:  Okay.  Is there anything good you can tell me about myself based on the scan?

Wendy:  No.

Ben:  Just feel like this is all bad…

Wendy:  No, I'm joking.  No, there's lots of good things.  But these are just a scan focusing on your issues, what you need to work on.

Ben:  What's an area that shows that I'm strong in?  I mean give me a little bit of positive news here.  Is there anything that's just like, “Hey, you're really good at this, you’re really good…”  Like that's what I need to hear.  I need some kind of good news on this.

Wendy:  Yeah.  So if we go to your meridians, so these are called, they call 'em energetic integrators, but these are really your meridians.  So this first one we're looking at here is your large intestine meridian, and their graded on a scale of 0 to 4.  So the 4 areas are problematic and the 0 areas are clear, they're energetically okay.

Ben:  Okay.  So it looks like my bronchi has a 4.  So that would be like an issue?

Wendy:  Yeah.  This could be from being sick recently, or maybe you have a little chronic cough or irritation.  Maybe you have a little bit of fatigue as a result of the lungs being a little bit energetically compromised.

Ben:  Okay.  It looks like the one that's all red though has to do with large intestine function and mineral absorption, which is also really interesting.  ‘Cause that, like if you had any health issues, it's always had to do, and we've talked about this before, with like large intestine function, with some of the stuff we were just talking a little bit earlier, how I had a few years there where I was going through like GI distress all related to dietary issues from years, and years, and years of just eating really crappy food and destroying my body.  But it's interesting how this seems to, and I know like some of this stuff, people can be like, it's like, whatever, a Chinese fortune teller or a medium telling you something's going to happen or something happened and you kind of nod your head and you're like, “Yeah, that actually did happen,” 'cause it's kind of like causing you to believe something about your body that maybe is pretty easy to trick you into thinking.  But in this case, like these are actually issues that I've had.  I mean you've got me paying attention here, Wendy.

Wendy:  Yeah.  I don't work for the CIA.  It's just the scan that you did.  And I noticed in myself, I've done my own scans and all of the points that are flagged red are my high priorities, I know those to be my health issues.  Same with my dogs.  I know my dogs' health issues.  Their teeth and their lining of their intestines comes up.

Ben:  How'd you scan it?  You just held its paw up to the scanner?

Wendy:  I just put it on their stomach.

Ben:  Wow.  Interesting.  I have to try that.

Wendy:  And same thing with all my friends, all my family, all my clients.  The issues that come up in the scan resonate with them and show to correlate with their physical health issues.

Ben:  Got it.  Okay.

Wendy:  And they don't always, I mean sometimes when you have energetic blockages, if you have an energetic walk a long enough, you may eventually have a physical manifestation or some problem in that area.  So they won't always resonate, but it can be an area where you have an energetic blockage.  You may very soon or in the future have an issue there, even though if you don't today in your scan.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  So the zeroes, you'll see these are all positive areas.  No problem there.

Ben:  This can be used to predict future issues too?

Wendy:  Well not necessarily predict, but when you clear an energetic blockage, you will prevent health issues that may have formed if you haven't cleared that blockage.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  And just by building the body's energy system, you will prevent parasitic infestation and other kinds of opportunistic infections that love low energy bodies.  You will prevent a lot of health issues by correcting a lot of the different issues in the scan.

Ben:  Got it.  Okay.  I know we're close to time here, but go ahead and keep rolling away.  What else you got for me?

Wendy:  Yeah.  So this one is showing your ileocecal valve here.  This one is a 4, so high priority.  And when that is…

Ben:  And again, this is all kind of like large intestine issues?

Wendy:  Yeah.  When that's stuck shut, people will have constipation.  When it's stuck open, they'll have diarrhea.  So this might be why you need to take that herbal to go to the bathroom.

Ben:  It's probably also why when I do, this is another thing I've been doing lately, I have this vibrational massage therapy device called a MyoBuddy, and it works for like, my son was using it on his Achilles tendon this morning, you can use it to like drive topicals like magnesium into tissue when you vibrate it over tissue that's been injured.  You can use it basically like your own little handheld massage therapist.  It's like a car buffer basically.  But what I do in the mornings, I didn't mention this to you, is I've been doing like self-peristalsis where I'll move it across the entire path of my large intestine, and again, like I poop like a baby when I do that.  And I would imagine that might be actually passing over the ileocecal valve and opening that up a little bit physically when I pass that over it.

Wendy:  For sure.  And on your miHealth, I'm going to preprogram some settings for you and one of them is going to be a digestion setting.  So you're going to do the same thing energetically.  You're going to be passing it over your digestive system counterclockwise to help facilitate that peristalsis movement.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  And I'm also on a program a pre-workout and post-workout.  The pre-workout'll really help energize you and mental focus, and post-workout for recovery with the miHealth.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  Cool.  I like it.

Wendy:  Yeah.  And then some other screens here, there's a nutrition screen where it shows you if you're absorbing or utilizing these nutrients.  So you're having issues with selenium and sodium.  And you're also having issues…

Ben:  You mean when I consume selenium and sodium sources, I'm not absorbing them?

Wendy:  Not very well, no.  Same thing with vitamin B.  You're not doing too well.  And you're also showing lactose and gluten sensitivity here.

Ben:  Yeah.  Well I've done like genetic testing and Cyrex testing, and I've shown I have sensitivity to both of those.  I'm pretty careful.  I eat like raw dairy and fermented, soaked, and sprouted grains, kind of like in moderation.  But yeah, if I have like ice cream, I literally puke.  Like I'm in the toilet puking after I have ice cream.  Same thing with pizza.  I just go, as Rob Wolfe would say, “decommission a bathroom”.  So, yeah.  I get what you're saying there, that you're preaching to the choir when you tell me I have lactose and…

Wendy:  The scan picked that up.  It's really interesting.  And then this shows your EMF issues.  So you're very sensitive to microwaves and cell phone…

Ben:  That's crazy.  So it actually shows which specific frequencies you would be most sensitive to?

Wendy:  Yeah.  Also goes for infrared sensitivity.

Ben:  Yeah.  That's kind of interesting.  I do a lot of infrared sauna.  So I'm super sensitive to cell phones, which I freaking hate.  Mine's off most of the time.  Microwaves, I don't own one.  So I'm good there, Wendy.

Wendy:  Awesome.

Ben:  Okay.  Cool.  And then insecticides, furnishings, I showed like off the chart sensitivity to.  Now when I show off the chart sensitivity, something like furnishings, does that mean I get exposed to a lot of them?  Or does that just mean like that is something you need to be careful with?

Wendy:  It means stay off the couch.  No.  But really it means there's chemicals in carpet backing, furnishings are really related to like phenol, cyclohexane, and other kinds of solvents and other chemicals that are used in furnishings and carpeting.  They off gas, all kinds of chemicals.  Then it reacts with the ozone in the home make aldehydes, and you're just sensitive to those.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  As you should be.  Those are toxic chemicals.  And so these chemicals damage the body field.  And doing NES health program helps strengthen your body, kind of protects your body and you're able to handle these toxins better.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  So insecticides, metals, solvents, things like that.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.

Wendy:  And EMF as well.  Now I wanted to talk a little bit about how a NES program can help to improve athletic performance 'cause I know that's something that you're really, really concerned, and your audience is really concerned about.

Ben:  Yeah.  We're all a bunch of gym junkies.

Wendy:  Yeah.  And what's awesome about NES is it really helps athletes to recover faster and reduce and prevent injuries.

Ben:  According to who?

Wendy:  According to all the 4500 NES practitioners around the world.

Ben:  Okay.  Not necessarily peer…

Wendy:  And I can say that it's used by, what was that?

Ben:  I said not necessarily a peer-reviewed study, but I'm listening.  Go ahead.

Wendy:  Well there are a lot of studies going on with NES.  There's one at San Diego State University, there's an ophthalmologist using it on macular generation, and a lot of the people on the study have had 20% improvement in their macular degeneration.  There's a number of studies going on.  But there's a number of athletes that use it.  Olympic medal winner Tasha Danvers is using it, the Hungarian Olympic Team of 2012 used it.  They never placed before and they won a lot of gold medals 'cause they were using this.

Ben:  Okay.  Interesting.

Wendy:  Anyways, basically after you've studied NES, you realize that NES powers up the energy and communication system of the body.  So it helps athletes to optimize refueling of their energy system much faster than they would be able to normally.  And it really helps the heart, and the lungs, the ligaments, the tendons, the mental clarity, focus, willpower.  All the things that athletes depend on are optimized in NES.

Ben:  Yeah.  I hear that about the 8 billion other things that get sent to my house every week.  However, this is why, like I actually started taking these infoceuticals that you sent.  I think that PEMF device arrives tomorrow.  So I'm going to give this a fair shake, I mean actually try it out and see what happens 'cause I pay pretty close attention to things like my heart rate variability, my power output, my speed.  I do a lot of self-quantification, sleep variables, things along those lines.  So I'll probably be able to see if this thing's actually working and I'll keep those of you listening in posted on how that goes.  But in the meantime, Wendy, if people want to like get a scan or something like that, we didn't get a chance to talk about this before we recorded, but is there some kind of like a discount, or are you going to give me some kind of like a link or something I can put in the show notes for people?

Wendy:  Yeah!  I'll put a link in the show notes for sure.  There's 4500 NES practitioners around the world.  This has been around for 14 years.  A lot of medical doctors use NES health in their practice because people get results so quickly.  So it's tried and true.  It's been around a while.  It's not some new thing.  But yeah, there'll be a link in the show notes if you…

Ben:  Okay.  And then on the other thing that I was going to ask you is I got this for free.  Like you sent up the scanner for free and everything, but how much would this cost approximately if someone wanted to do this?

Wendy:  Yeah.  To get started, it's like $250.  And then that's for like a one hour consult with a practitioner.  And the infoceuticals are about $30 each.

Ben:  And then you send the scanner to the person's house?

Wendy:  Yeah.  Exactly.  For that $250, they get the scanner sent to their house and an hour consult.  And then we do stuff, like we have group coaching where we do our webinars once a month.  So it's not terribly expensive to do.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  Well, what I'll do is shoot over that link, are you going to hook us up with some kind of a discount, or a deal, or something like that?

Wendy:  I didn't think of that.  I don't have one.  I'm sorry.

Ben: That's okay. Either way, it's not super expensive. But I'll put everything over at bengreenfieldfitness.com/bodyscan, as well as a link to that book I talked about, “The Biology of Belief”, and a whole bunch of interesting studies that I came across on this stuff 'cause I kind of took a little bit of a dive in to try and wrap my head around it before we talked.  So I'll link to all that stuff in the show notes, as well as everything else we talk about like the music that I use in the previous podcast with Wendy on hair analysis and plenty more.  You just go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/bodyscan for all that goodness.  And Wendy, thanks for coming on the show, thanks for doing this, thanks for scaring the hell out of me about my body.  As usual.  It seems like every time I talk to you, I have something I need to fix.  But I guess that's one of the reasons that we all do this, to enable ourselves to live a limitless life and make our minds and our bodies that much better.

Wendy:  Hey, we all have room for improvement.

Ben:  That's right, baby.  Alright.  Well Wendy, thank you so much.  And again, you can access all this over at bengreenfieldfitness.com/bodyscan.  Until next time, I'm Ben Greenfield along with Wendy Myers signin’ out from bengreenfieldfitness.com.  Have a healthy week.



Last week, I placed my right hand on a fancy scanner that arrived in the mail and did what is called a mapping of my body's “energy field”.

I then plugged the scanner into my computer and uploaded the results to my friend Wendy Myers, who is a functional diagnostic nutritionist (FDN), a certified holistic health coach (CHHC), and the founder of Liveto110. Wendy attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and has a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

Wendy is certified in Hair Mineral Analysis for the purpose of designing programs for clients to correct their metabolism and body chemistry with customized targeted nutrient therapy and a previous podcast guest on the episodes:

Why My Barber Thinks I’m A Freak (& Crazy Health Discoveries You Can Get From Your Hair, Your Urine & Your Stool).


Everything You Need To Know About Hair Mineral Analysis.

Anyways, this scanner, called an “NES Scanner” is designed to read electrical signals produced by the body. The skin is an indicator of what’s going on underneath it, plus it has a magnetic quality to it. So wherever there is a blockage in the energy flow or some other problem, the skin in that area becomes more magnetic or sticky, which is detected by the scanner. Then as you stimulate that particular area with specific therapies like pulsed electromagnetic fields (using another device called the miHealth), the body’s magnetic quality will begin to change, indicating to the device when the body has responded and created its healing reaction.

Another way of looking at this is that cells have an electrical potential. Sick, tired and malfunctioning cells have a low electrical potential and this is what surfaces as magnetic or sticky quality on the skin.

By putting energy back into the specific area at issue, this system can apparently then raise the electrical potential of those cells, restoring them over time to their normal, optimal functioning. This also stimulates the nervous system, sending a signal to the brain to direct resources to that particular part of the body as part of the natural healing response.

The scan that I did reads the electrical information of the body and then uses the information to make a map of the human body's electrical field. The entire scan is completed in a few seconds. Once the scan is completed, the software returns a graphical representation of any located distortions in the body’s information, as well as recommendations for therapy that then stimulate the body’s healing response and correct the noted distortions.

During our discussion, Wendy and I go over my scan results and you'll discover:

-The science behind scanning the human body and how the NES scanner actual works…[7:30]

-Whether any research actually exists when it comes to scanning and adjusting your body's electrical field…[9:30]

-How you can “biohack” your body in the same way that an acupuncturist would, without needles and acupuncture…[19:55]

-The shocking effects of airline travel on the body's electrical energy fields (and a simple way to fix the effects)…[22:45]

-How you can “imprint” water with specific frequencies, and the new science of something called infoceuticals…[24:10]

-How a small, portable handheld pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) device can be used to adjust the body's meridians…[29:25]

-An easy DIY technique you can use to banish constipation and large intestine issues…[44:50]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

The MyoBuddy Ben uses for self-vibrational massage

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Wholetones: Unleashing The Phenomenon Of Using Sound & Music For Performance, Recovery, Healing & More.

Wendy's new book: Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue

Nobel Prize Winner Discovers Quantum Field Effect of DNA

Correlating Physiology with Bioenergetics: An Overview of Space Resonance Matching

Bridging Orthodox Medicine with Bioenergetic Science

Seven Major Principles of the Human Body-Field

Information Physics and Global Scaling

Coherence and the Physics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Human Body-Field & Information Transfer in Biology

Drivers and Integrators: The Primary Systems of the Human Body-Field

-The SuperCharged movie: http://www.superchargedmovie.com/free-movie

-NES Health: The 21st Century of HealthCare (14 min)


-NES Health Explained: Overview and Testimony (19 min)


-The Future is Now Film




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