The Zen Of Aging: How To Stay Fit and Look Amazing As You Get Older.

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If you want to know how to stay fit as you age, today's double interview release is a must-listen.

cary noslerThe first interview is with Cary Nosler. Cary (pictured right) is 65 years old and has been a fitness enthusiast for the past 50 years. He is a wealth of knowledge about how to stay fit as you age and what happens to your body when you get older.

During our interview, Cary talks about:

-How to deal with the mental aspects of aging and exercise….

-How to stay motivated to exercise as you get older…

-What a typical day of exercise look like for him…

-How to figure out what expectations to have for yourself as they age…

-How to balance what doctors and medical community says you should do with what you feel like doing…

-How to deal with the accumulated injuries that happen to everyone who exercises, especially as you age…

-Considerations for nutrition, supplements, and hormone balance as you age…

Cary also has a weekly radio show on the Wide World Of Health Radio, in which he interviews health experts from around the world!


Elizabeth RuizThe second interview is with Elizabeth Ruiz (pictured right).

Elizabeth is a coach at Pacific Elite Fitness. With over 20 years racing experience as an elite road and track cyclist, Elizabeth garnered 11 Florida state championship titles, as well as podium finishes in triathlon, duathlon, road and trail running.

With time spent in the racing trenches, she has first hand experience of the challenges of preparation, travel, and race day performance, as well as how to optimize the way that you feel and your growth hormone levels as you age.

During our discussion, Elizabeth answers the following questions:

-What is growth hormone and why should we care about it?

-Is there a way to test for growth hormone levels? If so, what test is best?

-What happens if you're deficient in growth hormone?

-How common are deficiencies in active men and women?

-How can you naturally raise growth hormone levels?

-Is taking growth hormone illegal or dangerous, or does it depend on the type of supplement you use?

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12 thoughts on “The Zen Of Aging: How To Stay Fit and Look Amazing As You Get Older.

  1. nea says:

    Really dont like Black&white fotos ;sure cary is very healty ,an am fan of his show,but feel B&w yusually try & hise stuff

  2. Chris says:

    Elizabeth Ruiz and other sources ive read mentioned avoiding high sugar but what im confused about is whether that includes fruit or not? I tend to eat alot of fruit but if this inhibits growth hormone maybe I need to revaluate my diet.

    1. Yes, that includes fruit. Fruit should really only be consumed as a staple during the warm summer months, and in that case, only pre/post workout, or early in the morning with breakfast…

  3. Chris says:

    If a person was to do something like the sprint 8 protocol to increase growth hormone naturally 3 days a week and do a full body weight training workout 3 days a week, could that help increase muscle mass faster? Great interviews.

    1. Yessir, Chris, that would absolutely help, especially if you were recovering properly and avoiding high sugar intake…

  4. Colin says:

    Quick question – if we are not supposed to be drinking cold liquids after eating for digestive purposes, what should I be drinking with my vitamin and mineral pill supplements after breakfast? Is drinking water or another liquid optional when taking supplements?

    1. Just use room temperature liquid!

  5. kem says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. 60 appears this week for me and it is really relavant. I am recovering from shoulder surgery (bunch crash… I hear) and still have another month (that makes 6 months) before I can begin strengthing it again so I could reccommend patience as a good virtue for the aging athlete. I think I have had more than my share of injuries… being a mountain guide isn’t a profession I would reccomend to anyone. Treatment for throat cancer wasn’t kind either.

    I sort of never run but I tried the walk run protocol an the local mountain bike loop. 10 and 1 for half and ad hoc for the second half (run uphill flat, walk down). Both were about the same time and neither deliterious. So thanks for the idea.

    She asked me what I wanted for my birthday… electric meat grinder-sausage maker. Plenty of mystery meat home kill in the freezer to start on; I’m keen.

    Thanks again for the podcast.

    1. kem says:

      Oh, thanks, too, for my new wallpaper!

  6. Jim Simonelli says:

    Ben, I am not too far behind Cary but as a former football player and a person who pushes hard I have some issues with my knees (2 surgeries) and hip. What do you know about the platelet replacement treatments and do you recommend them for someone like me? I am 65 years old and I still row competitively on a national level

    1. Jim, you should listen the last interview I did with Dr. David Minkoff…it would help you quite a bit. I don't recommend platelet rich plasma per se, but prolotherapy can be quite effective….do a search for "Minkoff" here and you'll find him…

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