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In Episode #155, “Way Beyond Naturopathic Medicine“, I interview my personal physician, Dr. Todd Schlapfer, from Coeur D' Alene, Idaho, and also mention Dr. Todd in my Crash Course On Finding Out What Is Happening Inside Your Body.

Today's guest post about how to get your cells to communicate with lightning speed is actually written by none other than Dr. Todd, and also includes an even more in-depth audio interview from a phone conversation I had earlier this week with Dr. Todd.

So without further ado, let's jump right in – because if your cellular communication is enhanced, you'll think faster and perform better, and it's a pretty cool feeling…

An Introduction To Cell Communication

The communication between our cells, organs and tissues is facilitated by a signaling process.

Impulses – carried by certain molecules derived from oxygen, food and water – activate signals and messages that enable function to occur.  For example, when biting into an apple, the body will immediately signal a complex sequence of messages and processes to break down the apple into energy and essential structural nutrients for cellular repair and replacement.

That initial signal activates communication throughout the entire body, enabling your metabolism to send support to every facet of your function, be it mental, emotional or physical.  Your health and performance is completely dependent upon how efficient that signaling and communication process works.

Another example…

…if the body is exposed to a toxin or pathogen, the signaling process will enable communication between cells to release pro-oxidants (free radicals) to neutralize or kill the threatening agent.  Or the opposite can occur…such as when mental, emotional or physical stress is getting the best of us, a situation in which the body will need antioxidants in order to protect cells from the oxidative stress that can damage or initiate premature cell death.

That ‘decision’ to turn on the production of either pro-oxidants or antioxidants, is left to our native biological intelligence.  It’s a constant and delicate balance, all dependent upon cellular signaling and communication.

A Really Helpful Video That Will Turn You Into An Expert on Cell Communication

Science is beginning to illumine how this works. Here is a video from Paul Andersen explaining how your cells send messages:

Where Nutrients Come Into The Picture

We know that our native intelligence has evolved a sophisticated and magnificent system for our survival and defense by signaling what to do at the right time and place.  Our health depends upon it.

We have also learned that specific nutrients are essential signalers for this delicate operation—nutrients like:

-B vitamins


-Vitamin D

-minerals like magnesium and zinc

-a rich assortment of micronutrients found in select plant foods

These can help cells communicate better, defend what needs protection, restore what is exhausted or damaged and enhance our metabolic fitness.

Each of us strives to do our best, regardless of what we do.

We want to realize our potential. 

But, unless we’re careful, the pursuit of high performance can be costly and land us in the sinkhole of being “burned out”.  This happens when cells—the mitochondria in particular, put out more than they receive, ultimately causing cells to fail.  When demand upon cells exceeds the ability to be restored, the system suffers a net loss.  If we project this micro event into the cosmos of our overall biology, our metabolic function becomes run down, immune surveillance is compromised, causing us to slide into a constellation of possible diseases and disorders.

Preferably, we’ll prevent that from happening.  To do that, cells must be highly tuned communicators, enabled to listen and respond appropriately to the choices we make.

That means our cells must be supplied the nutrients and building blocks for energy production and proper signaling, be protected from damage by excessive stress and have the necessary support for repair and regeneration in a sustainable way.”

Today's Audio Interview With Dr. Todd About How To Get Your Cells To Communicate With Lightning Speed

Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find these nutrients, these signalers, in our standard diet and food supply, so Dr. Todd and I delve into solutions in our discussion, which includes:

-Why is cellular communication important?

-What type of signaling process is used between cells (feel free to delve into nitty gritty science, our audience likes that!)

-What can interfere with this cellular signaling process? (EMF, certain nutrients, toxins, etc.)

-What can enhance this cellular signaling process? (foods, nutrients, activities, etc.)

-Do stimulants, like energy drinks, speed up the cellular signaling process, or enhance cell to cell communication?

-Is there a way to quantify or test if cell signaling is being enhanced or impeded?

During our discussion, Dr. Todd also recommends talking to your doctor about the following tests from “Brunswick Labs”:

1.  Antioxidant Response Element (ARE)

2.  Anti-Inflammation (NF-kB = nuclear factor kappa binding)

3. SIRT 1

4. Telomere Response

Finally, Dr. Todd recommends something called “Life Shotz” to get the adequate nutrients for cell communication.

Do you have questions, comments or feedback about how your cells talk to each other? If so, leave your thoughts below!

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10 thoughts on “How To Get Your Cells To Communicate With Lightning Speed

  1. Alvito M. Fernandes says:

    In religious form placing love into our body system: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind and your neighbor as your self. This is how the body system works. the body cells to be kept in harmony through love dance

  2. Chris Lee says:

    In the podcast you asked about caffiene (green tea was mentioned) and he said in the long run it damages our health. I drink 4-5 green teas a day and up to 6 on the weekends, I always thought green tea was a healthy drink. Is this much caffiene harming me in the long run?

  3. Scott says:

    What do you know or have possibly heard experienced with possible LifeShotz detoxification symptoms? I use and recommend LifeShotz because the science is sound. Also, I personally have both feelings / experiences of incredible natural energy and focus during times where I would normally be wasted tired, drained and mentally wiped out. But I also have times of extreme fatigue in the afternoon. Wondering if I may be having possible detox reactions.
    Thanks for your website!

  4. Marius says:

    You mentioned many times that you use Magnesium Citrate. Per you're recommendation I started taking it also but even if I take half the dose (200 to 250mg) at one time or if I split it in even smaller amounts per day it causes me to have soft stools or diarrhea. Does this go away if I continue to take it ? Or what should I do to stop this side effect other than completely stoping to take it.

  5. I live here in Birmingham Alabama cant seem to find a good Functional Medicine Doc wondering if Dr Todd does phone consults of so could yo please post his contact info ( yo may have but I overlooked it) Thanks!
    I really enjoy your podcast please keep them coming
    Michael Brooks

    1. I will ask him and find out, Jeff!

  6. Kate says:

    The interview link is there, it's just the Lifeshotz that doesn't.

  7. Stephen says:

    Is it me or did you forget to put the link to the audio Interview with Dr. Todd?

    Also, the link to the Lifeshotz isn’t working. I use I.E. 9.

    1. Ben says:

      Crap! Give me a couple hours. I am sitting on the side of mountain rightnow waiting for a deer to walk out so I can get some meat for the winter. I’ll be back to office in a couple hours.

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