How To Maximize Your Workout For Fat Loss

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In this presentation, which I originally gave at Pilgrim's Learning Center in Coeur D' Alene, ID, you'll going to learn how to exercise for fat loss (among other things, you'll learn how to use most effectively use free weights, like my wife Jessa pictured above). During the talk, which is available below in both the Powerpoint and audio versions, I share:

-Why most of what we think we know about fat loss is wrong…

-How to find your personal fat burning zone…

-The best weight training workouts for fat loss…

-How to eat before, during and after your workout for maximum fat loss…

-When NOT to do fasted workouts…

-The most effective fat burning supplement “stacks”…

-How to use cold thermogenesis for fat loss…

Keep reading to access it all now (audio download link is below the slides), and leave your questions, comments and feedback about exercise for fat loss below in the comments section.

Click here to download the .pdf.

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7 thoughts on “How To Maximize Your Workout For Fat Loss

  1. Rod Gomez says:

    You rock, Ben. Thank you.

  2. abbydfitness says:

    great post

  3. Rod Gomez says:

    Hey Ben, the "Become Superhuman" book on Kindle is $3. Now I totally don't mind supporting you, but you mentioned a free version in the above session. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

  4. dino says:

    oops. did not realize there was a link on this page to slides. very small print for oldtimers!

    1. I'll go ahead and upload now, Dino, just above the audio link!

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